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OC's & Stories All the information for my role playing or sharing my latest chapters in my story I've been creating.

Eriale Maru
Community Member
Was It Really A Dream?
Katrinis tosses and turns furiously in her sleep. Kicking around under the sheets of her blanket and grasping onto a pillow nearby her.

"Don't worry little Katrinis, this isn't going to hurt one bit..." said the scientist smirking wickedly, injecting more genetics into her system as she winces in agony. She screams,"Stop it!! Stop it right now!!!", as tears start to fill her eyes. The scientist laughs, "Oh, you stop it." replies the scientist. "This is for your own good." The scientists picks up another shot and jabs it into Katrinis' neck as she passes out with more tears falling from her face. "Curse you..." She mumbled under her breath in the midst of the action before losing conscious.

Katrinis flopped on her stomach, cringing at the thoughts, as her memories came up from the darkness of her mind.

"Katrinis! Dam it! Don't you dare screw this up again! Go and remake this coffee! It is absolutely terrible!", cursed Dr. Hudraff as he threw the cup to the ground shattering it to pieces and the coffee is split everywhere. Dr. Hudraff turns to look at her, "Well, don't just stand there! Clean it up and for goodness sake do it right this time!, Dr. Hudraff growled under his breath as he turned back around continuously working on his next experiment. Katrinis scrambles to the mess, picking up the pieces very gingerly, she cuts herself and drops the piece. Dr.Hudraff glances over, "Oh, don't be a baby now!" he yelped, speaking in mockery to her thoughts. "Yes sir..." Katrinis spoke softly, as she collected the rest of the mess and cleaned up the coffee. She swiftly runs off,crying a few tears as she tries to get rid of the cut.

Katrinis settles laying still in the bed, back on her back again, with the blankets everywhere and pillows on the ground, while grasping still the one pillow she picked earlier.

"Let's see here... What shall we do for punishment?", the scientist questioned, as Katrinis is chained up, hanging from the wall. The scientist comes up to handle her face as she looks away from his devilish eyes. "Ahh... Not willing to look back at your maker huh?" pondered the scientist as he slowly examines her body more in depth. Katrinis tries to kick him away but gets her leg caught. "Oh no, no no, that won't help you now." chuckled the scientist.

He chains her legs to the wall and goes to his cart grabbing a knife. "Hmm... What can I do with this?" he glances over to Katrinis as she bites her tongue carefully to avoid more conflicts. "Nah, she's too good for this.." he tosses the knife aside and picks up the whip. "Oooh, but this will do." he grabs hold of the handle and cracks the whip, laughing maniacally. "This will do grand!" yelled the scientist as he makes his way and turns the wall around and exposes her backside. Katrinis closes her eyes, starting to cry, knowing what will happen next. The scientists rips her top off and slowly feels her scars. Katrinis shivers and rattles the chains. "Hahaha, my dear don't worry so much... It's only going to be more perfect this time.." he crooned as he goes to whip her...

Katrinis immediately sits up from her bed, screaming and tears falling down her face. She screamed louder, "Nooo!! Make it stop!! Please!!!" She covers her face sobbing uncontrollably and a nurse came by and knocked on the door. The nurse whispered softly but loud enough for Katrinis to hear,"Is everything alright dear?" Katrinis continued to cry, as she uncovered her face and replied to the lady,"Noo.. It's not...You can come in.." Katrinis mumbled under her breath as she covered her face again. The nurse came in, shocked to see all the bedding everywhere, some parts were teared and chewed on as she carefully walks to the little kitty on the bed.

The nurse, sat next to Katrinis and held her close, "Shh.. It's alright, you're with us remember?" the nurse spoke softly to Katrinis as she patted her back and then stroked her hair. Katrinis uncovered her face once more and looked to the nurse. The nurse took out a handkerchief and cleaned her face from all the tears and have her blow her nose gently. Katrinis relaxed and looked at her cautiously, awaiting some type of question again. 'You had another nightmare didn't you?" questioned the nurse, looking with concern to Katrinis. Katrinis nodded her head, "Yes Ma'am.. I did.."

The nurse hugged her, "I'll clean this up for you and help you get to sleep, how does warm milk sound? she smiled softly to her last question. Katrinis hugged her back and nodded her head anxiously,"Yes please!" The nurse giggled,"You just stay right there and I'll be back." Katrinis watched the nurse walk out the room and then flopped back on the bed. Her arms and legs spread out like she was in her dream. Was it really just a dream?... A living nightmare?... No..They ARE the nightmare... She thought to herself as she awaited the return of the nurse.

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