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Concept bits
This is a culmination of all of the small pieces of game concepts that don't fit into any ideas.
Super soldier concept
These soldiers are the basis of this project, they were heavily genetically modified soldiers born and built from the ground up for war, they were very simmalar to the MK. II except with heavy imperfections, firstly they were easily prone to becoming madly insane and having defects from the genetic modifications, though with these problems they still managed to unify the entire planet under one rule.

These soldiers are cloned, born and bio technically enhanced for war fighting. They have suits of armor that are completely pressurized and built of layers of armor, starting at the base suit, then the muscle enhancing secondary layer, backup hard plates, secondary hard plates and finally the primary hard plates. The suits also spawn a kinetic dampening barrier and another outer cold plasma shield for even more protection. The soldiers outside there suits sit at an average of 8 feet tall, all are heavily muscled and tone with above par senses and reaction timing. Their armor and equipment make them near impervious to gunfire and enemies alike.
There typical combat load out and equipment is there suit, two combat knives as they often break them, one personal smart AI unit for accessing barriers and also to give them a friend to keep on hand so they don't end up dividing to sociopathic tendencies along with there combat technician who assists on the ground and fixes there armor and equipment when they can't.

This was an experiment to see if similar tests and modifications could be placed on older subjects, these children were around 10-5 and most of which had lost there parents to war. The most notable difference is height, being to a maximum of 7'4 and they were noted as being somewhat weaker and less effective. They also were noted to only have two layers of armor rather than the full three and lacked a cold plasma shields instead favoring the kinetic barrier. They were also not given a combat technician as they were expected to repair there own armor.

They are trained in the same manner as the MK. II and made with the same conditioning except with an exceptionally high focus on mental hardening, there suits were developed to only utilize one layer of a new alloy in armor as well as an extremely dense kinetic barrier and a moldable cold plasma shield for optimal directional defense. The suits plating is also discardable and can " jump " onto the users body, this allows for quick replacement of armor plates if something is able to damage them, even though that would require not much short of a tank shell to do so. They also have the ability to open wormholes between one another for quick travel of troops on the battle field as well as possessing some psychic powers for defense and close range usage. They were not given a combat technician, due to there armors ability to be repaired by simply dropping plates of armor, instead they were given a suit AI and a portable AI.

This was the continuation of the MK. II B project, this time the candidates were fully grown volunteers rather than children, this however made the genetic and physiological bio-enhancement less of a success, they are weaker and typically only slightly taller than your average human. Their armor is also different in makeup, they have three layer armor but to cut costs they didn't give them the alternative shielding methods, instead favoring layered various kinds of armor. One layer light explosive reactive that uses micro charges to break up projectiles, under that a layer of impact dampening hardening gel, and below that a last resort picture proof material.

These were a derivation of the MK.II, made though an extremely selective breed process to harness the best genial traits from the best of the MK. II group. This mating process has cause these to go completely unmatched I'm reflexes, strength, speed, and intelligence. They are easily equivalent to the prowess of the MK. III with sheer reflexes and physical ability even though they lack the mental abilities of them. They're armor is also an upgrade, they wear 5 layers of hard plates rather than the 3 worn by the MK. II, this provides substantially more defensive strength than them at last resort, their armor lacks the kinetic shielding of previous models and focuses on cold plasma shielding and as well are able to direct the shield into a close range arm blade or angle it to take fire from a specific direction.

serial numbers given per unit according to there production and when they were made all soldiers are copied through cloning to be reused if they are killed. And there memories are backed up into a computer to be reimplemented so there will be no more of a need for training new soldiers of the same number.

2000 produced, some were used as genetic makeup to make the later MK. II and select few early MK. III

all 1-1000
Ending in 1,2,5,6 between 1001 - 9000

Ending in 3,4,7,8,9,0 between 1003 - 4500
Ending in 3,7,9 between 4503 - 6000

Every 50th, Between 1500 - 10000

ending in 4,8,0 between 4504 - 6000
Ending in 3,4,7,8,9,0 between 6003 - 9000
All 9001 - 10000
Ending in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 between 10001 - 15000

Ending in 9,0 between 10009 - 15000

( my biggest influence of this was Cold War soviet tank series. Starting with the T-55 and going from there into two branches of soviet tanks. I took inspiration from that and a few video games and series all the way from warhammer 40,000, halo, crysis, sh*t what didn't I use. I even took things and notes from one of the newer batman movies and hug hard plates on his suit. So there it you don't like it oh well I'm still gonna be here )

zhidkosti rok
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zhidkosti rok
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