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McClains Journal
This is Where I will say and do what I want... Opinions are ok as long as they are not Violently Graphic.
First Five Chapters Redux
So Here is the (Temporary) final draft of my first five chapters, and By that I mean the first five in my rough draft that I'll send to a publisher; If they want me to make some changes I will if They are... Applicable. Enjoy:

Chapter 0: The Settings are complete…

A man dressed in a black suit, the face gaunt but fresh looking which was covered by full gloom was adorned with a red tie. He quickly walked in and sat in a chair with leather padding. He was surrounded by darkness that quickly faded away with a press of a button on the monitor in front of him, He opened a new window and began talking to a man that looked somewhat like a barbarian dressed in red, who spoke through the computer monitor.
“Sir. we need to find Aster, He can restore this world back to what it was.” The monitor decreed.
“Yes, I know that but let's recap on what's happened, It's important to see where he been.”
“Fine, go on.”
“In the world today, there are… humans. There are two kinds in fact, those that are normal and those that are Special. Those that are special hide their talent or they don’t know they have one yet, they are hunted down in secret but even the humans, or Humes for short; they don’t know the wars that go on even in the world that they think they know… This is the Story of a group of Specials in their struggle to survive a terrible war with The Mechs. The Mechs are a group of humans that aim to make the so acclaimed perfect world, while using people, Places, and Machines to do it. The Specials develop their power either by birth or when they go through something specific, like a death of a family member or a strengthening fury of rage. Shamans are born with an actual Spirit, demon, whatever you wish to call them; They crave to live life on Earth and the Shamans are the their ticket to this world. Most Spirits are non-hostile and just want to be here, but some take control of the Shamans forever, they’re the Wilds. While it has been a long time since we've seen Shamans, but they aren't who we're looking for.” The man said taking a sip of coffee from a mug.
“We know that, We need to know where he is now!” The screen roared as the sound of a fist could be heard on the other end of the table.
“You need to calm down Ryan.”
“You're right. But holding in your rage isn't healthy either. Let it out.”
“No. Not until we find my son. He's the last of his kind here.” The man in black said as he turned to look at the signed adoption papers he had framed on the wall. “Let me start my story, It'll start on three and end with three.” he wheeled his chair over to the light switch, flipping it on as he approached. He shoved his foot against the wall and flew back to the computer.
“In the world you are about to Hear, the specials are dived into three groups, The Humers, The Legion, and The Wilds. The Humers fight for justice either by themselves or in groups. The Legion is a bunch of Specials that work like a business that aim to accomplish something; they are what you can call the high-rollers of this world and align themselves with Mechs. The Wilds have become more like their name says wild, they like the taste of blood and flesh they are carnivores in their own right, they steal people away in the middle of the day and feast in parks, caves, anywhere they can find seclusion. They themselves have been consumed by their Spirits.” The man said as he began opening files on his screen.
“Two of the characters you are about to hear about are Shamans, Humers to be more precise, but one named is not, his name is Aster McClain. Right now their world has fallen apart due to a catastrophic impact by a meteor the size of its target planet itself. Aster, an orphan whose entire family tree was wiped out, was sent to Hawks-Edge before the destruction of Earth; Hawks-Edge’s a town where nothing is what it seems, where there are two clock towers; one in the city, at the north edge and the other in the southern most part in the park, which is like a forest. Both of these clock towers’ hands go in different directions. And if you thought that was bad add in the fact that the radiation turned almost all Humans, except Shamans (and about fifthteen percent of the population along with Aster) into Zombies. Aster, despite not being a Shaman, is constantly thinking of Ideas, Reading books, whatever to survive, except stealing or any bad moralistic Ideals. Some of his better inventions are the Shock Pistols (Police Grade guns with tiny generators on each that give them electrical power.) The C.O.H.M. Glove, Which C.O.H.M. is Pronounced Com and means Computer On Hand Material, which has programs to do things like hold Infinite storage, where things never go bad and allows him to copy the things he puts in and brings out such as bullets or food, and Hologram screens. He also made the Tock Goggles, which display Private screens among other things like target indicators and Heat sensors, and the Tick Shoes which he can increase power to his shoes for strong kicks, power up his speed or heighten his athletics all together. He is sixteen now, and resides in The Second Hope Adoption Center, where life stands hard. While I had just met him, I drank some of his blood and saw his memories. Ashley told me about the other two.”
“I know about the Aster, I was one of those three, remember?”
“Yes but you don't. You can't recall any of those event because of when Aster saved you.”
“So, you are going to listen to my story and like it.” The man said as he began growing impatient. “I'm just wanting to get this done so Aster can revert all the zombies back to normal and save the town. I know he can do it.”
“Oh quit being so Mellow-dramatic and get on with it.” Ryan said, laying his hand on his head. “I have a feeling this will be a long story.” He mumbled.
“what was that?” the man said while turning his head towards the computer after dumping out his coffee in a nearby sink.
“Ah … err … Nothing...”
“Uh-huh. Anyway.”
The Second is a girl named Ashilin Cosmos, who is one year older than Aster and is a Shaman. She knows about Magic by natural talent but has control over the ground, usually making vines appear, around her because of her spirit. Her mom, who’s also a Shaman and has higher strength in her spells thanks to the Spirit she possesses, she runs a Private Boarding school called St. Marks School for the different; where she trains younger Shamans, and Humes, along with other teachers; as well as a hidden Assassins Guild Called the Moonlight Ivories. Ashilin is a Top grade assassin; she uses a traditional Samurai Blade with a Purple hilt. Her abilities consist of Magic, Athletics, and just as much knowledge about physical limitations as Aster.
“You don't need to tell me about myself, I know plenty.”
“Yes, but for the sake of the story.”
Ryan grunted and slammed his head into what could only be perceived as his desk.
“what's wrong with you, If you ask me I'd say your the one being mellow-dramatic.”
“Nothing continue.”
The Third is Younger than Ashilin, while being around the same age as Aster, his Name is Ryan Domainét; He is fifth-teen and also attends St. Marks. He is on every team at the school and loves it. His Strength is unsurpassed by any other; he can kick cars up to twenty feet away, but because of this he is very easy to enrage. He isn’t as smart as the other two but just as kindhearted and can’t stand people ruining their lives away. Since the Meteor struck the planet; his parents have been turned into Zombies so he lives alone with the undead parents in the basement. He goes through his daily life without them, though He is only human. He loves his parents to pieces.

Chapter 01: Day One

“These three, they shall be perfect a man showered in darkness exclaimed with only the flicker of the screen before him to light his room. “I want them, bring them to me.” He said as he placed his hand on the screen and slowly dragged down. “I hate being like this but I have no choice. Bring them, Now!”
“Yes sir!” a man in armor spoke as he left the room in a purely robotic voice, speeding out the door with much haste. The smell of freshly warmed Iron leaving the area.
“I shall eventually be king” he whispered to himself as he looked at the three monitors, each containing a teenager. As the door shut, the screens slowly became the only light source; in one was a boy with Brown hair, Emerald eyes with black marks underneath, Goggles, and a deep ocean blue tailcoat, he was also wearing saturated green cargo pants and Sky blue sneakers. “He will spark my law into Action.” He said as flicked the screen off.
The Middle screen held a girl with midnight black hair and bleached skin wearing a purple dress that had decorative straps all over, black leggings, a purple hairband, violet thigh-high boots and a yellow flower choker while holding a sword by her side ready for arms. While her complexion is pure white and sparkled in the sun, she was definitely not a vampire, she just likes sparkles in her makeup. “She, unfortunately, will be the attraction for the rebels.”
And in the last monitor was a teen in a football uniform, purple with white stripes down the sides and a giant zero and seven emblazoned upon the jersey, with white pants with purple Stripes like the jersey and a helmet to match; He was running down the Field, avoiding his class mates, sweat pouring down his face; when he made it to the end-zone he began to dance as if he was made of metal. “He will enforce my laws.” he said as he turned the other two off. “I can also use their power to my advantage. This should be entertain.” He said as he walked down to the main lobby with a laptop in hand. “I'll have to watch them carefully to see if they'll be worth the hassle.” He said while flipping open the laptop and turning it on, opening the same program he had earlier. As he watched these three he could tell that he was prepared near what joy the future holds…

Aster woke to bright sunlight peering through the window behind him, the clock across the room reading 7 Am against the dust that built up with the sea of time. As he peered over to the mirror, he knew it wasn't a mirror from all the cop drama's he had seen on the TV in the windows of several stores, the boy gave a tired sigh and leaped out of his rusty metal bed that barely seemed to support him at all.
“Day after day I wake up in this dump, Something or someone makes sure I stay here. I know somethings up.” he whispered quietly as dressed himself and grabbed his guns from under his pillow and placed them in his holsters.
Shortly after, speakers above began sounding off. “he should be grateful that we even let him stay in this place as it is”. The speaker then demanded that he go get his Breakfast.
“I Scan the building everyday and I find no other doors, just that one route to the back of the building and I can't find any other rooms other than the circulation desk, the bathroom, the bedroom. Yet I see nobody in the complex. Even if it doesn't make sense, I know there an Answer.” His footsteps echoed through the empty hall as he walked pass door after door, only to blinded by sunlight as he walked out. The green trees slowly opening to reveal a concrete jungle past them.
“I swear, this park is beautiful during the day and creepy at night.” Aster spoke aloud, Eating Biscuits and Gravy from the nearby McDonald's, sitting on a park bench as he did. A paper snowball hit him in the head as he opened his mouth for another bite, He looked over and saw public school buses driving by; a twelve-year-old kid on the bus yelled something vulgar, but Aster paid no attention. “Nobody teaches manners anymore.” he mumbled as he threw away any recycling products in their proper bins. “Well time for school, I wonder what textbooks my so called caretakers will put out on my bed for me to read today.” he said, Pushing open the front doors.

“Hey Ryan, let's hope you keep doing good on your tests, we need our star quarter-back out there.” the coach gave Ryan a congratulatory pat as he reviewed a recent test. “A Plus, Not bad.” he said as he handed it back to Ryan. “So tell me, are you really trying out for Romeo in the school play?” The coach picked up his bottle of water and took a big chug.
“Well Yeah, I mean both my mother and father were in Romeo and Juliet when they were in school; that's how they met.” Ryan picked up his feet and laid them on the desk only to have them pulled off by the coach. “I've also been trying my drumming at home and I gotta say: I think I've been getting better. I do however need a guitarist, a Base player, and someone to sing as well.” He gave a sigh as he pulled out his locket from his pocket and looked at the portrait of his parents.
A sentimental look appeared on the coach's face. “Look, I know you want to make them proud, but take thing one at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself.” He said as he laid a hand on Ryan's shoulder and gestured for him to leave. “Schools about to start, I don't want you tardy.”
Ryan looked back, giving a thumbs up. “I'll do my best!” and with that he ran out the door as the first bell rang.

Ashilin walked down the hall heading for class, her books clutched in her hands. “Mother has been busy lately, what with researching spells and managing an entire school. That promise... I hope I don't disappoint. Her new black boots touching the marble tile. “Well I don't think anything will happen to her anytime soon.” She reach for the handle to room 312, World History and found her desk next to Ryan, who was talking to some older friends. “Oh dear. I'm next to him, I don't know his name but I've heard about him. He got to high school by accelerating at sports.”
“How do you not know his name, but you know how he got here?” Leaves swirled around taking the shape of a tall red haired women wearing a dress of vines.
“Ivy, you know my mom doesn't want any spirits to be in the school. You know that don't you?”
“Yes, but you are the headmaster's daughter, are you not?” Ivy replied, Floating in the air yet sitting down on a invisible chair.
The teacher came in and Ashilin waved her hand. “Please leave. The teacher can sense beings that normal humans can't. I don't want to get in trouble.” The girl said as the leaves came and disappeared like before, The tardy bell ringing as the teacher sat down in his chair.

Hours past and by now Ryan Domainét has been running down the football field to the other side, he couldn’t help but think about how this all happened and how lucky everyone really was, the green and yellow grass crunching beneath his heels, the sweat from his brow dripping into his eyes. While running he dodged other members of his team since they were practicing for a inter-city championship. Something lured his vision upward as he heard a deep roar in the sky losing focus in the process as an ominous black jet flew overhead; the smoke darkening the sky to a foreboding gray and black tint. Black rain falling from the sky; Still distracted, Ryan didn’t watch as an opponent went flying head-first into Ryan’s gut, he landed with a thud.
“Blondie Hit the Showers!” the coach yelled as Ryan got up to his feet, face full of sweat, and headed for the showers inside of the school.
Ryan walked into the locker-room, opening his locker and pulling out his clothes. “He's a completely different person when he's on the field, I wish he’d get my name right… or even pronounce it funny; I mean I’m on every team...” frustration waved over him as he was changing out of his uniform: a purple and White, sweat stained jersey; Grass colored white pants, and Black cleats; and changing into his street clothes: a Red headband (To hold up his hair), a white button-up shirt, a red vest over that. He also had Black and White, Alternating, Wristbands; a pair of tan khakis with a red cloth belt, and a gold buckle, and what topped it off was his Red and white high tops; As he put on his gold locket of his family, Everyone even his mother, Kira, had become deceased with her Fiancé, who he didn’t care to remember his name at all. He had been rehearsing lines to Romeo and Juilet as he gathered his things.”I don't know why I'm keeping academics, I mean my parents are dead anyhow.” He shook of the thought as he knew it would be throwing his life away. “I miss them. He said as he shut his locker, not noticing a man, looking like he was covered in metal armor approaching the door way.
Aster looked at his Watch to see the time, 4:30 was lit in a green LCD display. “What am I going to do?” Aster said to himself, while walking down the street, odd-colored rain beginning to fall. His shoes scrapping the pavement, reducing the rubber soles. “Since I got here I haven’t seen any others at the center; and all of the adults give me creepy stares like they’re going to eat me.” An amount of fear settling into his eyes, wondering what was to be of him. Dust began to swirl in the road. He continued along until he saw a football game in progress and noticed that the Quarterback was looking up at the sky. Curious himself, he decided to look up as well and saw a black jet. After getting an ominous feeling he decided to head into an alleyway. “Why am I doing this, I know it's wrong. The police told everyone not to go into the back-roads, I have to though if I want to make to the center, last time I was late they stuffed me in that dark closet with a purple light.”
The sky was darkening as he proceeded.
His thoughts resumed back to the Jet. “Whatever that was I don’t think that the so called Caretakers at the horrible center will like it if I’m out after curfew, better hurry and not waste time looking at things like that.” He said as he walked discretely down the poorly lit walkway. He came a man moaning face down in a pile of blood. “I know that the cops said not to go through alleyways, but I didn’t want to risk it, and now I have an excuse… I was helping a person in pain.” He repeated, trying to make it sound as much as a good reason so he didn't have to be in the closet again. He slowly approached the man. “Are you alright?” he asked lending out a hand; as tension slowly filled the air for the boy. The man Slashed at his hand with such force that Aster almost fell over. “Crap!” Aster said as he backed away into the light; or what was left of it.
As the person approached the teen, and stepped into view, the boy saw what was wrong. “Your head… It’s half gone!” Aster, terrified, backed away slowly. Some twigs breaking under his shoes, or what he thought was twigs. The zombie started to growl and the boy started to run. Searching for a way to escape, he scanned the area around him as he ran; bricks and cold steel blocking his turns. Finally he came towards a gate noticing it was locked. He turned to face the monster that was running towards him; the chain-link pattern pressing into his back. He quickly sent a kick to the zombie, hopefully sending the monster back for more time, but all the kick met was a metal covered hand.
Ashilin was striding along on the sidewalk next to the street, thinking about how the world had ended up the way it did; “When the comet hit, there was that giant quake in the surface. The spores came falling down, on whoever they could. It caused them to go insane, killing them in a matter of hours, only to be revived as those zombies” her black hair waving hello with magnificence. “What a nice day… despite the fact that we are just on a floating space rock heading for oblivion while zombies huddle in back-roads, caves, alleyways, you name it. mother seems so stressed right now I wonder what’s up lately.” she said as she rummaged through her school bag, while her boots made a clicking sound. She walked pass a brown haired boy wearing goggles, who didn't seem to notice her so she paid no attention either. She noticed that since the disaster struck the sky had two violet moons that got bigger and bigger each day. “Where are we heading, I'll never know.” she thought merrily while trying to keep her mind of the worse.
“Almost home”she said as she climbed up her stairs and put the key in the lock of her front door. Slipping he bag of her shoulder and laying it next too the couch while placing the key in a bowl on a small book-self by the door. “I should show mother my new garden on the roof, when she gets back that is” stepping into the living room. Picking up her sword that she had lied on the plastic covered couch.
“That should be sure to work” her Spirit, Ivy, said whilst coming to greet Ashilin.
“Why do only I see you?” Ashilin asked as she walked to her fridge and getting a fruit drink.
“Only the Spirits choose who sees them.”
A slight frown formed on her face. “That’s Nice, Come on I don’t think she’s home anyway.” she said as her Spirit turned into a swirling tornado of leaves and flew into her choker,she slowly walked upstairs.
As the girl walked by photos of her mother and her having fun at the beach, she began talking about her mother, the two crawled up the stairs.
“We should try to make a plan on how to reverse the planets condition. If I can research spells, and find the right one, I can fix all of this.” She turned toward the stairs to the roof after getting on the second floor, thinking even more about her mother. Ivy changed the subject to suit a more pleasing tone rather quickly.
They talked about rare plants as she walked on to the roof. A odd roar could be heard over head. Curious to see what it was about she looked up only to notice a black jet soared overhead and saw that it came from the Legion Corporate Tower. “That black Jet” she said as it crossed over head so fast she barely saw it. The sound of broken glass, metal, and wood filled the air, some shards falling into the street. The Girl quickly spun around on her spiked-heeled boots that it kicked up some dirt. Noise of a robot assembling then took the noises place. The Sky began to turn a toxic black. As the dust cleared she then saw a metallic person, standing in the rubble; it looked like his skin was made out of armor.
In the Locker room, shadows filling the corridor the Armored man walked in. Ryan turning to leave saw the impassible object.
“You are coming with me or be taken hostage.” The mechanical thing stated as it reached for Ryan's arm.
“What did you just say to me, Don’t mess with me!” Ryan jerked his arm away before the person before him could grab hold. “So who are you?” he growled.
The man said nothing and stood still while letting his metallic body rise and fall with slow steady beats, twitching with it.
“What not talking huh?” The boy put a fist in his purple locker; causing it to fall off it hinges when he was done. Ryan grabbed a metal baseball bat from the confined space, ran up to the man, and slammed it into his aggressors helmet; Nothing happened.
The robot-man then grabbed the jock's wrist. “Prepare to be taken to the center.” He said as the room began filling with the tension between the two.
“What, What do you mean?” Ryan exclaimed while struggling to get out of the man's reach, eventually getting free. The Robot began turning to a liquid like state shortly after and began to fill the entire room. Ryan's chest and head still being able to be seen among the waves. “Get off!” as he waded over to the robot… or what was left of it and began kicking the robot. The water rose and rose, eventually beginning to fill Ryan’s Lungs Stomach and throat, the boy quickly began coughing up blood as the black liquid inside his lungs began to turn back into metal.. He gave it one last shot and kicked him with as much force as he could meet, while sending it flying through the wall; dust and brick flying with him. And once contact was broken the liquid went back to being the Black, rubber looking, steel as it fell off of his skin to the ground, with a tang. His clothing still wet and now becoming hard, flexible onyx, like the Robot. “Man, what just became of my clothes they look like that mans over there.” he thought. “That all ya got?!?” he said tightening his headband and putting up fist while the suit got back up; a laser-sight emitting from his visor.
“Consumption not finished, battle mode allotted, beginning next attempt...”
In the alley Aster Looked up and saw his Kick was stopped by a man in what looked like a heat insulating suit, everything looked Black, latex-like, and cold; he couldn’t see anything through the visor
. Everything around the two went black and stopped as Aster tried to figure out what he was, “Who… what are you?” he thought as he rubbed his chin with his forefinger and thumb. “How was he able to stop my kick? He looks too muscled to move that quick.” The time and surroundings returned to normal and The man still said nothing… “Okay, fine you want a fight; Strength!” Aster said as his shoes began to glow and surge like electricity. Aster kicked as hard as he could and managed to make him turn his head.
“You want to know what I am, okay, Fine” It said in a harsh metallic tone. “I am your prison, a Shaman, one of five that can absorb anyone my leader tells me to.” The boy roar with laughter saying it was ridiculous and that nothing would be able to do that. Then as if by magic he had a hold of Asters foot once more. “Time to begin” The robot said as he began to change; limbs becoming earth-like, starting like dirt, then turning into gravel, then into solid stone.
“Huh?” He noticed that he was beginning to be encased in a clear earth like rock. “Back-up!” he said, whipping out his shock pistols, Charged two hundred quick bursts and released; electricity covered metal came flying into any solid part of the robot that wasn’t already a rocky substance. This sent the man-machine backward a few feet. Sparks flew throughout the battle field, the hero’s eyes, glinting with the flickers; grew angry. This gave Aster enough time to combine the two to make it into the Omniplex-cannon, almost like shotgun. After Hearing a few clicks, he pulled the trigger, followed by a huge beam of lightning and thunder came out of the gun with a crack; such pressure came out that the robot was sent flying through the gate into the road in front of the highschool; the metal and arcs surging together, making a melodious sound.
Aster noticed that the thing had covered his his lower body with black metal. “Better get this off me” He pressed a button on his C.O.H.M glove and the metal began stripping off like someone was pulling it off. In a few seconds he heard a large crash and quickly followed the sound.
On the top of Ashilin's roof, the girl and robot stood, the rain still pouring. “What the Hell!” The girl screamed with rage in her voice; tears starting to stream down her face, not knowing if it was the dust and dirt or if it was her anger. The robot just walked towards her like nothing happened; rubber looking boots ignoring the broken glass, plants, and wood that had broken from the sheer sonic speed that the jet had done in such a short time. “What are you, who are you, and what are you doing here?” The rage in her did not Diminish.
The Robot finally spoke stepping forward as it did so. “I am your mobile prison. I was a Hume working for The Legion, until my boss used his power: the power to alter any Physical thing he touches to anything he wants; he chose this android form and now I am here to absorb you and take your power for myself ,taking your shape and form in the process; you would just have to watch as I use your body, without your consent.” She stood in shock to what she had just heard; feeling wind rush past her, the black hair flying behind her as if in front of a fan. The robot somehow blinked and appeared right in front of her then grabbed her by the hair and started turning into a clear flame; he exploded into a dance of flames.
“I don’t think so” she quickly reached for her sword and sliced of the arm that had her clean off; then kicked it away; the top of her dress now a shiny version of what it was. She waved her hand and a giant clear bubble appeared. She pointed a finger at the robot and sent it flying into him; when the bubble popped, the strength it had was like a tsunami. The Robot was lifted off the ground and hurled in the same direction as the black jet had gone. “He'll pay, I'll make sure of it.” Determination in her eyes.
The center of the town was sent flying into catastrophe as all three robots had landed hard in the street right in front of the school. Roads tearing away from the ground as all three made a loud thud. They left a crater in the ground as they fell, all three heroes followed their attackers. Bricks from buildings and pieces of random cars floatied upward, defying gravity, the lights began to flicker like crazy.
“There you are!” Ashilin said as she approached the wreckage, her dress looked shiny and unethical; a fog of dirt covering the scene.
“You won’t get away” Ryan came to the scene and was soaking wet, and from the looks of things he suffered a similar fate as the girl had. a black pair of pants and shoes proved this; He came charging in from a hole in the wall of the school with fire in his eyes; shoes slapping the ground, muscles twitching.
“I’ll show you What I can do!” Aster, who looked unaffected by his robot, yelled as he had both pistols in hand once more and unlike before they were charged and at the ready. He looked around and saw the area around them had defied the laws of physics. “Do you guys know what's going on with the bricks and car parts?” He lowered his weapons as he looked around.
They both had a odd look on their faces as they looked at their enemies, not taking their eyes off them. Ryan tried to peer into the crater and see what the situation was from where he stood, only to have no success. “Kid, We have no idea what you are talking about flyin' bricks and cars.” Ryan said staring at the robots as the dust began to clear,
“Well if you would just look...”
Ashilin decided to humor the boy and look around. “I'm not seeing anything. Now could you please pay attention to the enemy?”
“Fine.” He raised his guns as the robots stood up.
The dust had almost cleared. The distance between them was about at least one-third of a mile “Begin forming cyber cage. Unison with individuals not met. Cannot stabilize” all three stated robots as they activated the odd elemental changing power they had and slowly walked towards each other, their hands grabbed another, arms lengthening connecting to each other. they began combining into a clear combination of Water, Fire, and Rock; quickly, they solidified into a giant version of what all three used to look like. The ground shook with rage. The three heroes gathered together and took their stances only to drop them when they saw what was happening. The three gained expressions (Ryan looking thrilled and the other two looking shocked) as they stood in stare for a minute. The machine had stepped out of the crater, a foot landing near one of the boys.
“I think we should run” Ashilin said as she was watching the other foot get closer and closer to their heads;
“Good Idea, I don’t like the looka this.” Ryan commented as he ran.
“Speed?” Aster said scarcely almost like he was scared “Wait I'm not like that!” he thought as he looked at the bauble on his glove change from Red to Blue. “Okay now I know somethings up. SPEED!” The other two jumped and they heard the yell,They noticed that an odd energy had begun enveloping them all in a golden aura as the foot started to come.
“Let’s Go” The girl said as she pulled his arm, Aster's legs not arguing with her demand.
As the three ran through the streets Aster saw that more zombies were coming out to feast; which began to gross him out, Some of which were acting like they were in a online video game and were beginning to lag. The boy tried to look away, but couldn’t because he was so Intrigued. The zombies picking meat and flesh clean off of any poor soul to venture out to see what the commotion was. “That quake they made… it must have shaken loose every mooring in the city” his goggles gleaming in the sun or what he thought was the sun. Cars were then flying from behind and landed in front of them with a loud crash. “Whoa!” They dodged the car as quickly as it hit the ground. “Why does this seem so familiar?” He thought as they raced down Street after street, avoiding the big black metal enemy that was hurling cars towards them just by stepping, Aster's blue coat and Spikey brown hair waving in the wind. “Cover Me… I’ll take out the cars.” He said as more and more were landing all around them.
“Hold it. let me give you a boost.” Ryan turned around and lifted the other boy onto his shoulders while the trio turned the corner.
“Great keep me balanced, I don’t want to fall and be that thing’s snack” Aster said as he slid his goggles lower onto his head, lighting up in the process. He took his aim, took a deep breath “Ready… Set… and Fire!” the gunman said as he fired a round of bullets rapidly one after the other into the cars and sending them flying into the machine. “It’s barely working.” He said as the docks came into view over the hill.
Ashilin leaped into the air and gave one of the cars a flying high kick “We still have a ways to go” She said as she landed. “I think we should split up.” a car flew by as Ashilin offered the idea.
“Good plan. Get ready Aster, Prepare yourself.” Ryan grabbed Aster's Legs, jumped from a pole, and shoved of the androids head, which met it's own metal hand as it tried grabbing the teens.
Wait what?” Aster had been hurled into the air, higher than the androids skull. “Okay, now I know I've seen this all before but where?” He saw Ryan back on the ground turning left and Ashilin turning Right leaving him in the robots wake. “Guess it's all downhill from here.” He stopped trying to figure where he had seen all this before and looked for something to help him land, scouring the air of car parts that were still flying upward and defying the law of gravity. He found two rear fenders and put them together, firing electricity at their cores, magnetizing the metal making a make-shift board as he turned it around. “I really hope this works.” The ground came closer and closer while the boy fell ready to land. He never met the ground as one of the robots steps had sent him flying past the docks and into the water in just seconds, the fender-board breaking the water and letting the teen survive the (almost) deadly impact.
As he sunk into the water, he could hear voices in the back of his mind. “I told you not to play games in here, Now it's all messed up thanks to you. Could someone get my daughter out of here!” The voice said Aster tried to stop his decent. In the blink of an eye he was lying on the cold concrete in the docks area, which had several storage warehouse labeled by numbers that didn't really make sense to anyone.
“How did I?” Aster asked himself as he started standing up. “What was with those voices, I mean this whole day has been weird.” He looked around and saw the other teens, who were quickly followed by the android, reaching the area.
“Wow, your fast, how did you get here?” The girl huffed as she tried catching her breath.
“Didn't you see 'im, he flew cause the thing kicked him.” Ryan patted Aster on the back, “you have guts. Good job.” He congratulated the boy he search his lungs for air as well.
“You two hurry up and catch your breath, I'll cover you.” Aster raised his pistols as he machine broke the fence and several crates stepping into the area. The boy fired his guns as the other teens went into hiding. “Come on, just one on one.” He said as he took his fighting stance.
“I hope he can handle himself, I really hope he'll be fine.” the girl said as she leaped over a crate by a warehouse.
“He'll do it all by his own.” Ryan slid by laying back and breathing steadily, peering over the box to see the fight. “I have a sense of de-ja- vu...” he scratched his head, “Weird” He thought as he began secretly doubting if Aster really could do it.
Chapter 2: A Bosses Lament

“Sir you have a call in your office...” The secretary's voice butted in, waking the man from his hypnotic trance.
“I'll be right there” He packed up his laptop and steadily was back to his room. “I was hoping for a quick getaway if I needed to get my hands dirty.” He growled as he opened the door and sat down answering the phone. “Hello?”
“Have you Heard of DarkKraft?”
“Is this a prank, I don't have time for pranks kid.” He hung up and turned his computer on again. “I guess I'll have to stay here.” The phone rang again. The secretary not alerting him of the call this time. “Hello?”
The voice and message were the same but the connection was suffering from static “Have you Heard of DarkKraft?”
The man hung up once more trying to ignore the man. “What a nuisance. Just focus on your work.” He said placing his fingers on the keys, the phone ringing again. He picked it up, the static just as strong as before. “Look kid I don't have time for your pranks!”
“DarkKraft's going to …ing kill you. You are a ingrate, All I was asking was Have you Heard of DarkKraft; A Simple yes or no would have sufficed but no... Bad... Blow your brains out and.”
The man hung up the phone and pulled out a recording device. “That kids got problems.” his eyes focusing on the phone, waiting for it to ring. The phone didn't read; the voice was now in his head and sounded more monstrous than before.
“If you somehow ignore me now, I'll kill you where you sit... Jackson. I know everything about you, about your little world. It's all mine: I own it. I could break you like a Twig.” The voice faded from his head and moments later he woke with a jolt.
“Was it all a dream?” He asked his laptop as he flipped it open. A silvery phrase appearing on his screen as it lighted up: Have you Heard of DarkKraft? He sat his laptop down and walked to the cafeteria. He got a meal as well as some coffee. “Why am I seeing these thing, Hearing these things?” he thought as he consumed his meal and drank his coffee. “I think I should head back to my room.” He quickly grabbed his laptop, rushed back to his office, and turned the lights on.
After a few deep breathes he turned on his computer and found the three teens on his screen. “There, they are working together quite nicely. I need them; I have to have them… If I don’t then, well I will lose and the real king will take charge and I can’t let that happen now can I.” He gained the chills as he remembered what had just happened to him and tried to forget about it as he looked at a picture of a little girl in a school uniform in front of her mother and father, who were both in business suits. “I, or rather He, should never have never left you Madeline, Ashilin.” The man then looked at a book that was old and dusty next to the picture. ‘Kreshina Biblio plenta’ was the title that gleamed in the light of the computers, “The Last time He picked up that book since the time I took control. Cindy.” He pressed a button on his speaker.
“Yes Sir?” a nasal sounding voice said on the intercom. The man continued.
“Prepare my limousine; I’m going to get some fresh air”. he left the dark room, his black, pearlesecnt plant green hair, Shining both colors as he walked past light after light A shadow following his own.

Aster fared well enough to let the other two catch their breath, but by this time he was beginning to try and find his. “This... is... Becoming a pain.” Aster dodged left and right as he fired bullet after bullet into the legs of the machine. Concrete flying upward as the machine tried punching the boy, missing him by a few inches.
“This thing never gives up does it?” Ashilin slowly backed into the wall of a warehouse. The stone concrete not giving any faith. She Raised her weapon and thought of a way to counter the robots height and strength. “It was weak when I sliced the arm off before.” she looked over as she pondered this and found Ryan rampantly looking all over the place.
“I Won’t Give up” Ryan declared, looking for something to hit the huge robot with and keep it from attacking. “Ah ha!” he picked up a small metal pipe roughly the size of a baseball bat and began running towards the black menace.
“I can’t keep this up forever you know” Aster was dodging punches rocketing from the robot while Shooting it. “This thing isn't even taking any damage from my bullets.”
“Yeah I know” Ryan leaped from a warehouse driving the pipe into the head of the robot, knocking it over onto its back; but not disrupting the metal skull.
Ryan Landed next to Ashilin and Aster. “Boy I’m sure glad that’s over.”
“Yeah now I can go home and rest. I'll make something up to tell those creepy caretakers of mine when I get there.” Aster breathed a sigh of relieve, the two boys started walking away . No one noticed the robots visor lighting up red.
“Hold It!” The girl yelled as she watched the two walk away.
T he boy’s stopped, turned, then as if in unison, said “What?” a moment of silence filled the air.
“Shouldn’t we exchange names?” she asked.
“Why, what good would it do?” Ryan asked in reply;
“If we meet each other again our names will come in handy, that’s why.” Aster answered in a choked up tone. He walked to the edge of the dock.
“What’s wrong with him?” Ryan asked;
“I’ll check it out” she walked to where the boy had gone to. Aster was sitting on the dock, kicking his feet over the water, when the girl sat down next to him. “Is something wrong?”
“Yeah, I don't have many friends and I don't go to normal school you know that adoption center near the park?” the girl nodded and let the boy continue. “I live there and I learn there so there isn't many people there to make friends with and when you said we should say our name it made me think of how this might not ever happen again.”
“Tell me why you stay there?” she began to picture the place he was talking about. Her gaze drifting upward as she looked towards the sky. The sound of seagulls making it hard for her to imagine the place right away.
“I stay there because someone cleaned my family tree straight out, and all the adults there look like they want to eat me.” The sea gleaming with radiance, sparkling from the suns rays as it was setting.
“That can’t be!” She knew exactly where he was talking about now.
“It’s because that place shut down five years ago.” She attempted to lay a hand on the boys shoulder but he quickly turned around, emotions welling up in his eyes.
Aster began experiencing a state somewhere between anger, confusion, and disbelief, slamming his hand down on the roughed wooden dock. “I can’t believe you” He ran towards the gate, almost in tears as memories of the night his mother died were filling his head, and towards the park; which lies at the center of town. He was about to be out of the area when a giant black hand crushed him into its synthetic skin.
“One Absorbed” said the robot as two massive guns came bursting out of his shoulders with a flash of light.
“That thing’s still alive?” Ryan said in disbelief.

As Aster woke to find himself in a strange room; he couldn’t see in the room, all he could see was neon red lines where the tiles lie. “my head…” the boy said getting up onto his feet. “I can’t see a thing, better get my goggles on.” He slipped his goggles from his head and down to his face covering his eyes. Turning on the night-vision made everything turn green. He noticed that his jacket felt different yet he couldn't place his finger on what it was. “That’s better, now that I can see of course. Where is a door?” he scanned the room, looking for any sign of a door. He came across some writing on the wall but paid little attention to it as he couldn't understand who this DarkKraft really was. “No, I do not know who this DarkKraft is, nor do I care, I just want to find my way out of here.” he dismissed what he just saw as nothing more than his imagination and resumed looking for the door. “Ah ha, there you are.” He said, finding a door and slowly walked to it.
Outside the battle was raging on.
Ashilin landed as she prepared another attack. “What the Heck, Is that thing becoming more like him, It has his guns and his speed what next?” blood dripped down her chin as she had suffered a bit of damage fighting the robot, considering it had upgraded itself. She jumped into the air and sliced through its leg with her sword; the leg instantly grew back. “Seriously; I’ve had enough of this” her voice filled with a rage, the ground began to quake as she started using her Shaman-Power to make hundreds of vines appear out of the ground; they struck with a blinding speed; the vines went through all of the limbs, Keeping it in place. “Ryan now's your chance!”
As Aster walked into a white room he turned off his goggles, slid them back up to his head, and saw what looked like a mirror the same length of the wall. “Okay… this seems odd.” As he got closer and closer he noticed something was amiss but in both the reflection and himself. He was wearing Black Leather all over: a leather shirt, choker with spikes, boots with straps, pants, gloves, everything but goggles; they were the same. The Mirror boy seemed different because he had the clothing he wore before he blacked out. Along with black hair instead of brown and glowing yellow eyes without pupils or Irises. Aster touched the mirror, and to his surprise the mirror felt like a mix of water and oil. The other hand reached at him and the boy backed away in time to see his reflection step out of the mixture
“Whatever we do doesn’t affect it at all!” she kept attacking limbs, but getting nowhere. Light began glinting off her sword, like a streetlamp.
“I know but what can we do, just let it take us too?” The two kept jumping to dodge bullets from the cannons mounted on the shoulders of the robot. The air began getting tainted with the smell of gun powder as more and more shots were fired.
She fell from the sky and made a quick recovery “let’s attack together!” Ashilin landed on the warehouse and put her hand against her blade, sliding it down along the edge; The sword glowing a bright purple. Ryan nodded as he was dodging another shot when he was lit in a white flame. With a surprised look to his face, Ryan looked at himself with a curious glance, not knowing what had lit him aglow. “Hit it with everything you’ve got.” She said as Ryan leaped with his fist a flame.
Chapter 3: A Dark Realization

As the buildings in the window of the limousine slowly crawled past, the figure in the dark knew he had to get his mission done and have it done now. “I can’t wait...” he turned on the light. Looking at his face in the mirror he started talking to himself. “To take this ugly thing off it’s so tight.” He said as he was rubbing his chin. “I don’t see why humans like each other; I mean seriously this guy is UG-LY.” He joked as he pulled and stretched his skin, trying to make it more comfortable him. “Why people like white skinned, green eyed, freaks is unknown to me” he said, as he finished he added “So women here find this handsome.” He said as the scene started to get more aquatic. “I remember training shortly after this day ten years ago, our kind abducted humans from this planet. We inserted our minds on top of theirs... Kind of like stacking cups on top of one another, with the host mind aware of everything, yet they think they're doing all this by themselves. I guess you could say I'm this puppets master.”

Aster jumped at the sight and sound of bizarre vines bursting through the floor. It didn’t last though as they watched the hole in the ground repair itself just as quick.
“I knew absorbing you was a good Idea.” The reflection walked closer, a shark-like grin forming on his face.
“Who the heck are you? What do you want with me?” Aster said demanding he’d be answered right away.
“I am the new you so to speak, bred from the Kreshin gene; I am a super version of you.”
“You mean you’re that giant robot?” The robot slapping his palm to his forehead in awkwardness.
“Yes I was one of the three that transformed into that giant robot. I was lifeless and had no personality…until I absorbed you, and seems like I got more than I wanted by taking some of your intelligence. Here…” he said as he forced his hand into his head and pulled a blue and yellow glob out of it. “I may be a better version of you but I don’t need your brain capacity, I’m smart enough without you mucking me up any more than needed.” He threw the glob like a pitchers’ throw, the ball flying towards Aster at a insane speed. “Now, you should begin to feel just like yourself again.” It said as the glob went directly into Aster's skull, knocking him back off his feet. “That went like butter on a skillet and FYI the robot, is now just the two, and is what we are in and from the looks of things…” He was interrupted by Aster who had an immense Headache and was stumbling about trying to stay on his feet.
“What did you do to me?”
“Me? I didn’t do anything you yourself hadn’t thought of doing, I had escaped you, see I’m really a part of your personality; that drive you had to do whatever before you suddenly gave up, and I know that stupid adoption center’s secret.”
“Wait how are you a part of my personality?” Aster finally stabilized himself.
“The Robot sent to absorb you, did and tried to get your entire soul, life force, yadda, yadda, yadda; you see I was the first to go into the robot, I'm not who you think I am.” He strolled around as he spoke and made gestures.
Aster butted in again “So you really are me?”
“Yes I am, and I’m also the robot sent to absorb you, As well as a third person. Got it?” the robot exclaimed.
“Yeah I guess” Aster Replied.
“Now as I was saying… That adoption center is not what it appears to be. It’s a front for The Wilds.”
“The Wilds? What are those?” Aster crossed his arms waiting for the story to get over.
“The wilds are Shamans that lost control of their Spirit and now crave flesh. They have become monster's in their own right and will betray even their own kind's. And while I'm at it, Shamans are beings that have the aid of Spiritual Entities, who just want to exist on our plane. But some take control of the people they had joined with. They are the wilds. And they are waiting for you to mature to your prime age.” He finished.
“What, Why are you telling me this?” He couldn't believe his ear, was what he hearing true.
“I'm telling you this because you need to live, if you don’t, I don’t either. Now get out of here before I change my mind.” The mirror boy pulled out a cigar and started smoking, putting Aster into a state of disgust seeing himself smoke; He knew it wasn't him, but the whole thing was still unsettling.
A rush of wind and sound came crashing through the walls. “What was that?” Aster saw the other boy heading for him, a fist raised. Quickly, Aster Jumped out of the way, avoiding a possibly fatal blow. “I guess I should have expected that.” Aster quickly got up and ran to a hole in the wall that had began closing up.
“I must absorb you.” The other cried as Aster Jumped through a hole in the wall into the light. Aster had no Idea what was with the sudden regime change, but he didn't care.

Ryan was going out of the machine when across the way a man was going through the same style as Ryan. “Who is that?” not seeing where he was going, he lifted his legs up and safely managed to land on the ground. The guy landed in front of the girl standing on top of warehouse 310.
“It’s good to see you again Ashilin.” The man that confronted Ashilin looked very similar to her father that she knew had ran way about ten years ago, except his face was gaunter and his nose was thinner and skin was smoother. “Your mother lied to you honey. I didn't run away when you were seven. I was abducted by aliens.” He said as he held an arm to his daughter.
She slowly backed away as the man in front of her quietly walking to her, a demonic looking grin appearing on his face, but when she looked in the man's eye she saw a man held prisoner of his own mind. “Who are you?”
“Me? Don’t you recognize your own father?” his voice turned irregular as he grabbed her arm as he was almost to the girl.
“Get away!” She jerked away, the man's fingers scratching and clawing deep into her skin blood rolling down her arm. She tried again, this time freeing herself and running farther away, Turning to see if the man that claimed to be her father. Her boot caught one of the tiles on the roof and caused her to trip.
“Honey it’s me your father… Jackson, Jackson Cosmos.” He said reaching for her again as she had struggled to her feet.
Ashilin tried running away but something kept her in place, the man still approaching her, now picking up speed his eye's becoming more reptilian. “You are not my father!” She cried as she sent a vine slashing at the man with what little distance was left. Suddenly she felt free as the man stumbled backward, his face bleeding.
“SON OF A…” He almost finished when Ryan punched him in his face,sending fragments of the human skull flying away, Green blood dripping on the roof, and his hands covered in it.
Ryan who was soaking wet due to just missing one of his attack on the robot and landing in the ocean, saw a strange man walking towards Ashilin, He ran as fast as he could, leaping from box and building's, increasing his momentum. His hand lit on flame again as he was in the air and died when Ryan punched the man in the jaw, sending skull fragments into the air; this was followed by a launch into the air with an uppercut and finished with a double fist slam in mid-flight. The man's crash was loud enough to be heard from across the city and caused birds to fly about in a flurry of panic. Ryan and the girl peered into the hole to see nothing but pitch black.

As Aster McClain, followed by the other, was coming out of the monster that was now healing; saw that the other people were on the roof top across the yard on the warehouse and the blonde haired kid launched the adult into the air. The boy stopped in his tracks.
“What's going on over there?”
The reflection boy seized the opportunity “Where do you think you’re going?” The robot grabbed Aster by the hair then slammed him into the ground; Aster's faces hit the pavement, scraping his chin upon impact. As the dust settled the clone started speaking. “Such a pity, to see you die here I mean. Might as well tell you my new name I made while you die… My new name is Master Clain.”
“Really, all you did was put the M of my last name in front of the first!” Aster said with a playful tone as he got up now noticing (and cringing in pain from) the broken arm he now had as he could see blood and bone protruding out of the now numb limb.
“Looks like you won’t make it onward any more, time to say good bye!” Master Clain willed his hand to transform into what became a shotgun, Sparks emanating from the end Pointed at Aster. Then ‘Bang’ the gun went off and Aster closed his eyes.
The man that claimed to be Jackson came up to his feet and somehow managed to climb out of the darkness, his skull now showing but it wasn’t a humans by the looks it. It was green; not red or white like it should if he was human. “Okay… that hurt. Time to shed, I have had it… this body and minds daughter or not I won’t let anyone defeat me!” he said with fury in a hushed whisper. He then started pulling the skin away piece by piece until nothing was left and the creature’s true form shone. Then as if by the drama of the moment a loud bang went off.
Aster awoke in a completely unexpected place, “Am I dead?” He asked himself, wiping the sweat and blood off his brow.
A girl's voice could be heard but Aster couldn't find it's source. “You’re not dead, nor are you alive”
“Little girl where am I, Am I in my room?” He questioned the voice after surveying the room and seeing it was exactly like the real one back in his home town, Heartsford.
“In a safe place. look around, I have some things for you.” Aster walked just as the voice instructed, and he took the time to search around his room looking for things of what the voice might have talked about.
A thought occurred in his head, he quickly spoke his mind after. “Why are you doing this, What would you have to gain?” He found his cell phone as he looked in his dresser..
“I would have everything to gain; but you don’t even know the secret binding you here, do you?” She said as Aster stepped over to his closet. “Oh well. You should check under your pillow and in your closet as well.” Aster did as the voice commanded and under his pillow he found two toy guns; in his closet he found his clothes where they always were; In the pocket of his coat he found his C.O.H.M. Glove with an upgrade. He grabbed all of these Items as and looked for more but found nothing. He quickly changed from the leather suit, which faded away as it hit the floor, and into his regular clothes, walked to the center of the room, the floor crying out with a ‘Creak’ on every step he took, Remembering some of the more enjoyed days he had spent here; a Smile forming on he now warmed face. “This is your safe haven, your only one here. Use it wisely. Because once you leave you will be placed back where you were when I brought you here.” She finished as Aster touched the doorknob, the room disintegrated.
Aster quickly found that he was in a cold, dark tunnel. He found he was wearing only his pajamas bottoms. “What's going on?” His voice echoed along the walls. He took a couple of steps along the road, gravel crunching underneath his feet. “I can't see a thing.” He thought as he tripped over a metal beam. He quickly stood back up and saw a sources of light coming around the bend; he instantly knew he was in a tunnel, one that was too small for anything but a train. He started running along the tracks being careful not to trip again. The train blowing its whistle as it wheeled closer and closer. The boy helpless as he reached for the light at the end of the tunnel.
He woke once more floating in darkness. “Am I still asleep, Am I dead?” nothing came to answer his question. “what is there left to fight, there's no reason to. That Day, they crushed my dreams. Why should I help anyone.” He slowly closed his eyes hoping it was all just a bad nightmare. “Is this what life really like, just a black abyss never for anyone come out of again?”
“That's Not True!”
Aster opened his eyes and looked around. “It's that girl again. Where are you, Who are you?”
“Life's like a story and your story's what you make of it, if you write your story out to be dark then your end will be dark. You have the power to change the outcome. Don't let anyone else tell you different!”
“But I don't know how.”
“It's simple, just take charge of your situation. If someone tries to control you break...” Her voice disappeared, leaving Aster all alone.
The boy thought of what the girl said. “Just take charge?” His guns appeared before him. “Well, I guess I'll start rewriting history!” He gripped his guns tightly. His eyes brightened as he turned upright. He saw neon green zeros and ones floating upward. “Where on earth am I?” The digital numbers coming together to make a picture of an old man at a wall full of monitors. The boy took a deep breath and focused on a way back to where he was.
After minutes had passed he gave up on thinking of a way out. The picture of an old man still hanging above his head. “Why that picture?”
“So the only one who can change this world is someone stuck in limbo?” A new voice spoke as a flurry of pages from a book flew downward from seemingly nowhere. “You want out, I can help you but you must let me help you. So what will it be. Let me help and get out or Rot in your digital prison, your choice.”
“Digital Prison, What are you talking about?” Aster swam his way through the dark. The pages slowing down and filling the book that was hiding in there storm.
“Take my book and I'll tell you everything.”
Aster started reaching out his hand, Not knowing what the future held. “Wait you're telling me to do something. I'd be following you wouldn't I?” He kicked backwards, aiming his pistols at the book.
“What are you doing, you ungrateful boy!”
Aster switched the Safety off of his guns and stood his ground. “I'm taking charge!” The guns exploded with metal firing from it's inner chamber. Each shot piercing the book, leaving holes through the binding. The book slowly fell into the deep below. “Okay. It's time to get back to the real world hopefully, and out of this robot.” He put his guns together in a T shape and started blasting his weapons into the black a head of him. Light escaping into void, The boy reaching for the hole he made.
Images began surging through his mind as he drifted towards the lights core. A train crash, the families in the train hugging and staying together as they tried to not get hurt. Aster, not having anyone, seemed to have broke his neck as blood began climbing out of his mouth. “What is that all about?” A wave of sadness washed over him.
“your all alone you know. That Train had sealed your fate of ever having a family after your mother and father died.”
“Your that book, aren't you.” Aster had stopped and looked around but found nothing.”
“Yes I am, I'll give you one more chance. Accept me, I am anyone's only salvation.”
A Smile formed on the boys lips as he began laughing. “My answer is still no.”
“Fine have it your way. I give you the power to shape the world and you throw it away. I can see you are not as smart as you let on. Farewell... or Not.” The voice faded away and Aster resumed heading towards the point of light.
“Why on Earth did he come back?” The boy pondered this as the green Zeros and Ones returned. The light by this time had grown blinding.
Chapter 4: The Boss

When Aster awoke from his weird dream he noticed that he was in his clothes, not the Leather, and he had the toy guns. He began to wonder how that happened, but when he looked up he saw a shocked Master Clain staring at him; frustration in his eyes. “How did you do that?” Master clenched his fist tightly. The air was beginning to grow cold.
Aster looked towards the metal clone of himself. “Don’t look at me, I don’t know either!”He noticed shortly after speaking that he was healed and felt better than he did before, he even saw that the toys started to glow. The two giant cannons on the giant robot faded away and Aster’s pistols returned to him at that moment. But as he looked up to confront his enemy he saw that Master Clain had fled. Blue tiles scattered from the multiple battles lied on the ground.

On the warehouse the two heroes stood in terror as they saw a horrible beast the height of at three-times the size of the warehouse itself. “Now you see my true form. I was ordered to take control of this world for my kind to feast on your people.” The monster said as he started summoning a ball of energy to his hand. The two stood in amazement, Yet also quite puzzled. “Whenever one of our kind takes over another being, we become them, a part of them, our minds are working in not really in unison but rather control the host like a puppet. And as for whom we are… We are the Kreshin, a group of extraordinary beings I am just a sole foot-soldier among the ranks of the imperial army. And I was going to use your powers to become the king of all… and you all ruined it!” He screamed the last few words, pounding its fists down towards the two heroes, only to meet hard tile made of metal. The energy he had built up had sent beams

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