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Meditative analysis of the Fallibility of Humanity, Act: III
Where I reinforce my apparent apathy with irreverent, unexplained sarcasm, a maze of near-unintelligible adverbs and adjectives, and a plethora of irrelevance, animosity, and complete disregard for any readers' sanity, self-esteem, or will to live.
Nameless, not Loveless
How many times do I have to say "I have a name problem," before people stop insinuating that the reason I was comically freaking out about the snake "was because of its archaic association with the devil" ???

Maybe I should have been saying "death by association," but I was too busy thinking it to present it logically....

By the by, my problem with the snake is that it was wearing a football helmet. And I live in New Orleans. Where we have a football team called The Saints. I made it very clear I was referring to American football......

Maybe not clear enough that I found it hilarious. I mean, c'mon, skinny neck, no arms or legs, I was practically screaming with laughter.

Then again, well it almost made me laugh harder than the trip about the demonic elves in the context of Nordic mythology. The only reason I stopped laughing about that was because of the sad story about how the grandmother was dying.

Anywho, I figure the whole business following me and my snake laughter had something to do with some dude who uses the name Dorlian on all his/her characters. After my explanation about how every time I saw the name I thought of the fish named John Dorian by sailors. Same thing happens with Scrubs, of course.

Life is just full of laughter, and when there are no names, just gets even funnier.

In any case, it's mostly the Finnish and Filipino mixed ancestry that had me looking for laughs in those arenas. No culture (in my experience) could be the more opposite.

Although they are equal in regard to degree of weird. But then everybody has something to contribute, and I'm okay with that.

What I'm not okay with is being made fun of, for words. They are trivial, aren't they?
So why do people get so annoyed at the fact that it makes my skin crawl?

Get over yourselves, weirdos. rofl

No seriously. Don't make me wax serial killer again. It's not fun. It sucks all the good out of life. I mean, it makes me stronger, physically, but my heart weaker.
Maybe that's the point of Loveless. Stolen hearts, torn apart from their owners...

Still, I remain nameless. I wish 't'were anonymous, but when I was a child, I dreamed as a child.....

Emend the rest of that quote to say 'woman' instead of 'man.' xd

Okay, back to laffing it up again. Jeez, where's the coffee....

A snake wearing a football helmet.....no, better a snake wearing a Saint's football helmet. What, is it Mardi Gras already?

I hate this place, but I don't hate the people. I never really hate the people. I can't.
Why? Cause I'm a dumbass, that's why.

Seriously, it smells like mud and the air pressure and the angle of the light and the no trees and the flat terrain and the fact that it may be below sea level, but no one told the humidity where the ocean ended and the levees began.

Give me mountains to climb and conifers and green and falling leaves abound, where on one side of the sun there's a fourth season, where everything sleeps beneath the frozen air and spring is all the more glorious (albeit slushy and muddy) for it!
Where the sun smiles clearly with a sharp, piercing gaze, rather than swimming through a drunken haze of dirty, polluted, water, clouding the air like so many flies.....

I love these people, but it is a place of death, for here is where the river dies.
And it doesn't spring back until you reach the Amazon, where it's an entirely new world.....

Rinn Lothron
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