Lord, You are the giver, the provider, the owner. You created me. You knew precisely what you were doing when You set me on this earth, in this time period. You chose my location. You chose my family. You chose my church. You chose my possessions.

Where I spent anguished moments desiring to have more-- to be popular at school, to dress nicer, to live in a bigger house-- You suppressed any potential for me to achieve those things. By delaying or denying my selfish wishes, You slowly taught to me (or rather, I slowly learned) patience, understanding, growth, maturity, and so many other important lessons. I'm certain I have a long way to go, but for now, I thank You for the blessing of poverty and patience.

Over time, You taught me to replace those selfish desires with a desire to serve You-- to show You to other people, to give, to support, to help, to love. I have received my rewards for these, the greatest I count above all else being my husband.

Lord, I also understand that You chose to place in me a desire for freedom, for adventure, for independence. You placed these in me not for my selfish reasons (however much I may try to justify them), but to further Your glory. If I achieve these great things through You, I will grow stronger and I will show other people how to rely on You for their strength.

I want to repay the debt I owe to You-- and to pass it forward. I desire to give to Your church. I desire to give to my community where You have placed me. I desire to raise a family in Your name. I want to help people now and in the future. I want to write books that speak Your name on every page, which will last for generations. I want to draw and color and bring life to the people You wrote about in Your Word. I want to live in a great house, like the Proverbs 31 woman, and raise a family and guide them, to provide for my family and servants, to extend my hands to the poor, and to bring honor and recognition to my husband and You.

Please grant this prayer. I have never achieved strength or maturity without Your help. I want to live up to my name which You chose for me and shine a light and sparkle and glitter with Your radiance, and to use my name for Your sake and be a guiding light for others. I want to be a powerful, surging rush of water that quenches the thirst of others. I want to be Your reflection.

I trust Your ability to guide me, to instruct me, to correct me, and to protect me. Thank You for the gift of poverty through which You taught me patience and endurance. Thank You for the gift of weakness when I was younger so I could learn to rely on Your strength. Thank You for answering my prayers for this wonderful, loving husband, and a marriage which far surpasses my wildest imagination. Thank You for the rewards You have showered on my life.

And thank You for the blessings still to come in my life. I only wish I could repay you in full, in the amount that You have given and deserve, but as a human I know I have limits.

But You knew that and expected it long before You ever made me.

Thank You for the love I will never deserve. Thank You for placing love into my heart which I can give to other people.

In Christ's name,


September 14, 2013
Candace Lynn Glisson