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BB Flowerchild
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PC gaming.
A few months ago, I received $20 in iTunes gift card money.
I decided to use that money to download a game from the Mac App Store. I have a Macbook after all, and I don't really have any games on it.
I figured it was time to have some fun with my laptop and download a game.

I've never played a Tomb Raider game before, so I figured I'd try something new. I spent my money on Tomb Raider Underworld. It's one of the few games I found that is compatible with OS X 10.6.8, what I have.

Once I got it installed and tried to play it, the graphics were corrupt. All I saw were Lara's clothes and hair, some fire in a burning building, and the background, which was all yellowish / orangish.
I quit the game, and upon further inspection, it turns out I have an outdated processor. It turns out I also can't upgrade to a new processor because laptop computers have processors permanently affixed to the machine. I'm stuck with what I have.

This story made me realize just why I hate PC gaming. PC gaming is just a freaking headache. :/
This is why consoles exist. Consoles are WAY more user-friendly: you don't have to worry about the technical jargon like RAM, graphics card, processing power, blah, blah, blah.... All you have to do is connect the machine to a TV, pop in a disc, and you're good to go.

I later went on to do research into why people play games on PCs. Why play games on a PC instead of a console?
Common reasons I saw:
Better graphics
A keyboard and a mouse being easier to use than a traditional controller when playing first-person shooters

I am not impressed with those reasons at all.

Graphics are painfully overrated.
When visuals get more and more sophisticated, and able to more accurately imitate real life, there is little left for the imagination.
Using "better graphics" as your excuse for PC gaming being better is like saying "Drew Carey's Green Screen Show" was better than "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
The Green Screen Show was like Whose Line is it Anyway?, only that it had animated scenery and props added after the performers did their improv skits.
The post-production animation ruined the formula, really. It left the home audience using little to no imagination.
The Green Screen Show had better visuals, and it was the worse show because of it.
In 2009, the movie Avatar was at the cutting edge of movie special effects, but it didn't offer much in terms of story.
I'd rather watch Disney's Pocahontas. It had more or less the same plot, just with more heart (and it's much shorter).

I really didn't know what "mods" were before I looked up why some people prefer PC games, but now that I do know what they are, I must say they sound like a real waste of time.
Why would you want to modify the developer's intended means of playing the game?
Feh.... I'm sure there are some people who would have an interest in doing that sort of stuff, but I certainly don't.
Likewise, I wouldn't want to hack into a movie and change its ending. I'd rather keep the original artist's integrity intact.

Using a mouse and keyboard for first-person shooters?
Fine, maybe it's better than using a traditional controller.
Honestly, I don't really play many first-person shooters, so I shouldn't care too much.
Let me say this though: I have played Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii. After that, I wouldn't want to play any first-person shooters on any other platform.

I'm aware that a lot of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC gamers look down on Nintendo's consoles, scoffing at them being "underpowered."
Meanwhile, Nintendo comes along and publishes Metroid Prime, a first-person shooter experience that uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and it just wipes the floor with silly mouse and keyboard setups.

There may be many other reasons why some people prefer PCs that I'm not mentioning, but I'm sure they're also underwhelming reasons.

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