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Prologue (Completed)
A Soul's Purpose

The rise of the flying city (Prologue

This story takes place several hundred years into the future, where spirits and souls are proven existences, and demons are the most common result of death. the world population has plummeted; dropping to 6 billion people on 2150, and 4 billion people 100 years after that. At this rate, the human population will reach zero in under 200 years. At least it would have if the Guardian's Initiative was not developed.
300 years ago, humans came across 2 ancient statues of angels buried into a mountain. They believed it to be the entrance to the Garden of Eden. This discovery shocked and excited the world. The Garden of Eden was supposedly a step forward into finding out more about how we were created, who "God" was, and finding a bridge between Earth and Heaven. While scientists found nothing that could help them answer their questions, they did discover means to continue their search. Further study into these statues concluded that there was something inside all living things, much like our ancestors believed to have existed. Before, souls and spirits were simply ideas, or beliefs. However these statues proved to us not only that these things exist, not only can we physically see them, but spiritual energy is a source of power that can be transferred into mechanical energy. At first, extracting this seemingly boundless energy from nothing was extremely difficult if not impossible. However, after decades of study and technological improvements, humans found a way to harness and use the power of spiritual energy. Humans were able to cure illnesses that were considered untreatable, even aging. Today, the oldest living man is 310 years old.
Even with all of these improvements, humans were still being killed by the millions over several years by creatures we know as demons. The Guardian's Initiative started in 2123, when the world governments joined together in order to fend off the demons that were feeding off of the human souls. Originally, the plan was to "declare war" against these supernatural evils, however their weapons, while being able to wipe entire continents with a single weapon, were entirely useless. It was clear that using weapons that could kill humans would not work as effectively against creatures of "higher existences". The war became a feast for these demons, and for that just over 500 million lives were lost. The Governments pulled together, and started the Okinaku Plan, a four part plan that would save the world.
The first part of the plan was the Guardian's Campaign, the search and recovery of all humans with a higher than average spirit energy. To the government's surprise, a lot of unlikely people held the power that would help them save billions of people. Most people who were considered "psychic" were actually closer to understanding the unique powers of their souls than anyone else. Finding them was easy, however getting them to submit to the cause was an issue. Eventually however, they were able to find volunteers for the second part of the plan, which included weaponizing these gifted people. Scientists attempted to use drugs to boost their powers, and even forced them to consume the souls of others (without their knowledge even) in order to achieve their full potential. Most of these ideas failed, either killing the volunteers or turning their souls corrupt beyond what they considered was the point of no return, ultimately ending in those people being killed before turning into demons. It took several years, however a training program was designed by the Indian Government's most powerful gifted soul, Dhaval Malik. He designed a type of meditation mixed with physical training he called Zenjitsu. It took many years of training, however it was the most efficient style of allowing people not only to grow stronger, but also to learn more about their souls and what their limits were. Zenjitsu was the key to everything. After a decade, Dhaval agreed to become the first General of Okinaku.
Okinaku was part 3 of the governments' ultimate plan. The Great Cloud. A flying fortress that protects the world under its watchful eyes. It was a giant city that was not physically connected to the earth. With the ability to transfer spirit energy into physical, mechanical energy, scientists were able to design a city capable of housing soldiers who would serve as Okinaku Guardians to defeat demons around the world. This city would travel from place to place around the world many times in a year powered by excess, enriched spirit energy given off from the guardians living within its limits. Unfortunately Okinaku could not be placed in charge of every inch of the world. The fourth plan went into effect.
Plan 4 was meant to place as many people into a given area safely and comfortably. Doing so would allow Okinaku to make more efficient orbits around the world while evenly distributing guardians to each area. 5 Super cities were created called districts. The governments came together to create one government ruled by multiple people based on where they were in the world. With 5 sub-quarters of Okinaku on earth, one in each district, Okinaku was able to easily go from one district to another to switch and exchange guardians, or drop off reinforcements when necessary. In another 50 years, the Guardian's Initiative was complete. Unfortunately this did not solve all the problems like the government had hoped. People who lived outside of the districts received considerably less protection than those within the walls of Okinaku. Even with barriers powered by spirit energy, it was not nearly as powerful as those of the districts shields, and were considered easier targets for demons. Entire cities were destroyed.
Today is a time where the rich thrive in parts of the world, and the demons own the rest. The lucky and privileged are protected, while the many and unfortunate live their lives being chased down by the monsters of this world, both demons and man. The damned are forced to live with the poor, and the poor are killed by the damned. To survive, you must be strong, or forfeit your freedoms to the rich, and forever commit your life to your soul keeper, or die. Okinaku was built to protect those who could not protect themselves, however as the rich became more powerful, the forces of the guardians were more concentrated on protecting those who paid them more. Royalty was born again in this world, separating themselves from everyone else as they deemed their lives more worthy than everyone else. The year is 2346. While demons are less common, they have certainly gotten smarter, and stronger. Humans with corrupt hearts grew in power, and became demons themselves, even within the district limits, however are able to blend with the public looking as human as anyone else. Some humans have even been able to keep their sanity after being demonized, controlling their demonic takeover and becoming even stronger than most evils. Humans have been learning how to summon demons straight from hell, occasionally on accident. However as the corrupt discover the power of opening a hell gate, they plan the day to take down Okinaku, and devour the rest of the human population. Demons have also learned Zenjitsu, and carve out their powers into their full potential. Even as Okinaku grows, the demons grow stronger.
Okinaku is truly the world's only protection.

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