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Missy's Missalanious Journal I'm Missy. I love to write journals, have done so since I was young.. however not as much as I used to for many reasons... I will update here and again nothing too flattering, I'm not too flattering so enjoy?

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Received a Gift from Phantom Anon
a white green box with a blue ribbon.

Message from Phantom Anon:

Chatter, laughter, and music drifted through the night air and the soft fiery glow from the many lamps lit the cobblestone path. The streets were filled with the flow of people coming to and fro. All wore an exotic mixture of colors in their dramatic clothing's of choice. These outfits were completed with an equally dramatic, yet highly unique mask. The masks ranged from simple designs to complex ones with feathers or plumes. All were meant to hide the personality of the owner and give the freedom of complete anonymity. This pleasure was what made this masquerade festival in this town so famous; one that drew in many visitors even from afar.

You were one such visitor, coming in from the distant town of Barton where you had been visiting a friend. A white with gold swirled mask graced your face and a purple cloak rested on your shoulders; a tame look compared to many around you.

Staring upward, you eyed the draping decorative cloth that hung from lamppost to lamppost. Ahead, you could spot the luminous clock tower, its hands reaching upwards to the tenth hour. The clock tower's plaza was your destination; there your friends awaited you near the stage that hosted the band. You pushed onward through the crowds of people, intent on reaching your goal.

A small laugh escaped your lips as a man dressed as a jester nearby dramatically juggled colorful balls into the air. As you passed, he struggled as one of the balls flew up too far away from him. The feeling of suspense of the crowd around him was stifling as another ball was tossed into the air at an awkward angle. You craned you head to the side, trying to watch and walk at the same time.

A small gasp went through the on looking crowd as the juggler stumbled, yet again, with another bad toss. This was not looking good. It looked as if he were doomed and you could see the sweat gleam on his paint covered face. The balls were falling quickly towards the ground. Suddenly, at the last second, he managed to not only retrieve the stray juggling balls, but also move them into a figure 8 pattern. There were small cheers from the crowd and you clapped your own hands in awe at the jester's recovery.

A light bump against you drew your attention back to your immediate surroundings. In front of you, a girl in a silver full mask turned to look back at you. Her hair was the same shade as the petals of a white lily and her light blue dress was simple in design, a vast contrast to the dramatic clothes of those around you. Behind your mask, your cheeks burned red. You must have accidentally bumped into her while you were distracted with the jester. A hand went to where her mouth would be and her head shook slightly in silent laughter at your obvious surprise and embarrassment. The girl tilted her head, gazing at you with amused sparkling blue eyes.

You opened your mouth to say something, an apology of sorts, but all words were stilled as she took your hand suddenly and gently placed something within it. You stared down at the object: it was a small present with a nice silk bow. Written in elegant calligraphy on the white crisp card was your name. You blinked at surprise, opening your mouth to ask her why she had given you this gift, but the girl shook her head before you could utter a word. With a small wink she gracefully, yet silently, danced between the crowds around you and disappeared from sight within moments.

You hurried after her, but the crowd was too thick and was constantly moving. How had she done it? You sighed, brows furrowing in mild frustration as you tried to maneuver through the crowd of people. Soon enough, you gave up on your endeavor and turned your eyes to the small present in your hand once more. Taking the note, you flipped it over, searching for any clues as to who had been your silent mysterious gifter. On the back were two words written in the same beautiful calligraphy as your name.

--- Phantom Anon

(Jul 24, 2013)


You got: White Lily Boutonniere

Thank you!

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