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Dialogue of Lunacy
The red pill was not a choice. It wasn't presented in open palms with a polar opposite side by side. There was no option. There was only the forceful hands of fate. Then, I was hurled into this bucket of crap like rejected and processed food. A lawle
Lucid Set-to's Profile
Upon arrival to Gaia during Heaven or Hell 2009, Lucid's profile and abilities.

* Name: Lucid Set-to
* Gaia Name: Setto_Lucid
* Alias: Agent Codename: Shiver
* Mode of Combat: None
* Birthday: June 14, 1975
* Height: 6ft, 2in
* Weight: 201 lbs
* Measurements: Athletic Build. Conditioned for Fighting.
* Birthplace: Merud, Agia
* Hobby: Enjoying extremely loud metal, punk, and alternative rock. Street Racing. Heavy Drinking. On rare occasions, street fighting. Rape. Plushies. Cute Furry Animals. Beautiful Smiles. Personal Hygiene. GodDamnShit!
* Personal Treasure: Highnoon Roxorbilly Hat
* Favorite Food: Anything that gives off heat.
* Dislikes: Temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius. Fire. Corrosive Acid. Pimps. Sexual Offenders. Child Molesters. Prostitutes. Order and Structure. Laws. Rules. Opera. Pop Culture. Vampires. Ninjas. Wrestlers. Fan Boys. Fan Girls. Posers. Hueg Gais. Authority. Bitches. Hoes. Scallywags. Lesbians. Gays. Bi-Sexuals. Hermaphrodites. Transvestites. Cute, furry animals. Technology. Mini-Van’s. Sedans. Fruits of various types. Text Messages. Printers. Fax Machines. Bra’s. Panties. Women Cosmetics. Hair Dye. Young minded individuals. Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts. Conservatives. Liberals. Hybrids of Any Sort. Religion. Politics. Cybernetics. Chemicals. Media. Adventures. Quests. Swords. Scythes. Guns. Axes. Hammers. Warm Colors. Girly Colors. And especially odors.
* Forte in Sports: None.
* Other things worth mentioning: Lucid has an unstable personality. When provoked, Lucid can become extremely agitated, arousing a chaotic nature within him to surface into public eyes. This personality trait can be triggered through being forced to endure his dislikes for an extended period of time or can be influenced through violence. Lucid's chaotic nature can result in turrets syndrome, obnoxiousness, maniacal laughing, abrupt and unplanned actions, abrasiveness, paranoia, and in worse cases hallucinations.

Aggressive Energy Bar:
Energy which depicts the execution, damage output, and raw power of Lucid’s attacks. Depending on this energy, Lucid can execute a number of attacks which require a specific amount of energy to be used. The energy levels can be read in a bar form based on a percentage of energy stored. Aggressive energy storage can be measured as:

-Energy between 1% and 100% is classified as Level 1.
-Energy between 101% and 200% is classified as Level 2.
-Energy between 201% and 300% is classified as Level 3.

The maximum output of aggressive energy peaks at 300% and is measured through bar form which becomes visible to opponents in combat.

Lucid maintains 150% aggression under normal circumstances. Aggressive energy can be expelled through combating using Force Energy. It can be replenished based on attacks delivered to the opponent. For every Melee Attack (whether it hits anything or not), Aggressive Energy rises depending on its level.

At Level 1, every melee attack replenishes 25% aggressive energy.
At Level 2, every melee attack replenishes 20% Aggressive energy.
At Level 3, every melee attack replenishes 15% Aggressive energy.

Receiving critical to severe damage can lower Lucid’s Aggressive energy.

Critical Damage- 25% Aggressive energy lost.
Severe Damage- 50% Aggressive energy lost.

"Physical Traits, Characteristics, and Abilities (Inate Abilities)"

The only threatening piece of attire to keep watch of is Lucid's steel sole boots. Custom made, Lucid's Timberland Working Boots are lined in the souls with a thin, titanium plate which can add destructive power to his kicking attacks. In some strange cases, it has been known for Lucid to defend strikes from bladed weapons such as long swords or two handed swords with his boots. A second special feature with Lucid's boots is a titanium plate which are mounted at the toes. This feature is also used to add destructive powers to his kick, increasing the amount of damage Lucid can deliver with each strike.

Though not as noteworthy in battle, Lucid's clothing can also benefit his fights as well. He wears thick, layered attire. It is especially noted within his jeans. This is to serve as an incredibly light armor, nothing that could decrease the amount of damage he takes from powerful melee strikes, but enough to deal with minor incidents and injuries with ease. Much of his attire are often outfitted with chains which usually do not pose a problem as these chains are on his jeans. However, if opportunity presents itself, the chains of his cloths are strong enough to act as a weapon.

Sub Zero
Lucid’s physical body temperature averages and maintains 0 degrees Celsius. Not only is this the normal living temperature for Lucid, but he can sustain this temperature under average environmental conditions (room temperature). However, Lucid’s body temperature would begin to rise should he remain in environmental conditions which presents extreme heat.

Chaos Head
For every successful attack, Lucid becomes more chaotic. His personality is affected by Aggressive energy, being that the more energy he has, the more chaotic he becomes. This state of mind is known as Set-to. During Lucid’s chaotic state, he makes less rational decisions, develops a blood lust, and can cause self inflicting damage and friendly fire. This is detrimental to his ability to combat for a successful win and can cause for both he and his opponents to obtain serious injuries based on irrational decisions, but Lucid does not believe in killing his opponent this he does subconsciously suppress his destructive and chaotic nature.

Double Jump
While in mid-air, Lucid can channel magnetic energy to the soles of his boots and generate a force of energy capable of propelling himself further into the air. It does not require Lucid to enter a specific Combat Mode to perform this jump.

(Note: This ability is considered a move. Uses 100% Aggressive Energy.

Combat Modes
Combat modes allow Lucid the ability to channel and use energies and attacks which deliver abnormal, powerful results. During one mode of combat, Lucid can not use energies of another mode but he can switch between modes during combat (mode switching can only be performed once per post. For example, Lucid begins every fight in magnetic mode. In 1 post, he can convert his energy to ice mode, but can not convert back to magnetic mode in that same post). Entering combat modes do not expel Aggressive Energy.

Magnetic Combat
Lucid converts his body energy to output a magnetic aura of a mixed charge. Magnetic combat allows Lucid to access special abilities involving magnetism. This version of combat has no melee side effects and no elemental side effects. This mode of combat is the normal state of being for Lucid (he begins all fights in this mode of combat).

Alternative Ability:
In addition to maintaining magnetic energy, Lucid emits a constant wave of magnetic energy throughout his body. This energy reacts with the magnetic field of the Earth, creating a flux of energy between Lucid’s feet and the ground. This allows Lucid high maneuverability, giving him a heightened reaction to his footwork. It allows for Lucid an extra spring to his step, boosting his agility in means of redirection as well as acceleration

Abilities/Move List under Magnetic Combat:
(Level 1- Projectile)
Lucid can attract small, inanimate objects towards him within range of 10 feet. Using both hands, Lucid released an orb of positive charged magnetic energy to a destination or object and maintains a negative orb of magnetic energy in the other palm of his hand. The opposing forces attract small objects which can conduct electricity towards Lucid for a short duration of time (1 post) before the energy is depleted. (Uses 25% Aggressive Energy)
(Note: Lucid must be stationary to execute this attack.)

(Level 1- Projectile)
Using a similar method to Attraction, Lucid can throw small, inanimate objects away from a distance within range of 10 feet. By creating two orbs of like energy, be it positive or negatively charged, Lucid can cast 1 orb towards the desired object then fire the other orb towards its twin. The reaction forces the inanimate object to fly wildly in a straight or angled direction from its original position rivaling that of a weakly thrown baseball. (Uses 30% Aggressive Energy)
(Note: Lucid must be stationary to execute this attack.)

(Level 2- Projectile)
A Variant of Repel. Lucid creates a sphere of magnetic energy around himself. This spear is a collection of 3 spheres layered atop one another. The middle sphere is charged negatively while both the outermost sphere and innermost sphere is charged positively. The positive energies decompose the negative barrier and then release the build up of charged energies into a powerful shock wave. The wave can blow away small, inanimate objects within a 10 foot radius some odd feet away. The shock wave is enough to keep a full grown human at bay temporarily. However, due to the exhaustion of this attack, it will nullify Lucid's magnetic energy for a short period of time (one post cooldown). During which time, Lucid cannot use magnetic attacks. (Uses 50% Aggressive Energy.)
(Note: Lucid must be stationary to execute this attack.)

(Level 3- Projectile)
A variant of Release. Lucid concentrates repelling magnetic energy of like charges into a compressed ball of energy and fires it at the opponent. Upon contact with a solid object, the ball will detonate releasing a concussive blast with a powerful knock back force capable of breaking stone. The force of Concussion knocks Lucid unbalanced and temporarily unable to generate magnetic energy (2 post cooldown). Damage received by the opponent ranges from moderate to severe. (Uses 40% Aggressive Energy.)

(Note: Lucid must be stationary to execute this attack.)

Ice Combat
Lucid converts his body energy to output an aura of ice. Ice Combat grants Lucid access to melee ice attacks and special abilities involving ice. Each attack possesses a side effect of temperature manipulation of both environment and body temperatures. The temperature of formations of ice can vary depending on room temperature. Lucid is not affected by a decline in environment or bodily temperatures to the degree of other players, but he is not resistant to extreme cases of temperature decline (I.E: temperatures which decline below 100 Degrees Celsius). Inevitably this creates a numbing feeling throughout the body, decreasing the feeling of pain depending on his temperature levels. For every active ice attack delivered, the environment temperatures can fall within a small area, especially within closed spaces.
(Note: Ice Combat displays physical evidence of activation. Ice is always displayed on Lucid’s hands.)

Alternative Abilities
In Ice combat, all of Lucid’s melee attacks result in elemental damage to the opponent and the amount of damage received is determined by the level of Lucid’s Aggressor Bar. This is due to an involuntary rate which ice collects and forms upon Lucid's hands, which averagely take the shape of a knife edge weapon. The formation of ice shatters if placed under enough pressure, but drains energy to reform and reshape itself.

Lucid’s hands are coated with a thin layer of ice which slightly increases the amount of damage an opponent can receive and can result in a loss of body heat to the opponent. (Uses 15% Aggressive energy per successful strike.)

Lucid forms a sharp edged weapon within his hands made of brittle ice that can cause non lethal cuts to the skin as well as a loss of body heat. This weapon is used with any melee attack as long as Lucid remains in ice combat. (Uses 20% Aggressive energy per successful strike.)

Lucid forms weapons which have a jagged, spiked surface and can create rips and tears in the opponent’s skin as well as a loss of body heat. (Uses 30% Aggressive Energy per successful strike.)

(Note: Because these attacks are Melee based, Lucid can regain energy from a successful attack. Aggressive energy is first subtracted from the energy of the attack then added from the success of the hit. I.E. A Level 3 Melee attack will subtract 30% energy from the Aggression Bar with a successful hit, but the strike will also add 20% Energy back.)

Abilities/Move List under Ice Combat:

(Level 1- Projectile)
Lucid slams his fist upon the ground, releasing icy energy within a 5 foot radius of his stance. Within those 5 feet, Lucid can redirect this icy energy to spike upwards into a formation of ice which takes the shape of a Stalagmite. The formation springs rapidly from the ground, growing in range of 4 to 7 feet high with a thickness of 2 feet in diameter. It has a brittle, jagged surface which can create moderate cuts to the skin. The formation sprouts from the ground at such a rate it can feel like a heavy punch if directly impacted upon the human body. It remains stationary on the battlefield until disturbed. (Uses 20% Aggressive Energy.)

(Level 1-Ice Melee)
Lucid grapples the opponent then coats the opponent with ice in a rapid rate. The opponent becomes heavy by twice his/her body weight in which case his/her movement and reactionary time are slowed for a short period of time (1 post). The effects do not damage the opponent directly. However, Stasis can cause elemental damage as well as a severe loss of body heat to the opponent. (Uses 50% Aggressive Energy.)
(Note: This attack can only be executed after a successful grapple.)

(Level 2-Projectile)
In a concentrated area, Lucid can create slick, smooth coat of ice upon a surface which reduces all friction to 0. This attack is usually used on floors where the opponent can easily lose balance and footing. Under concentration, Lucid can create slopes within the formation which can angle the direction of an object. The object, if trapped upon the surface of the ice, can be directed at angles up to 90 degree’s (right angles). The surface of ice remains stationary throughout the fight until disturbed, but does not remain a slick surface. After a period of time (4 posts) the formation decomposes into frost and shards of ice due to rapid solidification. (Uses 25% Aggressive Energy.)

Spike Bed
(Level 2- Projectile)
A Variant of Stalagmite. In a similar fashion, Lucid slams his fist upon the ground, releasing icy energy within a 5 foot radius of his stance. Within those 5 feet, the energy of ice creates a diameter of 4 feet, taking the appearance of “Kiss the Floor” and then releases dozens of thin, durable spikes from the bed of ice. These spikes rise to a height of 3 feet with a sharpened tip. The move is relatively used to tear into skin and muscle (mostly within the legs) but is incapable of piercing through bone. Though capable of doing moderate to severe damage, Spike bed shatters under enough weight (i.e. the average weight of a human male) thus can not pierce too deep within the body. It remains stationary on the battlefield until disturbed. (Uses 40% Aggressive Energy.)

(Level 2- Projectile)
A Variant of Lucid’s melee capabilities. The sharpened, knife-like edges which accumulate on the backs of Lucid’s hands can be detached and thrown willingly. In most cases, Lucid will create a second set of blades before hurling them like throwing knives at his opponent. Up to 4 blades can be thrown at a time to his opponent. (Uses 40% Aggressive energy.)

Combination Moves

Lucid has the ability to switch himself into Ice Combat while in the process of executing a certain move. The end result creates a powerful and usually devastating move exhausts both forms of energy at the same time. In most cases, the combination of these two energies result in an explosive outcome which can possibly damage Lucid as well as the opponent.

Mirror Force
(Level 2- Melee)
This technique can be difficult to cast and requires accurate timing of execution. By focusing magnetic particles of like charges into a small area combined with a smooth surface shield of ice, Lucid can use the repelling forces of magnetic energy and small shards of ice to create a temporary wall which holds in place for a short duration of time (1 post). The repelling forces of the like charges and the reflective luster of ice particles and shards generate a powerful force of energy which can completely reverse the pattern of a projectile attack, both physical and energetic; sending the attack back at the opponent at a faster rate than the attack was received. Damage received by the opponent is dependent on the Opponent’s attack. (Uses 50% Aggressive Energy.)
(Note: Lucid must begin in Magnetic Combat to execute this attack. The attack will switch Lucid into Ice Combat Mode upon completion.)

Ice Grenade
(Level 2-Ice Projectile)
This technique is difficult to cast and can cause mass damage to both the opponent and Lucid. Ice Grenade combines both ice and magnetic combat. Lucid encases like charges of magnetic energy into a ball of solid ice packed with mixed gases of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. The ball of ice contains the energy until shattered, where the stored energy is released in a violent, explosive manner. The force in which Ice Grenade explodes is not fatal but can be deadly under circumstances, releasing a concussive force of energy that freezes water molecules within the vicinity and can create a blast crater due to its shock wave. Just as the explosion can burn skin, it is also capable of deep freezing and can cause frostbite to exposed skin. Damage received by the opponent ranges from critical to severe. (Uses 75% of Aggressive Energy.)
(Note: Lucid can execute this attack in either combat mode. It is the only attack which can be executed within both modes. Lucid will switch to the opposing mode from the starting mode which this move is executed.)

Frost Hadoken
(Level 3-Ice/Magnetic Melee)
This technique is difficult to cast and can cause mass damage to both the opponent and Lucid. Frost Hadoken combines both ice and magnetic combat into a move that can be considered a finisher. Lucid concentrate a magnetic force into a tiny ball within the palms of their hands then inject an orb of ice within the ball. The move is only useful at close range, usually performed if Lucid can successfully land a palm strike to the chest or solar plexus. Upon execution, Lucid renders the magnetic force unstable by generating like charges within the orb, forcing the energy to violently explode against the opponent. Damage usually ranges at severe levels with the possibility of a KO to the opponent. Damage is also self inflicted and can range from moderate to critical levels. Lucid is completely drained of energy upon the execution of this attack. (Uses 200% Aggressive Energy.)
(Note: Lucid must begin in Ice Combat to execute this attack. The attack will switch Lucid into Magnetic Combat Mode upon completion.)

Lucid Red Herring
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