It’s for the best.

Last thread to be cut and ties will be set loose forever. I’m fine with it. It’s nothing new to me. Someone walking out on me, I’ll bury the memories deep and move on. I respected your wish and left you alone. I even sat through your mocking sigs and profiles. Sometimes I wanted to retaliate but I felt like that was childish.

I ignored you because I wanted to be the better person. For a good while I did not even talk about my life on gaia simply for the good of you. Even when I posted in the thread you made it obvious to rub it in my face. I never cared or was jealous that you found new love, I was happy for you. I barely berated you unless you got under my skin and that was because I could not take it anymore.

This is the last attention you’ll get from me is this blog. This will be the last acknowledgement I’ll be willing to show. However, I can’t let you leave from my life without writing this. I was going to just simply coldly ignore you until the very end. I thought it was the best..

But to this I leave you. Remember I was always there for you. Through sad and happy times, even after your broke my heart and left me for your new friends I still cared about you. If completely erasing me from existence is best for you then I want you to do that. Forget about me, forget about our childhood, are school days and everything else that follows.

If that’ll make you feel happy, then I’m okay with that.

I will miss you. I hope things go well for you in the future.