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I'll tell you what is going on in my mind. You can either choose to run away or read each train wreck with a small grin. Your decision.
Tissle Too
Purple filth, purple filth, purple filth!
• • •
Face off episode "Eye Candy"
...or was it Candied...oh poop.
I'm freaking out atm. I'm twitching in my left eye and I'm mistaking my hair for spider webs..
I'm [bleep]faced and I'm irked. Hold on a minute...*screams for younger cousin to hand me my eye drops*...better.
Looked forward to this episode. Gotta say I loved it. Almost as much as I love House's shaped head and how attractive he is for his age. I'm not saying I have a thing for older men...actually age works just like gender for me. Please don't force me into commitment. I have a mental age of a 5 year old which means my attention span isn't that far off. Let's be realistic. The only person in my life that I could ever "love" and for a long period of *thinks* 8yrs(damn that is long or I miscounted) is Kyle BULLSHIT! I mean Lenlen. Long distance relationships are UGH.
Anyhoos~ Watching Face off and getting p'od from the lack of consideration for anything symmetrical. I commend Anthony and Alam for last episode's winning makeup because the eyebrow thingy just made me gasm. It was sooooooo frickin' leveled and mirrored in the right way. No flaw, no flaw there..
My problem was elimination. I all like Katie went home!!!? What about the other three...hmmm
Then this episode pretty much repeated or continued last week's elimination which made my thought process crash into an invisible brick wall.

1.) Autumn: what is hard about making a bear face? It's like you never seen one before rofl and your brain kept yelling "CAT CAT CAT CAT CATBEAR CAT..."
I honestly saw mancatpig in your makeup. Someone call Gore, there's a new mythical creature that needs some attention.

2.) Alex: So wait...never did silicon? or do it...ehn, however after the first episode when you were teamed up with Wayne(that guy is slow af) and were kinda called out by the judge on elimination because they seen that you never really did anything (oh yeah just [bleep] up the talent Florida doesn't have!)and SlowWayne pretty much did the makeup...yeah I believed you were suppose to be sent home long time ago, sweetheart. *ELIMINATED*
3.) Jenna: not bashing her physical disability but I do believe that it is her fault and I will show no sympathy for already injuries. NO I do not mean it is her fault that she has tumor. I say it is her fault that she is there and has pain. Babydoll, my babydoll...your pain is obviously not new to you, but my question is this: Why enroll in the competition when you knew that this was going to be your weakness and isolate you from the others. I'm not saying don't do what you love, because that's quitting and I kill quitters but if there was some way that you could handle the pain and turn it into something better(Pull a Nicole) instead of "woe is me, I got a tumor and my limb hurts" act which will eventually turn into "my makeup is s**t, my hand/wrist hurts really bad and I think I might be going home *frowny-face*" perhaps viewers can give you the benefit of the doubt. We won't assume obvious.
^^^Those three that were on the chopping block should of went home the same night.
I'm tired of the obvious, we could have mixed it up and said we were going to send 2 home, yes one less obvious [bleep]up to watch drown in their poor creations that failed to be executed well on next week's episode.

4.) Alam: she is so cute...God she just stands there and SMILES xd I'm all like it's sooo sad, so very very sad. I was just waiting for her the fail and then those three up there (4 if including Katie) just collapsed again that I couldn't even think or pray that she [bleep]up. I'm glad she was in top looks. It's more humorous because she is new to some these things and while others screw up she does it for the first time and succeeds and flies past the losers while chirping "This is Fun! I'm so Happy! This is Fun!"

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