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A prison for my thoughts
The weekly log of a strange young man. A driver across the country, mildly autistic, bobble-headed-optimist, open-minded, and lover of fantasy and arts. This is his story of the highs, the lows, and everything in between.
Another 2 weeks, another 8,500 miles. xD
These last two have been a real doozy. It's getting to the point where either A. I've learned that I'm cut out for this and should stick with it. Or B. I realize that maybe it's not for me and call it quits before any real problems occur. ...Sadly, I don't know which is which to choose. Some nights I feel like I got it hammered down, others I just mess up and don't feel right about it. >_< It doesn't help either that my trainer is really, erm.. aggressive. I learn in a certain style he doesn't want to listen to, he yells all the time, he doesn't believe autism is a real thing so he doesn't know I have aspergers, he isn't even tolerant. Woman's rights? Equality? Emancipation proclamation, religion . ...Yea that doesn't mean s**t to him, he's one of the most racist people I know. >.>;

And it's strange because part of the time, I really like him, he reminds me of a more southern-style Dennis Leary, if that means anything. >_>; But other times I just want to tell him to go ******** himself and push him off a cliff. ;xD

I dunno, I'm sticking with this as long as I can, but it's tough at times. Doesn't help either that he's actually thinking of quitting. I mean, do I really want to learn from a guy who's ready to hang up the towel? Maybe when I get some time home, I'll tell him I quit since he's an a**, and look for another company, I dunno yet.

Between all the work though, I'm keeping up with Roleplays as much as I can. My Persona RP and my one on ones. I get a little time on my 3DS too, which currently is nothing but Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, and Pokemon SoulSilver. FFfffff nostalgic~ Damnit I want my Scyther *grumbles*

Sucks that I can't always get a good internet either, because I'd be doing a ton of trading. Heck even trade between myself with my regular DS. But that's left in Luis's truck. ...Son of a b***h still has my stuff on his truck and hasn't gotten back to me. B< 400+ bucks of stuff on that thing! Dx

On a side note, I've still been able to keep track with my friends at least, even if it's just a text, PM on Gaia, or whatever. Chacha's been going through a lot lately, so my heart goes out to him, and Terra's been ill again so she's got my prayers, otherwise my friends have all been doing alright.

Oh! And I got to go to Canada in the Alberta area. Which... well, simply, it sucked. B< Nothing around, food was terrible, people were rude. Probably just a bad experience, I'm sure the rest is fine. But man was it crap. xP We might get a load going through the Toronta area next time, which would be awesome~ An old friend Liz lives in that area last I checked. I hope it's a lot better. x3

Anyway, that's all for now! Maybe I should start uploading some of the photos I take on the road? Comment if you wanna see some or just feel like marking my journal, blah!

Random quote for this entry: "Yea, I can't talk to you for long, I'm in Canada, so they'll charge me roaming for a ridiculous price! ....So anyway, what's the weather like?" 8D
From a trucker I overheard at a truckstop in Canada

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    Actually, I was in the New Brunswick area. Am now back in Ontario.

    comment [Lojyo][in][Lust] · Community Member · Fri Jun 20, 2014 @ 08:29pm
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