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A prison for my thoughts
The weekly log of a strange young man. A driver across the country, mildly autistic, bobble-headed-optimist, open-minded, and lover of fantasy and arts. This is his story of the highs, the lows, and everything in between.
The wheels of fate are turning~
So things have really taken quite a turn around for me. Call it a strange loop, but after the way I've been working steady and being on the road so much, it's actually helped clear my head more than anything. Which is strange, since normally all that time keeps me trapped in my thoughts and I start consuming myself with random and sometimes depressing thoughts. @_@

Last week, I was assigned a new trainer for trucking. My last one had family issues and needed to be with them. He was a cool guy, but the jerk booted me out of his truck with a few of my things still in it! Blankets and pillow, jacket, gloves, hat, and my Nintendo DS! Dx Fortunately, management send they'll get it mailed when he comes back, but he still hasn't gotten back to me. I guess I can't blame him, but still... B<

In the end, I bought a 3DS >_>; Which is AMAZING! <3 Catching up on my old Pokemon love, got Rhythm thief, Dead or Alive, and Harvest Moon a new beginning. All really good games!

We went from Miami to Washington state. Yep! 3000 miles roughly, and in just 2 and a half days. Hauled ass is what we did! And the sites were good through the snow, but... Montana and the Dakota's? Ghost towns. @_@ I mean, I can deal with no internet and just cruising. But some parts of I-90, ...in one hour we see 3 cars, and the radio has no signal. Just wow. ._.;

My trainer, Shawn, has been good to me. Really good actually, enough so that I look up to him like a weird sorta uncle figure, and that I'm likely going to team with him after my training. :3 More money that way, and I have someone who really knows what they're doing if I'm ever stuck.

Though.. I haven't been home since mid-November, and I likely won't be home until the end of January, or early February. =< I mean, I can be on the road for so many weeks at a time, but I just want a chance to relax a little soon. At least when I do, I'll get like, 7 to 10 days to just relax.

Recently, we went to Indiana, where (and i'm sorry if you're from there) but people are rude! Not to mention we had a high value load, which means you can't leave the truck until it's loaded. ...And they took almost ten hours to load the truck. If I didn't have food in the truck I would have been a wreck. >_< Not to mention I don't want to even get started on bathroom breaks. >>; That's done and over with, and now we're in Missouri which isn't bad~ Going to see the main terminal for our company too.

Overall, I'm really happy with where I'm at. Oh! And with my friends Kaoru, Kyle, and a few others, we've been talking more, so that's a plus. :3

Funny really, but on the road, I had been listening to the radio, some random Christian station I found, listened for an hour (on the day the world was supposed to end. ;xD) and it just... relaxed me. Even made me forget those scummy roommates and what they did for me. I sorta realized that after that all happened, it made me move on. And now that I moved on rather than being tied down to those people, I've been better off and improving myself, making money, and hey, in a year and a half, I'll have enough saved to own a house somewhere (likely not in New Jersey though) and some trucking job that's local with daily home time. ^^

Random quote of the week: (Shawn) "I got a tattoo, it's a big 'W' on each ass cheek. So when I squat, it says 'WoW'
That's nothing though. When I do a handstand it says 'MoM'
And when I do cartwheels it says 'WoW MoM WoW MoM WoW!
My mother couldn't be prouder of me~"

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