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Assassin Without Loyalty

In the year 2089, space travel became possible through small rocket ships that were able to carry 10-15 people at a time. By 2107, scientists had figured out how to colonize on the other planets in the galaxy, and corporations immediately began spending millions of dollars to claim certain planets. In 2146, scientists discovered how to make ships travel at hyperspeed. Soon, galaxies were discovered, planets overtaken, and Earth was all but abandoned. Large companies and corporations had completely taken over the planets discovered. Eventually, one-by-one, the companies started to attack one another, competing for economic control as well as control over the space trade. Then wars evolved between the planets. Competition turned to greed, and the lives of the colonists became endangered.

Eventually, the companies began taking the orphans and homeless on their planets. The orphans were trained, and turned into soldiers, mercenaries, and assassins. They became unemotional, killing machines. The colonists grew fearful, and on some planets, they began to rebel and fight back against the corporations. Most companies kept control, but a few in some spots of the galaxies, the corporations were kicked out and the colonists moved control of the planet to themselves.

The year 2174...
The dog outside the building was barking, and a little girl was finding it difficult to sleep. She moaned and rolled onto her back, staring up at the ceiling. The dog's barking grew faster and louder, and the girl was getting annoyed. She sighed and sat up, glancing around the room. There were seven other bunkbeds, which made fourteen other girls in the room, and then the fifteenth girl that slept on the bed beneath hers. Sixteen girls total, all in one room. The room was not small, but during the summer, it got extremely stuffy and humid.

The dog kept barking, and the little girl was tempted to sneak outside and figure out how to shut it up. But then, she heard something more disturbing. Quiet whispering, and heavy footsteps just outside the building. She slipped down to the ground, her light weight allowing her to float quietly across the floor towards the window. The little girl was wary, and she pressed herself against the wall, then used her index finger to carefully peel the curtain away just an inch. She saw columns of light in the dark, moving around outside the building. The girl then noticed the dark shadows behind the light, and she caught her breath. A soft thump sounded, and the dog went silent.

The little girl jerked her head around when the door to the room swung open. All of a sudden, screams started going up, and girls were being pulled from their beds. The little girl blinked and shrunk back against the wall, watching as one by one, her roommates were kidnapped and taken.
It's happening... And then, her world went dark.

The year 2189...
Roenn smirked as she watched the soldiers march along. They were not here to protect the colony. They were here for the Macist Corporation, hence the name of the planet they all presided on. And the marking on their right arms only confirmed that fact. Every soldier was owned by a company, and there was almost no hiding the permanent mark that named the status of a soldier. But, nothing could be done. The corporations did what they did, and there was no stopping them. The few planets who succeeded in doing so were now fighting their own wars, wars between the colonists themselves. Nothing was worse than a planet which was split.

The woman smirked and rolled her eyes. Well, too bad. That was their fault for fighting back in the first place. She walked back inside the tavern, and sighed in annoyance when she noticed that most of the customers were soldiers on break. Roenn pulled her hood over her face more, covering the details of her face in shadow. She moved to sit down in an empty corner booth, ignoring the looks and whistles of shallow men. After all, she was only here for one reason: to meet the man who would tell her about her next target.

She worked for whichever corporation would pay her the most. An assassin without loyalty. Some companies were hesitant to hiring her because of the marking on her arm; they believed that she belonged to Earth still, and that her loyalty to the Fordine Corporation would hinder her ability to kill the target. It took some time, but Roenn had succeeded, for the most part, in proving to every company that she had no owner. She worked for whomever she pleased, whomever was willing to pay her the most.

A man moved in her direction, and she pulled a knife from her belt. Roenn placed it calmly on the table, and her eyes stared at the man. If he was her contact, he would sit beside her. If he was not, he would either leave, or sit down on the opposite side of her.

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