Yo guys. This is a game that very good friends of mine have been working on for quite a few years and it was just released last night and available for purchase. This game was created with passion, ambition, and a heap of blood, sweat, and tears. Its essentially a blend of modern fighting mechanics and old school styled side scrolling beat-em-up action chock full of fourth wall shattering moments and taco crunching bunny girls. Do you seriously need any more background than that?

Well, in case you do, Here is the Serious*Impact Works developer page on Desura (More mediums to come). http://www.desura.com/company/seriousimpact-works

The “KICK THEIR ASS!” Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bF_tlBDvVM&feature=player_embedded

The game. smile http://www.desura.com/games/banzai-pecan-last-hope-for-the-young-century

If you could all do me the hugest of favors at give it a look at the very least, I’ll love you all. Yes, even you.

P.S: There is a demo on the site, though not directly. Look to BrothaKyo’s comment on the game page for a download link.