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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.There is such a thing as Exploding Head Syndrome. Whatever it is, I want it.
A very long dream...
Let's get to it. Last night, I had this dream where:

I was with my friend Sheyden (who is a girl) at this carnival place where they were setting up stalls of food, trinkets and what-not (sounds a lot like my previous dream, hey? What is it with me and setting up carnivals?). There was this Haunted House that had been set up for ages, and lots of people had gone through. Anyway, we went through with the rest of the group of friends, and I was getting very scared crying (I don't do well in these things...) The tour guy, however, was incredibly cute, I can still remember his coal black hair and twinkling blue eyes... although apparently I knew him, and had the same relationship with him as this guy I've had a crush on for most of my life (literally). So we were friends, and I was friends with his family, he with mine, and we had had lots of fun together. Anyway, as we were passing through a corridor, I saw this door that no one mentioned before, and was pretty well camouflaged within the white wall. The tour group (I failed to mention we were all touring the Haunted House) walked ahead while I slowly opened the door, kind of scared at what I would find. The gap grew about a finger's length, and I saw these yellowish 'shout' lines (think 'anime character yelling') coming through the door, accompanied by very loud yelling. The inside was a bright yellow, but I didn't get to see much of it because instantly, the door slammed in my face.
"Don't go in there," the guy (let's call him X, shall we?) said sternly.
So then the next day, I went into the Haunted House with my other group of friends, and we were lead around by X again. When we reached the corridor with the door, I pushed it open and stepping inside the room. I was rather frightened at this point (greatest fear of humans is the fear of the unknown). The room was a kind of 'futuristic cell', it was completely white and emitted a bright glow, it was one cube with a little cube attached in shape,and there was a bench beside the door. I walked to the corner, where the little cube began, and saw a strange man sitting on a bed. He looked in his mid 40s and was a bit shorter than me, and also balding. X walked in.
"That's my dad," he said. I think I nodded then.
I don't remember much of what happened next, but we did have a conversation and by the end of it, we were all close friends and working on getting X's dad out of there. (X's dad was a lot like the guy I have a crush on's dad. And by the end of my dream, I pretty much had the same friendship with X's dad as I do my crushes' dad.)
I do remember we did something to get out of there, but I'm not sure what... I think we either walked out casually, or X's dad pushed a panel in the side of the room and it teleported us out... I'm thinking the former.
Anyway, next thing I know, I'm walking around some WoW (it's a game, for those who don't know) style town; big buildings with blue tiled roofs, mosaic patterned floors, giant silver gates, fountains, etc. with X. I knew that our house with X's dad in it was this half underground- half over ground house just behind us. My friends were all gone though. Anyway, I remember being very happy with life then, just strolling around with X... heart
There was some stuff inbetween, but I can't remember and I hate it when people make stuff up about a story when they can't remember, and just to make their story more unrealistic or random. If you do that, stop it. I think I'm getting sidetracked here. But the next thing I remember is that:
Firstly, I was calmly cruzing along in a mine cart on a goldish mountain. There were some bushes around. As I was going around a steady bend, I saw some robbers and s=got a bit scared, so I tried to keep far away from them... then the scenario instantly changed to:
I was in a purple mining cart and was chasing some bandits or robbers or whatever. They had a bag of jewels (think cartoon bags of jewels, but real life) which belonged to X's dad, so I was chasing after them. X was there, and a couple of his friends, who were also riding in their own mine cart.
We were outdoors, going down a steep, bushy hill. I was so very close to getting that bag of jewels... so close. But then they crashed so I (somehow) stopped, got out of the cart, and was going to pick up the jewels when one of X' friends picked them up, jumped back into his cart, and rode away. I wasn't sure whether they were safe or not, but I didn't dwell upon it.
Because then I woke up emo

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