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"Red Triple X's Gaia Log Book: Private Investigations!"
Red Triple X Guild Contest #3
Contest #3


Summary: The guild members who donate the most items and gold, unto Kirana Nenet, the guild’s mule account wins.

Start Date: June 2012.
End Date: September 2013.

About The Contest: Guild members have to donate both items and gold, since they will be added up all together. All donations need to be sent directly to Kirana Nenet, through trade only, so everybody needs to have a trading pass. No exceptions.

The Guild Donation Giveaway Contest will run for sixteen long months, and only a total of sixteen people can win a prize, based on total amount of everything that they have donated. So for example, even if they donated three items, but all of those items total price average is higher than somebody who donated like forty items, that person still wins. Since this contest will be running for 16 months, you have between this year, 2012, and next year, 2013, to donate as much gold and items as you possibly can.

I am looking at what is the total price of all of your donated items, not how many items that you have donated. You can donate like 100 items, but if they cost like 20k in total, and there is somebody who donated only 2 items but they cost like 900k in total, that person who donated only 2 items, still beats you. So, please keep this in mind everybody. Also, I will not be telling anybody who/is/has donated what, and how much in total have they donated until close to when the contest is getting ready to end.

Head Captain: Will be judging The Guild Donation Giveaway Contest
Vice Captain: Will be giving out the rewards unto the guild members who wins
Everybody else: They will be competing/racing each other to try to win the contest. biggrin

Rules: No cheating, No asking where everybody is placed at on the chart, No trying to pay your way into the winners’ circle, No begging, No spamming, No trolling, and SEND IN ALL DONATIONS UNTO: Kirana Nenet. Also, because this contest is going to last from now until next year around this time, anything that is donated to the guild's mule account after the due date in September 2013, will not be counted as a donation unto the contest. Instead, it will be noted as a normal guild donation. All guild members, you have all been warned.

How to Play: This is a simple and easy forum game to play. So there shouldn’t be any problems with trying to get how to play it. All you have to do is donate gold and items unto Kirana Nenet every day. Items you can donate:Tickets, bugs, inks, flowers, papers, monthly collectibles (items or the letters), chance items, alchemy items, avatar clothing items, aquarium items, and of course, gaia gold. If you have items, that you wish to donate unto the guild, but is wondering if they are okay to donate unto the guild's mule account, then send me a pm with the full names of the items, so I can take a look at them, and see if they will be okay to donate.

The Goal: The guild is aiming to collect over a billion in gold and items, which can be use to do things like help guild members that are in need of help, buy better prizes for the contests, and the list goes on.

About Scoring: Whatever items that you choose to donate unto Kirana Nenet is completely up to you. However, just take note of this:

Your scores for this contest, relies on the things that you donate: Gold equals one point each, so one gold coin means one point. So, for example if you donated 50,000 gold (50k) one day, and 700,000 gold (700k) the day after, your total score for donating would tally up to be 750,000 points (750k points).

Tickets, bugs, inks, flowers, and papers all will give you 10 points each. So if you donated 2 tickets, 20 bugs, 200 inks 2,000 flowers, 20,000 papers, you will have a total score of 22,222 points.

Monthly collectibles and chance items will be scored based upon their rarity. So, if you were to donate a monthly collectible from 2003, 2005, and 2007, depending upon their rarity, and whatever their average marketplace sell prices are around the time of tallying up points, you could earn a possible total score of a hundred thousand or more points, and that is a lot of points. So you get the idea right?

In summary, your scoring points for this contest are based upon everything that you donate. So choose wisely when donating, okay?

Score Points will be recorded within Kirana Nenet, the guild's mule account's www.gaiaonline.com journal. Everyday, that you donate gold and/or items unto Kirana Nenet, the guild's mule account, the items that you have donated, will be typed in, for record keeping reasons.

About Places: There are sixteen winning spots in this contest: Eight top winners, and eight possible runner-ups. So even if you didn’t win, if you came close to winning, you will be crowned, and will receive some kind of reward for your hard trying efforts.

“The Guild Donation Giveaway Contest”, will be running, for 16 months. All participating guild members of Red Triple X have from June 2012, until next year in September 2013, to donate as much gold and items as they can get, into Kirana Nenet, the guild’s mule account.

Note: If you really want to make things go smoother for you when donating, try to use the gaia gift-giving system on items that have it as a option, by clicking on any gaia items that you are donating, look for the option that says “Gift” or something like that, click on that option, and when you get to the screen where you can send a gift to somebody, type in the part where you leave a note, what the item is that you are donating, and then type in the guild’s mule account’s name: Kirana Nenet and then send them to Kirana Nenet. That way you can get more items into Kirana Nenet, the guild’s mule account, faster. Of course, if you are donating gold unto Kirana Nenet, the guild’s mule account, then you will have to use the Gaia Gambino Bank Trading System, and create a trade with Kirana Nenet and title it, “Donation Giveaway Contest”.

Winners of this contest will be able to host their very own custom made contests for whatever reasons they have in 2014.

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