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Journal and Booty Grab!
The Story of jelly - for a contest

Jellykans is 1222 years old, which is fairly young for her kind. Her memory is quite good but it is not always clear where tact takes over...she is after all a different person than her user and is a somewhat nicer version of her user - or perhaps it is the user who is not as real as SHE thinks herself to be.

Jelly loves red and has more red in her hair than her user: she wears red or reddish brown and is also fond of orange and yellow, where her user can hardly wear yellow at all, though she loves it.

Jelly grew up near a quiet village at the edge of the woods. She dearly loved the stories of the hobbits, who did not have to shave or depillate T?HEIR feet. She always found their tales to be quite true to life, not being fond of inventive 'fairy tales' herself.

Jelly is very down-to-earth, a practical, joyful, deliberate sort of person. She is basically kind but often brusk. When she starts using too many polite phrases or cannot be silent, please duck. She claims to bite when driven to anger, although this has not yet been observed. Still, she is known for a very realistic approach to what she says and does, so even, or particularly, her friends tend to give her space at times when she might be angry.

Where she has been? Well, a great many environments in the natural world. Also, she shares the love of stories held by her user, but she is even less traveled in the physical world than her user. In travels of the mind, both are rich, although Jelly is far less interested in reading than her user. Jelly is a deliberate sort and likes to absorb an image slowly, both to register detail and to absorb the story of the avi and its user...

What kind of heartaches has she faced? Oh, a great many, although those are private sorrows she does not necessarily share with others. Her original home and family are gone, and she has not yet settled down with a mate, although...It had been rumored at times that something was in development. She is, after all, not that old for her kind.

Why does she look like she does today? Well, Jelly when we first knew her was very brown with a little green and gold, very like a butterfly in a glade, or a tree spirit, but she has developed some sense of style, showing the brightness of her eyes which are blue but were originally covered with contacts of a large dark brown iris. (Her eyes tolerate the sun better now.) Her hair is also far less drab, no longer dyed a dark brown, and she wears it up in a ponytail to keep it out of the way during battle. Her wardrobe has shifted from uber casual to slightly upscale and matching sportswear, with occasional forays into mild kawaii clutter. She has also begun regular use of I Am attire, transforming exactly in tandem with Gaia's Items: she is wise enough not to transform without such story props. Recently, she has shown a little edginess in both attire and personality, including showing up in her bare bones.

As far as randomness, there is very litte that is random about jelly. She hasn't the skill or the interest for it, unless it bubbles up without being planned. She does have an awesome affinity for authentic. She does have an impulsive side.You must forgive me, I am quite fond of her personally, and while I would not violate a confidence, there is much I could tell if I would, but that is not to say that I should...and so there I shall end.

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