I don't care if you don't like it, i wrote it so meh! Anyways, bolded parts are lyrics. I'm sorry if they're kinda OOC but i tried. -__-'

Rating: PG
Pairing: USxBelarus
Song: Summerboy - Lady Gaga

Yeah we're going nowhere fast

"Why did Nii-san insist i spend the summer here with him..." Natalia glared over her shoulder at Alfred in the single bedroom beachhouse, this was not working out. He'd sleep on the couch before he got near her. He caught her glare and frowned.
"Hey, you're the one who could've said no, you know! Jeezes..." he huffed crossing his arms.
"Rule number one, touch me and you're dead."
"Got it, got, man...Are all girls this difficult?"

Maybe this time, ill be yours you'll be mine

"Say, it's um...Pretty out on the beach, we can totally build sandcastles, maybe makeout...."
"Do you want to be castrated?"

c-c-c-crazy, get your ass in my bed
Baby you'll be, just my summer boyfriend
Summer boy

"Ok, that's it! Get in the bed!"
"Why? Are you going to make me? I don't want to sleep beside you."
"You're such a b*tch you know?!" Alfred exploded suddenly, he was only trying to be nice, they were alternating who slept on the couch and bed for two weeks now! Surely she was just as sore as he was.
"I know but i'm never going to lay anywhere near you." Natalia replied coldy, Alfred frowned.
"Well, will you at least watch this scary movie with me?" he begged as she sighed and nodded.
"Fine but if you cry i'm not holding your hand."
"Oh come on! Hero's do not cry..."
"We'll see about that."
"Wah!!! Can't we turn it off?! Please?!!" he bawled rather loudly as Natalia sighed, the movie was already at the end, just five more minutes.
"It's right at the end. Huh, they're not even dead. This movie is terrible." she said flicking it off and putting in another of the ten other movies Alfred had pleaded her into watching with him.
By the fourth one in Alfred was asleep leaning lightly on her shoulder snoring. Natalia glared but didn't shove him.
"It's not that bad...I guess..."

Lets get lost you can take me home
Somewhere nice we can be alone

"Haha! You actually want to explore the beach with me?! That's so awesome!"
"Well it gives us something to do since we're here right?"
"Eh? Well, yeah. Bet i can beat you to the other end!"
"We'll see."
"When did she come out of b*tch mode? She's warming up to me, YES!"

Bikini tops, coming o-o-off
Don't be sad when the sun goes down
You'll wake up and im not around
Ive got to go oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
We'll still have the summer after all

"Hey, isn't that stupid shirt and shorts too hot?" Alfred had to comment, the poor girl was already looking burnt up in the heat.
Natalia frowned a little staring at Alfred, he could've at least worn a shirt outside instead just his swimming trunks...
"I'm fine, i don't need to take off my shirt."
"Jeezes, you're sweating! Come on, it's not that bad! Besides, i'm sure you look fine!" he said grabbing at the shirt and tugging it while Natalia shoved him slightly.
"Let go of me! I said i'm fin-- ah!!" she yelped falling over, apparently the shirt wasn't all Alfred snagged loose..
"Eh? Why'd you wear a string bikini top, do you know how easily those come of--...." Alfred's mind went momentarily blank until a firm hand smacked his face snatching her bikini top back.
"Stupid boy..."
"Can't blame a guy for staring..."
"What an idiot..."

Sometimes, you might start a fight
But Im happy pretending we're alright
Sun glasses, cover up my blue eyes

"Come on, everyone's going to be outside! You look fine!"
"I do not! Nii-san wouldn't approve of this dress! It's too revealing, you should have picked me out something more modest!"
"He'll like it! It's just a strapless white and blue dress, i thought you'd like it!"
"...I do..."
"So what's the problem?! Come on..." Alfred sighed tugging her from the porch and onto the beach, at least everyone seemed to be having fun.
"Stupid, at least i can see my Nii-san.." Natalia pulled away from immediately running to Ivan who seemed a bit glad to see a slightly toned down version of her.
Alfred pouted, wait...Was he honestly jealous?

My martini glistens, yeah
While checking out other guys
Summer boy

"Nii-san, does it look good?"
"Da, it looks very nice. Alfred picked it out for you didn't he?"
"No, i bought it myself."
"Hmm, it doesn't look like something you'd pick out..."
"Nii-san! Don't say things like that! I'm going to marry you and only you!"
"Stupid Ivan! What's so great about him?!"
"Nothing really, you should know by now that Natalia's absolutely insane you git."
"I know..."
"....You like her don't you?"
"Oh, just go f*ck Francis or something Iggy! I don't need your advice!"
"Fine, but you should tell her you know..."
"......Hey! Natalia, i really like you!!!!"
"Hmm, looks like someone else has their eyes on you Natalia."
"...I don't like him."
"Da, you don't...."

Hey there summer boy
Lets go for a drive
Take me for a ride
Never gonna close our eyes

"Hey, did you mena that at the party...?" Natalia asked quietly, Alfred turned his head and smiled a bit.
"Duh! I mean it! Why, starting to fall for me?" he asked smirking. Natalia narrowed her eyes though they seemed...Softer, less harsh.
"...Is that one place you like to eat at so well open?"
"Eh? Mcdonald's is always open...Why? Wanna get a burger?"
"Alright! It's a date!"
"Hey! I never it was a date...."
"Well is it or is it not? We both like each other..."
"....Fine, i guess it's a date.."

Hey there summer boy
Im a busy girl
Don't got too much time
Hurry up before I change my mind

"Man, is summer really over?! We only started dating last week!" Alfred whined pathetically as Natalia snapped her last bag shut and turned to him, around her neck was Alfred's dogtags he always wore.
She sighed.
"Yes summer is over. I'll see you soon, ok?"
"How soon?"
"Soon." was the reply as she turned opening the door, Alfred clenched his fist. Damnit! She was going away so suddenly!
"WAIT!! Natalia!!"

Don't be sad when the sun goes down
You'll wake up and Im not around
You'll be my summer-summer boy

"What? Can't you just tell me on the phon--!!" Natalia began to speak as she turned around only to be caught off by a pouncing Alfred catching her offgaurd in a sudden, quick kiss. She blushed and shoved her him away.
"What was that about?!" she fumed silently as Alfrd grinned.
"Just didn't want you to leave without your first kiss, i'd be mad if Ivan got it before me." he said as Natalia blinked, how did he know she'd never been kissed? Her hard glared melted into a slight smile as she stepped onto the porch.

I've got my-
Yes I've got my-
I've got my summer-summer boy

"Hey Natalia!!"
"What now?"
"I love you!!"
"...I love you too Alfred, see you next summer."
"I knew you liked him."
"Quit saying that Nii-san..."
"Da, fine. But i guess the wedding is off?"
"No, it's still happening Nii-san. Don't you worry..."