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I Love Me
This is better than the bestEST video ever made heart

Visit my myspace and deviantart plz:


See you guys there!

So, you wanna know about me?

Erzsébet Báthory
I am 448 years old
I live in Csejthe, Hungary
I have an obsession with eternal youth
I'm sadistic and like to torture young girls
I like blood a lot

I'm a rawist
That means that:
I only eat raw veggies/fruits

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KoNfuZeD PiNk SHoEz
Neo Punk Sock
Pink Scarf
Pink Ribbon Skirt
Pink Snorkel & Mask
Pearl Hot Pants
October Birthstone Crown
Magenta Inflatable Water Wings
Long-Stem Pink Rose
Fancy Gloves
Flamingo Inner Tube
Fancy Pink Ribbon
Demonic Pendant
Elegant Antoinette Wig (Rose)
Blush Head Warmer
Basic Pink Flippers

Protoplasmic Dissolution
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Protoplasmic Dissolution
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    comment ur realy ghey · Community Member · Sun Mar 29, 2009 @ 03:37pm
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