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my random lists or whatever until i feel like either changing it or not posting lol LISTS! lol i &3 lists

cue the catchy piano
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i started because...
...my cousin made a list of why i'm awesome. and i really like the idea of a list of my good qualities. the amazing senorita managed to find THIRTY! shes like, superwoman! lol

heart u hannah!

Reasons Why Alix Is Pimp
1.) Is very funneh!
2.) All jewelry is drawn on with sharpie[xept for the necklace dylan gave me :*]
3.) Also likes dill pickle chips
4.) And bert mccracken (although not as much as the hannster)
5.) Very soft and can be used as a pillow and/or blanket if needed [is known as the 'soft cousin'
6.) Very entertaining for the children
7.) Can fit into a suitcase [not true, actually]
8.) Has jewels on glasses
9.) Good liar wink
10.) Also knows big words
11.) Not stupid
12.) Smarter then most teachers she has *cough*Ms.Johnson*cough*
13.) Also does not want a wart on her head (assuming)[i made a list for her too...i like lists lol]
14.) Hasn't killed anyone
15.) Likes Skelanimals
16.) Likes Hot Topic
17.) Has cool friends (she thinks...but i know the truth...ya'll are losers [JUST KIDDING I LOVE YOU GUYS!])
18.) Has pimpin' cousin whose name is a PALINDROME!
19.) Is fairly good at Guitar Hero
20.) Doesn't get mad when you make fun of her (jokingly)
21.) Likes hugs (but doesn't really get them that often)
22.) Is cuddly
23.) Is a good spooner wink (she is assuming)
24.) Super sexylicious (but hannah came up with that one...not really in agreement lol)
25.) Likes singing pigs [i have no idea either]
26.) Likes Bacon Band-aids
27.) Appreciates the finer things in life [i will post our list of finer things after this lol]
28.) Can braid strings of beads
29.) Decent taste in music/Insane amount of songs on itunes.
30.) Can wrestle in the dark [note: this does not mean what u think it means, you pervs *cough* charles *cough*

and now for the TRUE list lol-

Why Hannah Is Awesome
1.) she's silly
2.) she's a fine-a** b***h-ho
3.) she's funny (alix is coming up with these so hannah is NOT uber conceited)
4.) looks good in skinny jeans
5.) has a scorpian bracelet
6.) has been victim of a severe foot raping
7.) has an awesome-ly awesome cousin (alix however, IS concieted)
8.) has cool clothing
9.) isnt too lazy to go all the way to mankato to shop at hot topic
10.) lives in the hustling and bustling town of new ulm!
11.) has some pretty pimpin' friends
12.) is a sevie
13.) can pull off a lot of eyeliner
14.) likes dill pickle chips
15.) LOVES bert mccracken
16.) appreciates the finer things in life
17.) has a bf who wants to get her a saddle (she has no horse)
18.) has awesome posters in her room
19.) four words : good at guitar hero
20.) fast typer
21.) has a pretty pimpin butterfly bracelet
22.) has random pair of crutches
23.) has a random giant black circle in the middle of one wall in her room
24.) has a laptop
25.) knows big words
26.) has her room on a different floor then her mom's
27.) has an iHome
28.) good foot massager
29.) got the majority of the good genes in the family x]
30.) does not want to have a wart on her head

btw these are all posted from our silly slightly pervy duo blog lol


lol its superr...silly lol

well im off

pet peeves list later? maybe lol

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