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Birds chirped in an orchard. A sun rose up in the sky of an afternoon day. Illuminated horizon. The man; this man, our man, a pirate, the pirate, our pirate, thee Jack, this Jack, our Jack allowed his hand to travel swiftly down along to his back pocket to reveal a silver, worn-out Zippo lighter. Striking it with gusto across his left pant leg the sparks emitted in a dazzling quick display of chemistry; in blue, orange and yellow array the flame was lit and taken up in post haste manner to the cigarette dangling from his mouth. Inhaling the sinful habit’s product, then releasing out the same smoke in elegant fashion from his slender lips, Jack cracked a smile, that grin he grins, across his face.
“In accordance to the royal decree under-,” A nasally mid-European voice came out of a stout man with an unearned dignified look. To be honest he seemed like a willow had snapped a branch off in his a** and he had sore red cheeks from sucking to much c**k of the higher ranking officers to get such a cozy, simple job. The man in a tight stuck up uniform, the kind you see on any official now a days began to unroll a ancient scroll that seemed to have it’s share of charted time on this earth and traveled around a great deal. This paper had every account, offense, law broken, assault, rape and life taken racked up in one giant measurement of the crimes Jack had committed during his life span. Sad to see a life time of achievements all summed up on a mere four yards; 7 inch piece of tapestry, the pirate thought as he yawned producing a mild cute sound.
“Pardon me to interrupt your dumb formal a** but I could really give a s**t less about any royal decree. If you’re here to arrest me, I’ll go nothing but willingly.”

2 months before

Boots walked and crunched down upon the rubble and ruins of the first wolf cave that Jack himself had laid to dust. The steel toe heel screeched along a slate rock as the cocky posed pirate stood in a dissatisfied triumph over a grave marker. Next to that grave stood a smaller homage to his first son. Exhausted from mental strain, he sighed and allowed him self to sit cross legged (Indian style) upon Kiba’s earthbound coffin.
“….I’m sorry…I was never here for you. Perhaps if I had never been so caught up in the pursuit for an infamous life style you wouldn’t of ever took your own life, nor our son’s…If I was more mature…and ….” Sobs of tears began to build up in his eyes, both eyes. “Nothing I could say would ever measure up to what could be good enough for an accepted apology…..I failed you Kiba….the very, very, first person to accept me and not shun me before any other! You showed me the first sign of love…heh…even with our cold hearts…..remember that?”
The bottom rim of Jack’s eye patch began to become a darkened black color, soaked by his tears. A stream of salted water poured lightly down his cheeks. Then as the booze he himself guzzled down his throat so many times before or a deep hearty burst of a sudden rain storm, tears came down the pirate’s face. Sobbing and speaking in choked parts he said, “I…I-I-I…loved you Kiba! More then you’ll ever know and soon I feel that I will join y-you….” Finally Jack had began to continuously head-butt down onto the rock until he passed out and only to awake in long hours time with a sever concussion, in a dry pool of blood, and cracked stains of tears along his face. Don’t pity, not asking for pity. Hate him, love him, take Jack for how he is, who he is, “How I am…..who I am.” The pirate rolled over and slowly positioned himself down on all fours and kissed the grave site. A flask made an appearance in his hand from under his coat removed, containing the spirit gin, he poured some onto Kiba’s grave then drank the rest down. He then very affectionately kissed the marker of his late son. More tears broke-out.

3 weeks & 4 days previous

Kat threw her clothes together into a fair sized bag, her other belongings as well, in a heated manner. Jack drew into himself, slinked up against a wall as he let his back drag down along it to sink to the floor in depression.

“You are a p***k.
Sorry I got a ******** life! And my life or friends WAS NOT the reason I broke up with you, but does it even matter anymore? I wouldn't get back with you--you're too sad. You are always doing this to me and to everyone you know, even yourself. Just never talk to me again; I can't believe I ******** loved you. I've decided that for my sake as well as yours I will always be Kat Ketch.

Stop screwing with me and I'll stop screwing with you.

I'll never forget you, that's impossible. But I'm going to keep my mind off of you.”

And that was that. The woman Jack thought he had sealed his life to, walked out of his own and the hollow beat returned.
“Come what may I will always keep you in my heart. Ever since I spotted you first around in the cave. That shy hooded little girl in the corner of the bar, you always put a smile on my face as my entertainer, my friend and my lover.” Jack cried, he cried, “I cried.” His hand gripped along his bare chest, trying to claw at his very heart to massage and soothe the aching pain that thundered through out his body. Every pump that should produce instead in turn summoned a mighty bellow and empty cry, thump!
Hollow Beat!
Hollow Beat!
“…this ends another chapter in my life…take good care of our child then Kat…” Jack said this all, knowing she couldn’t hear him. He unscrewed the top to what seemed to be a prescription bottle and let the white cylinder pills spill into his palm. They were an assortment of hydrocodon, vicodin, liquid morphine and one rohypnol. With shaky hand and all, the man popped three of each at a time and drowned them down with a bottle of gin. The familiar sensation of burning alcohol coursed through his throat and warmed his spirits for just a bit, just long enough to feel it before the drugs took affect and he went numb, but not before he took the roofie and mumbled, “Known as the most popular date-rape drug….for it’s miraculous properties of making some one forget…please rid me of today.” Jack’s one visible eye shut and in a thud hit the floor.

2 months, 3 weeks & 4 days forward

“Excuse me sir but you’ve already been arrested this is merely the formality before we start the sentence.” The end of the cigarette’s scattered embers shined as Jack took another breath in. He had finally come to. Realizing he had nearly over dosed on the amount of pills from before laughing only lightly under his breath at how amazing his resilience to drugs were. Not even the rohypnol made him forget in full. The clink and a clank of the hand-cuffs around his wrists finally came into retrospect along with the ball and chain around his ankle. Jack began to eye around his surroundings with different forms of pools of unknown liquids around him. From his own throw-up to blood, to who knows what exactly but it was a foul stench to be precise in any manner. Another thing became to reveal itself in this moment of clarity, he was naked. Stripped entirely, there was no cigarette at any given time in his mouth, nor the Zippo, it was all apart of sick twisted dream he assumed. “Only my mind would turn on me like that.”

The man whistled over his left shoulder to summon two guards that hoisted the frail framed, yet lean muscled pirate to his feet. The a** hole Jack thought, as the officer snapped his fingers and a de-lousing and hosing process began a few seconds after. Bearable acid enveloped itself all over Jack’s body; well he thought it was acid. His body was still to numb to notice. New open wounds, scars, and bruises made themselves present when the pirate finally took a moment to look down and examine his body. He was relieved to see his c**k was still there though. “Phew…”

Present Moment: 1 month forward

Dim light creeped in through the crack of the giant wooden door-way that only behind it lay an entire blood thirsty crowd made up from surfs to regal blood. But most importantly were the few in that crowd that mattered, lets point them out.
A woman with piercing and mesmerizing blue eyes stood as far back as the horde could stretch and beside her a young boy with hair like Jack's who was holding the hand of a tough looking little girl. Kat was pregnant as well. Along side her stood a blazing red haired male, one of the only few men Jack had ever in a full cycle hated and respected in one go.
The doors swung open and in thorn pronged chains trudged the powerful looking pirate, who with out hesitation stood up with his back firm and smiled pretty for the crowd. Many looked on in some sort of terror at his eye. Jack’s eye was unique to say the least. It was still intact with eye lid, but the cornea, iris, those all cease to exist and in their place was an enlarged pupil that if you looked back you could see the nerves and muscles.
“…Tenma…I was always jealous of your a**….” Jack had spotted the two, no, three. Callista, who was a red haired vixen that was now Tenma’s wife last he remembered. Jack had met and knew her for only a low amount of time it felt but had a sense of respect to her. Some where down the line he had lost contact with all of these people. It always really bothered Jack even if he never showed it. They were the only people he ever considered his friends, even some so close as to call a brother. Their ignoring of him hurt him deeply and played a big part in this whole situation.

Clearly in bright white clothing concealed in a hood stood the prideful Izaac. What could Jack think but only to wish he could run over and sock him in the face at being denied to never finish the match he so rightfully deserved dating back from when he interfered with his destruction of the cave. A bit immature still but level headed enough to only get Jack to admit to the rational thoughts in his head, Izaac stood firm in his mind as a comrade forever.

Mixed spots made up of women would all stare down Jack with either sorrow in their eyes, pity or the highest form of scorn. These were surely made up of the many females through out his travels he had been sexually active with, from bar owners that he robbed from to the first he can re-call as his original Captain’s fiancé.
No regrets.
That is something that had been pounding out through the man’s head, that there are no regrets for anything he has done and wouldn’t have done things any other way. If he had, then he might have not come across such a spectacular group of people, the one’s he indeed calls FRIENDS. Akane was along the outskirts of the busy stage. She had a twisted smile of sorrow and comfort with one arm crossed over her cute little body. There was also Ryo, the vampress cook, Mizu the fox-maid, and Red the gunner of the belated Pieces of 8 crew amongst the crowd. The only few absent were Kori and Ichigo. What a nice reunion.

Thief by profession and dancer by body type, Senza Nome, the strong accented ex-member of the Pieces of 8 crew stood along a peaked out roof top that over looked the whole scene. Whispering out amongst herself, hoping in some magical way the pirate would catch her words, Senza spoke.

“Jack, of all the scoundrels I have known, you are the very finest of them all. And so you move on; today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow, and yesterday is yesterday, and no matter how much I wish this day had never come it is clear to me that such a day was truly unavoidable. It appears this story has ended, what will be…what will bring…what will come of the world without you? I don’t pretend to know. Oh how this day makes me very sad, how heavy my heart now is. I only hope that you may have found, in one way or another, a way to rest with an eased mind….perhaps we shall meet again, only the fates can tell…
Good-bye, old friend.”

“…good-bye yourself amante…”

Gallows. The sentence by which most pirates were put to death under, the simple contraption of a reienforced noose system. Isn’t it only suiting that Jack would go out with such a cliché manner.
Puzzlement struck his face. A wrenched up confusion and hatred painted across in an expression now as Jack looked upon with his working eye only to see the hugest slap in the face to ever be-fall any person in such a situation. If you were going to be scheduled to death you would at least expect it to be in a manner you agreed to or believed in. Instead what held firm in the ground at the end of the desert plane, was a cross.
A cross. Jack’s eye winced as a quote passed through his thoughts,
"The willow knows what the storm does not: that the power to endure harm outlives the power to inflict it."
Body rose, ropes tied, fastened, displayed. Jack was now on the cross, arms stretched out in scarecrow like fashion as eyes gazed upon him and snickers came from the audience.
His ribs showed that linked down to a v-cut toned stomach and the rest of his body was naked. And it started. Stab after stab after stab from spears into his body.

What is this?! Jack could easily of destroyed these men by now, ran off clear into the sun set and been on a ship enjoying his regular routine life. Why not then? Why didn’t he just do that, why didn’t he just ask out and cry loudly for his mates to rescue him. It’s because no matter what, that even if he could live, he is choosing not too, I’m choosing not too. Jack’s spirit had finally broke, his reason and will to live was 110% demolished. For the longest time the only thing Jack wanted above all other ideas and fantasies was to preserve his life in the form of having an offspring, preferably a son. But if he had a daughter she would have been his little princess and adored her so. The only child Jack had ever known to have was by Kiba. And at her own hands she had murdered their child and then committed suicide. That was the start of Jack breaking down. He then over time finally fell in love again with Kat. Of which eventually their relationship failed. That is when his soul might as of well been released from his body already. Tenma and Izaac then denounced their ties to Jack and started to ignore him, all those times in the past and moments of good all forgotten in a single action! What was it worth then? Jack had given them all his heart and soul, he took down his guard. He entrusted these people and he was shunned, but he deserved it all he supposed. No more reason to live. All the pain at this point of time was just background to Jack, for the real pain existed in his heart and he broke down in front of this entire crowd.

“Jack Ketch, you have been read the rights and been addressed of your crimes for which this punishment takes place. May you burn in hell for the atrocities you’ve committed. As always you will be allowed to have your final words before being put down like the dog you are.”
An eerie silence swept over the scene as a heavy sigh came from Jack. The cough of blood and an out reached attempt to spit at anyone who would be hit.
Jack could begin to give the most long winded speech but that would most entirely be a waste of time on the ears of these imbeciles.

“We will not save your soul, along with his, and the vessel shall be dismissed. Flint, Jack, we will be making your destinations vacant and ready. Flint to Hell. Jack, banished to neither Heaven nor Hell, but cursed to rid in an eternity of nothingness. The Over Lords of the Nether Realm have spoken.”

His spikes pricked up a big as the wind blew against them. His eyes went out over the crowd to specifically look into the counter eyes of Dante Tenma. At that time he lowered his head and let his lips utter “Infinitely sorry, brother.” Tenma stayed quiet. The pirate’s head came up to stare over to Izaac and smile with a grimace display as he spoke, “Stay yourself.” With reply came,
“And you to Captain.”
Sharp glance over to Senza, “Ciao.” He nodded to Callista and said, “Thank you Cali.”
Finally he dead locked a gaze at Kat, the same feeling of when he first laid eye on her came over him. “I love you, I’m in love with you. That will never die.”
Jack Ketch, the pirate had been loosing large amounts of blood this entire time and was near reaching death, but before then he arched up his back, whisked over his bangs, flung up his spikes proudly, spit a grin and spoke loud and clear to the entire radius of people,
A syringe was lunged into Jack’s right hand sided chest, into his heart.
Capital punishment at its finest, with a lethal dosage of the drug cocktail. Jack would most likely die with in five to ten minutes, a slow, some what painful death by poisons and the loss of blood. His eyes weakened and that distilled, hollow look took place. And there was no more life in him it seemed. The body of a pirate hung against the cross as a monument for all else to view for crimes against humanity.
What happened after that is unknown to Jack, whether or not anyone wept or laughed.

Jack Ketch, deceased, age 27. A nice age to die at.
Birds chirped in an orchard. A sun set down in the sky of an oncoming night. Illuminated horizon. All like a surreal & demented dream.

Jack of all Traits
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    Remove me from your story.

    comment Machiavellian Princess · Community Member · Sun Aug 24, 2008 @ 05:32pm
    Doku - deceased.

    comment Kudrios · Community Member · Sun Aug 24, 2008 @ 07:30pm
    Im not removing or deleting a thing, sorry. You can all still be a** holes to me for no reason, I've let go of my grudges and qualms. Please all grow up and let the past be the past, by-gones be by-gones, honestly.

    comment Jack of all Traits · Community Member · Mon Aug 25, 2008 @ 03:58am
    Nice, long, dramatic, and took me forever to read.
    I didn't expect anything less from you.

    comment Akane Hariguchi · Community Member · Mon Sep 08, 2008 @ 01:07am
    Come back, to me.

    comment Izaac Doedekjin · Community Member · Fri May 29, 2009 @ 01:09am
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