It’s soo freakin annoying. And freakin loud. It winds like way too much here like average day is like 20 to 30 mph winds. It hasn’t rained in like freakin forever so the wind is nothing but blowing dust like everywhere. Yesterday the dust was too bad it made the freaking power go out at my place I work at cuz it got to like 60 mph wind. I think there’s never a day with no wind.

It’s probably cuz it’s the desert but If the dust storm is bad here in the city then imagine the wind at white sands where there’s like nothing but white sand dunes where ppl pay to play in it and like go sledding on a dune. Probably bad.

Might as well call us the Windy City cuz our winds are high. One of my customers joked and said “put a small dog like a chihuahua on a leash and go outside and you’ll have a dog kite. It’s freakin bad. I blame climate change. Hasn’t precipitated since like December. If Republicans keep it up and say global warming is a myth then where I live, it’ll feel like living on Jupiter soon cuz the winds will get to like 40 to 60 mph, and like if it doesn’t rain still then we may start getting natural disaster dust storms like the dust bowl from the 30s. So no where is safe from natural disasters. Scared they are gonna delay going camping In the mountains due to high fire danger cuz our humidity is like 5 or less percent. So they may not open up the forest for camping until the monsoons start in late June early July which is where we mostly get our rain for the year. But still in the mountains where there’s like a forest (Lincoln national forest), they aren’t getting rain at all either. It’s bad, lots of forest fires happening in this state.

Stupid wind. And stupid definetly can tell this is a desert , cuz dunes and stuff start showing after outskirts, mainly tiny ones but white sands has big dunes but not like the Sahara desert in such, but still nothing but sand. You see bushes and trees at white sands but on their floor it’s sand, not grass or dirt. Think our area of New Mexico is only desert in us with dunes, think California has some in the Mohave desert but our dunes are better cuz they are unique and white. Also we’re very hilly, not flat like Arizona. Our elevation is like 4000 feet above sea level or higher, so we are very hilly. Alamogordo where I live is 4500 feet elevation so we’re considered a high desert, and a cold desert cuz it get really cold in winter. Albuquerque is 5300 feet and cloudcroft is 8600 feet.