The Bug
Normally, while in the Marketplace searching for items, GaiaUpgrade will add one of two colors to items to indicate something specific about them - blue means you own it already, purple means you've wishlisted it (I'm not worried about the mix of the two that means you both own it and have wishlisted it, though I'm sure that's also been affected).

Currently, I can see the "owned" blue just fine on the item search page, but more often than not, the "wishlisted" purple isn't showing up, so I'm clicking on a lot of items to see if I want to add them to my wishlist, only to discover they're already on it when the item detail page loads.

For about the past month, there's been a wishlist bug (completely unrelated to GaiaUpgrade) that made removing items from your wishlist next to impossible. Gaia finally got around to fixing it, and Lanzer sent out a Staff Update about it yesterday where he mentions that they added pagination to user wishlists to help with sorting.

I've checked some random items on my first wishlist page on the Marketplace using the item search function - they're showing up purple just fine. But when I choose random items on any of my other wishlist pages, I'm not getting the purple.

I think the current GaiaUpgrade settings here are designed to only compare Marketplace search results with to add the purple designation, which doesn't account for the new wishlist pagination URLs (such as ).

The wishlist is also not letting me sort ALL my items based on price - it will only sort the items on that page. So if I add a 1p item to my wishlist, then sort by price, it won't end up at the top of my wishlist - it will only end up at the top of its page, and only if I go specifically to that page and use the sort function. I suspect this is another issue tied to the new pagination feature (that I'm not sure anyone wanted...... but Gaia gave us anyways).

I could be wrong, but based on the way stuff is acting and the new change to wishlists, that's my guess. Any chance we could get the way GaiaUpgrade functions with the wishlist page updated to accommodate the new pagination feature?

Operating System
Windows 10

Internet/Web Browser
Firefox 58.0.1