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The fantasy world known as Eoana, where each human is born with a unique power. What will your story be? 

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Roleplay, Literate, Semi-Literate 

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Catus Bermejo - First Year

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Marshmallow Pouf

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:13 pm
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(But kind of more like this)
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𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓐𝓶 𝓘?

tab tab tab → Name: Catus Bermejo
tab tab tab tab ↳ Nickname: Buster, Bongy, Coconut, Teddy. He's not picky.
tab tab tab → Age: 19
tab tab tab → Gender: Male
tab tab tab → Sexuality: Bisexual
tab tab tab → Kingdom: Tendrel
tab tab tab → Knit: Shifter
tab tab tab tab ↳ Raiment: Gargantua Gorilla
tab tab tab tab tab This Raiment allows the user to shift into a gorilla. The personality traits that this gives the user is that they are generally very peaceful, but if significantly threatened or someone close to them is threatened, very territorial and defensive. As a Gorilla their traits are similar. But they are also very strong and durable are the primary traits of their Raiment. As a human these traits are manifest in their body and behavior. They are larger set, like a power lifter, but not necessarily cut or way in shape. Very tall, but stockily built despite their height. That is the nature of the Raiment.

In full gorilla form, their height is at about 6'8 when standing straight up. Though he is shorter as is the nature with the gorilla, he is heavily built forward and so he generally stands at an angle. Even then, however, he is at a solid 6'3.. A tad shorter than his normal height of 6'4. He does, however, gain a massive amount of weight on his frame as a gorilla. Weighing around 1000 pounds. At the cost of speed, it is a raiment that focuses solely on strength and endurance. As a gorilla, he has different levels of attention towards people. Usually, it is peaceful indifference, as one might expect. However, to him, people who he becomes very close with, while most may call them best friends, to him they are his pack. He will vehemently protect his pack, as they are where his animal instincts are strongest.
tab tab tab → Physical Stats:
tab tab tab tab Strength:4
tab tab tab tab Endurance:3
tab tab tab tab Agility:2
tab tab tab tab Intelligence:2
tab tab tab tab Charisma:2
tab tab tab tab Technique:2
tab tab tab → Raiment Stats: Class - A
tab tab tab tab Power: 9 (6+3)
tab tab tab tab Control: 4
tab tab tab tab Speed:3
tab tab tab tab Range:3
tab tab tab tab Technique: 5
tab tab tab → Position: Student

tab tab tab → Body Physique: He is very muscular, but around his stomach he's also got softness. Because of his raiment, for his age he is very tall and very thickly built, Unless he gets frequent haircuts and shaves regularly, he grows very thick beards and lots of hair, too.
tab tab tab → Strengths: (these can be physical or emotional)
tab tab tab tab He is very strong, with or without his raiment, and very tough.
tab tab tab tab However, he is inherently a gentle giant. Peaceful, and though unafraid of fighting, never seeks them out.
tab tab tab tab He is very protective of those that he views as weaker than himself, or those who are having a hard time.
tab tab tab → Weaknesses: (these can be physical or emotional)
tab tab tab tab When he gets angry, he gets furious, that is when his gorilla instincts are strongest. And he will smash.
tab tab tab tab While there are very few things that make him feel threatened, or threaten him, if he feels as if something is threatening someone that he is protecting that is a quick way to test his patience.
tab tab tab tab He is somewhat vulnerable to jealousy, part of his raiment as a gorilla making him very protective of things.

tab tab tab → Unique Features: He has a scar on his upper arm that goes up his chest a ways.

tab tab tab → Personality:Summed up in a gif (Except he'd probably be smiling) Catus is the epitome of a gentle giant, as said earlier. He is very tall, and very thickly built. However, he is very patient and polite. He could be described as kind, but he doesn't necessarily go out of his way to be. He also has a good memory, and despite his patience, if something hurt him or someone close to him, it will take a long time for him to forget it. He has a soft spot for children, and interacts with them quite well. He is peace balanced with harshness when needed. He has backbone to him. But is not cruel. Optimistic and always willing to lend a helping hand and look on the bright side of life.

To those he considers his pack, he is entirely different too. This will show more once someone gets there.
tab tab tab → Likes:
tab tab tab tab Children
tab tab tab tab Good food
tab tab tab tab Those who are friendly, and helpful
tab tab tab tab Those who look past his size. Although he is peaceful, he is not extremely happy or kind, but he likes people who can look past that, too.
tab tab tab tab Those who become close enough to him to be a part of his pack.
tab tab tab → Hates/Fears:
tab tab tab tab Those who threaten others weaker than them
tab tab tab tab Especially people who might threaten his pack.
tab tab tab tab Although he fears little, if someone is equal to his strength and size, he will either become very good friends with them, or dislike them

Catus was raised in a town in Tendrel. He did have a mostly peaceful upbringing. And mostly unremarkable. He had a strong affinity to his Raiment, even if he had no idea about it though. As a child, he seldom cried. He was a quiet infant. Always more content to relax, sit and play with his toys than make a fuss. However, his parents were very kind, and he modeled his world around them. There was only one sign of abnormality in his childhood, and that was his temper. When he got angry, he almost got swept up in a flow where it almost impossible to calm him down until he had tired himself out. There awes also the things that tricked his temper... IF someone tried to make him share his toys was the biggest one. But as he grew older, that too faded and he became an infallible wall of sorts. He was always rather stockily built, but tall for his age. He didn't have many friends, but many people liked him. And that was how he grew up...

Until he hit puberty. And that is when his Raiment truly began to take form. Although he did not shift for two years afterwards, his height began to shoot up as a teenager. Not just that, but he quickly gained muscle across his body, but around his stomach there was always a certain cushion. It was because of this abnormal body that he began to stand apart from his peers. And during that age children are unkind. He began to be bullied by many. Though he didn't really care. Their taunts never really bothered him much. However, those who stayed his close friends throughout this began becoming bullied by extension through people bullying him. This made his temper, which had remained hidden for a long while, flare once more. Only this time, the rage was worse. For his Raiment had awakened, and this rage spurred his first transformation to the Gorilla. During his rage, it took him over, and although he was aware of what was happening, he felt little inclination to try to even stop it underneath the torrent. Fortunately, during this event, nobody died. However, he did break two arms, and it frightened the villagers of him to much to really give him a chance to mingle again. He did redeem himself with time, using his large form to help with construction and moving things that would otherwise take a team of men to do, and helping where he may. However, he was all to aware of the beast at that point, his connection to the Gorilla very strong. As a result, his body always had elements of it. His from and growth spurt being the primary reason. He knew, however, that this was unsustainable. He had to learn how to better control his Raiment. And so one day, he decided to leave his small village behind, enrolling in the Academy of Eoana to hope that he could find some way to do so.
Marshmallow Pouf rolled 5 6-sided dice: 5, 4, 3, 3, 6 Total: 21 (5-30)
PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:43 pm


Marshmallow Pouf

Kawaii Streaker

8,275 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
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Marshmallow Pouf

Kawaii Streaker

8,275 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Comrades in Arms 150
PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:13 pm
Lets see if we can do this! ^^

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