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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:43 pm
Hato smiles down at Kurasu. "Yeah, I had a cute new outfit and a few other nice things. I had even gotten you a nice bowie knife. But, those dumb hollows ruined everything and I can't figure out where your knife went." She pouts a little bit and then drums lightly on his scalp. "I want to kick some hollow butts! They ruin everything!" As Elnino starts popping off reishi arrows and taking out many hollows, she grins. "Get 'em! Get 'em!" She leaps up into the air and transforms into a bird so that she can scout out different targets. As an eagle, she spies some hollows ganging up on some poor hapless souls. "This way, El! I see some of the bastards over here!" She flies up out of range of the arrows and then dive bombs a hollow as it flies past her. She lands on its back in the shape of an orca, causing it to slam to the ground below. At the last second, she transforms into a leopard and leaps clear of the hollow. It disintegrates into dust. Before she can land on anything else, she lands on another passing hollow, and claws it to death. As sweet as she can be in a social setting, she is not going to tolerate a hollow.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:33 pm
"You got me a bowie knife and lost it to some hollow?" Kurasu asks glaring at a hollow that was just out of reach. Then smiles to himself when one of El's reishi arrows takes out the hollow. "Well Hato you wanna kick hollow you will have to get down." He says bluntly then lunges at another hollow that he sees slashing and hacking with his twin blades. The hollow does not even know what hits it. Kurasu moves on to his next hollow as Hato encourages Elnino as she shoots hollow after hollow. Kurasu grins when Hato jumps off his shoulders and starts going after the hollows as well. After awhile he spots a hollow that looks like a cracker. "What the ********? Girls come look at this!" He hollers at Hato and Elnino as he stares dumbfounded at the hollow. While he waited he drew his crossbow deciding to play with it for awhile just to take a break from his swords.

Elnino grins as she continues to shoot hollow after hollow. She also practices scatter shot and double shot while she is at it. As she feels that it would be good to practice the skills as often as possible. Did using these two skills in actual combat actually count as practice. She wondered for a minute or two before dismissing and focusing on the battle. She takes out many hollows this way. Most of the hollows never knew what hit them as she was a good shot. Though a few managed to dodge a few of her arrows. Only to run into Kurasu and his twin blade swords or Hato the shape shifting mod soul. El smiled as they continued fighting even though she was not actually a fan of violence. But she disliked hollows more and found that she was almost enjoying herself. Maybe it was the Quincy blood flowing thru her veins that caused her to dislike them so. Or the fact that the one real friend she thought she had before her two companions came along had been turned into one and then tried to get her, El was not sure and did not care all of that was in the past now. And would not distract her from the task at hand or the fact that she did not like hollows. She snickers at Hato for losing the bowie knife she had bought for Kurasu, and then at Kurasu for teasing Hato for losing it in the first place. Though when Hato flies into the sky she stops using scatter shot and double shot since she does not want to hurt Hato by mistake. She continues to fire her arrows as they move down the road heading for she assumed towards the spire. At least that was the place they planned to go to eventually. To hopefully figure out just what was going on. She moved on a little farther from the others to get a better shot at one hollow when she sees another hollow that she can not quite hit. It would be nice if she could change the direction of her arrows after firing them but far as she knew that was impossible. El was about to move even further away from Kurasu and Hato when Kurasu calls out to her and Hato. El hurries back to Kurasu as she had not realized how far she had gotten from him and Hato. Once she reaches him she notices a hollow that looked like a cracker. She had never seen a hollow that looked like food before or any other kind of monster or beast. They at least usually looked like some kind of living creature or maybe even a plant. "What on Earth!" She says staring at the thing as it seemed to be trying to get out of Her friends range but Kurasu was not letting it escape. He would kill it when Hato got to see it. Well it was possible that Hato would eat it the thing instead was small enough.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:32 pm
Ryan continued on his way into town and towards the tower as he walks he sees several weak hollows roaming around. Each one that he comes across he shoots once they are in his range. He sees a couple of spider hollows that seemed to be fighting over a young ghost. He uses double shot on them since they are so close together and not paying him any attention. They do not stand a chance against his attack. Another group of hollows that look like wolves are wiped out by another scatter shot. Though truthfully it takes a couple of shots to wipe them all out. Ryan thought that he would have to abandon his bow and use his sword on the wolves. But his second scatter shot had gotten all the ones that the first one had missed. His next kill was a medium sized dragon looking creature. Using flying screen step he cut the hollows head off at the neck and continued on his way. Not even noticing that this particular hollow did not vanish like the rest. Around the next corner he ran into a pair of hollows that looked like gremlins. Ryan dispatched them quickly then turned to face a two headed dragon that came at him from behind. Once again he lunges and while dodging one head cuts off the other then whirls around to lop off the one he had originally dodged. He then moves along wondering what he would find next. Once again not realizing that the dragon like hollow was not actually dead. At one point he goes up on a roof and shoots several hollows that are up in the sky. In the distance he sees the reishi arrows of another Quincy and decides to head that way. Not sure if he really wanted to meet up with this other Quincy or not. He did not get far however before a four headed dragon like hollow attacked him. Ryan who still had his sword in hand once again proceeded to lop off its heads. Ryan was not aware that what he was fighting was a hydra. He would not even know what one was having never read any books or watched any movies based on mythologies. So once again he cut off the heads of the hydra before moving on to his next target. His next target turned out to be a huge bear that was destroying everything in its path. Ryan decides to aim for its eyes and nose. When that only seves to injure and anger the bear he draws his sword and goes in for a close range fight. Which would normally be a bad idea but he knew what he was doing and within minutes stabs the bear in the forehead and watches it die. Once it is dead Ryan realizes that this was not a hollow that he was fighting but an actual bear that was possessed by a ghost. He just shakes his head and moves on to find another target.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:07 pm
A short while later he walked by the library. He was certain that this was where he had seen the reishi arrows coming from earlier. But it was obvious that the other Quincy had moved on. This did not bother Ryan any as he was not actually interested in catching up with the other Quincy he was just curious about who they were. He was also unaware at the moment that an eight headed hydra was following him. It was slow going for the hydra as it stopped to attack and maybe eat others in its path. Ryan's next hollow was a weird looking eye with several hands attached to it. This hollow was in Ryan's opinion creepy and gross. He used double shot on it instead of using his sword. Killing this particular hollow was going to be difficult since it was mostly eye. It had dodged his first attacked and fired an attack of its own. Ryan had to use flying screen step to dodge the bala it shot at him and while still using flying screen step fired off a round of scatter shot. This new attack only served to injure the hollow. But since it seemed to work Ryan decided to keep up the attack. After about three or four rounds he finally finished off the hideous eye hollow. Though he forgot to deactivate flying screen step and crashed into a store front. The poor building "Ow!" Ryan said dazed and laying on the ground. "What a fool! I am not suppose to act like a damn rookie." He grumbled while laying still for the moment. After a few more minutes passed he gets up and looks around debating his next move. Laying a few feet away from him he saw a really nice bowie knife that some one -Hato though he had no way of knowing this- had lost earlier in the day. From the way it was laying it looked as if it had been thrown at something, probably a hollow since the place was infested with them. He was just about to move on when the eight headed hydra rounded the corner some way down the street. Ryan groaned softly then attacked it doing his best not to get bitten. As he charged it, it hissed and fired of several balas at him which he dodged as best as he could. He chopped off heads left and right as he fought this hollow, After nearly an hour Ryan notices something odd. One would think he would have noticed sooner but he had been to focused on the fight to realize that this damn hollow had even more heads now then it did when the fight first began. Feeling panicked Ryan once again uses flying scree step but this time he is using it to escape. Ryan stopped several yards away to study his adversary. He was unable to count the heads that it had now they were moving nonstop. Some of the heads even seemed to be fighting each other. "What on Earth?" He muttered staring at the beast "Use your arrows not your blade." A young man Ryan had not noticed said. The young man moved to stand next to Ryan. "I will add the element of fire to your arrows... or if you would prefer it to your blade it is the only way to kill a hydra." Ryan stared at the young magi for a moment. "Who are you? What are you? And what is a hydra?" He asks as he moves away from the hollow again. "Not important, not important and that thing cutting off one head causes two more to grow in its place. I am only helping you because you saved two of my friends I am not suppose to be getting involved but I am to return a favor." Ryan glanced at the young magi again then over at the hydra. After a seconds hesitation he puts the bowie knife away and draws his bow. He had many more questions for the magi but did not have time to ask them. Besides the magi did not seem willing share very much information with him. He then fired another scatter shot at the enemy. And was amazed to see the fire that seemed to be wrapped around his reishi arrows. Once the hollow was finally dead his arrows returned to normal and the young magi disappeared before Ryan could ask him anything else. After that Ryan decided to focus on fighting with his bow only. He was a little afraid to run into another hydra. He still did not understand what a hydra was but hoped to never run into another one. Some time later Ryan ran into another mythical like hollow. This one had the head and body of a lion, a snake for a tail and a goat head on its back. Ryan stared at the hollow and watched as the goat head breath fire in a shinigami, The snake head must have been venomous since the human it bit died within seconds. The main part the lion roared as it swiped at another being that Ryan could not quite make out. After a minute or two Ryan fires an arrow at the creature and then several more reishi arrows sine one did not seem to work. The Chimera roared at Ryan once before it was killed. It was amazing to Ryan how many different hollows he was coming across today. He was about to move on when a large form swooped down at him. Ryan used flying screen step to get out of its path. He then turned to see a hollow that was half lion and half eagle. He had to dodge a second attack before he could fire an arrow at it. But was set to fire when it came back for a third attack.



PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:25 pm
He fires a double shot at the griffin as it came in on its third attack. Followed by a close range scatter shot when the griffin was almost on top of him. Once the hollow was defeated he sat inside a ruined building for a short rest. After about an hours rest Ryan gets up and leaves the building to hunt down his next target. He does not go far before he runs into his next hollow. This one looked like a goat and was in the process of eating a Mercedes Benz. Ryan snickered as he waited for it to finish its meal. He remembered that his father and grandfather both had a Mercedes Benz. However once the goat finished eating the car and anything in it he shoots it with his reishi arrows and watches it die. Once more Ryan moves off to find another target. At one point he notices a few Quinces and humans who had teamed up to take out a stronger hollow. Ryan debates using scatter shot for a moment but he realizes that it would be better to remove as many hollows as possible instead of attacking the humans and Quinces. So he fires a reishi arrow or two at the hollow instead. Then slips away before anyone notices that he had helped them. It soon dawns on Ryan that he is not finding as many hollows as he did earlier. With a slight scowl he continues the hunt. When he is close to the tower he spots a young human girl shooting a gun at several hollows. He watches her for several minutes even when she allows herself to be distracted and almost get herself killed by a stronger hollow. But before the thing can harm her he kills it with a well aimed arrow. He then shakes his head at her when she looks his way. Ryan decides that the tower was not his destination since their were so many people there so he walks away to try and find more hollows. As he walks away he spots two mod souls and a gemisht heading towards the tower. He nods scowling at the trio as he continues to walk away from the tower. As he walks around looking for a hollow he wonders what he should do when this invasion was over. He had almost reached the outskirts of town when another hollow finds him. Ryan watches a coffee cup bounce across the street heading his was. He stands their momentarily dumbfounded as he watches it open and close its lid er mouth. Then when it angels its straw at him to fire its acid Ryan shoots it with and arrow. As he watches it disperse he wonders if their was something slipped into his lunch. He shakes his head and moves on. After a few moments he finds himself laughing at the image of the coffee cup hollow that was bouncing around in his head. With a smile now Ryan continues his hunt for hollows. He was a little disappointed by how few he was finding but was still enjoying the hunt after a few hours just when he is about to give up and leave he finds another hollow. This one was a disembodied foot. Ryan frowns as he watches it hop along its merry way. With a shake of his head as he wondered who came up with these things he fires an arrow at it to kill it. "I think I am going to throw away all my leftovers and buy new food when I leave here." He mutters as he continues walking. This time he did not get far before running into another hollow. This one looked like a rabbit with antlers or as some people called it a jackalope. Ryan looks at the strange rabbit for a moment then shoots an arrow at it. But the rabbit dodges the arrow and lunges at Ryan. Who in turn dodges it. His next shot takes out the bunny and he moves on. Hoping to find a normal hollow instead of all the odd ones that he has been finding today. Unfortunately Ryan does not run into anymore hollows so he leaves the area to go back and train more.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:49 pm
Hato shrugs lightly. "Eh, what can you do? I tried to get it back, but the moron split the other way." She kills a snake like hollow that rather foolishly crosses between them. She grabs it by the throat and rips its fugly little head off and then whips the living daylights out of another hollow before ramming the body down its throat and savagely slaughtering the monster. When she is done, she sweetly smiles at her brother and looks as cute as one can manage while covered in blood and dust from the fallen buildings. Hato looks over to where her brother is pointing. "What the hell is that thing supposed to be?" She charges after it as it screams, fleeing down the street away from her. "Don't eat me! Don't eat me! Do-!" Hato sinks her fangs into him and crunches away while in cave lion form. She licks her lips and purrs as it occurs to her that other mods souls are not the only thing she enjoys devouring. Only, unlike mod souls, hollows will unlikely come back out so safely. As she goes into full predator mode, she savagely attacks and devours many hollows. Large, small, ugly, beautiful, and a few rather nondescript hollows she continues onward toward the tower. As she chases a hollow up to it, she skids to a halt and stares at this monstrously massive tower of crystal and marvels at it. "Ooh, it is so shiny, Kurasu! Elnino! Come look at this spire! This must be the thing attracting the hollows and other things!" She starts trying to tear into it with claws, beaks, brute strength, and any object that she can get a hold of at the time. As a Gillian attempts to sneak up on her and devour her, she whirls around, grabs him and then starts to beat on the tower with the hapless beast. As she does so, its mask cracks and then shatters after the fiftieth impact or so. Good job breaking it, hero! The Gillian begins to transform into an Arrancar, but she continues to beat its face into the shining spire. "OUCH! OUCH! LET ME GO! OUCH!" The hollow thrashes and attempts to get away as she continues to chip away at the tower. No matter how much she attempts to break it, the more it resists her efforts. Finally, a crack appears on the surface, causing some of the crystal to flake off. A few more whacks and a chunk calves off, causing Hato to jump back and fling the hollow into the spire hunk to make it fall in the other direction. The poor hollow groans as it attempts to get up and flops backward uselessly. "Ughhhh ..." it moans. Hato spits some dust out and wipes it out of her eyes, then walks over to the newly made pile of shards. "This will do nicely." She has recognized the joukaishou shards for what they are and collects one for herself. As she stoops down to stuff it into her pocket, the newly minted Arrancar bolts right up and says, "Juuuuust kiddiiiiiing~!" and then attacks her.  

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:25 pm
Kurasu grins and lowers his bow as Hato attacks the cracker hollow. He could not remember any hollows in the past when he was known as Ran the looked like food. He then watches her bolt off towards the spire that was somewhere ahead of them. Kurasu continues to smile to himself as he slowly followed his sister. At one point he comes across a serpentine hollow. This hollow was about twenty foot long and three foot thick at its thickest spot. The Mod Soul smiles as he recognizes what this serpentine hollow most likely is. He signals Elnino to either hang back or continue without him. He was going to play with this one on his own. In the past he had fought a hydra like hollow. They made for good training if you knew what you were doing. Kurasu started to circle the hollow while still smiling. At the moment the creature had only one head so he was not a hundred percent positive that it was a hydra. Their was only one way that he knew to learn if it was what he hoped it was. The mod soul darts forward swinging his blade. His aim was to cut off its head but the hollow manages to dodge him on the first pass. Kurasu is unconcerned by the dodge as he is already making his second attack. This time he lops off the hollows head. He hangs back for a moment to wait and see what happens. He then sighs with disappointment as the titanoboa dispersed before his eyes. "Oh well." He says as he moves on in search of another target or his sister. While playing with the large snake he had lost track of Hato. Elnino was not with him either but from the sounds of arrows up ahead Kurasu knew that she was nearby. However Kurasu did not get far before another hollow attacked him. This one kind of looked like a slug that was standing up. Or more accurately Kurasu thought it looked like the slime monsters that were in many video games. He dodges the hollows attack easily since it is so slow. "So ugly are you a slime monster like in the game?" He asks it not expecting an answer. "Are you where the game makers got their idea from?" Unfortunately for Kurasu this hollow does not turn out to be what he was hoping it was. With a disappointed shake of his head he moves on. As he roams he spots others who are fighting hollows. He even sees some thugs who are taking advantage of the chaos to rob and steal from a few stores and even a bank. Kurasu shook his head and debated whether or not to stop them. But after a moment decides that he would just leave an anonymous tip with the police and go back to fighting hollows. Kurasu continues to walk towards the spire every now and then making a detour on the way to fight a hollow or two. A short while later he came across a pair of young magi who thought that they were invisible. Kurasu watched them as they watched some other person fight a hollow. He moved around the corner to see what had so interested the two and then found himself watching Ryan Fight a hydra. Before he could step forward however one of the two went to help the Quincy. Kurasu shrugged and walked away from them. He then enters a tall building to get a good look around to see if he can spot anything of interest. He smiles to himself when he sees Elnino taking out some hollows that had cornered a group of children. In the distance he thinks he sees some familiar faces. But decides that he will not go and greet them. They would not recognize him in his current gigai. Also he was a lot weaker now than he had been the last time he had seen them. In another direction Kurasu sees a flock of sparrows circling over another building. He can barely make out their cry of 'Chi chi chi.' After a second Kurasu realizes that these birds were a type of demon bird. He frowns slightly as he watches the night sparrows. Kurasu did not have a way to kill the hollows from a distance. It was not long however when Elnino joined him up on the roof of the building. He drew his crossbow and pointed at the birds. El drew her Quincy bow and proceeded to fire scatter shot after scatter shot and the sparrows while Kurasu fired at a much slower rate. It did not take the mod soul long to run out of bolts however so he could only put the bow away. And watch as his friend shot the remaining bird hollows. It was not much longer before the two went back down to hunt for more hollows. Kurasu turned one way and Elnino went another way. A short while later Kurasu found himself an army of frogs. Their seemed to be hundreds of them. Some were tiny only about an inch in length while others were huge about the size of a bull elephant. The ground shakes as the elephant sized frog hollows hops and its croaks sounds like thunder. Kurasu stands there dumbfounded for a moment then draws his sword as a murder of crows swoop in and start eating the frog hollows. Once more he stands their stunned. Then a faint memory surfaces. In this memory he would call the crows or sometimes ravens and have them do different things for him like gather information, deliver messages, or fight. A slow smile spreads across the mod souls face as the murder of crows fly away. Kurasu then looks back at the few frogs that were left before he attacks. The first frog goes down quickly to his blade. The next two manage to escape a few attacks before he finishes him of. But the last frog which was the biggest of the lot nearly eats him a few times and almost lands on him twice. But kurasu manages to dodge the frogs attacks just barely. The last time the frog hollow tries to get him with its sticky tongue Kurasu cuts the tongue off. Which only seems to anger the massive beast and causing it to spit out more frogs. But before any of the little frogs can do anything to him an unkindness of ravens swoop in to gobble them up and fly off. While the ravens gorged on the mini frogs Kurasu attacked the giant frog. While the frog tried to find him because he was to close. Kurasu started to stab it on its soft under belly. While doing this the murder of crows and unkindness of raven returned to attack the vasto lorde frog. When the frog was finally killed and the crows and ravens circled in the sky He leaned against a nearby pile of rubble to catch his breath and watch the birds as they flew around. He doubted that anyone he knew would believe him if he ever said anything about the hollows that he was running into during this invasion. After resting for a few minutes Kurasu gets up off of the pile of rubble and heads for the spire. However he did not get far when he accidentally kicked a large oval shaped rock that he had not seen in the debris. He watches nonplussed as the egg shape rock bounces up and skitters along the ground. Seconds later he hears an earth shattering, blood curdling roar pierce the sky like a arrow. Kurasu jumps a foot and looks around for the source of the roar. After a few seconds of not being able to find the source of the roar he hears it again. This time he hears it from above and looks up in time to see a rather large creature fly over head. Kurasu dives into an abandoned building just as the dragon spits fire down at him. "Oh s**t! Oh crap!" He mutters as he runs. This dragon did not seem to be a hollow but a rare survivor of a race of dragons that had lived in the area many years ago. The mod soul hid preparing to spit out his soul pill if needed in hopes that either Elnino or Hato would find it and put him in a new gigai. He soon saw the dragon land and check its egg before attacking his hiding place. Kurasu decided not to wait any longer and coughed up his soul pill. Seconds later the unkindness of raven and murder of crows descended on his location. The birds were ignored by the dragon as it continued its attack. One of the ravens the largest of the lot lands next to the soul candy and picks it up before flying out seconds before the dragon destroyed Kurasu's hiding place. "Well their goes that gigai do not swallow me." He thinks as the birds scatter but of course the bird swallows his pill. "Stupid bird!" He cries as the raven flies away. Some time later the bird lands by another gigai or a random corpse and coughs up his soul pill and drops it down the throat of the little girl. Kurasu sits up and stretches out to get comfortable in his knew body. It has been a long time since he had used a young female body. He looks in a nearby mirror and groans. Ran stared at her self for a moment and looked at the little girl that was looking back at her. "You stupid raven why the little kid." She yells at the raven as she runs back to the fight. She wondered if Elnino or Hato would recognize her in this form. They probably would not will Hato might. But at least the dragon was not interested in her anymore. After nearly an hour of running Ran arrives at the spire in time to see Hato grab a hollow a gillian actually and start to beat the spire with it. Ran grins widely as she watches her sister use the poor hollow to beat the spire with. Wait? what? poor hollow no such thing. Ran doubles over laughing when she sees the hollows mask break and it turns into an arrancar and is still used like a baseball bat and as a battering ram and is still unable to fight back. While bent over she notices a familiar object on the ground as snatches it up for closer inspection before pocketing it. It has been a long time since she has seen a joukaishou shard. With a smile she pockets it and straightens up in time to hear the hollow yell just kidding and see it attack her sister. "HATO watch out." Ran yells and lunges for the arrancar.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:06 pm
El giggles as Hato lunges at the hollow that looks like a cracker. Then once catching it proceeds to devour it. She had heard of hollows devouring souls but had never heard of anything that eats hollows. She finds this so funny that she doubles up laughing. After laughing for a few minutes she straightens herself out and follows the other two. It was not long before Hato darted off ahead of them. El and Kurasu continued walking as they followed Hato towards the spire. Soon they come across a snake like hollow and Kurasu motions El back. El could tell that her friend wanted this hollow for himself. At one point she makes a detour to help a human child get away from a spider hollow. It was only when the spider disappeared that she realized that she had stepped into a trap. But before the hollow can harm her she takes it out with double shot. El then moves on to rejoin Kurasu. Only to find that he had moved on without her. She guessed that he thought that she had continued on towards the spire without him. She decides not to worry about being separated from the other two. She continues to shoot hollows as she walked along the road. Not caring how big or small they were. Or how pretty or ugly they were. Every now and then Elnino would stop walking to watch as someone else fought with hollows. She would only watch them for a few minutes before moving on or joining the fight to help them with the hollows. Once again while roaming and shooting hollows El spots the two young magi and the Quincy that she had seen earlier. She watches them for a few minutes and it almost tempted to go and tell the Quincy what he was doing wrong. But then again as far as she knew Ryan was fighting the hydra this was intentionally Kurasu did sometimes. That was why he had signaled for her to hang back while he had played with the huge snake hollow. Down another street she saw a few telekinetics walking towards the spire with a pair of humans. She watched them for a moment then moved on again. Only to come across a group of hollows that had cornered some children. She quickly took out the hollows and then gave the kids some instructions for getting to safety. She watched them run off and then looked up to where she felt someone watching her. El smiles and goes into the building to join Kurasu on the roof where he had been watching her fight the hollows. Once on the roof she saw her friend tense he did not look happy. At that moment Kurasu looked over his shoulder at her then smiled and point out a flock of night sparrows that were circling a building where she had seen some people go hide. She draws her Quincy bow and proceeds to fire scatter shot after scatter shot until the hollows are wiped out. She also notices Kurasu run out of bolts for his crossbow. Their is unfortunately nothing she can do about him running out of bolts for the bow. After they finished off the night sparrows the two left the building to go back to hunting the invading hollows. At Kurasus signal she goes one way while he goes another. As she roamed she continued to shoot at any hollow that she passed. Taking out many as she did so. At one point she finds herself thinking of her father. What race was he? Who was he? And why did he leave her mother? Were the questions that seemed to circle in her head. El's mother had never told her about her dad. Though her mom did admit that the two mod souls had come from her dad. Which brought up another question for Elnino why did her father send them at all. And did not Hato and or Kurasu answer these questions before. El shakes her head and pushes the thoughts away now was not the time for them. She would meet her dad eventually. Eventually she noticed that she was not shooting as many hollows as she had been earlier. This was either because they were finally winning the battle or she was almost at the spire. It was possible that it was both. Either way the battle was almost over. After a few more minutes El turned the corner and saw a clear path to the spire. She smiles as she continues to walk closer to it. El could see Hato grab a hollow and start using it like a baseball bat on the spire. Her pink haired friend had lost it. El thinks as she continues to walk towards Hato and the spire. El glances up when she sees movement and sees a few hollows swooping down on the spire or Hato or maybe some of the other individuals that were present. El did not care as she pulled out her bow and without breaking her stride shoots all of the attacking hollows. El looks back i time to see Hato using the Gillian as a battering ram on the spire and smirks at her usually sweet friend. As she watches she sees the Gillians mask break and it turns into an arrancar. But this does not seem to phase Hato as she continues to use the arrancar to try and break the spire. El is a little startled when a chunk of the tower beaks off and Hato carelessly tosses the arrancar away. Curiously she watches as Hato ignores the hollow and pockets a chunk of the piece that broke off of the spire. While Hato is still bent over El notices the arrancar get back up yell just kidding and attack a distracted Hato. At the same moment she hears a young girl yell a warning at Hato. Without realizing it El who still had her bow in hand draws an arrow and aims at the hollow charging it before firing a double shot at the arrancar. The first arrow seems only to cause the arrancar to stumble and the second arrow seems to only serve to injure it. But El is already firing a second double arrow which removes the threat. She then releases her bow and hurries towards Hato to make sure that she was alright. On her way over to Hato she stumbles on a joukaishou shard. Which she picks up and assuming it must have some value mod souls and not seeing Kurasu present pockets it for her friend. She had not recognized Kurasu in the body of a little girl. And so was not aware that he had his own joukaishou shard. After pocketing the shard she walks over to Hato and hugs her. "What are these things Hato?" She asks the living mod soul who seemed to recognize the shards for what they are. She then looks around for Kurasu wondering where he was. The little girl who had yelled a warning at Hato had joined them with a sigh of relief. She stares down at the girl for a moment and frowns before she realizes who the girl is. After all she has seen Kurasu use various gigais in the past. "Kurasu?" She asks only to receive a nod from the girl. Her friend looked a little uncomfortable in the little girl gigai. El then hugged Ran who she still thought of as Kurasu before looking around again. It appeared that the invasion was over. Sensing someone watching her She looked up at one of the buildings nearby and saw the two magi she had seen several times looking at her and her two friends. When she points them out to Hato and Kurasu however the brothers have disappeared. El shrugs and turns back to her two friends wondering what they should do next. She was also still curious about the tower they were still standing by. After a moment she notices that Kurasu was scouting out for something. The mod soul was now roaming around looking at several bodies that were laying on the ground. Figuring that he was looking for a different gigai she starts to help him look for a new one. After several minutes of looking she finds a doberman laying under some rubble and calls out to Kurasu. Who walks over and checks out the dog. Kurasu thanks Elnino but does not switch over to it at the moment. Before Kurasu could use the dog either he or Hato would have to make some repairs on it first.

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Hato backs up and begins to guard herself so that she could prepare a counter attack. It is at this moment that Elnino's arrows fly into the Arrancar's flesh. Zing! Zing! Zing zing! PAFF! The hollow sizzles and whirls around to attack Elnino with what is left of it, only to be struck in the face and abdomen with another two shots. Hato smiles at Elnino and shakes her head. "That guy was an idiot." She looks down at the Joukaishou shard in her hand and grins broadly. "These are joukaishou shards, El! They are used to create things and to grow in power. In all honesty, normally they are way rarer. Let's go home and we can talk about it there. I am worn down to my cute little socks."

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Flaggar had received permission from his father to go to earth and observe the hollow invasion. Of course his father expected a report on the invasion once the invasion was over. Or so he had said. But Flaggar had his doubts about daddy actually wanting a report about the battle. Though he would when they got back, If he remembered to that is. Flaggar looked over at Fuller to see if anything had caught his attention. Then looking around some more he notices a few other magi that were there either to observe or join the fun. It annoyed him some to see that their were some magi who were attacking humans and animals that could not fight back. He then uses a combination of magic missile and element conversion. He attacks the others with Fire Magic Missiles and scowls as he watches them burn.  


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Fuller sits on top of a building, observing the chaos below as his brother fights the monsters and hollows invading Karakura Town. A mission to observe was what he was told they were supposed to do. Even the council's stance on the whole matter was painfully and irritatingly neutral as if they honestly had given up on giving a crap about the other realms. Once, long ago, when Magi were the psychopomps and advisors of this realm, they held sway. Their words meant more than the fairy tales that they had been reduced to with warped and twisted fractured tales that no longer resembled what was fact and history. No, save for a few faithfully kept stories, it was all now a bunch of woo and garbage. Fuller flips through the book he had picked up just prior to the invasion while on their observational visit. "Man, this book is full of s**t. What self-respecting Magi stands there and lets a dragon bite him in half without casting some decent alchemy?" he mutters between bites of an apple. The humans screaming below finally gets his attention. He looks this way and that and frowns. He has finally noticed that his brother has joined the fray. "Hey now, won't we be stepping on some Shinigami toes if we join in? They get really bitchy if we start doing their jobs for them. Or do you not remember the Quincy incidents?" he asks between bites. His brother seems rather occupied. Shrugging it off, he stands up and drops the book back into his bag. "Well, I was not really enjoying this particular set of tales. I mean, seriously, squishy wizards and tarts distributing magical swords from lakes, really." He leaps off of the building and draws his sword. A quick turn of the blade tip down and he drives it down into the skull of a rather large hollow. Just to ensure that this drives the lesson home to the hollows he uses Eilimint Comh'sho and Rune Gaiste under each of the monsters nearest to him. Fiery pits open up underneath them and consume them. The hollows vanish, starting with the one that he had landed on. He quickly draws a transmutation circle in the air, lighting it on fire, and casts several magic missiles at the monsters and hollows around them. "Brother, I hope you know what we are doing because I sure as hell don't know."  
PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:05 pm
:: - Lei Yang - ::
-:: Section Nine Mad-Scientist ::-

User Image Lei Yang, a Human of age twenty-nine, is a scientist of the Research and Development unit for Section Nine. This is his story of how he came to be the man he is today and the events that took place to bring him to this level of spiritual awareness. The evils of the world, and the vile powers that be, wanted to force Humanity to the next level of evolution. Then again, it seemed that way for all races and peoples. Why? The adult, Chinese immigrant, had no clue. Why would some force from another dimension seek to move the peoples of the world into a higher level of existence? If it were purely a motive of conquering and subjugation of the masses, then arming them with the tools to resist seemed counter-intuitive to whatever grand design the unknown forces had planned for them.

Lei came to Karakura, the city-town on the western edge of Tokyo, Japan, in his earlier years after having attained his doctorate in robotics to study at Tokyo University. Though after having gained a bit of credibility in the mundane scientific community, his skill with robotics had gotten the attention of Section Nine, and he was hired as a private contractor for the agency. Lei's task was to develop the use of robotics in the form of exoskeleton technology. The use was to empower the Japanese Defense Force in case of enemy invasion, or so he was told. He knew it was likely for something else, but he had the foresight not to question people who could likely have him silenced if he spoke about anything of the top-secret government level. There was no telling what any government agency would do to those who spoke about the secrets it held, and Lei was not the type to question it. He was more interested in collecting the handsome salary they had offered him for the work he was doing.

Over the years of working with Section Nine, he began to gather things were not what they seemed. Often overhearing words like "Reiatsu" and "Shinigami" lead him to believe they were code words for Black Ops missions, and it just made him giddy to know that his cybernetic enhancements might be utilized to help fight terrorists or even a secret invasion mission on Japanese soil. While he was born in Hong Kong, China, that made little effect on his patriotism to the country he had immigrated to, as he was a Japanese citizen at this point. Patriotism for Japan, his new home, was not a secret he kept, even if he was known as a bit of an eccentric case for those who knew him.

The winds of change were blowing, though, and soon Lei's world was going to be turned upside down. Powerful entities were stirring and soon the words he overheard would begin to find their true meaning. An explosion had went off in Karakura's residential district and he was well aware that this had caused a great stir in the agency he was working for as the entire facility of Section Nine Headquarters began to blare alarms and sirens. It was go time.
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Hell. That was one word to describe war. Fire, screaming, brimstone and blood on the air. The sounds of explosions. The smell of sulfur and the charred flesh of some poor sap who had been caught by some stray conflagaration. What if you were a relatively young creature, only just awakened form a long slumber? This was shell shock. Nothing could prepare Dolos for what was happening. Not even her doll. Veritas, the lifeless mannequin, stood quietly behind her as hollows tumbled over each other to get to the Jokaisho shard imbedded deep within the trembling skin of the earth. Power pulsed and energy sprayed form the cracks that glowed a deep, electrical hue. And at its base stood a man, a tall, powerful man. Two hundred pounds of muscle stringing a quicy bow and firing. Arrows of divine energy ripped through dark creatures like tey were made of the thinnest papy. Blasting pieces off of them and sending the debris flying for hundreds of yards as arrow after arrow blotted out the horizon in incandescent light, matched only in brilliance by the Jokaisho shard itself. And at the center of it all stood him. Defiant and strong, killing hundreds of hollows in the flicker of a wrist. Dolos crouched beneath the detritus of a destroyed and ruined building, shadowed by the awning above her. Her doll, Veritas, floated silently beside her. The doll was emotionless and never spoke. Dolos didn't care for it. That would have to change with time. Dolos couldn't take how it stared at her like she was a hunk of meat to be measured up and if she faltered for even a second, then it would pounce. You shouldn't be afraid of someone you spend the entirety of your life with, no they should be like family. Especially when you shared such a close bond with one and the other. Should one die, the other would cease to exist or go mad. Why should the bount be scared of the doll?! Dolos hated it. Dolos hated the doll. Dolos hated her. She hated what she was. All she wanted was a sister. "Shhh. It's okay Dolos, you aren't alone." She heard a voice in her mind speaking softly, in a falsetto quiet tone. Cold metallic hands grasped the bount by the cheeks gently and turned the pale face upwards to look into cold metallic eyes. Dolos hated the color of Veritas. A deep, bloody red hue. She looked like blood solidified into an automaton. And she always smelled of copper. The tangy taste was filling her nostrils and the palette of her mouth as she was brought closer to Veritas' breast. It was cold. But there was a growing warmth deep within her, and a steady thump. Thump thump. Thump thump. Dolos oculd swear it was a heart beat. Was it the proximity to so much energy that was giving some sort of queer life to her inanimate doll? Or was it the wish of her unintentional creator that was giving unnatural, and yet miraculous life to a being that shouldn't be able to even speak? Dolos gasped and scrabbled away, only for Veritas to land on the soles of her forming feet and slowly plod after her master. Dolos scrabbled out of their hovel, oblivious to the danger outside in an attempt to get away from her rogue doll. Nothing like this could ever end well after all. Dolls don't just get independance without killing their masters. That was unheard of. So Veritas was clearly out for blood, and Dolos was convinced that it was her blood that would be spilled on the dusty ruins of the building they were currently seeking shelter under. Who knows, maybe the doll was genuinely gaining sentience, a spark of life that had never been heard of before in a being that normally could not harbor even the simpliest emotions. All the while hell fire and brimstone and dark energy exploded all around the small, helpless form. Dolos dodged where she could, avoiding the worst of the conflict and unintentionally helping the fight as hollows tripped over her very very diminutive frame. She clawed and bit and ripped and tore at any creatures that dare touch her, like a frenzied beast fleeing from a voracious predator. She was an animal fighting in a corner of hell, backed to the walls of Tartarus' gate. The bloody rivers of the Styx flowed around her, covering her waist in crimson liquor the consistency of molasses and staining her arms and legs the coppery, rusty color of hell's maggot filled pits. The entire time Aizawa, the quincy elf half breed was destroying hollows all around Dolos; The quincy power house was completely unaware that he was keeping a infantile bount safe by blowing bloody mask chunks apart with every loosed bolt of pure reishi. His dark eyes would never see the tiny form cowering behind a hollow as a doll, now almost identical in appearance to her master, protected her sister from one hollow after another. Ripping into the beasts with crimson claws built specifically to maim and kill and rip flesh from glistening bone. She screamed, but the cry was lost to the din of howling hollows that filled the air, hungry for the power of the shard that was erected before them like a beacon calling moths to a burning flame. This was all madness. None of this could be happening. Nothing like this had ever happened before. This was the end of the world, end times, ragnarok and Dolos was here to witness everything coming to the ultimate crunch. The world would collapse on itself as Veritas dutefully and unusually protected her master. The dead would be rising from their graves next. But this was not Rapture day. This was not the end of the world. And Aizawa was putting a halt on whatever the hell this s**t was. She wouldn't come to know his name, her guardian angel, until much later in her life. There were others ofcourse, each fighting their own fights. A mod-soul here. And another man there. But none of them seemed to be so unintentionally looking out for Dolos more so than the quincy that was loosing arrow after arrow after arrow. Chunks of hollow mask rained down around her as they dissipated into nothingness. Such was the fate of any soul killed by a quncy's bow. They were no reincarnated or restored to life later. A quincy's arrow destroyed totally. There was nothing left to heal and certainly never to send to soul society. It was gone forever. Which was a fate worse than death. Nothing to remake. Nothing to help or hinder or live or love or hate. Just nothing. Dolos knew better than to try to fight anyone right now, save for the hollows that were threatening to trample her in their mad dash to get to the shard imbedded in the hill above her. She clawed and bit, ripping tendon from sinew as they ran by her. She was a creature possessed at this point, less than a person than her siter Veritas. Who only moments before had been nothing but a doll. Now Dolos, ironically, was the creature that was nothing more than a killing machine. But that was the only self preserverance technique she had. To fight like a rapid beast with tooth and nail. To rip and tear and grind everything around her into a visceral red paste until there was nothing lef to heal or help or love or live or hate. Just like a quincy. But she devoured the souls that were left, using them to strengthen her and sustain her. Like a vampire of old, she was growing stronger off of the ambient energy of shard, the destruction of the hollows around her that she and her benefactor killed, and the reishi that was dissipating in the air around her from all the spiritual attacks flying overhead. Like bullets filling the air until there was nothing to breath but the destruction of war and violence. There was no thought or mind behind these ceros and balas and arrows. They were there. Tehy would obliterate whatever they touched and they filled every inch of the space around them, always finding a target no matter what angle they were fired. There was something to hit no matter where an attack was aimed, and the blood that Dolos and Veritas was spreading was piling up around them as it jellied and thickened, covering them up to there knees and elbows in the putrid scent of dead hollows. Blood filled lungs, and nostrils and mouths. The coppery scent invaded every inch and orifice until it was all they had ever known and all they would ever know. It was a disease and a sickness. This blood-lust that consumed Dolos and Veritas in their entirety. Would they ever recover from this red haze, speckled by rusty dots of viscera and gore? Or would they be mindless killing machines only growing stronger as they fed on the violence around them until someone finally put them down. They would soon have their answer after this long and arduous battle, but they would not know it at the time. As their limbs screamed with fire and pain and white hot stabbing ache. Every breath was labored and filled with the tangy scent of death, butchery and the ordure of battle. No doubt this would be a battle that would be remembered for the rest of time. The names of the legends that stood here and killed the waves of creatures looking to take power that was not theirs would be spoken in hushed, revered tones around campfires as tales were retold of the brave men and women. A massive hollow bellowed, and its roar turned into a bloody gurgle as Aizawa swiftly ended its life. The fighting was not dying down though. Dolos was practically covered by all sorts of bodies. Each one a different shape and appearance than the last. Each one a unique and strange individual, which had been snuffed without a thought or care for what they were before they were ripped asunder and even before they had lost themselves to the ever claiming hunger of soul consuming hollow. Ironically they would only lose their individuality as they grew stronger and merged to become a menos grande. Eventually they would regain some somblence of a self as an Adjuchas, and they would become fully sentient as a vasto lorde. Luckily anything like that was not currently present, else the heroes making such a strong stand would likely see them selves crumble before the might of such a powerful entity. Or even the elusive arrancar would be disasterous. But none of them had been seen in many years, not since one captain of the seretei had tried to make an army of them and failed. Not since the last war where most of the most powerful entities in the realms simply vanished or went into hiding, or lost most of their power entirely. Some of the most frightening creatures and people simply gone without a care. Leaving a massive power vacuum. Dolos didn't think she'd ever fill any of those positions, but what if she gained enough power from such wanton slaughter and absorbing the energies of the shard in the air? What if it gave her just the right boost to put her over the edge? There weren't many powerful individual anymore, but the ones that were left still had a metric ton of power behind them. One such individual was Aizawa, single handedly destroying the most powerful hollow present with a single effortless attack as the rest of those present stood dumb-founded. No one had expected that. They would have to be much stronger. Their health much fuller to withstand power such as that. Dolos didn't think she could ever catch up to that she looked up at her new crush through rose-tinted eyes, literally and figuratively, and pulled back her blood speckled hair. Her cat-like orange eyes looked him up and down, admiring the new idol of her affection. Yes, she couldn't have him now. Not like she was. Weak and covered with the entrails of the enemies she had crushed before her in a wanton rage of pure bloody rage and fury. Surly not a very flattering look or first impression. Besides, he was a qunicy and she a bount. There was no way he would greet her with an amicable attitude. After all, his kind hated her kind A kind that preyed upon the denizons of the earth. But Dolos had found a taste in a new breed of creature. In something that was surely more accrid, but was much more filling. Hollows. They were melting pots of consumed souls, and Dolos could supp on them until she was full on entrails and viscera. Her mouth was coated in bloody gore, her sharp fangs coated with a slick red liquid from the throats she had torn from their heads. Dolos kept swiping left and right and left and right with her bloody claws. Her nails were coated with every little chunk of viscera and blood and gore that could collect beneath them. This was hell. This was hell. She kept telling herself over and over again. When would it stop? She didn't see it ending any time soon. THey just kept coming and coming, crawling over the bodies of the recently slain like stepping stones to their bloody end. Like a stair way to heaven they paved their own raod to their salvation or damnation. They couldn't buy this stair way, but they paid for it in pain and blood. Because Dolos gave no quarter to the creatures that threatened her and her newly born sister Veritas. Veritas was taking a less physical approach, prefering to exert a spiritual power and blast pieces off their attackers with the energy that dwelled within her instead of the physical power of her own body. It complimented how Dolos fought. One was intellectual in her design and the other a feral beast, switching positions to fight when it was advantageous to them and disadvantageous to their opponents. When one didn't work, the other stepped in to end a life that threatened the well being of their sister in blood and battle. They were soon covered in bodies, no where for their acosters to reach them. But they kept fighting, swiping through the gaps at the hollows that kept clambering over them to get at them or the shard or Aizawa. Blood dripped down around them like rain, coating them from head to toe until they were painted the color of crimson red. They would be reborn in blood and war and fire. Christened with the viscera of their enemies into more powerful creatures. Like a Hindu death goddess, Dolos and Veritas would be reborn after consuming the blood and heads and hearts of demons. Darker, more powerful, and yet serving the circle of life and rebirth. Dolos wouldn't be evil after this. She wouldn't be good. She would still see weakness as craven and deserving to be punished. She would be willing to let someone who could not defend themselves die. But she wouldn't be so quick to kill an innocent individual herself. Not after seeing Aizawa in action. Who was arguably a force for good. A defender of the weak and innocent. But they would destroy demons and dark creatures that threatened them, consuming their life force to become stronger to kill more powerful to kill more powerful creatures. It would be a cycle of destruction of death and rebirth. Dolos wished she had just stayed in her hole and hid like acoawrd. She wasn't strong enough fro this. She didn't have enough stamina to last this long. Her breathing was labored and tired and every breath was painful and full of fire. It hurt to move and breath and swing her arms. But she kept going. She would not show weakness. She would not stop until there was not a single enemy left for her to destroy or kill. But she would not last forever. Eventually she would collapse and be at the mercy of those around her. Of the hollows or the quincy, or whom ever was left after this tremendous, terrible battle. After the place would be filled with the blood and bodies and visceral bits of every fallen creature in this hellish hole. Until the rivers and towns and lakes ran red into the oceans of the world for years to come. Until souls banged on their fists in droves against the doors of each and every realm beyond this one until they had no room in heaven or hell, and the bodies began to ris again and this hellish landscape was transformed into a warzone all over again. When the four horsemen rose and there was one last grand battle that finally ended all wars with the penultimate destruction of everything at the end, at the eventual heat-death of the universe. When nothing would be left, not even a single atom. Dolos hoped she had to never see that. That she would be gone or so powerful that she could avoid that entirely. But she was a far shot from that now. Struggling just to stay alive in wave after wave of crazed hollow. Power crazed creatures following only instinct as they fought to consume or control something they barely understood themselves. She wouldn't have to worry about that now of course. Especially as her strength failed her and her mind went blank. Her visioned darkened as humanity's own enforcers came on to the scene and began to clean up the mess that was currently happening. Dolos was collapsing beneath a pile of bodies of her own doing. And Veritas was keeping her sister from being crushed beneath the weight of nearly a hundred hollow bdies. She was tired. She could feel her limbs going numb and her eyes becoming cloudy. She was going to pass out from the sheer exhuastion of fighting for several long hours; she collapsed. Blacked out. Out like a light..

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-Mist Form

Orichie enters The town ,stand proud going out for his mistress,His tall elegant stature,His shiny white hair was blowing ,to the right side of his face sense it was a very windy day out,Orichie was out running errands for his mistress,She was the most Elegant Nobel she stood proud doing work for the other lords and what nought,orichie didn't really care for them all to much all he wanted was to serve has a butler sense he lost his old one that he was very close with he blames himself for the mistake of leaving her alone without any other protection, Orichie walking down the bright streets of the town with people and vendors every wear with the aroma of food smelling like a mini food factory with all the different kinds of foods you could possibly eat ,scaling from octopus,fish different kinds of sushi and raman shops around the town,With all types of different personality's,Orichie him self was a earnest man he didn't like butting his nose into peoples business,Orichie kept to him self slowly walking down the side walk with,cracked pavement,with cars stuck in traffic from the people going to work and people going to the local market to get some different kinds of foods,with construction going on around him hearing the loud thumping of concert breaking from drills,orichie thought to him self maybe he should go give them some water even though it was windy it was still hot,summer day with trees blowing hearing the branches crackling and moving from the wind,with the grassy lands around him,and the chirping birds in the distant view,Orichie loved the sound of a prospering Town,he loved to see people chattering to one another being nice and sweet to each individual,this game him a sense of peace within him self,orichie could relaxed a little and not be so up tight and on guard for someone suspicious,Orichie has he was walking spotted what he needed for a curry dish for dinner tonight,Orchie bought different kind of spices,and rice,He bought some garlic and chilie peppers ,curry powder and and various things,Orichie then stooped and grabbed some water,after grabbing everything he needed in the market,he payed for everything thanking the young man,and telling him to have a great day,orichie walked out with five water bottles and walked up to the construction people and waved at them and,Asked them if they wanted water that gladly accepted and started to shake Orichie's hand thanking the man for being so generous,Orichie looked at them and smiled walked off with his groceries in his hand,slowly goign down the walk way as someone,running down the side walked bumped into him and they dropped there books and there cell phone he bend down and,help the young girl pick up her thanks,has she apologized to him ,Orichie simply smiled at her,she was a short high schooler you could tell from her uniform,black with white trimming,Orichie stood up and looked at her,orichie asked the young girl if she was late for school she nodded and orichie giggled remembering those days of being late to school,orichie looked at her and said have good day,and be safe not all people are nice like he was,Orichie stood up and went back to his mansion were his mistress was,he got there a little later around noon time a little past the time for starting to make dinner,He opened door and walked into the place ,and polished his shoes before he walked on the wooden floors,shiny from just being down by the maids,orichie walked to the kitchen and called for the maids ,He told them to get the tables for dinner ready ,then he started to get the pots and pans out from the cabinets and started to go cook, the curry and put the rice in a steamer,after the rice got done cooking he got the curry finished after 10-15 mins of cooking ,orichie prepared all the dishes for his mistress,and put them out on the table and has she came into the room he bowed and pulled her chair out for her and then,pour her some tea then sat down and started to eat the food,chattering with her here and there wondering if she was doing fine after all the things she had to,she nodded and that was all he escorted her to her room and then left,going to his room where he was tidy everything up before going to sleep and passing out with a book in his hand sense he liked to read on his spare time.


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