The GKC Quick Start Guide

Have you just won your first ever GKC dog, or perhaps are just starting to poke around? This is the guide for you! Firstly - welcome! We love having new folks around and we very much encourage you to post in our main thread and join our Discord!

You may have noticed by now, but the GKC is not just your typical breedables shop. It is also a game! There's no right or wrong way to play - but there are lots of ways you can. If you want to create a line of champions, you can do that! If you want a line of dual purpose dogs that excel at what their breed was created to do, you can do that! If you just want cute sig candy, you can do that, too! Some elements of the game are geared towards established players, but many are accessible right away. If you win a dog, you aren't obligated to do anything with it beyond post it up for certing!

Getting Started

If you'd like to join us, whether you've won your first dog or not, you'll need a kennel. You can apply for your kennel here. You do not need to have a dog to apply! If you aren't too sure what kennels are this thread can point you in the right direction.

Your First Dog

Once you've managed to snag your first dog, the first thing you'll want to do is to get it certed. Our certing thread is located here. Simply follow the rules, post your form and in no time you'll have a certed dog! (Haven't managed to snag a dog yet? You can get one from Dogs for the Dogless!)

After your dog has been certed, you'll see it appear in the first post of your kennel. You can click on your dogs cert to see its stats. Each GKC dog has a set of stats, located on their studbook page. This page also tracks their points and other accomplishments. Dogs must have their studbook page in order to enter shows.

Entering Shows

The GKC hosts a variety of different types of shows. Conformation is the core of the shop, and can be entered by anyone! Conformation is a great show type to start off in. Agility is another great show to start off with, and can also be entered by anyone! To check if there are any open shows, you can visit the Shows subforum. Current shows are stickied at the top of the forum.

Before you enter a show, make sure that you read the first post. Different shows have different entry requirements and limits. Once you've filled out your show entry form for the first time, we recommend that you save it! This form is essentially the same across all show types - the only thing that really changes are the classes. The only thing you need to do to enter a show is fill out the show entry form and post it!

Digging Deeper

If you're interested in learning more about different shows, or dog genetics the Guide Book subforum has guides on a wide variety of GKC topics!

If you're looking for guideance on a specific topic, or would just like to chat, our Discord is very active.

Happy GKCing!