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Dangerous Sex Symbol

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:06 pm
Please bear with me as this post is going to be a bit hard for me to write...
I'm proud to have been able to call Furious Styles my friend: not just here but being able to speak with him outside of roleplay. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to know him as a person and not just a digital character on a screen. He was strong, kind, and he took care of his friends. I always felt as if I mattered when talking to Furious, something I've struggled with for most of my life. He made this guild great and it won't be the same without him. I never got to meet him face to face like I always wanted and that breaks my heart a little...but hopefully he knew how loved and appreciated he was...  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:08 pm
I'm so sorry, I can't believe this has happened. He will be missed by all of us /:  


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:11 pm
This loss is tragic. He will indeed be missed.  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:50 pm
We weren't close but FuriousStyles inspired a lot of people here in this community including myself. Finding out the tragic news today was truly heart breaking. For all of the ones closer to Furious than I, I am truly sorry for your loss. I also want to say thank you Furious for all of your contributions in the DC community and may you rest in peace.  

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:14 pm
Several years ago when I joined the DC community, one of the first people to catch my attention was FuriousStyles. A hotshot original character who mingled with the big shots ex: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I had just come out of a heavily 100% OC community so it was really cool to see someone be so high up like that, there had to be a reason. From what I did see though, I couldn't help but respect.

We didn't talk much at all until I took the reigns as Batman and started to chat/plot more back literally a year and four days ago. A few months later and some whole outbreak of drama came around the corner, one thing led to another and I can truthfully and honestly say I wanted nothing to do with him. On a mature and respectful level I'm sure we could have set aside the petty differences of a role-play but I had always thought there would be enough time to reconcile eventually, see to it that we got back on a mutual standpoint.

Unfortunately that never happened and it will sit with me for a very long time. Compared to those who knew him best, it seems trivial to think a problem like that can compare but I never truly disliked nor even hated Furious. It seems unreal to be reflecting like this, like it shouldn't be real. I can only hope that he is resting easy and comfortably after what he's been through. He will be missed dearly.
PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:24 pm
Oh Goddesses... Furious.
A bit of background: I joined Gaia on 2005 and I was confused about the community. One thing I wasn't confused about was the need to RP and I tried many RPs as I could -many which failed due to the fact that most used OC characters and stories- until I found a group with whom I led a life of awesome RPs way until 2009 when most of us have started to go to College/ University.
It was sad to see that my RP group had to stop the story we were writing and at some point I lost interest in Gaia because the new RPs that were brewing didn't catch my eye.
That all changed when I met Furious on 2010.
I can't say he was in love with my character but he definitively liked the background and set-up of what made it be. I used Kiga - my current Gaia Avatar- with many of his stories and he helped me shape him on the kind of character he is now. Furious even approached me no less than 3 times to go around with stories and I really appreciate him doing so, made me feel special and that the essence of RPing in Gaia had not left completely.

I believe that in order to keep his memory, the best we can do now is to continue building the grandiose plots and stories or continue the ones we stopped due to IRL. I'm sure he would have loved to see that - after all, I remember him mentioning something about a 'new event' for the VS guild. While Kiga is indeed the Hero of the Stars, Furious has become a star himself.
Where ever you are, hope you continue kicking a**.

Thanks my friend.

-Da Mangaka.  

Da Mangaka

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:37 am
Insane really that a person can be here one day, and gone the next. More so that one could pass so young, I don't imagine he was much older then me, if not younger. What a tragic waste death is. I've seen Furious around, been in his guild in and out but the opportunity seemed to never present itself to meet him or the rest of his guild "family" perhaps I'm a bit of a recluse that way. Death doesn't touch just the victim, but all those who were ever in his life, my thoughts go out to Cass, Furious's real life family, and anyone else who was close enough to share a piece of themselves with him.  
PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:45 am
This hit hard. He was the first person I'd really met in the Gaia superhero community, and was an inspiration throughout my time with the roleplay communities. He was a damn good man. Took on a lot more grief than he ever needed, but he always took it in stride. Sad to see him go. But it was good to have known him.  

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Reverse FIash

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:40 pm
I'm so sorry about Furious. I know that for his family and friends, there are few people who really can understand that kind of loss. They are part of a club whose membership is far too expensive to pay. My condolences to all of you mourning him - he certainly was one of a kind.

I first thought met Furious around a year and a bit back. I was on my Harrison Wells account, and I was introduced to his guild by my friend LexCorp CEO. The first time I had spoken with him, I was rather nervous. I hadn't roleplayed Professor Zoom that much, and I didn't know if people liked him all that much - I didn't know what I was up for. Furious assured me privately that even if it starts off bad, you can always get better. I suppose it was rather fitting for him to do that as a Green Lantern lover, he certainly did inspire my will. It was wonderful how he had put all these people together, comic lovers alike and brought them to a place to RP - not very many guilds can stay up for that long, but this one passed the test of time with Furious' tenacity.

Of course, it wasn't the first time I had met him! I used to roleplay Saruman The White from Lord of the Rings. We didn't speak that much over Lord of the Rings, I wasn't sure if he liked it or not, but we did talk about our respect for Christopher Lee and his sad passing, and how he could have played Magneto. So Johnny? You will always be one of my mutant brothers. You'll be remembered only fondly. To you!  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:13 pm
User Image

How does one describe a man, or measure his worth? How does one describe a character? A myth? A legend? Specially one you’ve been around and worked with closely, and talked with extensively?

There are many different ways and many different words people would use to describe the man known as FuriousStyles. He is and was many different things to so many people. Green Lantern, Magical Deity, Boss, Boss Lantern, Inspirational Figure, Mentor, Community Leader. If I could pick only one or two words to describe Furious Styles, they would be brother and friend.

For me, Furious Styles was the North Star. I remember when I started being Cable on the Marvel side of roleplaying. At the time, he was playing Apocalypse my character’s arch nemesis. And we talked at length about Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur, and how interesting of a villain Apocalypse was; the fact so much Egyptian mythology, art, and architecture became associated with the character. And how his voice was so iconic in the 90’s X-Men Animated TV Show. And how that show never got old watching and stood the test of time.

I don’t call of the name of the roleplaying guild any longer, but there was this X-Men guild that this red head from Australia was running it, and he on his Apocalypse account was a crew member. And we were just talking one day, and I proposed this idea for a storyline and he enjoyed it. And I just kept writing more ideas and potential storylines for the X-Men and other characters. Eventually, that guild fell apart, and he finally told me that he was in fact Furious Styles, and I had already knew before then he was an influential figure in the comic book community and that he oversaw a digital roleplaying empire.

Then me and him and few other guys got together and tried to build a massive Marvel guild. I remember shortly afterwards I went through a breakup with a girl I had this off and on relationship with that finally ended for good, and that was the real reason that I originally came to gaia for. I seriously thought about leaving, and after talking to him about it he convince me to stay due to my work and ideas that I had put into his Marvel guild despite the short comings off it. Shortly afterwards, he informed me he was revamping his DC Guild, and he needed a Superman and proposed the role to me. I promptly told him that I was going to hold out until Marvel got back on its feet and stick around and be Cable. And that I also thought the role of Clark Kent/Superman felt a little too boy scout like to me to fill those shoes. Well, several weeks or months had past (I can’t remember which), and told me to download DC Universe Online he had this storyline he need help writing and flushing and that he had another role open, the role of Lex Luthor.

So I downloaded the game and probably like 20 minutes in I was hooked and thought the story was great, and best I figured between the storyline and being a villain like Luthor I could be as creative as I want. From there, I joined in, I was welcomed immediately by the likes of Phantoms-Heart, Drake Rayner, and Donna Troy to which I’m still friends with and talk to today, and forged friendships with so many others since then through out the comic book roleplaying community. From about mid to late 2012-2015 me and Furious were responsible for many of the storylines and creative for the guild.

I had so much fun being Lex Luthor and being in the sun, being in the spotlight as the top villain of the guild. I never had imagined being Luthor in the first place, and I felt like I did so much with him. But none of that would be possible if it weren’t for Furious opening that door for me. I owe my roleplaying career to him, and never did I imagine the places I would go if it weren’t for him. For that I’m incredibly grateful.

But what I’m grateful most of all, is that I got to know Johnny, the man behind the character and the friendship I had with him. Aside from making storylines, guild business, or what was going on the comic books being published; we talked about so much either through private messages or text messaging about Star Trek, Star Wars, Mystery Science Theater 3000, or critique the latest comic book movie then sometimes to more complex things like art, design, politics, current events, mythology, philosophy, literature, ancient history, relationships and break ups, metaphysics, morality, and religion. And out of some of our discussions, we’d crank out a few storylines on what we talked about to have a moral or political point similar when the original Civil War story arc came out in the did in 2006. I don’t know if we succeeded, but we tried and tried to shoot for the stars in regards to it.

But the one thing Johnny loved and talked about passionately was music. We had plenty of discussions about how rap evolved, namely centered around NWA, Grandmaster Flash, and Ice Cube. I remember having a long conversation with him regarding how NWA’s music style and when the Straight Outta Compton movie was a form of art and protest, and how disappointing it was for people not to take the music as this destructive, foul mouthed form of music. And how the music had a message. And also about his own music, and how he tried breaking in to the business and he was going to shoot over some of his music someday to me.

The last time I talked to him, he was so happy and proud that he just got his Night Club Production business up, and we talked about a favorite character of ours from Star Wars, Grand Admiral Thrawn was coming back into the new canon. A few days or perhaps it was further than that, I thought about talking to him and critiquing the Suicide Squad movie and if he had seen the Netflix series The Get Down, because it was so geared towards his type of music, the night club life, and the fact Grandmaster Flash was a character in the series. But time, his health, and God beat me in trying to have the conversation.

I’ve been the mutant freedom fighter mercenary messiah as Cable, the sadistic anarchist and heir to En Sabah Nur as Stryfe, I’ve been the apex of power, intellect, and tyranny as Doctor Doom, and I’ve been the epitome of the best and worst of humanity as Lex Luthor. None of that compares to the friendship and brotherhood I shared with Johnny.

For me, Johnny was the North Star. If you were lost, he’d help you find where you needed to go. If you were having problems in your life, or needed advice, he’s go out of his way to help you the best way he could. Even if they were just words of wisdom, they always struck a cord and they helped me at least. I only have two regrets regarding Johnny. We never got to have that knock out drag out face off one on one as Cable and Apocalypse, and that we never got to see each other in person. The only way I could compare my friendship with him, is that of James T. Kirk to Spock, or ‘Bones’ Leonard McCoy. Or even Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. When I think of him, now that he’s gone I can only think of one quote to sum it all up. Which is appropriate since we both liked Star Trek, specially since he liked the original series and movies so much :

“I have been, and always shall be, your friend.”—Spock

To Johnny, head off to that second star to the right. Straight on until morning. Go out there and start hopping galaxies. We’ll sit down and talk about those journeys some day.

I think its only fitting that I end with music since Johnny loved it so much, I dedicate the ending credits theme from the Avengers to you, my friend and brother.

To those that are in mourning, over the loss, I’d think Johnny would have us celebrate his life and our adventures with him. I will quote J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and leave a little song from Beatles/Sir Paul McCartney. “In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.”


If Johnny/Furious were here, I can only speculate what he would say to us. But I think it would be this: “Live long, and prosper.”—Spock

Godbless and rest in Heaven, Johnny.  

LexCorp CEO
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Savior Danny Phantom

Dangerous Seeker

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:52 pm
I can't believe it. I mean, it's just something I can't really wrap my head around. Its even worse trying to because he was such a great guy. He was always kind to everyone even those who didn't treat him the same, always full of such wonderful ideas for RP's, enthusiastic, strong willed, and just amazing. He inspired me to get involved with the DC RP back when I was cosplaying Superman. I was always honored to be on his behalf and his guild. I just wish I participated more. Guess I was always busy or had my hands full. I considered Furious as my friend and still do. He will always be in my heart. In all of our hearts, and he will surely be missed. May he rest in peace, live care free, and continue to put smiles on other's faces even in the after life.  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:46 pm
I had been in a not-so-nice superhero group before coming here and had seen some of the worst rping on this site had to offer:bullies who acted like the right to play as their ocs was exclusive. They were hurtful.

Then one day, I see this guild listed on the front page and I joined. Not once was I ever hated or looked at as an outsider. All of you guys and Fury became my friends and actually really helped me enjoy the story like I was a part of something. I was actually having a lot of fun. Being accepted meant a lot to me, because I was so used to mistreatment and rejection.

Fury would actually listen when I was worried about things. I appreciated that. It's a shame to see him gone so soon. His ideas were so much fun. He had a way of getting everyone involved and I liked that about him. He will indeed be missed. The lanterns have lost a great man...  


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:07 pm

User Image


How does one even begin to explain, let alone express what they are feeling when they're being told they've lost someone they've known for a very long time? Getting the call while driving, wasn't something that was expected. A lot of those unanswered questions began to emerge to the surface. Why? Why him? Why now? He had been waiting for over a decade, if not longer to get help. And when his name popped up on the list of available kidneys he became hesitant for a while. Hemming and hawing on whether or not to accept the organs or pass them up to another patient waiting on the receiving donor list.

I can recall a phone conversation we had within recent time, near the beginning of the year when Johnny passed up an opportunity to receive a set of kidneys. His reason for not accepting them? The donor was a druggie and had some problems. The risks in taking on a donor's kidneys that had been used for drugs, was not a great percentage rate for taking it on. If there were other underlying medical issues with that donor, Johnny would eventually have to deal with that. And that was something Johnny wasn't particularly ready to handle. He had enough going on in his life, medically speaking that he did not need to add, additional problems. So he passed up his first opportunity. I could hear in his voice, lots of regret going on and second guesses.

I did my best to change the subject at the time and let him focus on something more positive. As in his new business that he was trying to get up and running. His DJing, whatever was going on with the guild at the time. His thoughts reflecting on Gaia at that time weren't doing so good. So much drama had been taking place with some kid coined as "Crazy Chris" a.k.a. Blue Beetle, and many more roles to top that off. More s**t to hit the fan, that was causing a stir within the guild. Unwanted stress and drama he didn't particularly want to deal with. He always talked about the good old days, when role playing wasn't all that serious. People could come and go as they pleased. When all Johnny wanted was for people to have fun, meet whether it was in towns or in Hollywood and talk for hours. Which people did. Because of that, I do believe that's where a small knit group of gaians became really close. Possibly closer than others. We all had some unique connection with Johnny.

When I first met FuriousStyles, I met him in a guild run by The Phoenix jean grey. A Marvel guild which eventually traded hands and became known as: The Marvel and DC Crossover Roleplaying Guild. Back in 2008, there was a lot of activity going on. Activity and energy that needed to share the wealth, elsewhere. Not everyone was on board with the idea of just upping and leaving one guild to join another. Eventually members parted their ways and went either completely off line with their every day livelihood or they sought out guild action in different community realities. That was about the time I had my run in with FuriousStyles. He expressed to me that there was far more activity going on in the DC community verses the Marvel communities. That at that time would be a good time to shift gears and invest into a community that had a broader spectrum. No pun intended.

I was so used to being in a Marvel guild and with constant unknown changes going on due to lack of leadership in certain guilds to no activity. I took a risk and jumped at the first opportunity to sign on with a DC guild. That place being: Heroes Of Justice VS. Villains Of Doom. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. Change was definitely welcomed and I am so glad that I jumped when I did. I met so many more people, with the different roles that I've played over the years. A lot of the people I met in this guild, I keep in touch with outside of Gaia. I've even met a handful of people I've role played with in person too. Would have liked to had the chance to meet up with Johnny, Jack and many others at the New York Comic Con, but work has on more than one occasion kept me grounded. Since I couldn't fly off to either the comic convention or Ohio for that matter, I had on many occasions talked with Johnny over the phone. The way he and I talked, you'd think we'd known one another for years. We could talk about anything and everything for hours at times. Or sometimes, topics and or ideas that Johnny wanted to discuss for the guilds he ran. At one point he asked if I could help him come up with ideas on how to change the rules, make things more accommodating to the members so that not everyone would fuss over simple things. I did what I could, with what time I had back then. I helped out where ever I could.

I do miss the random phone calls I received. Johnny would either text me first or call then text me. I think that door went both ways, when I come to think about it. Johnny was a good conversationalist. He always took the time out of his day to listen to whatever was on your mind. He helped out whenever he could, offered his advice without asking for anything in return. People like him are rare in this day and age. Rare, indeed.

It's hard talking about Johnny, I still cannot believe that he is gone. I just spoke with him not too long ago. He even shared that comic convention animated picture with me. This is who Johnny was! FuriousStyles in the flesh! Ready to kick a** and take names! Beaming proudly in his Green Lantern costume that he was constantly making changes to. Showing the world, no, showing life that he had it in him to knock down whatever was thrown his way. To fight with all his might!

That one phone call....just, left me numb. It feels very surreal. To be asked, what was he like and what all I recall about him? It hurts. It hurts knowing that there was no time to say goodbye. That Johnny won't be around to crack a joke, or say something off the wall-ish to change the mood if someone was feeling down. Or pull his Captain Kirk routine to make the girls swoon. That sort of thing was his stick. It's been really difficult this week, hearing something random let alone seeing something comic book wise, that made me think about Johnny. Made me smile and made me cry. It's hard, you know? It's hard to move on and accept the fact he's not coming back. When someone tells you that it's time to move on and get over it. <******** you! It doesn't work that way. Life doesn't work that way. Just because I didn't get the opportunity to meet him in person doesn't mean that I don't care about him. Johnny was a great friend! I'm proud to call him a friend! I'm just sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye. For the person who told me to move on. NO! Will it be hard to move on? Without a doubt. It will take time. I will remember Johnny as the man who stood by his friends, was there when he was needed the most. He was my friend, a man whom I miss dearly and will for a long time.

I will say, I am glad that he is no longer suffering or in pain. I hope he was greeted by the family members he lost over the years and know that he didn't make the journey alone. May he rest, peacefully for all eternity and know that he will be missed.  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:10 am
I can't say I knew him for a while, but one thing is for sure. He did create a backbone to the comic roleplaying community, whether oc involvement or canon. I didn't know him personally either, but the legacy he left behind is that which is admired by most and I can say I am part of that percent. I don't even think I had a chance to meet or even talk to him, but he looked the part of captain, towering over other guilds as though his influence had enacted others into creating a far extensive roleplaying community.
It might be his legacy, or what have you, that encourages us in one way or another to keep roleplaying. Given his extensive reaches of uniting people in this guild which stood as the main community that he built years ago; I can say proudly that even if I didn't meet him to a degree of calling him friend, he was a well suited acquaintance.
May he rest in peace.  

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:20 am
I remember the first time I met FuriousStyles. He was such a powerful individual, and upon my first time meeting him I could tell he was a power player- someone who just had a great influence on people, and a good one. He was enthusiastic, strong.. and very, very cool. I remember immediately taking an interest in Green Lanterns after our first RP together due to how ridiculously cool some of the moves he pulled off were- and this helped me get further into DC in general (as I was a marvel kid.)
I first encountered him in RP when I was pretty young..If I remember right some time in 2008. Roleplaying a young, excitable hero named Nitro, trying to break into the roleplaying community. Even with my inexperience, ridiculousness, and persistence to become a bigger hero; he put up with me- later on accepting me into the Teen Titans. He always showed such kindness to me, and really helped me feel like I was a part of something and thats something I will never forget. FuriousStyles was always very supportive and kind, and really was one of the greatest leaders I have ever seen.
My memories of this community, intense roleplays such as the showdown with Brainiac, Apocalypse, and Slade , and the bonds I formed with other Gaians here never could have came to be without Furious...Now at 18, I feel hollow hearing the news. I honest to God would think of him often, and would occasionally peek around the site to see how the community was doing. Just last week I almost hit him up, and talked of things..
It was not fun to find out all of this. sad He was a great man with a great attitude to match. I've learned a lot from him, and he's given me a lot of opportunities no one else gave me. My life has genuinely changed for the better thanks to him.
I wish I had the chance to tell him all this, I wish I could have gotten to know him better, outside of his character. Rest in peace Johnny. May your light shine on.  
Heroes Of Justice VS. Villains Of Doom

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