AtC: Ask the Crew!

Do you have any questions you would like to ask our Gaia Tools staff? Post them here!

Questions can be about anything:
Future plans for the site, what our favorite colors are, how we came to work on this project, etc.

- - - - - The Crew - - - - -

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WindPowa (Vice Captain)
The original founder of Gaia Tools. No longer active on Gaia, but he owns the Gaia Tools site.

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Knight Yoshi (Captain)
Old Gaia Tools member who is now the leading developer of the site.

Other Vice Captains / Crew / etc.
We have some old staff members in the guild who are not on this list.
This is because they are no longer active on Gaia or no longer work on Gaia Tools.
However, it is thanks to them that our site has survived and evolved through the years!