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A random-based guild in which you may literally spam, chat, and do whatever you want. (Just follow the TOS and have fun!!!) 

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A new proposed show may be coming out in 2019

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Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:15 am
Theres this new show I am proposing to come out in 2019. It's called "THE WORLD!!!!!!!!". It's really weird.

The main character is of course a girl and she has really bad vision. She entered the game and was born in all, but as a girl with really bad vision, like legally blind. When the story takes place she has like really really strong heavy thick glasses in stuff and has worn thick glasses since she was like 2. The story takes place when she is like 16. She knows the world is corrupt and is going to find out if she really is in a game or not. Scary plot.

First female protagonist with glasses. NO SHE DOES NOT SEE WEIRDLY!!!!!! SHE DOESN"T!!!!!!!!! Unless you count seeing things in her periopherals as commpletely blurry as seeing weirdly. Her glasses are soo heavy and thick she can only practically see what is in front of her in a non-blury oval. Outside of it it's like blurry nothing. Things may distort, but in her non-blury oval things are as clear and straight as they can be. She's really like kinda blind. Sometimes her friends make fun of her cuz she's all like "URGHH, can't see like anything. Urghh darn bluryness. And they ask her "Don't your glasses make you see things better and clearer?" And she's all like "sometimes yes, but most of the time they just make me just see what's in front of me, and mostly it is blurry. I can still see but it's somewhat blurry, but without my glasses I see nothing but blurred solid colors. It's either see things kinda blurry and out of focus or nothing but solid blurs.

Sometimes her vision is in focus, but most of the time she sees slight blurs. Her friends think she is weird that she has to like look at things up close to read stuff. Even if she is up close, it's still blurry and hard to read. Only way for her to see completely clear is to wear two glasses in front of her. But she gets severe tunnel vision where only the circle tiny area is perfectly clear. She's weird.  
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:22 am
You haven't changed one bit. rofl  


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Anaya the Bee

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:02 am
You haven't changed one bit. rofl
I've actually have. I am more obsessed with growing my big beer belly to as big as it can go. I'm never getting rid of it, and want to keep it growing into a hard feeling ball. I won't be satisfied until my belly gets big enough to the point I can't see my feet at all when I look down and walking. Barely still see my feet when I walk and look down. When I stand though, well all I see is floor. May eventually lose sight of my feet even when I am walking where I will only be able to see them if I sit down or lay down, gonna be great. surprised  
PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:33 pm
Also I've changed a lot. I've never been so obsessed over pop music and where it's going to go. It's crazy. Come listen to my charts and you will know what i mean. We are obsessed with pop music it's rediculous. Besides belly, the only other obsession i ihave is where pop music is going to go. So yeah. I NEED POP MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Anaya the Bee

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