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Offensive Hero

PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:32 am
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Los eyed his children as they played together, batting around a skull under a tree. He was still rather perplexed by them and hoped they would grow up soon, so he wouldn't have to watch them constantly. Thankfully they were no longer pups and could be relied on to at least not get eaten without putting up a fuss, so if the need did call for it he could look away from them. He snorted and rubbed at his nose with a paw, some dust getting in his nostrils. The Nergui had been rather quiet as of late, plotting their next move, and Los was horribly bored, especially being 'chained' to the pride like this to raise his pups. He needed some adventure, some danger in his life. Something new.

Tossing his head, he got to his feet and called out to his pups. "I'm going for a walk. If any of you leave before I get back, you'll be in deep elephant dung. Got it?" They yipped their reply and, satisfied, he turned to walk away. They were obedient enough, so he knew he could trust them to continue playing for a while. He stretched his legs and broke into a light trot, moving away from the pride to see what he could find.

Chi Sohma
PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:15 am
User Image There she was. Alone again, happy. Everything about Hatsuharu would brighten anyone's day. Although not that much of talker, a supposed mute. She thought of anything that could make another happy and that's exactly what she aimed to do. From hunting, although not very good at it- to simply making a fool of herself. But she didn't have any other purpose, but to just want another around to keep her company. Any prospects always moved on, thinking her the joker of the lot. Or to be used as a tool. She did so for some time but now she hadn't happen upon anyone in a while. It was disheartening...

Roaming the lands without a purpose was getting to her when finally out of all the walking she had done for several days- she plainly fell forward. Completely exhausted of life. Although happy, her happiness was slowly sinking away. She needed something! Anything! The lands here were darker in color, plains- dirts. Browns and purples, dusks. She looked about and let her tail coil under her. Sighing and lowering her head down. Can anyone fix this boredom!?


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Offensive Hero

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:48 am
It didn't take long for Los to catch a new scent on the light breeze that flowed through his mane and fur. Brown eyes narrowed as he lifted his nose into the air, sniffing to figure out just who and what it was that was ahead of him. Female, certainly. Hyena, definitely. Friend or foe? Who knew? He pushed on without hesitation, a hungry gleam in his eye. He was always interested in females of his kind, if only to further the population of the Nergui. He knew that if the hyenas got to be too much they'd have to let some of the pups leave when they were of age, but between that time and when they were born, he'd be able to instill the beliefs of his pride in them. Then they could continue to do the Nergui's work even though they couldn't call it home.

When he found the female his ears twisted forward with interest. She didn't appear to be too aggressive and she was certainly nice on the eyes. She looked exhausted though, and horribly out of place in the dark lands. Without hesitation Los walked forward, his tail held high in confidence, ears forward and chest out. He always wanted to make a good impression with the ladies, after all.

"Greetings," he said once he was within earshot. "What brings you to these lands? You don't seem like you're from here." It was always important to bring the new recruits in under a kind tone. Those that would join them would not be mistreated, after all. Fear only worked when there was something to be afraid of. Right now, he could play the friendly stranger.

Chi Sohma
[IC] Nergui Lands [IC]

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