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    We know how hard it can be when you're brand new to Gaia and are first making your way around the site, so our goal is to help make that process as fun and educational as possible. We love seeing new faces around our guild, and we love seeing those new faces become familiar ones over the years. Congratulations on joining this wonderful online community, and we hope to reward you for making it so awesome!

    This charity is for anyone who calls themselves a newbie, whether it be because they just recently joined, joined a while ago, quit, and just came back, or because they are still learning their way around. Whatever the case: if you call yourself a newbie, you are welcome to participate!

How to Participate

    Step 1: Qualifications

    You are eligible to receive a donation if A or B applies to you, and C must apply to you.

    • A You have no more than 100 posts on Gaia.
      Find a post you have made and click the arrow by the box under your avatar where it says "Online." A drop down menu will display, and you can click the first choice, "View Posts" to see how many posts you have on Gaia. If you have less than 100, you are eligible to participate.

    • B Your account is less than 2 months old.
      You can check your join date and make it available for us to see if you go to your Profile Preferences, scroll down, and select "Show my Registration Date" and then click "Save All Changes."

    • C You must have a trading pass!
      You have to be at least three days old on Gaia before you can go to the Bank and purchase a trading pass for 500g. If you have any questions, feel free to post and ask!

    Step 2: Post, Post, Post

    Got all that down? Great! Your next step is to post twenty times anywhere inside the guild (remember to always follow the NSTG Rules). Please do not post twenty times in this thread; you will not receive your donation. Here are some places you can start:

    You can check your current post count in the NSTG by going to our memberlist, typing your name, and looking at the number under the "Posts" column.

    Step 3: When You're Done

    Once you've post at least twenty times in the NSTG, fill out the following form and post it in this thread so that you can receive your donation via trade:

    [b]I posted 20 times in the NSTG![/b]

Sweet Treat Recipients 2019
2,000 Platinum Donated So Far

  1. Wicka Darko - April 8th
  2. Pysren - July 2nd

Sweet Treat Recipients 2018
8,500 Platinum Donated

Sweet Treat Recipients 2017
55 Billion Gold Donated

Sweet Treat Recipients 2012 - 2016
228+ Billion Gold Donated