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Barton Town

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Invisible Loiterer

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:00 pm
Barton Town
[Map and Key]

The Town is thriving with not just the various shopkeepers and personalities
you already know, but many more characters are being added to make it
feel like a thriving village. You'll be able to spend a lot of time here, in
Gaia's original town.
(Note, use Barton Town to raise your Ghi level too)

CL : 1.0 – 12.0 (any level)

A list of NPCs needed to complete quests
and where they are on the map.

Cindy Donovinh
Commander Leon
The Maestro

The Lucky Coin
• Speak to William
• Chose the second option, speaking about a well
• Tell him you’ll look for the coin.
• Walk near the fountin in the middle of town.
It’ll say the coin must be in another place.
• Go search near the well, where Julian is standing.
• You have found the coin. Return to William.

Rina and Candice:
There are three possible quests you can get
from talking with Rina and Candice.

Details -
• Speak with Rina at the flower shop
and choose the options listed below.
--Sure it is!
--Pet's animals are great!
--I like everything!
• Speak to Candice and choose the option listed below.
--Can't you try being even ditzier?
• Head back across the street to Rina,
who is now very peeved at you.
Depending on what you do at this point, you'll get a different quest.

Pink Flamingo Feathers
(Option 1)
• Speak with Rina and choose the options listed below.
-- I think maybe you two are getting a little carried away.
-- Yes, I suppose you could say that.
I’m sure you didn’t *mean* to be mean,
but making me choose between you and Candice isn’t nice.
-- That would be great Rina! What can I do to help?
• Head out to Village Greens
• Kill Flamingos and collect ten pink feathers
• Give them to Rina, and she’ll ask you one more favor.

Candices’ Boa
(Prerequisite : Pink Flamingo Feathers)
• Speak with Rina
• Go across the street, Speak with Candice
• Go back and talk to Rina.

Rina’s Leaves
(Option 2)
• Speak with Rina and chose the options listed below.
--I think you two are getting carried away
--Oh. Nevermind. I didn’t mean it. You’re my friend Rina.
I shouldn’t have said anything else!
• Head out to the Village Greens
• Kill Gnomes and collect ten wing tree leaves
• Go back to Rena and give her the leaves.

Plastic Bouquet
(Option 3)
• Speak with Rina and choose the options listed below.
-- But, how could people get confused between you two?
-- The only thing cheap was that comment.
I think Candice is cuter and nicer. I’m going to stay friends with her!
• Speak to Candice and chose the option listed below
-- Sure, Candice why not? What do you need?
• Go to Village Greens and kill Flamingos.
• Collect ten pieces of plastic
• Go back and speak with Candice

Interviewing NewBea
• Speak with Cindy Donovinh and chose the tasks opton
• Find NewBea near the fountain
• Return to Cindy

Interviewing James
(Prerequisite : Interviewing NewBea)
• Speak with Cindy and choose the tasks option
• Find James near the Barton Bar
• Return to Cindy

Interviewing Julian
(Prerequisite : Interviewing James)
• Speak with Cindy and choose the tasks option
• Find Julian by the well
• Return to Cindy
• This is the end of Cindy’s chain quests

Ellie’s Friends
• Speak with Ellie (Bellow the Coliseum)
• Tell her you’ll go speak to her friends
• Speak with The Maestro
• Speak with Agatha (Note, you can talk to Agatha first as well.
It doesn’t really matter)
• Return to Ellie

Denial of Service
• Speak with Ian
• He will ask you to take care of a monster her fears
• Go to Bills Ranch and enter the Dead Man’s Pass
• Defeat the Boss (OMGWTF)
• Return to Ian

Diary of a Cat
• Speak with Rufus
• Talk about his clothes, he’ll get offended.
• Speak with him once more, and apologize
• He’ll tell you about his diary that he lost, tell him you’ll find it
• Walk to the well, where you find Julian and the Lucky Coin
• Return to Rufus.

Marks Ring
• Speak with Mark, near the fountain
• He’ll ask you to find his ring
• Walk along the lake in Bass’ken Lake
(it isn’t always in the same spot)
• Return the ring to Mark

Fernando’s Secret
• Speak with Fernando (Southwest)
• He will refuse to tell you what happened to him.
• Walk west and speak to Annedroid
• Find out Fernando’s secret and return to Fernando

Fabulously Flying Fernando
(Prerequisite : Fernando’s Secret)
• Speak with Fernando
• Complete Rufus’ task (Diary of a Cat) to
receive a pair of zipperless pants.
• Return to Fernando

Olivia’s Cookies
• Speak with Olivia (Southwest)
• She will ask you to deliver cookies to the guards
• Go to John (north gate), Martha (west gate) and
William (south gate). You can do this in a different order.
• Return to Olivia with the empty plate

Leon’s Lunch Pail
(Prerequisite : Olivia’s Cookies)
• Speak with Olivia
• Go speak with Clara by the south gate
• Ask if she knows where Leon is
• Go speak to Leon, he’ll ask you to return the pail to his mother
• Go back and speak with Olivia.

• Speak with The Maestro (north west)
• He’ll ask you to collect music notes for him
• Kill Taiko Drums in Zen Gardens until you get six notes.
• Return to the Maestro.
• This quest is repeatable six times for the music note badge

[Map and Key]

Click the gate near Ellie in Barton Town
(just below the coliseum, to enter the sewers,
which was originally the tutorial before the short thing
before you enter Village Greens.
You do have the option to run through here with the tutorials on or off.

CL : 1.0 – 2.0 (You cannot enter if you’re higher than a CL 2.0)

A list of NPCs needed to complete quests
and where they are on the map.


Gramster Goodness
• Run though the waterworks, and kill fifteen Gramsters
• You will automatically get the reward once completed.

Plunge into the Fray
• Run though the waterworks and kill fifteen Peelungers
• You will automatically get the reward once completed.

The Barton Maintenance Commission
• Run though the waterworks and find the four valves [Map]
• You will automatically get your reward.

Badges Available
All non-kill Badges

Mission Badges

User Image

Re-Composer: You have found all seven of the songs that the
Maestro can decipher from the music notes you gathered. (Zen gardens)

Event Badges

User ImageUser Image

Chum: During the course of a single attack by AirShark, you've
annoyed AirShark so much that you've earned this honorary badge.
(Score at least 500-700 points while destroying sky boxes dropped during
the Aerial Bombardment! event.)
(Points have to be acquired in one instance.)

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: You've been a major player in
MANY AirShark encounters, accumulating thousands and thousands of
points of Hate.
(Score at least 5,000 points while destroying sky boxes dropped during
the Aerial Bombardment! event.)
(Points are cumulative)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:06 pm
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Invisible Loiterer

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