Deadman’s Shadow
This area is a Maze, constantly changing.
Therefore, there is no map.

Within the caves underneath the roads of Deadman’s pass lay stronger
enemies you have never encountered before. Harder tasks and longer hours
are needed to defeat this part of your journy and earn a different kind of orb
that will increese your strength even higher then before.
** NOTE : As DMS is a new area, this guide will probably be in update for a while.
** NOTE : This guide is for quests, just like my other area guides. If you want
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CL : 10.0 – 12.0 (You must be a 10.0 to enter)
DMS is now open to the public.
You used to need a Bloodstone Gem or Bloodstone Amulet

A list of NPCs needed to complete quests
and where they are on the map.

The Von Helson Twins

Von Helson Twins
Details -
• At a gate in Deadman’s pass there are two characters, the Von Helson Twins.
• Speak with them, they’ll ask you to take care of something for them.
• They then tell you to go though the gate and speak with Alastor, you’ll
see him right as you enter the gate.
• You MUST have one of the items that access Deadman’s shadow, or
you won’t be able to enter.
• This quest does not appear on your PDA

Enter the Shadow
(Prerequisite : Von Helson Twins)
Details -
• When you first enter the caves, you see Alastor, but you can’t talk to him yet.
• First, you must speak to Deva who would like your help.
• She wants you to kill 20 of the monsters within the shadow.
• Once you have done so, return to Deva for your reward.

Searching the Shadow
(Prerequisite : Enter the Shadow)
Details -
• Speak with Deva again.
• She says that one of her associates have gone missing in the caves.
• You must go through the first section of caves, searching for Kamilia.
(the first sections of caves is also known as yellow rooms.)
• Once you have explored the first sections, you must explore the second
section, where enimies are even stronger then before, and new enimies are
added. (The second section of caves is also known as green rooms.)
• Once you have cleared the green rooms, you’ll find yourself in the 100%
room and you get your first glimpse of Kamila.
• Your PDA will update and you must return to Deva.

The Big Man
(Prerequisite : Searching the Shadow)
Details -
• Deva will ask you to speak to Alastor, since Kamila’s plans can be a
danger to all of Gaia.

Deeper in Darkness
(Prerequisite : The Big Man)
Details -
• Speak with Alastor.
• He will ask you to kill 100 minions within the Shadow. (Vampires/
Vamiresses and Werewolves. Some say any enimies will work, this is to be
• After you kill 100 of them, your PDA will update to return to Alastor.
• This quest will also attune you to the door you see when you first
enter the caves.

Getting Bloody Ready
(Prerequisite : Deeper in Darkness)
Details -
• Speak with Alastor.
• He now wants you to kill 150 minions within the Shadow.
• After you kill 150 of them, your PDA will update to return to Alastor.

Pitch Black
(Prerequisite : Getting Bloody Ready)
Details -
• Speak with Alastor.
• He will ask you to collect 25 Tissue Samples for certain enimies within
the caves.
• You must kill Night Frights (yellow rooms), Big Dogs (green rooms) or
Counts (100% room)
• Once you have 25 samples, your PDA will update to return to Alastor.

(Prerequisite : Pitch Black)
Details -
• Speak with Deva.
• She will reward you for killing 50 of Kamilia’s minions.

Badges Available
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