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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:54 am
Face my RP legion! >:3
This is exactly what it says on the tin.  
PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:11 pm
Gaianame: Evilweirdo 0
Character Name: Eduardo Brian Drespada
Gender: Male
Age: 123
Race: Half-elf/Weredragon
Side: Good
Class: Monk
Equipment: Unarmed attacks and claws, as well as his tail in dragon form. Generally uses swift attacks.
The effect or name on the left of the slash is for his half-elf form. / The one on the right is for his dragon form.
Note: He seems interested in developing a "healing punch." Whether or not he will succeed is yet to be seen.

Base Artes-
Shift: He switches between half-elf and dragon form. Dragon form increases his toughness and power at the cost of agility and magic power; some artes are altered to reflect this (see the ones to the right of the slash). His behavior may also be affected. Usable in midair, though it leaves him wide open.
Dragon's Tooth: Rending the ground, he sends a shockwave along it that erupts into a stalagmite when it reaches a foe. The spike has may reach flying foes, but the shockwave is ground-only.
Breath of Fire: He breathes fire to attack in an area. Faster and more easily comboed in half-elf form, but has more power and area in dragon form. Usable in midair, but only in shorter bursts.
Raining Fangs: He flies up with an uppercut/headbutt and shoots shards of stone at the target. Usable in midair.
Wyrm Rush/Cerberus Strike: Attack with a swift flurry of blows. / Slam the enemy three times.
Talon Strike/Wreak Havoc: A jumping strike followed by two kicks. Usable in midair. / Leap and crush the enemy from above. Usable in midair.
Overwhelm: He increases his own strength and toughness, typically with an enthusiastic stomp. Emits a brief burst of damaging energy at a very short range (sword thrusts and such may reach him safely, if with some resistance).
Impact/Raging Blast: He strikes a single target with a quick punch, knocking it down or back. / He slams the foe with a chi-imbued strike and, after a brief delay, blasts it away.
Dragon Blast/Severing Fang: A jumping uppercut followed by a powerful punch or kick. Usable in midair without the initial strike. / He strikes the target into the air, then instantly flies up and smashes it down. Usable in midair, but without the initial strike.
Talon Storm/Storm Tail: He assails the enemy with a long kick/tail combo.
Mortal Summer: He kicks the ground, blasting a small area with rising fire and stone that lifts those hit into the air.

Arcane Artes-
Stone Scales: He guards against damage with a magical shield.
Quick Shift: He quickly shifts to/from dragon form and attacks.
Bacon Placebo?...: He consumes bacon to restore a strangely high amount of energy and maybe even help him resist ailments. Of course, breaking out a meal in the middle of a battle is risky...
Dragon's Maw: He strikes the ground, raising stone to attack enemies in a line. Resembles a short-lived Ground Dasher spell.
Astro Fall: He grabs and throws an open (staggered, downed, or just weak) foe, adding in a few attacks for good measure. Alternatively, he may use it to throw an ally. Usable in midair.
Fang Hurricane: He surrounds himself with a whirlwind of stone shards and rushes at the enemy. Usable in midair with less horizontal distance. / He surrounds himself with a large whirlwind of stone shards that can lift the target into the air. Usable in midair, but this causes him to drop down.
Starfall Impact/Lone Wolf Charge: A more powerful version of Impact, augmented by an explosion of blazing chi. / He fires a blast of chi in the shape of a beast's head ahead to knock foes back. Longer range than the Beast arte, but has a narrower area of effect.
Dragon Strike: He launches the foe up with an uppercut, rises into the sky, and diagonally descends with a sweeping charge that leaves stalagmites and flames in its wake. Usable in midair, but without the initial strike.
Wyrm Talon/Dragon Swarm: A flurry of blows followed by a flurry of kicks. / He alternates between tail sweeps and claw strikes while slowly advancing.
Pyro Blast: He leaps/flies and rains fireballs on the battlefield from above. Not very precise or accurate, but has a wide range. Good for suppressing fire.
Enduring Summer: A kick/tail sweep and claw strike that create a large pillar of flame and stone to lift the target into the air.

Note- While he is not a remarkably powerful spellcaster, his spells may include a personal touch, slightly modifying their effects or casting motions to fit his own style
Novice Spells-
Fire Wall: He uppercuts to raise fire underneath the enemy.
Stone Blast: He stomps to raise stones beneath the target. Those near him may be staggered by the stomp's impact.
Healer: He heals the target by flinging ribbons of golden energy at it. The healing works best at closer range.
Shining Hand: He increases his own attack range temporarily. His fists and natural weapons, when used in attacks, emit golden auras. This makes his unarmed strikes more effective, as well as extending his reach a bit.

Mid-level Spells-
Burn Strike: He leaps and kicks down three exploding fireballs on the target. He may kick down flying foes in the process.
Rolling Stone: He conjures a bouncing boulder to crush his targets.
Chi Healer: He heals the target by lobbing a lot of golden energy at it. This arte heals more than Healer, and works equally at any range.
Life: He revives the target with an updraft of golden energy. Not as effective as Resurrection, but is faster and less draining. The updraft lifts the target to their feet quickly and may inconvenience foes.

Mystic Arte- Dragon Blade: Cosmic Rampage.
Surrounded by a golden aura, he launches his target with a strike. He assails the target with a flurry of blows from both forms, each one causing stone to accumulate around the target until a giant boulder is formed. For the finishing touch, he slams the foe and boulder down (his shifting form obscured by the blazing nova trailing from the boulder), causing an explosion.

Unison Attacks:
Attacks involving Eduardo often combine magic and physical blows, with explosive (often literally) results.
Eduardo+???- Dual the Sol: The ground is pummeled, releasing light that sends the target skyward. Eduardo and the other participant conjure gigantic balls of flame that converge upon the target.
Eduardo+Rin- Cat Toss (informal). Eduardo throws Rin at the enemy. Awesomeness ensues.

In addition, he can also participate in the following standard Unison Attacks: Critical Blade (Burn Strike + partner's Destruction), Rock Mountain (Rolling Stone + partner's earth arte such as Grave/Stalagmite).

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Drawing (by Lord_Lena)
User Image
Eduardo is a somewhat odd fellow. As a half-elf, his actual age doesn't often show.
His behavior is somewhat energetic and occasionally erratic. For example, he is overly enthusiastic about certain things that he likes, dislikes exposure to cold water, goes positively bonkers when restrained, over- or underreacts when surprised, etc. However, he is generally positive, and it's rare to see him bogged down by sadness or anger for long.
He is generally tolerant and accepting, He's glad to assist people whenever he can, and often when he can't. For example, he worked in a lab despite knowing next to nothing of science. This can likely be explained by a strong need for acceptance.
He feels strongly about the importance of family (biological or otherwise), and easily develops attachments to people. He feels particular kinship toward other werefolk or people who have otherwise been altered (willingly or otherwise). Strife between family members and/or friends bothers him. He is not just distressed by it; he is annoyed that such people would fight in the first place.
Though he usually gets over his troubles easily enough, something in him seems to have snapped from his transformation years ago. While he is not necessarily insane, he sometimes acts unusually (uncharacteristic anger or seriousness, incoherent or nonsensical speech). As of late, this has been getting worse, and he is afraid of losing himself. His willpower is fairly strong when push comes to shove, but does he know that?

Eduardo grew up in the town of Sybak. Due to half-elf prejudice, he was forced to work in a lab from a young age. His energetic personality emerged at a very early age, so it doubled (in theory) as a way to keep him out of trouble. He didn't know much about science, but he did what he could as a lab assistant, doing odd jobs to save the scientists time.
Around the time of the World Regeneration, his imprisonment was discovered by the authorities, and he was freed. However, he voluntarily assisted the willing scientists of the labs as thanks for years of tolerance, as well as because he felt like helping out and had nothing better to do (other than spending more time with his family, of course).
One day, about nine years before the events of "A New Tomorrow" began, he was surprised and converted by a crazed weredragon while out gathering herbs for his scientist friends. His form was not the only thing that changed; having experienced true terror and an unwilling transformation, something about him changed. Though he was an odd man to begin with, his behavior became even more erratic.
While he attempted to gain full control over himself, he allowed himself to be temporarily incarcerated and observed by his scientist coworkers on nights of the full moon. Over a period of a few months, he succeeded in gaining control over his transformations (he still transforms on full moons, but has most destructive urges under control).
However, the seeds of discord are still there. He has strange episodes of uncharacteristic behavior, and worries that he will lose control of himself even after fighting for so long. He seeks a solution, be it from healing techniques or from a Summon Spirit's aid. However, it seems that neither of these will be what helps him in the end. What will? That is the question.

Mother: Maria Drespada. Deceased human female.
Father: Arbole Drespada. 180-year-old elf male. Resides in Heimdall, but travels now and then now that the elves aren't as secluded. He plans to return to Sybak.
Older Brother: Drake Drespada. Half-elf male, elder child by 2 years. Resides near the entrance of Sybak. A scientist specializing in magical theory, he also practices martial arts and a unique style of magic, channeling powerful magics instantly with his staff. While he may put up a cold and even uncaring front sometimes, he truly is an affectionate family man, and is quite concerned about his brother.
Sister-In-Law: Rose Drespada. Human female who resides with Drake. She is an all-around good person, and also has a good taste in meat products (which she encourages her children to eat for great amounts of protein). Unlike many other siblings-in-law, she and Ed get along swimmingly.
Niece: Isabella Drespada. A 10-year old quarter-elf child who resides with her parents in Sybak. A fun-loving little girl who often accompanies her "uncle Ed" on minor adventures, and shares some of his whimsical nature. Possibly due to the generous amounts of pork products in her diet, she has impressive physical prowess for her size.
Nephew: Antonio Drespada. An 8-year old quarter-elf child who resides with his parents in Sybak. He is a bit more serious and reserved (and just a bit moody), but not to the degree of his father. He does, however, share a good deal of his intelligence.

Victory - "Hey, nice." "Never mess with awesome dragon people... Unless you really need to for some reason, I guess." "*omnomnom bacon*" "[crazed] Yes! Showed them! Punch!"
Low health - "Whoa!" "What the heck? Aah!" "Holy mother of pigs!" "[crazed] No! Butt mart! BUTT MART!"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Hey, it's them again!" "[crazed] What? Punched..."
Downed - "I can't!..." "[crazed] No!... Dying!... Ever!..."
Revived - "Hey, I'm up!" "Can't keep me down!" "I'm like a part-time were-phoenix! ...Are those a thing?" "[crazed] Back! BACK! But your back won't back, back?!"
Strong enemy - "Everybody panic, I guess?..." "Holy mother of pigs!" "Butt Mart!"
Weak enemy - "Seems like pretty easy stuff." ""
Killing an enemy - "Ed-fu strikes again! Or maybe the Ed Flu!" "Enjoy the delicious fist!" "[crazed] Down! Not up! It's down!"
Fleeing - "Run awaaaay!" "He who runs away gets to eat a good meal and come back later!" "Like pigs, I fly!" "[crazed] Punch! *punches own face* No, not punch! Speed punch!"

Eduardo-dragon quotes:
Growls. Grunts. Noises. Suspiciously speech-like sounds. How does he do that?

Fave Food Type: Bacon (!). Pork products in general. While he likes most meats, these are his favorites by far.
Other Notes: He hates the cold, cold water, being soaked (especially by cold water), and lack of control when trying to stop something bad or painful (he hates non-magical medical techniques such as injections, for example).
His inventory of note includes a pair of Water Spiders.
Theme: I Palindrome I

Eduardo's (pending) story section-

>Basically, his plot schtick is, classic were-style, worrying about losing himself. Even though he was transformed almost a decade ago, he still hasn't quite gotten over the trauma of being changed against his will, no matter how awesome his new abilities are. Perhaps it could be said that he's still in some sort of denial. I don't know. Anyway, this has been wearing away at him for a while, causing unusual behavior and outbursts.

-Near one of the Summon Spirits' seals (or, if those are all taken, perhaps somewhere else, such as an abandoned Human Ranch), the party hears word of disappearances and unusual monster activity nearby. Apparently, many of these monsters are of the dragon type. Ed wants to investigate.

-The area is infested with monsters (including dragon-types and other, smaller monsters) and a few instances of what turn out to be weredragons. They are strangely organized, and are led by a "monster boss"- apparently the very same weredragon that transformed Eduardo several years ago (Ed picks up on that somehow), now with ragged wings and years of scars. Though he can speak to a limited degree in human form, the weredragon is living as a monster and has established himself as the local boss/alpha. As Ed and whoever comes along arrive, he has cornered and is preparing to convert some abducted travelers into more werefolk. Ed can't accept this, so he initiates a battle, viciously attacking the boss.

-When the alpha weredragon is defeated, Eduardo learns cheesy life lessons, etc. He realizes that while he could have become a monster, he did not; even when his body was changed, he chose to remain Eduardo (while just so happening to be able to assume a monstrous form), and nobody could change that. He realizes that the man who turned him was a victim as well, sparing him in hopes of giving him a second chance as well. The path is now open to the party's objective (unless there are Gnomelettes or something).

-After the party meets the resident Summon Spirit (or through some other means if this venue is not available), he asks that the surviving weredragons be moved to a safe place where they could not harm anyone (giving them a second chance and a safe place to live, such as a cave system, no matter which path he chose- man, monster, or somewhere in between).

-Having gotten over his problem (to some extent, at least), Ed's strange episodes and crazed behavior wind down, and he starts acting pretty much the same across both forms. He's still an odd fellow, though. That's natural. In any case, he pledges his full support to the party, and the main story continues.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:15 pm
Character Name: Jason Ironheart
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 40
Occupation: Craftsman, clansman
Mostly black clothing, carries around chains and smith tools
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Fighting Style: Strong and tough, as well as surprisingly agile and crafty. He uses medium range sweeps with chains that can affect small areas, as well as short-range kicks. He can batter down an enemy's defenses with ease, but focuses more on power than chaining together long strings of attacks.
Weapon(s): Chains (this could extend to whips if need be) and boots.
Demon Kick: Kick and unleash a shockwave along the ground.
Havoc Strike: Leap and kick down.
Center: Gather molecules of metal and earth in the air to heal self.
Iron Tempest: Jump and hit with spinning chains.
Bramble Breaker: Entangle the enemy with chains. Inflicts Bind.
Punishment: Spin and attack the enemy with chains.
Destruction: Stomp on the ground and blast rocks.
Sunder: A chain strike that has a high chance to stagger. Weakens target defense.
Agonizing Destruction: Spin chains and then strike, battering down enemy defenses and defense power.
After You!: An attack inspired by Gentlemen, learned in order to combat his odd fear of them by seeing just how silly they are. Strike with chains, then walk while kicking. It looks ridiculous until he finishes it with another chain strike.
Battering Ram: Lower shoulders and charge, barreling straight through the ranks of the enemy.
Ursa Major: Send enemies flying skyward by stomping on the ground and sending out a shockwave centered on him..
Iron Demon: Strike foes with chains twice and follow up with a semicircular shockwave that rends the earth itself.
Wailing Havoc: Swing a chain to float the enemy, jump and swing a chain at the enemy in midair, then kick down.
Ursan Destruction: Pull the enemy in and blast them back again by stomping and blasting rocks at them. May cause knockdown.
Punishing Beast: Spin and knock enemies back with a blast of energy in the shape of a bear's head.
Crimson Punishment: Spin around with such power that the air around the chains burns and damages enemies.
Dust Devil: Iron Tempest, followed by a flurry of spinning kicks and chain strikes in midair.
Fiery Destruction: A rock-blasting strike followed by a flaming upward swing.
Explosive Sundering: Weaken target defense with a chain strike that causes an explosion of earth. Great for battering down enemy defenses.
Gold Rush: Charge straight through the ranks of the enemy, possibly causing them to drop valuable items or Gald.

MYSTIC: Great Ursan Destruction
Leap into the air and throw down many weighted chains in a pentagonal pattern. These chains are attached to a single chain, which he spins to trap the enemies in the area in chains. He swings the bound enemies by the main chain, like a giant flail, then slams them into the ground with enough force to crack the ground, causing a final explosion of stone.

Personality: Is proud of being a dwarf of his clan. Generally reasonably nice to others, though he thinks elves are kind of stuffy, and some people make him angry (those who hate his clan, shine torches in his eyes, etc.). Prefers to avoid dark places. Hates being cheated. While he has been known to boast and taunt from time to time, he is sometimes more polite- Particularly around women. Chivalry is not dead.
Fave Food Type: Beer. Stuff with beef in it will suffice. He also likes stew and such.
Bio: A smith who grew up in the underground dwarven populace near Morlia. He was apprenticed to a warrior-smith, and learned various crafting skills. When his master learned of his secret fears (see Other Notes), he taught him how to fight, hoping to make him feel better so he could work more effectively. Later in life, embarrassed by how he was just another dwarven craftsman in the crowd, and ridiculed by the other dwarves for being afraid of the dark, he decided to bring his business above ground. Before the story begins, he was cheated by a man posing as a scholar Khan (an alias, but that didn't stop Jason from shouting his name in a blatant meta-reference when he realized what happened), commissioning him to craft a replica of a lost, ancient statue for a museum. However, "Khan" carried the statue off in an EC. Enraged at being cheated (for he hadn't been paid), Jason set off to find some travelers to travel with, hoping to find his new nemesis and bring him to justice, or at least get paid. However, he is easily sidetracked by the worthy causes he finds.
Other Notes: Nervous around darkness due to getting lost and being surrounded by Gentleman golems in the dark during an incident his youth. Scared of being chased around a table by Gentleman golems while he's only wearing socks on his feet over a waxed floor. His night vision is not as good as that of the other dwarves, due to his spending less time there.

Victory - "Get out of here, lad/lass/lads/lasses. Quit wastin' me time." "Hah! That'll teach ya!" "'Ave a taste 'a cold steel!" "I think the term is 'schmowned'." "Take that! An' that! Hraaa!" "Care fer some ale? Oh, ya can't have any, 'cause I just BEAT YA UP! Ha!"
Low health - "Blaargh!!" "Raarrh!"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Eh, it's you again." "I thought I told ya to leave!"
Dying - "Raargh!" "Jus' peachy."
Strong enemy - "You shall not pass!" "Hello there, lassie! Oh, you're a laddie? Ach, who cares?"
Weak enemy - "Don't you get me angry, lad." "Get outta here!" "Don't waste me time!"
Killing an enemy - "Good day to yeh!" "Shabam! Hahaha!" "Haha!"
Fleeing - "Retreat, I tell yeh!" "Let's get ourselves out!"  
PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:28 pm
Star Ocean canon character for use in Tales of Zeal.

Character Name: Ashton Anchors (and Creepy and Weepy!)
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 20. The dragons' ages are unknown.
Race: Expellian (humanoid from the planet Expel) with fused dragons
Occupation: Swordsman
Alignment: Protagonist
Description/Picture: Primary, Classic, Portrait. He is 5'11 tall and weighs about 176 pounds, dragons included.

Canon: Star Ocean
Canon Point: A few weeks after the events of Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution.
Means of Arrival: As he was climbing in the Linga Mountains in search of a solution, he was surrounded by a mysterious array of light, which transported him to the unfamiliar world of Sylvarant. ((There are major Star Ocean series spoilers after this point.)): >The universe that Ashton is from is the Eternal Sphere, a virtual reality made by "4-dimensional beings". A few hundred years after Ashton's time, Sophia Esteed, a genetically-altered girl with the "Connection" gene, was able to travel between the Eternal Sphere and 4D space with a group of allies (Fayt Leingod, Cliff Fittir, Maria Traydor, and others), and even have them all retain their special abilities. Such genes were not meant to exist by the creator of the Eternal Sphere. This caused glitches and anomalies in the virtual reality, which coincidentally occurred at the same time as the anomalies in other universes' time and space, causing Ashton to be transported to the world of Sylvarant.<

Class: Symbological Swordsman
Fighting Style: Symbological Fencing- He combines the power of Symbology (the art of using tattooed symbols to produce paranormal effects) with melee attacks. He can use symbology to form a shield to block symbological and magical attacks by crossing his blades. His normal attacks are swift, but his special ones take a bit longer. Creepy and Weepy also help in combat with fire and ice breath. However, they slow down his movement speed and prevent him from ever excelling in long-distance running.
Weapon(s): Twin Shortswords. Currently Equipped: Twin Fury (his best weapons disappeared when he was transported to Sylvarant. He may find them later.)
Twin Thrust- He thrusts once with each blade. His blades extend, giving this attack a longer range than a normal attack.
Cross Slash- He slashes downward, then slashes again and sails forward through the air.
Vanishing Swords- Swirling leaves appear around the target. He disappears, then appears behind the enemy with an attack.
Northern Cross- He slashes twice, creating a cross of ice, which is fired at the target.
Piercing Blades- He throws swords to attack. As he gains more experience, more swords are thrown.
Hurricane Slash- He performs a horizontal slash, then an upward one that conjures a small tornado.
Deadly Triangle- He leaps back and disappears. Three copies of himself appear around the enemy and attack with a triangular energy field.
Dragon Breath- Creepy and Weepy grow to enormous size and attack in a line with their breath. This attack varies in element. Sometimes it's just Creepy's fire breath, sometimes Weepy's ice, and sometimes both at once.
Sword Dance- He performs a series of attacks ending with a simultaneous attack from both swords.
Ice Cloud Rage- Usable by Weepy only. A powerful symbological attack that summons a tornado of ice shards around Ashton. It is strong enough to send enemies flying, and is long-lasting, though they cannot move around during this move. Can be seen in action here.
Dragon Possession- While they do not do so very often, Creepy and Weepy are able to possess Ashton's body. If they take total control (in times of great danger and sometimes during overlimits and such), he doesn't remember what happened since he was last in control of himself. If they take partial control, such as moving his legs, he's fully aware and probably whining about it.
Mystic Arte- Tri-Ace
"O, the almighty Tria! Overthrow all the enemies! Tri-Ace!"
He holds this blades together. Creepy and Weepy disappear from his back, fusing with the blades and forming a blue blade of energy. He swings it upward, creating an orb which he slashes a few times, attacking enemies in a large area with energy. It can be seen in action here.

Personality: While he sometimes tries to appear as a tough swordsman, he is actually more humble and cowardly than he would like to admit. He's generally good-natured, and likes to think pure thoughts. He has bad luck, so he likes good luck charms and the like. However, he dislikes fortune-telling and lotteries. He has a strange fascination with barrels, and often stares at them. Though he wishes he could go home, he is excited to see "exotic barrels".
Creepy and Weepy, despite their demonic dragon nature, are not evil. They act serious, but they consider Ashton and the others their friends. They usually only communicate between themselves and Ashton, but they can hijack Ashton's body and speak.
Fave Food Type: Hamburgers
Bio: Ashton is a traveling swordsman from the planet Expel. He went to a mine in order to fight the demonic two-headed dragon that dwelled there. Others (Claude C. Kenny, Rena Lanford, and Celine Jules) came in an attempt to aid him, but they couldn't help him fight the dragon in the small amount of space available in the mine. Instead, they cheered for him, but this distracted him. When he turned around and told them to be quiet, the weakened dragon attacked. However, it did not physically harm him. To his dismay, it fused onto his back, possessing him. Ashton blamed the cheering group for this, and demanded that they take responsibility. They located the items necessary to exorcise the dragons (the two heads of the two-headed dragon, like two beings in one), but Ashton changed his mind at the last minute because completing the ritual would kill the dragons, who had become his friends. Rena, happy that he made that decision, named the dragons "Creepy" and "Weepy". Ashton traveled with the group after that point, eventually aiding in saving the universe itself from destruction by a sinister group (spoilers) >known as the Ten Wise Men.<. During this time, he became aware of the existence of other inhabited planets, such as Earth and Energy Nede (which the group spent some time on). Since then, he has traveled the world of Expel, seeking a way to exorcise the dragons without killing them.
He has since landed face-down in Aselia, where he met a kindly priest (Miles, an NPC), a hero of the world (Genis), and a half-ghost girl (Youmu).
Other Notes: He is decent at playing the piano, but he is reluctant to sing because of a certain traumatic experience involving his acquaintance Welch.
Creepy and Weepy are also known as Gyoro and Ururun to some.

Victory - "I'm so happy!" "That was tough!" "That surprised me." "I/We did it!" "I'm a bit embarrassed…" "Great job, Creepy/Weepy/guys!"
Low health - "I can still move…" "I have to try harder, or else…" "What shall I do?…"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Why don't you go home?"
Downed - "Why?!" "You're kidding meeee!..."
Revived - "Thanks for saving me." "Sorry for the trouble..."
Strong enemy - "Here I go!..." "This looks tough!" "Why me?" "I'm stronger than you think!" "Ugh, I'll have to do my best!" "Ready, you two?"
Weak enemy - "I will win!" "Let's go, guys!" "I'm not on your side!" "If you want to run, you'd better do it now!"
Killing an enemy - "I've had it!" "Got you!"
Fleeing - "Let's get out of here!" "That was close!"
Weepy uses Ice Cloud Rage- "The corpse of frozen blood, the calmed gales, fly forth now, without mercy. With the strength to stop all those who oppose us, blow away all the foolish ones. Ice Cloud Rage!"  

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:09 am
Canon character for Tales of Zeal.

Character Name: The Wonder Chef
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: Unknown, but he seems to be a man in his 20s or so.
Race: Human
Occupation: Wonder Chef
Alignment: Protagonist
Description/Picture: This, this, this, and this.

Canon: Tales of Symphonia!
Canon Point: Right now!
Means of Arrival: He was already there!

Class: Wonder Chef
Fighting Style: He uses his fork like a blade to fight for love and justice! His attacks, while not as powerful as the sword attacks that they often mimic, are often augmented by the power of food, befuddling and peppering (sometimes literally) enemies with edibles. He is able to create food to heal and support allies, so he is a good "melee supporter". His food could be considered supernaturally delicious. Indeed, his techniques seem to border on magical. Could it be the power of cooking with love?...
Weapon(s): Giant Fork
Azure Fruit- A fork swing that launches fruit to batter the opponent from a distance.
Elemental Surprise- He performs four elemental attacks at a distance. He throws a platter of blazing meat, waves his hand and throws a pinch of seasonings that forms into a whirlwind, throws a pot full of water, and finishes by throwing root vegetables that cause earth and roots to rise and attack.
Fork Rain- A flurry of fork thrusts accompanied by falling silverware.
Fork Rain: Omega- Quickly perform two consecutive Fork Rain artes.
Shining Fork- He spins his fork around in front of him to attack.
Shining Fork Drop- He spins his fork around in front of him to attack, then follows up by dropping a torrent of hot soup or water on the enemy.
Snowcone Shot- He flies diagonally into the air on a fountain of flavored slush, spinning his fork like a cyclone and dealing physical ice damage to anything in his path.
Raging Pasta- He thrusts a meatball wrapped in spaghetti at his target, knocking it over.
Delight Roll- A low fork sweep that forces downed foes to get up. Leaves behind several dinner rolls.
X-Mustard- The Wonder Chef version of X-Buster. Attack at a distance by launching a torrent of mustard and other condiments. Knocks enemies over.
Light Seasoning- Spiral into the air with the fork, then strike on the way down and shower the enemy in seasonings.
Searing Light Seasoning- Spiral into the air with the fork, then perform a spinning, blazing attack in midair that causes seasoning to rain down around him. This causes fire damage, because of the flames (and possibly because those spices are really spicy!)
Summon: Baker- Due to the anomalies in space and time, he has been in contact with the Wonder Baker, his counterpart from another world. He can summon Mimi to relentlessly attack with a large loaf of bread, performing a combination of strikes. Mimi the Wonder Baker generally uses "Demon Bread" to attack at a distance, and "Bread Rain: Alpha" for close-quarters combat.

Guardian Meal- He holds up his fork and the image of a meal-covered dish appears beneath him, healing himself and allies on the dish as well as repelling enemies.
Healing Meal- He produces food (if he doesn't have it, a pot and fire appear, and he swiftly cooks it) to heal himself and allies within range. Generally hearty foods like spaghetti or pork cutlets. Not as powerful as a healing spell, but a lot faster.
Energizing Meal- As Healing Meal, but it restores TP and cures fatigue instead. Generally desserts such as shortcake.
Panacea Meal- As Healing Meal, but it cures conditions instead. This is often chicken soup, beef stew, and the like.
Power Meal- As Healing Meal, but it raises two target statistics of his choice for a time.
Resurrection Meal- As Healing Meal, but it revives fallen allies. This could be anything with a great aroma.
Miracle Meal- A combination of Healing Meal and Energizing Meal.
Potluck- He combines multiple healing items or foods into one use, either using them himself or throwing it with uncanny accuracy at an ally.
Stone Soup- He takes an apparently useless item and converts it into a very basic healing item. Basically, he has access to basic healing items (sub-Apple Gel) at any time.

Elusive Chef- He disappears in a puff of smoke, reappearing somewhere else within his line of sight (or beyond, in some cases). He cannot do this while performing attacks or combos, nor while running.
Falling Lettuce- In a puff of smoke, he disappears and reappears behind the enemy. This is similar to Elusive Chef.
Cunning Disguise- In a puff of smoke, he disguises himself as an object, which doesn't always match the area that he hides in. When he is discovered, he changes back in a puff of smoke. He often rewards those who see through this ruse by teaching them a recipe.

Mystic Arte- Wonderful World of Flavors
He thrusts his fork into the air. A huge, colorful wave of assorted food appears and swirls around the battlefield, bowling over and battering enemies. The food's presence heals himself and his allies, as well as curing conditions and providing small stat boosts for a time. He finishes the arte by snatching and swinging "Seraphic Kaiser", a massive loaf of bread, down on the enemy, causing a final blast of food.

Personality: He is like a mass of positive energy. He is kind, generous, and bold. He believes in spreading love and justice, but he is quite secretive about his methods. He doesn't always acknowledge that people find his behavior strange. If someone insults him, he won't be offended- He'll either not respond to it or twist it around to be a compliment. He considers himself a friend of all chefs, no matter how skilled or unskilled. He even treats Dark Chefs with some kindness.
Fave Food Type: All kinds of food.
Bio: He is the Wonder Chef, an enigmatic chef and self-proclaimed denizen of the Wonderful World of Flavors. He teaches people how to cook certain recipes, especially if they see through his disguises. Hardly anyone, if anyone at all, really knows how he does what he does. He is of humble origins, and does have a family, but he doesn't mention them, and they don't mention him. He was a marvelous cook from birth, so masterful that his path was clear. After graduating at the top of the class in a matter of days in countless culinary classes, he began to do what he has done ever since, taking up the role of Wonder Chef, leading his fellow chefs in spreading joy through food and competing with those who use their culinary expertise for darker purposes.
He has traveled the worlds for quite some time, even going between them using secret methods. Once, during the World Regeneration journey, he arranged a cooking contest between Regal Bryant and a Dark Chef, resulting in that Dark Chef seeing the error of his ways, but more remain. When Zeal struck, the Wonder Chef was on Tethe'alla, and found that he could not travel to Sylvarant. Trusting in his Sylvaranti allies, he is now directly working to help the worlds in this time of need.
Other Notes: As has been mentioned before, he has secret methods of travel, but he can't teleport across the planet or any such extraordinary feat. He can disappear in a puff of smoke, but not travel at warp speed through space. He does have limits. His methods of planetary travel most likely involve Rheairds. His allies include the Wonder Chefs and the Katz Guild.
Here is a guide to his cooking.

Victory - "The food master of love and justice, the Wonder Chef, emerges victorious!" "Goodness and love will always win! With that, we will make Dwarven Potluck Surprise!" "A fine battle! Now let's see your culinary skills!" "You all look like you could use a good meal!"
Low health - "Lower the heat of this stove!"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Yes, you may have seconds!" "By all means, help yourselves."
Downed - "This stove is too hot!" "The buns are burning!"
Revived - "I rise so that bread may follow suit!"
Strong enemy - "Never fear, for not even such foes as this can stand against teamwork and goodwill!"
Weak enemy - "We'll begin with sandwiches!" "Your roast haunch shall be handed to you!"
Killing an enemy - "The fork test says that you're done!" "Dinner is served!"
Fleeing - "We live to cook another day!" "This should bake for a few more minutes, no?"  
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"El Presidente"
Regal Bryant
of the Lezareno Group

Condition: Handcuffed.
Activity: Kamehameha!



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I'm the mysterious gourmet,
The Wonder Chef!

Current Kitchen: LOCATION!
Condition: CONDITION!
Activity: ACTIVITY!


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Character Name: Gilgamesh
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Rift Wanderer, "Legendary Swordsman"
Alignment: What is he doing here, anyway? He seems decent enough, but...
Description/Picture: He seems rather bulky, wearing red and gray armor with numerous flaps of fabric hanging on it. He wears gray shorts with red polka-dots, though the rest of his legs are covered by armor. He wears a red hood with horns and a tassel on top. His excessive garb and kabuki-esque makeup (or is it?) conceals his gray complexion. In his true form, he has eight arms. As a result, he has a somewhat fiendish appearance.
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Canon: Final Fantasy series
Canon Point: After the events already established in the series. He has already made his appearances in Final Fantasy I, IV, V, VI, VIII, IX XII, XIII-2, and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. He has also appeared in the worlds of many others in the series.
Means of Arrival: Wandering the Rift, he comes across an opening to Aselia. Springing out, he challenges the first person he sees!

Class: "Legendary Swordsman"
Fighting Style: He is a powerful swordsman, functioning best at short to mid-range. He supplements his swordsmanship with Blue Magic, which seems to work a bit differently than traditional magic. These magics' damage capacity pales in comparison to his swordsmanship, but they excel at surprising targets and inflicting them with status effects.
He doesn't even use all of his abilities, as he has forgotten more than many will ever know... That's a lot of forgetting. Lesser foes, such as most monsters, stand little chance against him. However, some foes may be able to outwit him. However, he is truly an incredible swordsman and a powerful opponent.
Weapon(s): Swords, among others. He has been known to occasionally pick up and use ranged weapons (guns, etc.) in his multiple arms, but he is far more skilled with bladed weapons. He sometimes switches weapons, but doesn't always pay attention to which one he picks. He frequently mistakes average or weak weapons for strong ones.
Known weapons:
(From left to right in this image)
Excalibur- A legendary weapon of tremendous power. However, it is easy confused with...
Excalipoor- A squeaky-sounding weapon, incapable of dealing much damage at all. Frequently mistaken for Excalibur.
Naginata- A bladed polearm with impressive reach. One of his signature weapons.
Masamune- A long katana.
Genji Blade- A sword from the famed Genji equipment set.
Zantetsuken- A sword like the one used by Odin, capable of dealing instant death to lesser monsters and foes by slicing them in half. However, it is tricky to handle, making it the least accurate of his regular weapons. It simply won't work against some.
Battle Axe- An axe that deals unpredictable amounts of damage. Perhaps strong, perhaps not.
Chicken Knife- A knife that is at its most effective in a pinch or when running away.

Bashosen- A weapon he had custom-made in Final Fantasy XIII's Cocoon, modeled after Enkidu. See this image.

He also wields knockoffs of iconic Final Fantasy series weapons, such as Cloud's Buster Sword. These are not especially powerful.


Gilgamesh Morphing Time!: He morphs to or from his true form, gaining additional arms (up to eight). His gray skin becomes more notable here, as some of his armor may disappear.
Jump: A jumping attack. Delayed hit, but dodges most incoming attacks. More powerful if using the Naginata.
Blade Dance: A powerful sequence of four attacks that slams through target defenses as if it was one powerful attack.
Death Claw: A two-weapon cross-slash that paralyzes and critically injures lesser foes.
Launch: He launches a target into the air with an attack.
Divider: A cinematic-looking and overly showy sequence of slashes (his blades flash and everything!) that may daze the target.
Whirlwind Slash: He flies at the target, blades spinning, and follows up with more attacks to knock it away.
Hurricane: A swift, 360 degree spinning attack that creates a whirlwind around him.
Ultimate Illusion: He performs a slash that sends out a shockwave.


Enkidu: He briefly summons his loyal companion, Enkidu, to his side. Enkidu may attack, heal Gilgamesh, fetch an item, or perform some other task.
Mighty Guard: Increases his own defenses, hastens his defensive actions, slowly regenerates vitality, and causes him to float slightly above the ground. This also applies to companions within a short range, but he mostly uses it when he's in trouble, or after feigning defeat.
Wind Slash: He throws slicing discs of wind at the opponent, like oversized shuriken.
Electrocute: He calls down a bolt of lightning, creating a ring of electricity to shock foes in an area.
Aqua Breath: He sends out a slow wave of bubbling water to attack in an area.
Rocket Punch: He fires a fist-shaped blast at one target, confusing it. However, it cannot finish anything off; it takes the target exactly halfway to being knocked out of fighting condition (reduce by 1/2), regardless of the status of the target or user. It doesn't work on all foes.
Missile: He fires a missile that weakens the target's physical attributes and health, bringing the target's fighting condition down to a quarter of its previous state (reduce by 3/4). It is, however, unreliable. It doesn't work on all foes.
Eerie Soundwave: He fires a blast of sound that briefly disables the target, making it vulnerable.
Ruin: He fires one or more pearly orbs to home in on the target.
Ruinga: He fires a pearly orb of magic that homes in on the target and launches it with an explosion.
Level-Something Something: He inflicts a negative status effect (such as petrification, paralysis, or sleep) to multiple targets of similar skill or strength. That is, it does it if he can figure out their levels of strength and such... Otherwise it does nothing.
Self-Destruct: He creates an extraordinarily powerful explosion around himself. He's lucky to have survived using this once, as most users of this spell don't. If he uses this on Aselia, he will probably not be seen again there, one way or another.

Personality: He is quite bizarre, often making comments that only he understands. He considers himself a famed master swordsman, and is often overconfident, which has led to many defeats. However, he may grow close to people, especially those who could stand up to him in combat. If they defeat him, he may even consider helping them as a "summon" or, occasionally, a direct ally. He wishes to one day face his chosen rival one-on-one. Until then, he travels to test his skills, face worthy foes, and gather powerful weapons. Unless utterly trounced, he rarely acknowledges defeat, instead fleeing and later claiming that he was victorious. He is definitely not above feigning defeat or surrender. Despite all this, he is actually quite loyal and compassionate.
Though usually boastful, he may act slightly archaic and even slightly honorable at times. He claims that women should act "ladylike," though this is merely his way of saying that they shouldn't try to act "manly." Despite his occasional practice of taking the weapons of defeated foes, he dislikes thieves.
Fave Food Type: Unknown
Bio: His past is largely unknown to most he meets, but he does have one. He grew up in a village of warriors, keepers of the ancient Genji equipment. For unknown reasons, he later became the henchman of Exdeath, an evil being who sought to erase existence, banishing it into the nothingness of the Void. He encountered four Light Warriors who, assisted by the power of the planet's Crystals (which were destroyed by Exdeath), sought to stop Exdeath's plans. He fought and was defeated by them multiple times, so he declared one of them, Bartz, to be his "chosen rival." He eventually came to consider them his friends, and was saddened after a certain tragic loss they underwent. When he utterly failed to defeat them after mistaking the weak Excalipoor for the legendary blade Excalibur, Exdeath banished him into the Void. He was lost in the Void for a time thereafter, fighting many monsters until the Light Warriors appeared, fighting him one last time. However, he no longer wanted to serve Exdeath, and almost offered to join the party. He later sacrificed himself via the explosive Self-Destruct spell to defeat the last foe between the Warriors and Exdeath. He survived, but has been lost in the Interdimensional Rift ever since, hopping between worlds and seeking powerful weapons (such as other incarnations of Excalibur). He one day hopes to find his chosen rival, Bartz, and challenge him to a one-on-one rematch. He has already done so once, though Bartz was suffering from memory loss induced by being summoned into the war between two gods (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy). Before disappearing into the Rift once more, the defeated Gilgamesh swore to return and face him in a "real" rematch.
Other Notes: Theme - Clash on the Big Bridge

SECTION 5: QUOTES (Optional, does not affect the review of your profile and can be filled in later.)
Victory - "Victory is mine! All mine!" "I applaud you for not giving up." "Don't cry on me now!" "I'm the mightiest swordsman in Iva- Wherever we are!"
Low health - "It's just you and me!" "I wield the strongest sword there is!"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "It's you again!" "It's an honor to face me, but you're pushing your luck!"
Downed - "Ba-Bartz?..." "It's the wrong sword!..." "You'll pay for this!"
Revived - "Aha!" "I was just kidding!" "Thank you, my comrade!"
Strong enemy - "Enough expository banter!" "Come and get some!" "The famed swordsman has arrived!" "You're facing ME! Gilgamesh!"
Weak enemy - "You're the one challenging a legend!" "You don't even have any decent weapons!" "You should consider yourself lucky to face me: Gilgamesh!" "Which sword should I stain with your blood?"
Killing an enemy - "You had some guts!" "Chop-chop!" "Muahaha!"
Fleeing - "I must egress posthaste!" "What? This can't be!" "That's beginner's luck! I'll be back!"  

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Character Name: Quote (AKA Mr. Traveler)
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: Unknown, but at least 10.
Race: Sentient Robot
Occupation: Armed Recon Robot
Alignment: Protagonist
Description/Picture: He was built to resemble a human boy with pale skin and black hair. He wears red pants, a blank tank-top shirt, and red gloves. He has a red-and-white hat with radio-like antennae over both ears. The name "Curly Brace" is written on it.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Canon: Cave Story
Canon Point: After the events of Cave Story's true ending.
Means of Arrival: He appeared alongside Curly Brace, falling out of the sky with little to no any damage from the fall. Meanwhile, above, a rectangular shape is seen spiraling down.
Quote, Curly, and Balrog were seeking a place to live, but ended up in Aselia. They were flying on Balrog, who was disoriented by their appearance in Aselia, causing them to fall.

Class: Robot Soldier
Fighting Style: He is an agile and durable ranged-combat expert.
Weapon(s): He uses various guns with different levels of power and, for the most part, no ammunition requirement. The energy charge of the guns varies, and their power with it. When enemies are defeated nearby, they become stronger (visualized to him as the collection of energy triangles). However, when taking a lot of hits, some may weaken temporarily.
Spur: The Spur is the upgraded form of the first weapon he obtained on his journey, the Polar Star. Its standard attack uses rapid-fire energy bullets, which he can potentially keep going indefinitely. However, he can charge it to fire powerful, piercing lasers. The Spur is unaffected by energy charge.
Whimsical Star: When the Spur is fully charged or when a lot of energy is collected, Quote can deploy three stars to spin around him, dealing light damage to nearby enemies and acting as shields. They become larger or smaller depending on the energy charge.
Super Missile Launcher: A powerful missile launcher. Heavy-hitting, but has limited ammunition. Fires more or fewer missiles with energy charge.
Fireball: A gun that fires bouncing fireballs. They're fairly slow and prone to gravity, but are very useful on slopes or when bouncing would be useful. Energy charge affects the number of fireballs that can be deployed at once.
Bubbler/Bubbline: This gun deploys bubbles, which deal damage on contact and can block melee access to Quote. They can act as shields for a short time, but then turn into bolts that rush forward. He can also command all existing bubbles to turn into bolts.
Blade: A sword that once belonged to a Mimiga named King. Quote uses it as a throwing weapon, and it returns to him after thrown. It has a short range, but is powerful. With a high energy charge, the spirit of King appears when the sword is used, performing a dashing multi-slash in an area.
Booster V 2.0: This jetpack allows him to maneuver through the air for brief periods of time. He generally uses it in short bursts, allowing him to move further distances. He can also use it to dodge attacks.
Iron Bond: Like in the Sacred Grounds, Quote can tie Curly to his back. They can fire in separate directions or combine their fire into a deadly barrage.

Personality: He is usually silent, but is capable of speech. Unlike most robots other than his partner, Curly Brace, he is sentient and has emotions. He is dedicated to his goals, and will do everything he can to help his friends and allies. His actions are not limited by his programming.
He was programmed to destroy the Demon Crown, but actually saved the Island itself and everyone on it from falling as well.
Though he has the appearance of a boy, he is strong and determined. His facial expressions are generally subtle, as are his emotional displays in general.
Fave Food Type: N/A
Ten years before the events of Cave Story began, Quote and his partner, Curly Brace, were sent from the Surface of the planet to the Island, a floating island. They sought to destroy the evil Demon Crown, which granted great power to its wearer. They, like countless other robots from the Surface, were defeated by Miakid, the wearer of the Crown. However, they did wound him. Ten years later, the now-amnesiac Quote awoke in a small cave. He wandered into a village populated by Mimiga, a race of rabbit-people. Allying himself with Mimiga (such as King and Sue) and some humans (Jenka [a witch and the mother of Misery], Professor Booster), he fought against the newest crown-wearer, "the Doctor" (Dr. Fuyuhiko Date), who sought to use special red flowers to enslave the Mimiga, turning them into an army of warlike beasts that would conquer the Surface for him. Along the way, Quote encountered Curly, who also had amnesia. They worked together on various occasions until Curly gave Quote her air tank in order to save him from drowning in a room full of water. Quote treated her, but she floated away in a current after Quote battled a large, hostile fish (Ironhead). However, he later encountered her in a Mimiga plantation (she had been rescued by a member of the mysterious Cthulhu race), though once again afflicted with amnesia and unable to remember her own name. After Quote restored her memories with a Ma Pignon mushroom, she revealed their history and Quote's name, but was unable to accompany him on his journey to fight the Doctor. Defeating the cursed slaves of the Crown (The fairylike but harsh Misery and the rectangular "huzzah"-saying being known as Balrog) and the Doctor, Quote achieved victory, but at the cost of the lives of some of his friends. However, he also destroyed the core of the Island, causing it to begin falling from the sky. Trapped in a building during their escape, Quote found a hole leading to a blood-stained sanctuary, the Sacred Grounds. Curly was there, but could not move on her own, so Quote tied her to his back and they fought their way through the grounds. They arrived at a seal chamber where Jenka had imprisoned her brother, Ballos. Ballos was the once-benevolent but now insane creator of the Demon Crown (which he had been forced to create by Misery, resulting in her enslavement and that of Balrog). Though Ballos wielded mysterious and powerful abilities, Quote and Curly defeated him. In a final effort to destroy the pair, the walls attempted to crush them. Balrog arrived, free of the Crown's power, and rescued them. Since the Island had stopped falling, the trio decided to live together in a nice place. Quote and Curly flew off on Balrog's back, seeking such a place.

Other Notes: Quote can survive great falls and jump great distances (relative to the human norm). He has an air tank that allows him to survive underwater indefinitely. In addition, he has a map system that maps places that he has explored.

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Tales of Zeal minor character

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Name: Curly Brace
Canon: Cave Story
Race: Sentient Robot

Personality: She is somewhat carefree, but can be very protective, especially of those who can't fight back against the dangers that face them. Though she works separately from Quote now, she is still his partner, so she checks up on him from time to time. She is even willing to sacrifice herself for him, though she knows that Quote will do his best to save her as well. They truly do have an iron bond.

Curly and her partner, Quote, were sent to the Island (see Quote's bio) to destroy the Demon Crown, an evil artifact. Though they wounded its wearer, Miakid, they were ultimately defeated. Ten years later, Curly awoke with amnesia. She stumbled across four children of the rabbit-like Mimiga race in the desertlike Sand Zone. She protected them, even attacking the also-amnesiac Quote (who she had mistaken for a "killer robot" wink when he arrived. When Quote fought them in self-defense, but spared their lives, she realized that he wasn't seeking to eliminate the Mimiga. After Quote left, however, she was transported to a labyrinth by Misery (a dark, fairylike witch cursed to serve the wearer of the Crown, along with Balrog). After her injuries were treated in the labyrinth's clinic, she reunited with Quote and battled the Island's Core. However, after the Core's defeat, the room began to fill with water. She gave her air tank to Quote, saving his life. She started drowning (robots don't breathe, but their systems can be flooded), and would have died had Quote not tied her to his back and carried her out. However, after a battle with an ironclad fish, they became separated. Curly was swept away in the current, washing up at a plantation. She was found by a member of the mysterious Cthulhu race, who brought her to a bed so that she could recover. She was once again struck with amnesia, which lasted until Quote arrived and gave her the memory-restoring Ma Pignon mushroom. This cured her earlier amnesia as well, allowing her to reveal their common past and Quote's name. Quote continued his mission to destroy the Crown, but Curly had to stay behind. Curly was later present, however, in the Sacred Grounds, where she and Quote worked together to defeat Ballos, the maddened creator of the Demon Crown. His defeat ensured that the Demon Crown would never be created again, as well as preventing the catastrophic fall of the Island. After Ballos' defeat, the walls of the room in which he was sealed almost crushed the pair. However, Balrog arrived, freed from the Crown's control; he rescued them, flying away with the pair on his back. Their past battles put aside, they decided to seek out a nice place to live.

Reason and Means of Arrival: Before finding a nice place to live, they abruptly appeared in Aselia. Balrog, disoriented from the shift in space, fell from the sky. Curly and Quote fell off and landed separately, and now seek his location.

Machine Gun: A very fast automatic weapon. She must regulate its use, as its "ammunition" takes time to recharge. She can use the force generated by the shots to propel herself through the air. By firing in short bursts (allowing ammo to regenerate between bursts), she can fly through the air for extended periods of time.
Nemesis: A powerful semi-automatic weapon that fires very powerful yellow blasts of energy. Its blasts can pass through targets and continue forward. If it absorbs energy from nearby damaged foes, however, it actually weakens, decreasing attack speed, power, and attack speed. At its worst, it actually fires little rubber ducks, dealing negligible damage. Because of this, it works best from a good distance, when taking a lot of hits, or when facing a powerful foe.
Energy Shield: Curly can briefly manifest a transparent shield of energy to block explosions and area-based spells. However, focused attacks bypass it easily.  

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Tales of Zeal minor character

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Name: Vash the Stampede
Canon: Trigun (anime)
Race: Independent Plant

Personality: Vash is very kind and, as a pacifist (he refuses to kill anyone, and hates causing pain), claims that "this world is made of love and peace." Though he is a wanderer, he often befriends the locals, especially children, since he acts somewhat childlike himself. Vash often exaggerates his foolish characteristics, such as his lecherous behavior, bizarre quips and jokes, and near-obsession with donuts. This, along with his constant kindness, are employed to prevent people from feeling threatened by him. It also hides his identity and his inner pain. Due to his extended lifespan and reputation as a "Humanoid Typhoon," he has lost many friends, faced many betrayals, and seen massive amounts of carnage and destruction caused to get at him. Because of this, he is actually very lonely and tormented, though he makes sure to keep people at ease with his kind-yet-bizarre behavior. He is still hopeful, however, especially about humanity. He never kills anyone intentionally, even if not doing so poses great danger to himself. He keeps the scars he has gained as a result of his pacifism, despite his ability to heal them. They serve as reminders of the price he pays for his mercy.

Vash and his brother, Knives, are Plants, humanoid beings that are generally used as an energy source. However, they are independent, allowing them to consciously use their own power and survive in normal environments. They were found above a human SEEDS spaceship (full of people seeking a new planet) as infants, and were raised by Rem Saverem, their parental figure. Over a year, they grew into children. The beginnings of Vash's morals, his respect for life, and hope for the future came from Rem. Knives disagreed with them, believing that there was nothing wrong with killing one side of a conflict. For example, he once saved a butterfly from a spiderweb by killing the spider, despite Vash's attempts to keep both alive. After a series of violent events on the ship, and the discovery of Plants being used as power, Knives decided for certain that he hated humans. He attempted to crash the SEEDS ships into the planet Gunsmoke, killing the humans but sparing the Plants. However, after putting Vash and Knives into an escape pod, Rem stayed behind as the ships started to come down, sending out a directive to activate the thrusters on the ships, allowing them to safely enter the atmosphere. However, she apparently died in the process.
When they arrived on Gunsmoke, Vash was distraught and infuriated with his brother. He had no choice, however, but to stay with him. He would wander the planet with Knives, searching through crash sites. Knives salvaged some ships, creating two revolvers that would allow them to use their plant abilities. He planned to use their Angel Arms (see Attacks section) to eradicate humanity. Vash knew this and became morally conflicted. He shot Knives in the leg, but went into a panic upon seeing his pain. He took both revolvers (including his signature silver one) and fled, spending two years wandering the planet until he collapsed from exhaustion. He was rescued by the survivors of the only remaining functioning SEEDS ship, becoming friends with the humans and receiving his signature red coat. A few months later, he left, seeking the last surviving relative of Rem: Revenant Buskus, who studied Plants.
He sought Buskus in the city of July, but only found Knives standing over his corpse. A firefight ensued, in which Vash lost his left arm to a gunshot. Knives took his revolver back and activated Vash's in an attempt to destroy the City. Vash aimed it at him, wounding him with the blast, but the city was still reduced to rubble. The survivors (Vash's Angel Arm didn't usually work on inorganic material) fought among themselves, turning July into a hellish place. This is how Vash got his reputation as the Humanoid Typhoon, Vash the Stampede, with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head.
Vash spent the next 23 years in hiding, receiving a cybernetic arm to replace his lost one. Two insurance agents, Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, were assigned to follow him in order to prevent further damages. This dismays Vash, but he took a liking to them. He wandered between cities, sometimes alone, doing his best to solve people's problems. Trouble followed him, but he resolved it whenever he could. He sometimes worked together with a strange, profit-seeking, gun-toting priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. However, things become more serious when Vash encountered Legato Bluesummers, a servant of Knives dedicated to causing Vash suffering. Legato and his gang, the Gung-Ho Guns, went after Vash, seeking to cause him harm and eliminate those he cared for. Each defeated member was killed by Legato or themselves to scar Vash's conscience. One of them killed Wolfwood, which Vash deeply regretted. When Vash finally confronted Legato, the latter forced Vash to either fatally shoot him or see Milly and Meryl die. Vash chose to shoot Legato, bringing him the "ultimate suffering" that Legato had aimed for: Vash had chosen to kill someone, even if it was on pain of someone else's death.
Vash spent weeks in anguish, refusing to face Knives because of the death that it would inevitably end with. When Meryl protected him from a frustrated gunman, however, he saw Rem in her actions. He gained morale once more, departing with Wolfwood's cross-shaped Punisher gun in tow. He crossed the desert to confront Knives.

Reason and Means of Arrival: He somehow wandered across space and time, arriving in Aselia. In crossing to the new world, he lost Wolfwood's Punisher. He now seeks to get it back and find his way back to Gunsmoke for his final battle.

Vash is a master gunman, though he does not fire shots that would kill the target. He avoids directly harming his target if at all possible. He has survived this long because, as a Plant, he has heightened physical abilities (superhuman agility and reflexes, improved strength and muscle control, improved eyesight, etc.). He can dodge bullet-speed projectiles at close range (even pretending to dance or not notice the shots while doing so), and can even redirect them slightly by striking them with something else (rocks, other bullets). He is also more intelligent than the average human, and is capable of telepathic communication with his brother (this isn't functioning on Aselia, indicating- hopefully- that Knives isn't on the planet).
His weapons include his silver .45 Long Colt revolver. His cybernetic arm conceals a built-in submachine gun, which is powerful enough to punch holes in floors. Each of his boots has a knife hidden in the toe.
Though it is missing at the moment, he can also use the Punisher, a heavy cross-shaped weapon once belonging to Wolfwood. It has a machine gun on the front and a rocket launcher on the back. The side arms of the cross hold four pistols each. The Punisher is normally wrapped up with belts and a canvas, which come off when the weapon is used. Because of its features and bulk, the weapon is very heavy. According to Wolfwood, it's "loaded with mercy."
His main weapon is his revolver, one of a pair custom-built by Knives. While unusual and unique, it has the appearance of an ordinary weapon. However, it is the catalyst for Vash's ultimate weapon, the Angel Arm. Upon activation (willing or unwilling), it fuses with Vash's arm, transforming it into an arm cannon capable of leveling cities with one blast... Or even blasting a hole in a moon. However, it usually only destroys inorganic material, and some items on someone's person may be saved (weapons, jewelry, glasses etc.).  
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