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[PRP] Two Cheetahs Walk Into A Bar ... (Upholi, Mia, Siyah )

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2011 9:49 am
User ImageThe sun was just coming up as Upholi came back from the night's gathering, herding a few young hares in front of her and into the pen the pride used to hold sacrifices. She chased them in, and, with the help of some of the other gatherers, slid the slab of wood back across the opening of the pen and wedged it shut with stones. With satisfaction at a job well done, even if it was the least of jobs, Upholi turned and moved toward the center of the pridal lands, where the other gatherers would be dragging their kills so that everyone could eat.

Small and light as she was, Upholi was usually the last to get in to get something to eat, but that was ok because she didn't eat much. Besides, those lions who served the Loa directly surely needed their strength more than she did. She sat patiently, tail curled around her feet, until it would be her turn.
PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:19 am
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Two shadows detached themselves from the surrounding darkness, sliding out from the undergrowth like wraiths. The movement was indistinct at first, but slowly they grew more solid as they left the thicker brush and stepped out into the open. The shapes resolved themselves into the figures of two of the pride's guards. Neither of them had really spent much time getting to know the other pride members and were something of a mystery, but they were excellent fighters and more than a little scary with their piercing glares and silent manners so they had mostly been left alone.

Now, the pair of living shadows glided up to the single black and white female, only detangling from each other into separate and identifiable bodies as they drew close. One of them, the tall cheetah with neon green eyes, flashed a set of deadly fangs at her in a grin as he came to stand directly before her. His 'brother', the acidic-yellow-eyed leopard, settled down to one side and started to groom his pitch black fur casually, apparently ignoring the pair of cheetahs.

"Well hello there pretty lady." The cheetah purred, tail high as it twisted behind him like an amused snake.


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:11 pm
The two's abrupt arrival and subsequent surrounding of her startled Upholi, and she scooted backward slightly. She recognized the two as guards, but she had never spoken to either of them before. As a rule, Upholi stayed with the gatherers. Aside from their names, Meo and Siyah, Upholi knew nothing about them.

She found them a bit intimidating, as well, with their matched pelts and quiet ways, but at least they were a leopard and a cheetah, too, not a bunch of scary lions being in touch with the Loa and scaring her that way. Still, she kept her tail curled tightly around her and gave them a slightly shaky smile.

"Hello, Meo, hello, Siyah. Have you come to get food, too?"

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