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  1. Respect, respect, respect. Regardless of your background, and the background of anyone else, the number one rule of Firefall is respect. There are absolutely no excuses for saying something rude to another member, and it shall not be tolerated. If something you post is found as offensive or rude, it shall be deleted by a mod.

  2. Differences of Denomination: Yes, I do agree that in some cases denomination truly does make a difference on the fate of your eternal soul. I know that there are many others who agree that not everyone who claims to be Christian truly is. That aside, we are not here to focus on those differences. This guild is non-denominational, and I shall not tolerate someone saying that their denomination is the only correct one outside of specified discussion threads. If you would like to address things you label wrong or problematic about another denomination, please create a separate topic for the purpose of that discussion and it shall be added to the official link list.

    I realize that the main purpose of these discussions is out of love, and is in an attempt to ensure the safety of someone's soul. This is very important to discuss, and I recognize this. However, I see absolutely no need for it to come up in every other topic, and from here on out, it shall not be allowed. When Christians focus on differences like these, it takes away from the most important thing we DO have in common: faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, we are here to inform. But there is a proper method to doing so.

    • DO NOT make threads debating whether one Christian sect is better than another. Any such threads will be deleted immediately.

    • DO NOT call any Christian sect 'un-Christian' or otherwise question their devotion to Christ. Any group professing belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God is, by definition, Christian and will be accorded the same respect as any other.

    • DO NOT refer to anyone or any group as 'Satanic' or any similar insult.

  3. Do not be judgmental. There are people from many different walks of life, and have had many different background experiences. You will not agree with everything you see here, and that's fine. But do not post anything to point out the flaws in someone else, or what you deem as flaws. "Judge not lest ye be judged" comes to mind, and I believe that should be adhered to. Following with the story Jesus tells in Matthew about removing the plank in your own eye before focusing on the speck in someone else's also comes to mind. Don't be quick to judge anyone, and react to everything you can with as much love as possible.

  4. Keep clean language. Please do not curse in this guild. There are many members who find swearing offensive, and it shall not be allowed. Any posts containing foul language shall be edited by a mod and a warning shall be issued.

  5. Open support of something widely disturbing shall not be encouraged. Support of Nazis, genocide, or something equally disturbing is not allowed in this guild. Members who do so shall be banned.

    • Deprication of others based on their race is unnacceptable. This includes negatively stereotyping a certain race or claiming, either implicitely or explicitely, that one race is inherently better, more productive, more moral, etc, than any other. First offenders will be warned. Subsequent offenses will result in banning.

  6. If you are having a problem with a specific individual on Firefall, you have several options:

    • Discuss your feelings with the individual privately, via PMs. Do not make it a public issue.
    • Relate your feelings to a mod or myself, and proper action will be discussed.
    • All final decisions regarding conflicts in this guild are mine alone to make.