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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:35 pm

Arielle Shore

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Arielle found herself blinking when she felt Kedrick's thumb on her face. She was barely aware that there was any chocolate on her face, but when she spotted some of it on his thumb, she smiled and thanked him. Her smile grew when Kedrick said that he didn't mind staying up some more, and for her, her mind basically thought that she could roast some more marshmallows before the night was through. She smiled happily to herself, content with the idea.

Maria smiled sweetly at Dimitri when he said that he'd save her if she got kidnapped by a bunch of bears. Before she could even thank him, he soon joked about how she would talk the poor bear's ears off. The smile faded with a playful pout and she pretended to be insulted when Kedrick joined in.

When she felt Dimitri wrap his arms around her shoulder, she looked over at him and smiled again, moving in closer and leaning her head on him. If more nights were like this the week that they were staying, she'd enjoy it to always end like the way it was.

Arielle finished her s'mores and pulled out two more marshmallows to roast. As she did that, Kedrick again mentioned about the bear joke and she found herself giggling again. She could see Maria playfully roll her eyes but her smile and laughter was a bigger sign on how much she was enjoying the joke. As she was putting her marshmallows closer to the fire for them to roast, an idea suddenly came to her. In just a matter of seconds, she handed Kedrick her two marshmallows before getting up and going off to her and Kedrick's things.

Maria blinked, somewhat confused at the sudden sense of urgency that Arielle seemed to have when she quickly got up and left the group. She wondered if she had forgotten something. She looked at the boys, wondering if they were just as confused as she was when suddenly she saw Arielle return with a little radio and her iPod connected to it.

"Did you decide to add a soundtrack to our evening, Ari?" Maria asked with a gentle smile.

"Kind of, but not really," Arielle responded, plopping right down beside Kedrick again, "I thought, before we all retire for the night, not only can we enjoy the stars, but we could also sing along to some songs from Disney. And because it's my idea, I'll start off first~." She grinned brightly and happily looked through her Disney playlist, trying to find a good song that could be sung.

(Whoo~. Disney sing-a-thon.)
PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:03 am
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Kedrick looked over as Arielle stood up, a small frown appearing between his eyebrows, it wasn't half as warm by the fire without Arielle. He glanced over at where Maria and Dimitri where and saw that they looked just as confused as he did. But a small smile touched Kedrick's lips as he saw Arielle return with her ipod, and his radio/speaker to amplify the sound so they could all hear. He took the opportunity, while Arielle was on her feet, to shuffle over a bit so that when she sat back down, they would be right next to Maria and Dimitri rather than across from them.

Dimitri smirked as he saw the ipod and he looked over at Maria when she and Arielle began to talk. Dimitri enjoyed Disney songs and movies, regardless of the fact that he was a teenaged guy. He was anxious to see what song would play first, and weather or not he could remember all the words and what movie it came from.

Kedrick was grateful when Arielle sat back down next to him, her body warm next to his. The fire had warmed her clothing so it had the same pleasant feel as when you took a fresh load of clean sheets out of the dryer. Kedrick snugged in next to her and watched the screen of the music player, listening to the fragmented beginnings of songs as she flipped though the tracks to find the one she wanted. "Wait!" Kedrick said, holding out a hand. "That one!" He said, hearing the opening scores of a song he was particularly fond of. It was instrumental, in the beginning that was, and sounded a little bit like saloon music.

Dimitri frowned, trying to figure out what song it was, and then, he couldn't help but laugh as he heard the words of Youve got a friend in me.

Kedrick grinned, Dimitri laughter was always kind of contagious. It was a song that they had played a lot on those long afternoons and days they had spent in the estate. Kedrick picked up the songs, starting to sing along with the lyrics, he certainly knew them well enough. It was the kind of memorization that comes with listening to something a thousand time and still not being tired of it.

Dimitri smiled, joining in. Dimitri rarely sang for other people to hear, mainly because he didn't classify his voice as 'that good' but he was actually quite good, his voice just hadn't had time to drop all the way. His voice was a little bit husky, and higher than Kedrick's, but it complimented the overall sound of the song.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:17 am

Arielle Shore

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"Ending our evening from songs from our childhood," Maria said, almost as if she was processing the idea, "That's wonderful. How about we do something like this every night. Tonight is Disney and that was Arielle's decision. Tomorrow night we can do whatever... Hmmm... Who wants to go next?"

Arielle giggled and shrugged her shoulders. As she continued going through the songs, trying to find the one she wanted, letting each one play for a few seconds before moving on, Kedrick stopped her. She blinked and did as she said, realizing from memory what song was playing (as well as the fact that she could see the title). She smiled as Kedrick started singing the song and Dimitri joined in along him as well. She had never heard Dimitri sing, so it was interesting to hear his voice.

Maria herself was interested in the fact that Dimitri could sing. It wasn't like she didn't believe he did, but it still surprised her to hear his singing voice. She felt like his voice sounded wonderful in comparison to Kedrick's, and she found herself smiling the entire time throughout the song. When they finished, she applauded with Arielle and hugged Dimitri.

"You boys did a wonderful job," Maria said with a smile, "However, I think the two of you stole Arielle's thunder since she declared first. How could you two such a thing, especially you, Kedrick?" It was obvious that she was joking yet again, but she couldn't help messing with them.

Arielle just laughed and waved it off like it was nothing. "Don't worry, this is a night of fun," Arielle responded to Maria's comment, "Since they started with a duo, let's a do a duo as well, Maria. And I think I may have an idea~."

Maria blinked a bit, trying to think of the numerous duo songs that involved girls in Disney as Arielle searched again, clearly unaware of what her friend really was thinking.

(Here goes my post~. Going to play the song in the next one~.)
PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:59 am
♟♞ ♝ ♜ ♛ Ҝәɖʁϊϲҝ Ś. Śűѿą & Ďȋɱȋŧʁȋ Ĵ. ᾟűηŧȇʁ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟

Kedrick trailed off at the same moment as Dimitri as the song ended and he grinned over at his best friend. Dimitri looked a bit flushed, not used to singing in front of people. He was probably pretty embarrassed Kedrick thought, But he knew, embarrassed or not, Dimitri liked the attention. It had been probably the entire two years since Dimitri had moved out, and they hadn't listened to that song together since then. It brought back a lot of memories, and though the beginning of their friendship had been rocky, this song brought only good memories.

Dimitri laughed softly, touching his throat self-consciously. He smiled over at Maria and she applauded and hugged him. "Kedrick sounded fine," He said with a smirk, his pale cheeks flushed a slight pink. "My voice cracks all the time..." Dimitri, rubbed the back of his neck, looking embarrassed.

Kedrick shook his head. "You sounded fine," He assured,reaching over and patting his shoulder, earning a wry smile from his friend. Kedrick looked over as Maria spoke again, her arms still around Dimitri. "Sorry," He said, still smiling "I couldn't help myself, I thought if we got wrapped up in a different song, I'd forget to have Arielle got back to it." He said, glancing up as Arielle waved off Maria's comment.

Kedrick looked up as Arielle mentioned a duo. His curiosity was instantly piqued. He looked over at her, eyebrows raised. "So, what song are you two going to preform for us?" he asked

"Or is it a secret?" Dimitri cut it, looking over at Maria in turn. He was very curious to see what the girls would pick as their duo, and what song would be after that, but more than anything, he wanted to hear Maria sing.

((sorry this is so short >.< ))

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:43 pm

Arielle Shore

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"See, even Kedrick agrees with me," Maria said with a grin as she messed with his hair. "You've gotta have faith in your abilities, silly. If everyone says you did well, then you did well. Okay chico?" When Kedrick apologized for his "interruption" of Arielle's choosing of her song, Maria just smiled and continued to watch as Arielle went through her iPod for their supposed duo song.

"I'm just as clueless as you boys are about this song," Maria said as she stood up and walked over to Arielle. "Just exactly is this duo song that we're doing, Ari?"

"Do you remember when we were younger and how we would sing some of our favorite songs?" Arielle asked as she looked up at Maria who nodded, seeming a bit confused. "Okay, well think really hard and think hard on the song we liked the most. Well, one of them actually."

Maria stood back a little and took some time to think before the memory hit her. She remembered how they would watch some of their favorite movies, Disney and non Disney films and sing along to a lot of songs, and then afterwards, they would watch the movie in Spanish. They had to watch it with subtitles because Arielle's Spanish wasn't that good, and Maria was used to it because that was what was spoken in her home about eighty-five percent of the time.

When Arielle saw the memory come back to Maria through her expression, she grinned happily. "You think we can relive that moment yet again?" She asked, as she finally found the song and paused it so as to not give away the song.

"Definitely," Maria responded with her own grin, looking over and saw that Arielle had the Spanish version ready for her. Because they had done it so much, they could easily stay in the one language they were singing without overlapping or switching in the middle.

They two of them both counted down and Arielle played the song, letting the music introduction play. In just a few seconds, the girls were ready to begin; Maria singing along with the Spanish lyrics and Arielle singing the song in English.

(Here's the post. Seems kinda quick since I have to go for now~.)
PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:36 pm
♟♞ ♝ ♜ ♛ Ҝәɖʁϊϲҝ Ś. Śűѿą & Ďȋɱȋŧʁȋ Ĵ. ᾟűηŧȇʁ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟

Dimitri followed Maria's progress across to where Arielle sat with his eyes, now rather curious himself. He shuffled over closed to where Kedrick sat, nudging him and giving him a questioning look, as though to ask 'any idea what they're talking about?'

Kedrick looked over at Dimitri, caught the meaning behind the glance, and shrugged helplessly, rolling his eyes skyward. He cocked his head to the side, as the girls talked and finally he heard the music beginning. He didn't recognize it at first, it was definitely one he hadn't heard in a long time. But at the same time, It sounded familiar to him, like an old friend who's face he hadn't seen in a very long time. When the lyrics began, Kedrick's face split into a smile and he knew at once that it was going to sound wonderful.

Dimitri listened to the opening score of music, also slightly familiar with the tune and he listened anxiously for the first words. But as Maria began to sing, it threw him for a loop. He blinked in surprise, at first wondering weather or not he still had pond water in his ears that was making his hearing go funny. But then, slowly, the realization hit him that Maria was singing in Spanish and the sound gave him the chills. The two girl's voices overlapped in a beautiful mixture of the two languages, neither one interfering with the other. Dimitri shivered slightly at the beautiful sound.

Kedrick listened closely, not wanting to miss one word. His expression faded from it's previous grin, to a soft, contented smile as he listened to the girls singing. He glanced over at Dimitri for a moment, seeing his friend's equally absorbed expression. The firelight flickered in the dark-haired boy's eyes, a small smile tugging one corner of his mouth. He turned his eyes back to look at the girls, and his smile widened as the hit the last note, in perfect unison all the way through. Kedrick clapped for them, Dimitri joining in a second later.

Dimitri stood quickly, still clapping his hand. "That was great!" He exclaimed, placing his hands on Maria's arms. He laughed softly, and then pecked her on the lips.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:47 pm

Arielle Shore

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To both girls, it seemed like ages since the two of them would attempt to sing their favorite songs in their childish voices, one in English and the other in Spanish. However, it was something they loved to do, and before the event with Jonesy, they had done it all the time. It was apparent how much they loved it when they were singing.

In the case of Maria, she had put more of herself and feeling into the Spanish lyrics, still trying to get used to the pronunciation since the Spanish sung in the song was European Spanish, not the one she was used to. However, she was still good at it and she enjoyed it none the less. Arielle still sang with just as much feeling and passion, and their tempos combined were like a beautiful harmony, especially since it was so close in key.

After they finished that long note, they were awarded with applause from the two boys. They both bowed and smiled at each other before smiling at the boys.

"Oh it was nothing special," Maria said, feeling a bit flustered now after Dimitri had kissed her. Her body tingled under his touch and she found herself twirling a loose piece of hair nervously. "The pronunciation of the words was still a bit of a challenge... In Spain, their Spanish is spoken a bit differently than everyone else."

"Oh Maria, you were good," Arielle said with a bright smile, "Besides, didn't you say earlier that if everyone else thought that you were good than you were? Plus, your Spanish singing has improved a lot. Maybe it was all those Spanish love songs and ballads you were singing before you and Dimitri hooked up."

Maria found herself blush immediately and covered her face as if to hide any signs of how embarrassed she felt. "Did you really have to mention that, Ari?" Maria asked with a slight whine, still wishing her blush would go away.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:54 pm
♟♞ ♝ ♜ ♛ Ҝәɖʁϊϲҝ Ś. Śűѿą & Ďȋɱȋŧʁȋ Ĵ. ᾟűηŧȇʁ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟

Dimitri smiled, finding Maria's blush and nervous twisting of her hair incredibly cute. "She's right," He said, in complete agreement with Arielle's coming back to her comment about 'if everyone says you're good, then you're good.' Dimitri looked up at the mention of the love ballads, and found himself staring intently at his feet and blushing, rubbing the back of his neck. He wasn't sure why exactly it embarrassed him, he would have thought it would be a good opportunity to tease Maria and make her blush worse, but he found now that he was doing a good deal of the blushing himself.

Kedrick, unable to help himself, laughed delightedly at Maria and Dimitri's faces. Both of their cheeks where tinged with blush and Dimitri was shuffling his feet awkwardly across the ground.

Dimitri looked up, giving Kedrick a dark look, but the effect was somewhat ruined by his flushed cheeks. "Yeah, yeah..." He muttered under his breath, unable to come up with a better come-back at the moment. He shifted slightly, and then decided that his best tactic would be to change the subject. "So...what song's next?" He asked, looking back up and deciding to ignore Kedrick's subsiding snickers.

Kedrick pushed some of his hair out of his face and sighed, dropping down into a crouch and studying the playlist on the ipod. He hummed the last few notes of 'journey to the past' under his breath as he searched, finally deciding to just play one on random and see what came up. He closed his eyes, clicked down the list a bit and pressed play. He listened for a moment, and then pinpointed the song as Can you feel the Love tonight from the lion king.

Dimitri laughed as he too recognized it. "The lion king," He said with a smile. "Man, it's been forever since I've seen that one...lets see if I can remember the words..." He said and started singing, picking up right after Timon and Pumba's part in the beginning. He closed his eyes as he sang, his hands in his pockets. He began Simba's parts, "So many things to tell her, but how to make her see the truth about my past..." His voice quieted but he didn't dare stop for fear of someone noticing. "...Impossible...she'd turn away from me..." Dimitri suddenly found his throat inexplicably tight and he glanced over at Maria, just barely catching a glance at her before looking away, distracting himself with the sky. He didn't need to think about that now, but part of him wondered if she was thinking the same thing as the song...

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:08 am

Arielle Shore

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Maria found herself shyly looking back at Dimitri, her attempts of making her blush disappear a complete failure. A light smile cam across her cheeks before she noticed that somehow Dimitri himself was getting embarrassed.

Like Kedrick, Arielle seemed to find it cute how the two of them went completely awkward. She somehow felt like she and Kedrick were the easily blushing couple, but now there her friends were blushing almost as brightly as Christmas lights. She found herself surprised to hear him laugh, but she could see why it was amusing and she smiled gently, doing her best not to join in on the laughter.

Despite Kedrick's laughing, Maria appreciated Dimitri's need to change the subject. Now that she thought about it, she wasn't sure what song should be next. She didn't know if they should continue with the duets or break free and sing a song individually. She glanced at Kedrick as he went to pick the next song, and then wondered why he had to close his eyes. When he finally played the song, she too listened to the music before she recognized the song and smiled.

Arielle smiled at the memory this song brought to her, as probably the same with all of her friends. She could almost see the scene vividly like it was yesterday. Timon and Pumbaa singing their parts, and the scene were it was just Simba and Nala. She didn't know if Kedrick had chosen that song for the two of them to sing, but before she could question it, Dimitri's voice could be heard matching with Simba's line.

Maria found herself smiling as she heard Dimitri's singing voice again. When he sang Simba's part, it was like something struck a chord inside her. She couldn't explain why, but she felt like that line was more truthful than she had expected. She wasn't sure why, but her suspicion seemed to proven true with how Dimitri could barely look at her. She wanted to know more about it, what would make him act like that. Maybe it was just him acting, but, somehow she knew that it was more sincere then that.

Without any hesitation, she joined in at Nala's part, not wanting to make Dimitri feel like he was alone in that song. "He's holding back, he's hiding. But what? I can't decide... Why won't he be the king I know he is? The king I see inside." She found herself walking closer to Dimitri and resting her hand on his cheek, as if she was trying to comfort him, but she didn't know how at the moment.

Arielle realized the reaction to Simba's lines in Dimitri and never realized just how close they were to his situation. She didn't finish the song because she didn't feel like it was necessary. She knew Maria noticed too and she wondered if she was still trying to understand the nagging feeling that was in her mind, what Arielle knew about Dimitri's past but Maria didn't. She looked over at Kedrick, almost as if to say "We need to do something", but she didn't know what.

Maria smiled at Dimitri, as if that was somehow going to make him feel better and caressed his cheek with her hand, her free one holding his. "I think that song was a dud, no?" she asked lightly, trying to brighten up whatever mood Dimitri was in, no matter how bad her joke seemed to be. "You did a good job with your acting, I was impressed with how one with the character you were." Somehow she knew that she was just rambling on, trying to make him smile, even though she had a feeling that it meant a lot more to him and she refused to ask him at that moment. This was a happy evening, there was no point to ruin the mood now.

Arielle felt herself sigh in relief to Maria trying to lighten the mood and she walked over to Kedrick, trying to find a bright and happy song to cheer up everyone's mood. At the sound of the music in the beginning, Arielle found herself grinning, especially since she found that it might be the right song at the moment. She let "Why Should I Worry" play as she joined, humming first and then singing along to the lyrics, bopping her head back and forth.

(Post made at the middle of the night because I napped too long. From 8 pm-1 am =3=. When I finally finished, I felt like there was some more that was needed. And so I added more to Maria's last two paragraphs and a new one from Arielle at the end. Go Oliver and Company 8D)
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:15 am
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Dimitri looked up the the sky, trying to focus more on the bright white point of light then on the nagging pain in his stomach. He had begun to recognize that pain as guilt. It was an emotion that he had little need for in the past, but now, he found himself feeling it more then he could ever remember before. He heard Maria's voice flow easily over Nalla's, and, if he weren't so guilt ridden right now, he would have once again stopped to appreciate how pretty it sounded. Dimitri felt a shiver run up his spine as Maria's fingers gently touched his cheeks, and he couldn't help but wonder why

Kedrick watched the two of them, a small, concerned frown appearing between his eyebrows. He knew enough of what Dimitri was thinking to know that he wasn't comfortable, and Maria too looked concerned. He looked down, Kedrick truly had just chosen the song on random, he hadn't meant for things to go this way at all.

Dimitri felt Maria slip her hand into his, and he risked a small glance at her, giving her hand a gentle squeeze. He still felt like looking away from her, because the sight of her big, beautiful eyes looking at him with such concern only made the guilty pain in his gut worsen. Dimitri nodded as she mentioned the song being a dud, but as she spoke about his acting, he brightened, a grin playing on his features. "Good wasn't it?" He said with a smile, allowing just a hint cocky pride to enter his voice. A quick recovery, that's what he needed. Dimitri had gotten very good at those over the year, seeing as he had been lying to people and acting like someone he wasn't for practically his whole life.

Kedrick, still feeling a bit guilty over the whole 'pick a bad song for the moment' thing, gave Dimitri a hand. "Hey," He said with a grin, "it was good and all but don't get a swelled head okay?" He said lightly.

Dimitri smiled gratefully at Kedrick, "Alright sure," He said in an equally teasing tone. He still didn't feel the part he was acting, but that didn't matter, Dimitri knew how to make it look good. He looked up, hearing Arielle start a new song, and secretly hoped that she played something happy, something with a catchy beat that would distract from his laps in mood. He ginned as well as he recognized it. "Hey, this is Oliver and company isn't it?" he asked, listening closer to the lyrics. Dimitri glanced up, seeing Kedrick nod. Dimitri smiled and began singing along under he breath, not singing full volume because he didn't trust his tightened voice not to crack.

Kedrick looked up at Dimitri who had slipped into character again and now looked as though nothing was wrong again. Kedrick often wondered if maybe, the fact that Dimitri was such an accomplished actor was a bad thing. It was hard to worm out of him what he was really feeling, and he had hide behind his mask for so long that Kedrick wondered sometimes if Dimitri even really knew who he was.

Kedrick sighed, dismissing these thoughts and glanced over at Arielle. 'Nice save.' He mouthed to her while Maria and Dimitri where busy listening to the catchy tune of the song. It really had been an excellent choice, catchy, upbeat, fun lyrics, even Dimitri seemed to be slowly coming back to a good attitude. He smiled sadly, hoping his blunder hadn't ruined his friend's evening. It was such a fun time, he didn't want to be the one to spoil it.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:08 am

Arielle Shore

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Maria smiled gently at Dimitri's quick rebound, especially the grin that was reappearing on his face. She rolled her eyes at the cockiness that was coming from Dimitri, but it was better than seeing him look upset, and even more that he had barely looked at her after the he sang Simba's part. She giggled and found herself agreeing with Kedrick's comeback. "Especially since we aren't at the Grammy's," Maria teased, poking his stomach playfully.

There was no fulling Maria. She knew that there was something more bothering Dimitri. That somehow, just a few simple words from a Disney song resonated with something that bothered Dimitri, something she knew that he was hiding from her, just like Kedrick and Arielle. They all knew something about Dimitri that she didn't know, she wasn't sure how well Arielle knew since she wasn't as close with them until she moved in with Kedrick, but that didn't single her out either. However, she wouldn't try and bother him about it, especially after she had cheered him up.

Arielle was happy that the situation seemed to get better with Maria cheering up Dimitri to the best of her ability, and then a uplifting Disney song as well. Like Kedrick, she wasn't expecting that last song to strike up such a strong emotion, but she only hoped it was in passing and that it wouldn't hinder the fun in their evening.

She looked over at Kedrick and already hoped that he wasn't blaming himself for something that was completely an accident. It just had to be by pure chance that Simba's lines were more at heart at what Dimitri was struggling with inside than anyone had anticipated. It only made her wonder if and when Dimitri would tell Maria the truth, a truth that everyone knew that Maria was curious about.

Arielle had to mentally applaud Maria for holding back as much as she could, especially since if something was interesting and she barely had the information, she would do whatever it took the find the answers. Sometimes the two friends blamed it all on the murder mysteries and crime shows that she watched, but it was also just a part of Maria, especially from being exposed to the crime investigation lifestyle since her father was the police chief.

However, now wasn't the time for her to think too much into that. The night was slowly returning to it's joyous mood and the only person she had to make smile now was Kedrick. She nodded gently with a soft smile when he mouthed out 'Nice save' to her and moved in closer to him, kissing his cheek gently. She hated to see him upset. She hated to see anyone she cared about upset.

"You need to cheer up too, mister," Arielle chided playfully, quiet enough only for the two of them to hear, holding his hand in hers, her head resting on his chest. "I hate to see my beloved Kedrick upset. Plus... No one's blaming you about the song Kedrick. I know you're worried about him. We all are, but this is a night for fun. So please... Smile... For me?"

Maria was enjoying the song, even as it was ending. She tried to think of what song to choose next since Arielle and Kedrick had picked a majority so far, which had only been three, but still. However, her nagging, nosy thoughts about Dimitri's attitude was bothering her and it took everything in her to try and quiet them. Still, it wasn't good because there was a dying curiosity for her that time, and often, when that happened, she felt nauseous.

Why aren't you trying to figure this out, Maria? You know he's hiding something from you. They all are. Why aren't you taking the initiative? What's holding you back?

Maybe... Maybe he doesn't really care about you. Maybe none of them do. You're the only one left out of this big secret. A secret not even someone who says they
LOVE you has even told you. Didn't you say that relationships are built on trust? Maybe he doesn't trust you enough. Maybe he's just going to toss you away after he finds someone else.

You're playing yourself for a fool, Maria.

Just leave me alone! she screamed at her thoughts, holding her stomach. Leave me alone about this! I don't want to think about it now... Please... The nausea had returned, she was sure of it, and she hoped no one noticed. She just stared at the ground, hoping that it'll pass.

(Had to retype this because I lost what I had previously had. Hope this is good x.x.)
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:10 am
♟♞ ♝ ♜ ♛ Ҝәɖʁϊϲҝ Ś. Śűѿą & Ďȋɱȋŧʁȋ Ĵ. ᾟűηŧȇʁ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟

Dimitri snickered slightly at Maria's comment about the 'Grammys' "Well, I don't suppose I have a shot then," He joked, pretending to sound disappointed as though he had actually been considering it. "Ah well," He said with a shrug, "Maybe I'll have a chance at 'American Idol.'" Dimitri smiled at the though, as if he could actually sing well enough to be on American Idol! But none the less, as the music played, Dimitri couldn't helo but sing along with the upbeat tune.

Kedrick looked up as Arielle came over to him and took his hands. He resting his chin on the top of her head and closed his eyes, breathing a soft sigh. He knew he shouldn't blame himself for the song mess up, but it was nice to hear Arielle assure him that it was okay. He looked down, his forehead touching hers and he pulled one hand free, touching her cheek. He just looked at her for a moment, and then smiled gently. "Okay, thanks." He said quietly. "It'll all be fine I'm sure." Kedrick looked up at Dimitri and Maria. His friend was goofing off and bouncing in time with the music, slowly, his enjoyment becoming more genuine.

Dimitri felt a soft laugh escape his lips as the song ended and he breathed a sigh, a slight stitch in his side from bouncing to the music. By this point, he was trying very hard to genuinely enjoy the music. His throat was no longer tight, but there was still a sight pain in his stomach...or maybe it was his heart, he couldn't tell anymore.

He glanced over at Maria, seeing her looking at the ground, a slightly pained expression on her face. He frowned a little bit in concern, not knowing the painful thoughts that where racing though her mind. If he had, Dimitri might have been tempted to tell her right then and there, but in his heart, he knew it would take something bigger than that to force the truth out of him. Seeing that Kedrick and Arielle seemed to be busy talking, Dimitri walked over to her, and looped his arms around her waist. 'Hey..." He said gently, touching his forehead to hers. "Are you feeling okay? If you're too tired we can go to bed..." He offered gently. it was getting very late, he wouldn't be surprised if it was past midnight. Now that he had stopped moving, he could feel fatigue settling in on him as well. It had gone for a while, with the distraction of the music, but it was returning now and his limbs felt heavy.

Kedrick glanced up as Dimitri spoke. Maybe he was right, the mood had improved since the last song, so it wouldn't be a particularly bad way to end the evening. But he also knew if they stayed up much longer the tension might return and get worse. It would be best to get some sleep. "I agree." Kedrick said with a small smile. "We'll have plenty of nights to stay up late and goof off, but I think we'll all pass out soon if we don't sleep some." He offered. "We've got the whole week ahead of us." Kedrick wrapped an arm around Arielle's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.

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Arielle Shore

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"I'd love to see you try," Maria responded teasingly, although somehow the manner of her tone lost it's usual jest since she was starting to feel nauseous. She wondered if it was best to just go take a walk, but if she had done that, she would have been left with her thoughts, and she didn't even want to think about how she'd act if that had happened.

Arielle gently smiled as she felt Kedrick's chin on top of hers. It was just one of the comforts she was used to being surrounded by since knowing and loving him. She looked back into Kedrick's eyes and leaned her head more into his hand, feeling the warmth from both his fingers and his forehead. "Anytime, love," Arielle responded gently and nodded in agreement with him. Yes. It'll be fine.. I do hope so...

Maria heard Dimitri's soft laugh but didn't even bring herself to look up, which made her feel horrible. She knew that she was trying to get rid of the sick feeling in her stomach and the hurtful thoughts clouding her mind. No matter how much she forced them to disappear, they continued to get worse.

Because Maria was so absorbed with her current state, she didn't notice how close Dimitri was until she found his arms around her waist and his forehead on hers. She finally forced herself to look up at him and all at once her mind seemed to blank, almost as if the thoughts hushed themselves just for that moment. She blinked a few times, looking around before nodding slowly, almost afraid of speaking for fear of what would escape through her lips.

"I-I'm fine...," Maria answered quietly, her voice so fain and almost cracking like she would cry. "I...I think bed would be nice.."

Arielle looked up at Maria as well and finally noticed that something was off with her best friend. She hoped that she still wasn't affected about the whole song incident. Then again, maybe her friend was just sleepy and when the boys suggested that it was best to sleep, even she agreed about the idea.

She smiled at Kedrick and laid her head on his shoulder after the gentle squeeze. "Well, if it's all been decided, then I guess it's goodnight for all of us," she said with a yawn, proving just how tired she was. "Tomorrow is another day."
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:19 am
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Dimitri was grateful when Maria looked up at him, but the look in her eyes was not the one he had wanted to see. She looked hurt, and confused, and he blinked in suprise. Dimitri had though perhaps that she was just tired, but seeing her face now, he knew it was something different. Maria said that she was fine, but then again, if Dimitri knew anything it was that a female was a complicated thing. If they told you they where fine, chances are they're either about to break down crying, or scream at you. Dimitri, needless to say, wasn't crazy about either of these options.

Dimitri just looked at her for a moment, his eye reflecting all the worry and concern that he felt for her. He knew she wasn't okay, perhaps Maria could spot a lie a mile away but now at least, she was having a hard time pulling one off herself. Dimitri wet his lips nervously, and opened his mouth to say something when Arielle spoke.

Kedrick looked over at her, smiling gently. "Yes, tomorrow's another day..." He repeated, wrapping his arms around her and giving his a hug, kissing the top of her head. Kedrick tipped her chin up with one hand. "Sleep well," He said with a small smile, and pecked her lightly on the lips.

Dimitri hesitated and then forced a smile. "Alright then...You get some sleep," He said, placing a hand on Maria's cheek, his concern still showing in his eyes. Dimitri hesitated a moment, feeling like more ought to be said. "I- I love you.." He stammered quietly, and then leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips, holding it for a moment before pulling back. Dimitri stepped back from her, for a moment, unable to take his eyes off of her face, remembering the stricken expression of hurt and confusion. Finally, he looked away, catching Arielle's gaze and giving her a small nod. "G'night Arielle," He said with a small smile, though it was still a bit forced.

Kedrick smiled, and walked over patting Dimitri shoulder. "Alright bud, let's hit the sack." He said, looking over at Maria. "Night Maria, get some sleep okay..." He said gently and for a moment, a trace of concern could be heard in Kedrick's voice as well. Then he walked over and unzipped the door of the boys tent and stepped inside. Kedrick stooped down to duck through the entrance, and scooped up a flashlight that was lying on the floor. He looked around, and then found what he was looking for and hooked the flashlight to a small ring at the top of the tent so it hung down like some kind of odd light fixture.

Dimitri followed his in, going straight past Kedrick and crawling into his sleeping back, lying on his back and staring distantly at the roof of the tent. He was thinking hard about Maria, the way she had suddenly gotten quiet, the hurt expression, the way her voice trembled when she spoke, they where all signs that something was wrong, and he was now regretting that he had suggested sleep. He could have stayed up, he reasoned, talked to her about it, but the Dimitri thought that Maria might not even want to talk about it. Dimitri knew, that more times than not, he didn't want to talk about his problems, but he was a guy, and girl's where wired a little bit different. They needed to talk to someone.

Kedrick looked over at his friend, already settled into his sleeping bag and thinking hard. He sighed quietly and walked over to his own sleeping bag. He fixed the pillow and crawled down in between the layers of slippery material. Kedrick rolled over onto his side, looking at Dimitri with earnest concern. Kedrick may have missed some of the little interactions between Dimitri and Maria this even, but there was one thing Kedrick knew for sure. Dimitri was afraid that he would loose Maria if he told her about his past, but if Dimitri didn't get moving, he was going to loose her anyways. Kedrick bit his lip and forced himself to close his eyes. He hoped Dimitri would tell her soon, but when Kedrick thought 'soon' he though, within the next few moths or weeks if he was lucky. Kedrick had no idea just how soon 'soon' was going it be.

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Arielle Shore

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Why is he looking at me like that? Maria asked herself in her thoughts. She was starting to think that she should've just stayed with her eyes away from Dimitri. Now that he saw how she felt, what was running through his mind. She didn't want him to worry, not about her nagging thoughts, and she was almost afraid that he'd ask.

Maria was grateful for Arielle speaking, so Dimitri wasn't able to ask any questions. Part of her was furious that she wouldn't let him ask, that even she didn't ask. But she couldn't bring herself to do something like that. Not in the state she was in now where who knows what could possibly happen with her emotions then.

Arielle wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and smiled when he kissed her forehead. A gentle lovesick smile appeared on her face and she nodded, messing with his hair. "The same goes for you as well, Kedrick," she replied with her own small smile.

It hurts me to see him like this, Maria thought as Dimitri looked at her with so much concern in his eyes. She held onto his hand, hoping that she could show him through some kind of action that everything would be alright for her. Before she could respond with a 'Goodnight' or even a 'I love you too', she felt Dimitri's lips against hers as he kissed her gently and it took everything in her power to not break down right then and there.

When he pulled back, she wanted to spill out everything. How her thoughts were tormenting her, how she felt like they were all hiding something from her, and so much more. But nothing was said as she just looked back at him, not even trying to smile. When he looked away, so did she. She heard Kedrick wish her goodnight and the concern in his voice, and could only mumble a 'Goodnight' in return.

Arielle said goodnight to Dimitri and after the boys went into their tent, she helped guide Maria to their tent, obviously worried for her friend. She had to give what she wanted to ask some thought, knowing that she needed to tread carefully when Maria seemed upset about something.

"Ria... What's wrong?" Arielle finally managed herself to ask after closing their tent once they were inside. Her eyes watched as Maria walked over to her tent and just got inside, staring into nothing. She followed suit, getting into her sleeping bag and looking over at her friend.

"It's... It's nothing, Arielle," Maria finally answered, her voice a bit more normal than before, "Just... Just a bit nauseous. Might have eaten to fast... Plus, my head kind of hurts so I'm just going to go to sleep. Goodnight Arielle."

Arielle watched as Maria slowly slid down and turned her back so that it was facing her. She sighed softly and wished Maria a goodnight before lying down and making herself comfortable. She was asleep in seconds, but her thoughts were clouded with worry.
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