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Scaramouche Fandango

Big Wife

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:03 pm
. Round 12: Slime Ranchers .

The scout gives you a satisfied crocodile smile and folds her order sheet, then tucks it into her sash. "Right. So there's a lot of weird stuff in the woods, but the new guy- he's the one you're looking for. If you go around the lake, you'll find him. He's always over there- real shy guy. Hasn't been around for too long, and he doesn't like to leave his tree house. You know those jellies our troop leader was telling you about? They seem to have taken a liking to him and they won't leave him alone. Thing is, they're... pretty aggressive." She frowns a little. "I guess living out here has made them kind of mean. For jellies. They try to bounce him every time he comes down. We went over there once to work on our Wildlife Safety badges, but our troop leader said that they didn't really count as wildlife and besides, we found some really big bears to be safe around instead. They were better than the jellies, anyways. But if you're looking for him, that's where he is. There's also two old werewolves in the old mine and if you ask real nice they'll give you a hard candy and tell you stories, there's a monster in the lake who helped us get our Water Safety badges- did you know that if you have ten legs you can hold ten CPR dummies at once? And there's sometimes other stuff that comes in and out, but that's the main ones that we know. Some others aren't here right now- like the Bigfoots. They migrate, you know. Nobody makes boots big enough for them, so when the weather starts to get chilly, they go somewhere they can stay barefoot." She nods, then stares at Riot. "A hundred boxes? AWESOME. I'll get the Junior Entrepreneur Badge for sure! So you wanna know about Sam? He's a pretty good guy- he and the rest of the family are real snowbirds, though. They won't be back until spring, but if you wanna see- look, here's their cookie order." She produces another piece of paper to show Riot. There's a list- Sam Squanch, Sass Quatch, and B. I. G'foot, all shown as accounts paid. "Girl scouts know everything about cryptids. So should I put you down for a hundred Skinny Spearmints, or do you want a variety?" There were dollar signs in the little mer's eyes, but L'eggs came over to pull Riot away.

"Come on, we need to get moving. If we've got rogue jellies to deal with, we've got to get after them before Benedict does. If I have to hear anything about unidentified bouncing objects, I might die."

The group moves with new urgency towards the lake. Mist has settled on its surface, and a fog has rolled in- it's hard to see past the tip of your muzzle. Suddenly, a dark shadow flits in front of you, half-running, half-flying. You barely see him as he moves over your heads, but you hear a quiet, petrified call in the fog.

"Help! Please!"

Help? Help what? This question is answered by the slow thudding coming towards you.

Jellies. A whole pack of them, bouncing here and there and everywhere- right at you. They're fast, they're... furious? Do they even have emotions? Whatever they are, they're coming this way. But the fog makes it really hard to see them, and so corralling them is going to be a tricky business indeed.

Which jelly will you try to tackle?

A: The pink jelly
B: The blue jelly
C: The yellow jelly
D: The green jelly

Roll a D6 when you post.
Feel free to edit your response based on results.
1-4: A valiant effort!
5: You (and the other 5 rollers for your jelly, should there be any) succeed!
6: You catch the thing for a second, and then it bounces out of your arms and smacks you in the face.

Please bold your choice at the top of your post and don't forget the RP!




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zippedsiren rolled 1 6-sided dice: 1 Total: 1 (1-6)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:13 pm
B the Blue Jelly

Cookie transactions completed, the group made their way to the lake. With the shroud of mist and fog, Torchwood was glad to be in the company of so many others who had thought to bring a light; it helped light the patch.

Then they saw him, the mothpone! Torchwood was in the awe of the vague dark shape when he could catch a glimpse. At the sound of a yelp for help, Torchwood leapt into action. A plea from anyone in danger, phony or cryptid, could not be ignored! "We'll help you! This jelly things can be down right hard to tame. I got one back at home that's as sweet as pie filling, but they sure can make a mess. Wrangling one takes a bit of practice though."

Torchwood scanned the area and tried to make out the shape of a jelly bouncing up and down. The one nearest to him was the blue jelly, or so he thought. It was difficult to get a good sight on the thing in the fog. When he thought he saw it, Torchwood look a leap.... and landed flat on his belly. The jelly slipped through his legs before he could manage to even touch it. "Careful, they are slipper suckers. "  


Dapper Spirit

Astraea Pandora rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5 Total: 5 (1-6)

Astraea Pandora

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:15 pm
D: The green jelly

Labyrinth was a little overwhelmed by all of the creatures that lived out in these woods and really, really jelly that she never got to meet them in FILLY SCOUTS WHICH SHE NEVER KNEW EXISTED UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

But speaking of jellies, as the shadow flew past them yet again, a whole herd of them came bouncing out of the mist.

"This night just doesn't end..." she grumbled, and she pounced for the nearest one which happened to be green.

Somehow she managed to land squarely on top of the thing and pinned it to the ground with her body. The jelly tried to bounce under her and worbbled and borbbled around, attempting to escape. Even tho every little movement threatened to make Lab slide off, (and even tickled a little) she held fast.

Chrystali rolled 1 6-sided dice: 3 Total: 3 (1-6)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:16 pm
B. The blue jelly

Oh no. No fracking way was she tackling a jelly like the others seemed to be doing. They didn't know where that thing had been! What had been in it! Wrinkling her nose, Catwalk tugged the bag off her back and made a swiping motion at the closest one to her - a blue one. The bag covered it...but it oozed right through, leaving a horrific color sludge on the bag.

"Oh that's just wrong," she stuck her tongue out in disgust. Why in the heck did Phonies want slimes?!  


Enigmatic Gatekeeper

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Lonely Prophet

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:21 pm
A) the pink jelly

Oh boy. Oh no. This was definitely more adventure than HB was capable of, but for just once she wanted to be the hero in the story. The carousel mare, in an attempt to help the fleeing phony dove straight towards the jellies and... Landed flat on her face.

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea for someone so notoriously clumsy to try such maneuvers. Blinking away dirt, the mare spat out a few twigs and lay there looking dazed.
Luafien rolled 1 6-sided dice: 4 Total: 4 (1-6)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:36 pm
C: The yellow jelly

Cookies- no focus, Boysie! There is a jelly attack ahoof!

Into battle music played, pixelation filtered across her vision, a wild JELLY appeared!


The move seems ineffective!

Boysie lays in the dirt once again, defeated by a sentient snackfood.


Super Wife

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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:45 pm
A: The pink jelly

Kiwi Kiss launched herself at the pink jelly, determination in her eyes. Her legs found purchase around the jelly, managing to keep the creature still for a few moments. She did it! Turning to show her triumph, Kiwi made a move to raise her prize when, instead, the jelly slipped from her grasp and smacked her in the face. Ow! Yelping, the flutter dropped back to clutch at her now bruised nose.
LizzyMoo rolled 1 6-sided dice: 2 Total: 2 (1-6)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:47 pm
A: the pink jelly

Hybrid had never really encountered jellies before, but she could certainly tell they were hopping mad! They didn’t really look all that threatening though. The task seemed easy enough in her mind: catch the little blobs and figure out who was crying out for help.

She went for the closest one, the pink one!

And with one clean swoop, she figured out that the task was not nearly as simple as she had thought, colliding face first into that thing called the ground.

“Buck me...” she groaned, peering up to see if anyphony else did better.  


Rainbow Senshi

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:57 am
B: The blue jelly

"Feral jellies!" yelled Footnote as the group came face to face with those bouncing creatures. Lowering his head, the phony charged forward and tackled the blue jelly. Which wobbled for a moment before slipping out and smacking Footnote in the face.

((Got a 6 in Thread))  
Ruriska rolled 1 6-sided dice: 6 Total: 6 (1-6)
PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:02 am
C: The yellow jelly

Banshee scampered over and watched as the cute purple pony took on the yellow jelly. She cheered, fist pumping as it looked as though that tackle would come through brilliantly, the jelly caught between her arms and the battle surely over. But the tide turned in an instance, the slippy bounce ending Boysenberry’s attack and sending her sprawling into the dust.

At first Banshee could only wail in horror but she knew it was her duty to avenge her fallen friend that she didn’t know the name of and had never spoken to. She dived at the yellow jelly, gathering it into her arm with a shout of triumph...

... only to be immediately knocked out in the dirt beside Boysie.



Invisible Dabbler

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Huni Pi

Questionable Garbage

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:04 am
D: Green Jelly

Muck finally found the perfect instance to throw his net bag. And found it was not the right size.
SilverLutz rolled 1 6-sided dice: 4 Total: 4 (1-6)
PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:56 am
D: The green jelly

Rising Sign stood staring at the merphon with her mouth slightly open as she spoke about all these strange creatures that lived right here in the forest. She wasn't sure if she was comforted by the fact that the girl scouts seemed to know that they were safe or terrified because all of these things were so good at staying hidden! But now they had a lead and it was with thanks and excitement that they set off in search of the mothpon once more.

But, before they got far, the cry for help was heard. Jellies bounded in from in front of them and with a squeak she tried...sort of....to pounce on one of the jellies heading her way. She got her hooves on it but it continued right along, too powerful for her little babbin body to stop.  


Offensive Hero

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Merry Krampus

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:09 am
B: The blue jelly

Crypt Keeper tried his best to catch up to one of the jellies. He seemed able to round it off a few times but he could never get close enough to really catch it before it bounced back and added more distance between them. The closest he came, the jelly actually bounced onto his back only to push him to the ground and continue bouncing away. These jellies were awfully stubborn.  
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:39 am
A: The pink jelly

Well that was a lot of information...Bokeh felt a bit dizzy trying to process it but no time! Jellies were now attacking? T.V. had really undersold Cryptid hunting.

Taking a running start to his tackle, Bokeh just tripped well before he got any close to a jelly.  

Tristam Lockhart

Shameless Werewolf

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Fea Line

Spoopy Kitten

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:12 am
D: The green jelly

Fright Night listened to the fillies stories and some things started to make more sense. At least they had an answer for some aspects. That poor flttery fella tho, trapped inside his tree house because of a bunch of feral jellies?!

Frowning, Fright Night followed after the group and his jaw about dropped when witnessed the scene before him. His ears caught the faint cry for help and that sent him into action. A grin across his lips, the vampire clad stallion darted after the green bouncing jelly with wild amusement. "Aahh not so fast bouncing one! Your days of tormenting are soon at end!" he whopped, giving everything he had to wrangle the blob.  
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