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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:36 pm
We work the marshmallows.
"Oh." He had no idea who this pony was, but she was bigger than him and she seemed to know what she was talking about. And a bearer of bad news! He frowned, and had to follow back on hoof. Nuts.

Night Scout was then left pondering those same options, and blinked in surprised when attention was called to him again. "What? Oh. Well...yeah, splitting up wasn't great. But it was fun! Um." He looked over the grounds again.

"The tracks are really obvious. If the mothpone wanted us to leave and didn't want to draw anymore attention, why drag someone off? That's weird and it doesn't make sense." Guess they'd need to be rescued anyway, but if the mothpone wasn't with them, they could wait. "So, there might be something with those marshmallows!"

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:45 pm
A. ) We keep working the tracks.

Spider didn't even really notice when Old Man Jenkins headed off to find his other half, as he was too locked in sorrow over the cameras… The cameras that somephony found something on!

Dark shapes… bouncing orbs… Gleaming eyes and muzzle? Antennae? Spider turned back to the hoof prints around camp… and it finally dawned on him that those prints were -not- left over from their party after all. They were from this creature… this creature that was turning out more and more to be the Mothpone the others had been talking about! Again, not as cool as a flying spider, and even less cool since it seemed to be phony-like, but… Spider turned his attention back to the footage in time to see another shape on them… A shaped that looked like him. Another foal. Those heartstrings of Spider's no longer felt tugged on. This thing attacked their camp, stole their marshmallows, and might have done something with another foal.

Nope. Spider was not pleased.

Nor was he pleased at the possum Fireflight disturbed. Seriously? "Well… that's actually the most normal creature we've seen all night…" Except for the bats, but he wasn't going to talk about the bats. The foal shook his head and sighed. The possum didn't do it… So, it was about time they tracked down who did. No longer feeling that happy adventurous feeling, Spider Eyes followed the rest of the group as they all followed the tracks. His excitement had been replaced with wariness, his curiosity with frustration. They needed to find the phonies they'd lost, and that Mothpone needed a swift kick in the rump.

But, like the night so far, nothing was simple or easy or straightforward. Once again, they found themselves at a splitting path…

He listened to the reasoning of the others, and decided to put his own thoughts in. "It seems… kinda convenient that the marshmallows start suddenly and veer off in another direction? I… I don't know, I think they might be meant to distract us…" Thoughts of 'ooo, a piece of candy!' popped into his head, and he shook it away. "The tracks might be the real deal…"  




PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:04 pm
B: We work the marshmallows.

Golden Doubloon squinted at the peculiar tracks. It looked like while they were gone several visitors can come on through their setup. It was getting weirder. She thought up several scenarios that could explain it. Critters came to mind but there was too much evidence that something bigger was lurking out there. Maybe the Mothpone swooped down and grabbed someone? Hrm...she knew a few flutters and just like herself they were all pretty scrawny. But living the life of a forest cryptid bulked up this spooky trickster.

She listened as the rejoined team brainstormed but kept her eyes glued to the little babben Diamond as she stuck another thing into her mouth. Least this time it was edible but still!! What were this girl's parents teaching her? Was it some kind of weird parenting technique? Just let your child put anything in their mouths and hope they'll build up enough immunity to be invincible? Hmm...interesting.

"Was the uh...dirt marshmallow good? Still taste like a good old regular marshmallow?" Golden Doubloon asked the babben before turning her attention to one particular phony.

"Yeah, I agree with Catwalk." She nodded in agreement. "Flutters usually prefer to fly and it could be tricking us just leaving some tracks here and there. We could follow it and it could just end up disappearing. But maybe it grabbed a marshmallow bag...or a phony who had some marshmallows...and this is the trail to them! The risk is that someone might eat our trail...but we might as well take it and see where it goes!" And keep an eye on little Diamond just to be safe.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:16 pm
"At least you tried," she said by way of...encouragement? It could be hard to tell, but Catwalk kinda liked this Hooked Phony. He was weird and quirky and it was right up her alley. "Pretty good aim with that thing, too."

And then the strangest thing possible happened: an adult agreed with her. Okay, maybe Birdy had too, but out here? In the dark? Another flutter, no less? The babben squinted over at Doubloon, almost like she didn't quite trust her, but let it slide for the time being. "You'd know," was how she agreed with the statement, "having wings and all."

Glancing to the starry-eyed babben near the flutter, she trotted over and sniffed at the licked marshmallow. "Should we take them with us?" The question was dubious, aimed at Diamond. Dirt puffs sounded awful but so did starving to death.



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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:41 pm
Golden Doubloon met Catwalk's skeptical look with a friendly smile. Her wings beat a little faster and she did a quick lil twirl to show off her ability. "Heh! Yeah, that's right! Course I'm not a creepy cryptid mucking around campsites but we do have something in common with our wings!"

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:09 pm
B: We work the marshmallows.

Caramel Crisp stared at the trail cam footage and began to wonder if this mothpone thing was really real. If it was, it didn't like them camping in its forest. But they were still missing phonies from their party. They needed to find them, regardless of what the mothpone wanted. "I vote we follow the marshmallows. The tracks could be a fake trail, meant to lead us astray, or someone else looking for the mothpone."  

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:09 pm
A: We keep working the tracks.

Hybrid totally would have made the same call as Footnote, but for a completely unrelated matter. It wasn’t about how suspicious the trail of marshmallows were. It was, however, everything to do with the marshmallows!

Hybrid hated sweets! Sticking out her tongue a bit, she nodded her head, briefly acknowledging her colt companion. “Yeah, I got wings if ya need some air, no prob!” Putting her tongue back in her mouth, she continued forward!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:33 pm
. Round 10: Missing Pieces .

After much debate, the group follows the marshmallows. It's probably a good idea, honestly- who knows how old those tracks were? The marshmallows, as Diamond figures out from her little... experiment... are still soft. Not stale, hard gross things- no, these are fresh. Dropped recently! There's a few small tracks as you go along- wee hoofprints, made by something delicate. They lead to a woodland meadow, a rather nice expanse of grass breaking up the dense trees. At the far end of the field, you can see a fire and some phony silhouettes. There's definitely a bunch of foals, and at least one adult. The low light makes it hard to make out. Something weird's going on with the silhouettes- it looks like the adult is pulling out...

There's a chorus of childish squeals you can hear from a hundred yards away. Good lord, somebody's pulled out a chainsaw. There's a chainsaw murderer in the woods! They haven't started the machine yet- it looks like you'll have time to intervene. They fumble with the device as you start to move.

The agents stare at the silhouette. The stallion stamps his hoof and snorts. "What. The. Hell," says Eggs Benedict. "No. No. NO! I refuse. I don't believe this. No way is this weird night getting chainsaw murderer weird. No. This can't be happening."

"I don't think it is, says L'eggs Over Easy, peering into the darkness. "If it was, we'd hear a lot more screaming. And look over there- those look like civilian vehicles parked near the treeline. Those pines make it hard to tell, but I don't think we're dealing with a murderer. I think we're dealing with potential witnesses. Come on, let's move closer. I'll take the lead, you fall back and watch the group's six. Stay back about ten feet; I'll halloo them when we get closer. Don't want to startle anyone- and in case it IS, y'know. A chainsaw murderer, you'll have space to gallop up and do your thing."

Well, group? What do you think it is?

A: Late night lumberjacks!
B: An actual serial killer!
C: The Phonyland ground crew and their trainees!
D: [You know the drill- fill in what you think it is]!

Please bold your choice at the top of your post and don't forget the RP!




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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:54 pm
D: Artistic log carving!

Boysenberry Pie made for an enthusiastic bloodhound- while she may not have found every mini-marshmallow in the trail she snuffed around each one, ears perked and tail a-twitchin'. Catching the scent of their- adversary? Assailant? Mallowy thief? But not actually catching any scents except for the marshmallows, because her talents can only extend so far.

She nearly ran right into Riot, unaware of the group coming to a stop until the sounds of a distant chainsaw cut through the night.

"Oooo, what's happening up there? Ghosts? Is it ghosts? No wait, is it motorcycles? A mechanical bear? Ooh wait that's a chainsaw!" Marshmallowy dispair momentarily set aside, Boysie trotted as close as their group formation would allow, eyes squinting.

"Think it's a camping craft? Like you know how people make macaroni necklaces or those weird plastic braided thinggies that are only ever made at camps? Like, that, but with a chainsaw! I want to see!"
PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:37 pm
D) Chainsaw juggling act, don't try this at home kids

As the group followed the marshmallows, they eventually lead to a the where the foals were 'held captive' or so it seemed from a distance. A phony seemed to be corralling the foals with a menacing chainsaw, yet as the got closer and the chain saw made a deafening roar it seemed otherwise.

"I don't think that looks like an ax murder at all. I'm with L'eggs. Those squeals sound like pure delight. I bet you it's one of those crazy buskers performing for the crowd. You know, one of those dare devils type who juggle chainsaws. I really hope he knows what he's going and has practiced some basic safety. We shouldn't sneak up ,wouldn't want to scare him into tossing it at us or the foals."  


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:49 pm
A: Late night lumberjacks!

Rising Sign was glad the group decided to go after the mallow trail. Hoofprints were just too obvious! Someone had clearly been trying to make a distraction while someone else-

Wait. Wait. Chainsaws?! Her little knees began to knock as the sound filled her ears. Thankfully L'eggs and Eggs cleared her mind before she fell into pure terror. The dark wasn't something to fear, but what was in the dark was another story all together!

"M-maybe it's some lumberjacks who fell behind in their work," she stammered, hoping she or one of the other Phonies was right.  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:14 am

Footnote nodded at Hybrid. Glad that she could be their pair of wings. Flying would seem like quite a useful skill to have. Perhaps he should look into the potential of jetpacks.

But the group seemed to be trailing off with the marshmallows. Footnote lingered behind, unsure if he should follow them. Just as the last of the group were heading off, the foal hobbled after them, determined not to be left behind in this escapade.

Which led Footnote to come across a bizzare chainsaw wielding scene. "Careful Hybrid!" the foal yelped as the elongated shadow flailed the weapon amidst apparent laughter. "Let's not get too close. Just in case. They might be psychos,"




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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:14 am
D: A fancy chainsaw show!

"Dang, kid... you got a point," Torte mumbled to Night Scout. She nodded to Kiwi though. At least she had her back, even if they all ended up following the marshmallows. Besides... When they saw the smaller, daintier footsteps in the dirt, Torte could feel the wheels churning in her head. The dainty feet of... a flutter perhaps?

Torte pressed a little closer to Kiwi as they approached the treeline, hearing the chainsaws. Not a murderer! Why would there be a murderer! And a chainsaw was pretty unwieldy. She could just fly away. Her and Kiwi both. Not this foal though...

"I doubt it's anything too weird. Probably just like. A show? You know, one of those shows. Where people have chainsaws and show 'em off. Maybe juggle or do art? Those squeals didn't sound too scared... What do you guys think?" Torte asked Kiwi and Night Scout. Though, why it was so late at night, Torte couldn't figure out. She shook her head and pressed forward, closer to the front of the group. "Still!! C'mon, I wanna see!"



PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:31 am
D: It's a liability lawsuit!

OH MY GOOD LORD. A bunch of foals and a chainsaw in the same vicinity, and the attending adult fumbling it? That was definitely the makings of a liability lawsuit - gross negligence already, and if something were to happen, personal injury claims, justifiably bad press, dead foals, all happening on the very night where he dit - forewent administrative work to watch over Halloween festivities and ensure the safety of Phonyland's inhabitants and visitors. And at this moment, he felt like he was most definitely not doing that very well. He may as well take that chainsaw and put it to his neckseam.

"If that chainsaw even touches a hair on a foal's head," he said wearily, "we may as well shut the entire theme park down with the impending lawsuit. Goodbye friends." He didn't even know half of them.  

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:57 am
B: An actual serial killer!

Diamond had a look on her face reminiscent of that scene in Tropic Thunder after Ben Stiller kills an improbably located panda but before he gets taken by the Flaming Dragon gang. There was a steely glint in her red eyes as she nodded at Golden Doubloon and Catwalk.


It wasn't exactly clear who the reply was directed at, but she licked the marshmallow again, and continued picking them up, so maybe both.

She felt almost vindicated when the chainsaw emerged. A chainsaw murderer was just about the only thing that had happened all night she had actually been prepared for. The only difference between the Diamond that had entered this forest and the Diamond she was now was that the former would probably have been content to have been murdered in view of the cameras for the perp to have been bagged on video evidence, while this Diamond was intent on taking the killer down with her. Asphyxiate him with mini-marshmallows. She had the numbers. She could do it.

"Bring it on," she muttered.  
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