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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:31 am
Kin Name: Somebody to Love
Drabble: Somebody to Love loved the swamp. The kimeti had a great attitude towards love- giving it freely and often- and Somebody relished it. Every kin had something different- something unique and special and beautiful about them that made them loveable. And Somebody was determined to find someone to give her own ample love to. She was bursting with affection, from the bottom of her hooves to the tips of her wild and untameable mane. It took over her limbs and sent her skipping through the swamp- although the marshy ground made it closer to splashing than skipping. With the cooler season drawing gradually to a close, the magical land seemed to be waking from a deep sleep. The water flowed, the sap sang and life returned, with increasing energy, like the swamp was some great animal slowly picking up speed, ready to hit the warmer moons at a full gallop.

Somebody scraped her hoof over the dirt, turning in a small, pensive circle. Spotting a small bunch of flowers, she sighed longingly. She imagined presenting them to someone special, watching their face light up, hearing their delighted voice, feeling their warmth against her side. Sometime soon, she was sure- she was determined- she would find someone to love and to cherish, and to make feel special and wonderful.

Kin Name: Split the Sky
“But you’re not even in love with her, are you?” Split tilted her head, confusion filling her features, “You’re surely not life mating?”

Silvery in the moonlight, her brother shook his head, smiling placidly. “No, of course not. We have three beautiful children, but I’m not committed. She knows that. We’re close, we get on, but we’re nothing more than casual partners at best.”

“Then why stay in her camp? Why settle down? I don’t understand...” Split felt her heart might break. She couldn’t settle down with Dark Moon Rising’s growing group, but travelling alone, without her brother? They had always been so close...

“I love the way these kin live, Split. Even if my offspring weren’t here, even Dark Moon and I didn’t get along... It feels right.”

For a moment, she felt as if she was going to be furious with him. How could he choose to settle down? They had promised they’d stay together. But his pleading expression melted her anger easily. Sighing, she nodded, tail falling limp. “Stay safe, brother,” she said, pressing her shoulder against his for a moment before stepping back. He touched her forehead with his nose, smiling sadly at her. “You too, sister.”

Kin Name: Trace the Stars
Trace had spent most of the afternoon chasing after small versions of himself, and he was tired. Almost on instinct, he stuck his hoof out in time for a young doe to tumble into it with a small grunt. “Dark Moon,” he said gently, turning her with his hoof, “It’s time to rest now.”

“But I want to stay up and see the stars!”

“You can do that when you’re older,” he yawned, steering her towards her siblings. He didn’t wait to see whether she went to sleep or not, instead turning and peering into the swamp. “I’ve settled them- mostly-” he called softly through the trees.

An Acha doe stuck her head from behind a tree with a grin. “You have your hooves full, from the sound of it,” she said, before she was joined by a kimeti doe, her dark mane rolling as she moved.

“Thanks for keeping an eye on them, Trace,” she said, resting her head on the Acha. Trace nodded, making an exaggerated bow. “But of course,” he declared, “No task is too small, no offspring too mischievous, for the swamp’s best looking father!” He straightened with his own grin, eyes sparkling with amusement. “See you two tomorrow,” he said, flicking his tail goodnight before returning to check on the foals.

Kin Name: Dark Moon Rising
Drabble: For those who loved the nighttime, the warming weather brought mixed feelings. Although the nights would be kinder and easier to stay up through, they would be shorter, and more diluted- the sky would wash with paler blues and hide the glittering majesty that her and her family and friends enjoyed from their island. Sighing in the gathering dusk, Dark Moon Rising glanced around the small clearing, flicking her tail. Kin were starting to wake, and soon they’d travel the short distance to the island to study and wonder at the Motherfather’s sky-fleas, while they still could.

A cool wind rustled her fur, and she got to her hooves, relishing the falling temperature. She had never enjoyed the warmth- too much heat made it hard to think, sticking in her head like an infestation of flies. She tried to shake her sinking feeling about the oncoming warm season- evenings would still be cool and calm, and their job would undoubtedly be easier with clearer skies, Motherfather granting, and the Keepers would have an easier time feeding the group. It would be alright- and the moon and stars would still be there, and they could wait out the cloying heat until the dark arrived once again.  
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:27 pm
Kin Name: Midnight Beauty
Drabble: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I saw him once before... she thought to herself. No, what am I thinking, don't be dramatic. Remember, you saw him many times. You ran into him and every time you thought he felt the same but he was too shy so he never approached you. Midnight Beauty scratched her head and blushed. "I think he's the one for me."

My friends say he's too sociable and he's not shy like that... He's just playing me, and he sees me as just another option, if anything. But, no... He can't. He has to think I'm special, right? I mean, why not? I think he's special... Midnight Beauty looks down and ponders as she draws hearts in the sand.

Why do I like him so much when I don't really know him? Why do I think he's the one? This is so cliche and cannot end well... Yes, he's so handsome, but there are lots of handsome Kimeti out there. Why do I think he's so special? If I tell him I care, he'll definitely think I'm crazy...

I need to focus on something else.. This can't be love. This has to be a phase. Ugh, I feel like a love-crazy teenage girl. What am I thinking? Midnight Beauty closes her eyes and tilts her head back. She then lies down and relaxes. Empty your mind.. if he doesn't care for you, why should you care for him? Be logical, girl. Make some sense. All this is baloney. If you're just an option to him, he's just an option to you.  


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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:17 pm
Kin Name: Soft Sleep
Drabble: The birds were particularly loud this morning, Snooze found as he flicked his ears in annoyance, looking up at the offending specimens. The sky above was turning a bright blue, not a cloud in sight. The enchanting pink hues of dawn's first arrival had already faded, and the swamp was turning warmer in color and temperature. The perfect atmosphere to nod off before the warm day arrived in full. Perfect but for the joyful, uncomfortably piercing cries of the songbirds.

The songbirds were a recent addition to his particular corner of the swamp. Oh, they were always in the background, and one or two flying by or sitting down in a nearby tree was nothing uncommon, but this was different. This season the songbirds had decided that the tree opposite the tiny little meadow in which Snooze had made his space was the perfect place to settle as a family. His attempts to convince them otherwise were, so far, unsuccessful.

Snooze had tried a wide variety of strategies to try and chase them away from his beloved sleeping spot. He had tried scaring them with noise and movement, literally running them from his small territory, but they always came back. He had tried marking the trees around them with frightening (exceptionally so, in his humble opinion) faces and symbols, but the songbirds didn't seem to notice his efforts. He had even managed to hoist a terrifying skull onto the tree where the loud feather brains gathered, but the foolish creatures, far from being frightened away, had the gall to actually make a nest in it!

And though the birds had happily accepted the addition to their nests, it was Snooze who flinched near every time he walked past the tree, constantly surprised (and definitely not spooked!) by the sight of birds flitting in an out of the horned skull's eye sockets. Needless to say, all of his numerous attempts to get the skull back out of the tree had also been in vain. It was definitively stuck, and getting the skull onto the tree was much easier then getting it back out, especially with a mass of birds peevishly watching his every move and aggressively voicing their displeasure at his motives.

It had gotten to the point that Snooze was actually considering moving on himself. After all, there must be other good napping spots nearby - his family certainly had no lack of comfortable places to rest. But Snooze was loath to do so. He had found this spot himself, back when he was a foolish colt out exploring on his own. He had amassed so many good memories here, so many satisfying naps! To leave would be to run away, to give up on a space that felt his in a deeply personal sense.

Today, as well, Snooze had approached their tree to asses the situation, never losing hope that one day they might just... leave. Confirming that they indeed had not left, Snooze trudged back to his spot, trying to think of other options. He was a bit peaked by the journey there and back, and went to lie down in his comfortable nest. Perhaps he could ask someone with a pet or familiar to help out - someone with a watersnake or mongoose... How strange... lately, listening to the birds greeting the day doesn't seem so annoying, not from his comfy bed. In fact... it's almost... like a lullaby...

570 words  
PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:15 pm
Kin Name: Starstone
Starstone stared into the pond, as she heard her son, the one who stayed the closest to her, wandering around nearby. She was lost in thought, thinking about his father once again. Every time the thought of Arctic Waste came to mind, her heart twisted, because of the pain of the love lost. She had truly loved him, after all, even if he had never loved her. He had convinced her she was someone he could, and did, love, so very easily, so glibly, and she, like a silly pup being led into a trap, had listened and believed him.

The purple eyes being reflected back at her had her wondering if it was something about her, or something about him, then she shook her head, angry at herself for that thought. It had been him, it had all been him. She had been young and easy to to entice, sure, but he had chosen to take advantage of that, not she. His actions were the problem, he was the problem. He was a cruel creature, and she had encountered him, once or twice, at a distance... Never close enough that she could punish him as he deserved, but always close enough that she could hear his mocking words, as he disappeared out of range. Her expression twisted with frustration as she thought of that, too.

She had loved so hard, even if it had been for such a very short time, and she had been filled with bright dreams and burning hopes for a future filled with love, a family who were at her side, and a mate who would show her the love and caring she craved deeply. And she still craved it, she knew that. She wanted a partner, someone who would balance her and make her feel whole, something she had never really felt, but she was rather convinced there was no such buck or doe out there for her. And did she deserve one, really, after being such a silly doe who walked right into the traps of a honey lipped buck who had a heart of the vilest dung?

She made a soft hissing noise, as she once again walked into the trap of blaming herself for the situation, and the love she had lost, and stood, stomping her charcoal grey hooves in frustration at herself. "I am not at fault! I loved him, and I did what was right for me! He was the one who was at fault! Stop it, Starstone." She glowered down into the water at her own reflection, purple eyes narrowed, the silver and gold marking on her forehead twisted with how she had her face squinched in frustration at herself, while her fluffy tail lashed back and forth. "You are not in the wrong. You were kind to a stranger, and he tricked you, pretended to be someone he was not. He lied, whispered words that were intended to entrap you and make you fall. You did the right thing, by loving, and if that love was lost... Than you can learn from it, and love again."  

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:00 pm
Kin Name: Wintergone
Winter is coming to an end, and quickly. Already the snows are melting, and the worst of the bite of cold has faded to little more than a playful n** in the evenings. Flowers are blooming everywhere, in dazzling assortments of various colors, and fruit is growing again - sweet snacks to savor.

But Winter is gone.

Spring has come to take its rightful place, and Wintergone feels a pang of longing for the deep, peaceful, quiet of the season where everything went to sleep, and the droning buzz of the usually warm and vibrant swamp came to a crawl. She longs for the puff of breath before her nose, and the soft crunch of snow beneath her hooves. The skies with their soft grey clouds, promising more of the white stuff to come.

She misses the small shocks of color against all that white, grey, and black, made all the more special for the monotone of the world. Tiny red berries hidden among the browning leaves of winter plants, beautiful to look at, and all the sweeter for their rarity. The flash of a songbird's wing against the snow, hunting for food of its own, singing sweetly to one another.

Now it's all just too much, too bright, too vibrant, and too busy. She frowns, and looks out over the once-frozen pond that sits before her burrow, where she liked to spend much of her time during the cold winter months - the way the stars gleamed against the cleared ice.

Moreover, she misses seeing the handsome buck who, like her, shared a love for winter.

But it's all gone, now. Melted and faded. She sighs with longing. Perhaps she'll see him again next winter. (284)

Kin Name: What Lies Beneath
There's no one more important than himself. After all, if one does not care for themselves, how can they possibly ever care for another? He takes what he needs, what he wants, and is happy to court the affections of bucks and does alike - as long as they're pretty enough to catch his eye.

To some, his self attention may seem selfish, self-absorbed, even vain. Maybe it is. Lies doesn't care. He's happier than most, he's sure, and in the end, those who don't agree with him don't last very long in his presence. Why keep those who will only make him unhappy? There's no logic in that at all.

No, it's better to love oneself above all others. It's safe that way, after all, and much harder to be disappointed when someone else doesn't live up to expectations. He has many desires, when it comes to others -- needs and wants to fulfill. Other kin can be entertaining, for instance - hunting, playing, running, racing... whatever fancy catches his attention at the time. They can make for good companionship, when he wants that from them, a warm body to lie next to his in the night, to whisper sweet things to, to be told how handsome he is, also.

What Lies Beneath never tires of hearing how handsome he is.

Then there are... other pursuits. The things he has to be more careful about. The manipulations, the lies, the things that might be called cruel - though really, he's only having fun. Best not to linger on that too long, though now that he thinks about it, it might be time to find a new toy. (275)  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:39 pm
Kin Name: Beauty Past Compare
Drabble: Beauty Past Compare was watching spring roll in and making solemn clucking noises to herself as she watched newly met couples stroll by her temporary hovel, placed strategically next to a little pool of water so she could look down into it, sigh, and watch a tear roll slowly down her voluptuous cheek.

She sighed again and practiced a single tear rolling down her cheek. Ah, magnificent. Yet, even her triumph could not replace this nagging longing in her heart. Even though she always thought of herself as self-sufficient, the season of love was getting to her too - yes, even a proud doe such as herself longed for companionship. Not just any companionship...sexy companionship.

She meant romantic.

A wonderful buck to dote on her and tend to her every want, such were the desires of a high-end performer. She would grace him with her extensive presence, and press her girlish figure against his strong, handsome body, rubbing her soft cheek tenderly against his broad chest. A fancy for a day, for a full moon's cycle, for forever - who would be able to tell? She wasn't picky (she was). She merely desired to be someone's one and only, at this moment. One and only - what a thrilling prospect! Though of course, practically speaking, she could not technically be someone's one and only, her audience needed her.

But to be so loved, and presumably to love so in return, with wholehearted conviction and desire, was lulling her keen heart into such temptation. After all, what was the use of such perfect feminine wiles if she had not someone to entrap them with?

Yes, she would begin on a plan, because such needs required some effort to earn fulfillment. She briefly shimmied up, ensuring she could develop a smouldering look so sophisticated with the assistance of the pool's reflection, and gently settled down akin to a chicken plumping its feathers, her half-lidded eyes regarding herself. Yes, she would endeavour to be as charming and delightful as possible, to exhibit the beautiful traits of gentility, geniality and sheer bombastic lovability. This delicately crafted portrayal of self, alongside her physical magnificence, would please even the most cranky and unapproachable of bucks, melting their hard exteriors for their sweet, sweet core of loving words and drastic gestures of desire.

Beauty Past Compare was a performer - she belonged, in a way, to many. Of course, with such an air of elegance and gorgeousness, she would have her pick of suitors. All it would take is this focused poise, a perfect plan. She felt a determination welling up in her bones, much like the shifting of little waves in her little pool, showing her the strength in her features. She would be stunning, feminine perfection. She would be incredible. In turn, the Motherfather would reward her with delights beyond imagining in a singular buck, who would fight for her hoof and be just as worthy of her sacrifice.

Beauty Past Compare dreamed of romance, and she would seize it.

Kin Name: Beauty Past Compare
Drabble: It was after a few days that Beauty Past Compare was starting to think that romance was overrated. She had spent the time protractedly trying to find a more genteel manner of walking, that brought to mind more elegant sweeps of leg and the displacement of a flowing tail - except she did not have a flowing tail, and instead had a little fluffy one that twitched of its own accord at points (also a habit she was trying to get rid of). She had tried to sweep about, her eyes permanently half-lidded, but her naturally rather big and keen eyes had a tendency to widen and snap open without warning when something interested her. And oh, of involuntary motions - the ears! Not at all conveying the unimpressed sedate nature she was trying to convey. Mind you, it wasn't as if she couldn't be in the moment for minutes, perhaps even hours...but all the time? It was getting to be a bit much. Somewhere in the day her head would whip around for a slight noise, or her tail would finally twitch at the crawl of a lizard nearby. (Sometimes it was excruciating, the prickly, thorny feeling of her tail moving after hours of disuse.)

Why, she was starting to resent the notion of romance, this future shallow jerk of a buck, and perhaps even herself just a little for this plan.

The first two aspects were one thing, but the last...that was somewhat foreign. When she had voiced "you idiot!" aloud at her own reflection, brow furrowed in frustration, eyes wide in anger, she had backed away from the pool with an aggrieved gasp. Never had she been so unimpressed with herself, much less...hateful. Beauty Past Compare was shook to her core.

She would denounce this idea of romance. She would denounce this 'need' for a buck. She denounced it all.

She sat sulking by the pool, her little tail twitching furiously.

The pool rippled, a gentle plip. Then the ripples got more violent as raindrops fell - ah, it was raining.

This was the last straw for Beauty Past Compare. She leapt to her hooves, every part of her jiggling with fury, and cried at the sky, a bellow of her magnificent voice.

"You abandon your child?" it erupted from her sweet little mouth, her big adorable eyes wide, focused upon the clouds beyond. It segued into a melody of rants, and her body followed in its vicious tirade. "You question my beauty? The beauty so granted by yourself, Motherfather?"

It was an incredible scream that followed, her figure shaking with every trill of it. She danced in defiance, her voice issuing forth accusations and anger.

When the storm passed, she was soggy, trembling, but triumphant. It had been a while since she had felt herself return with such resounding fury. Every part of her - from nose, to eyes, to ears, to tail was perfect.

Beauty Past Compare after all, was named for that, in her entirety. As she took ragged breaths, she knew in that instant, that above all, she loved herself - because she was beautiful. Magnificent. In all her passionate glory. Any buck could and would see how gloriously beautiful she was, and if romance were to come, he would have to witness her, as she was: Beauty Past Compare.  

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Maxx D

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:46 pm
Kin Name: Kernel
Drabble: "IT'S GROWING," Kernel announced, prancing into the Royal Rainbow Troupe with almost aggressive cheer, "IT'S GROWING!!!"

He grabbed the nearest victim by the horn and dragged them to his object of obsession. "IT'S GROWING!!!" He bellowed, dancing about in little circles.

Upon the standard "yes, I can see it's growing," he screamed "YES!!!" and delivered them back to practice area.

"IT'S GROWING MORE!" He announced once more upon the next month, dragging kin to witness the enlargement. He made them watch, splashing and screaming in unconquerable triumph.

"IT FEELS SO NICE. TOUCH IT." Kernel entreated as time wore on, hissing with satisfaction upon contact, "TOUCH IT MORE. ISN'T IT NICE? IT FEELS SO GOOD."
He nudged them to rub it, rub it to his heart's content.

"IT'S GETTING SO BIG," he sighed and purred at the sight, "JUST LOOK AT HOW BIG IT'S GETTING, ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?"

At this point, the Royal Rainbow Troupe was surely tiring of his excessive antics, but if Kernel noticed, he didn't give a damn. The routine developments and updates continued to happen in great frequency, just as it had started.

Much to everyone's relief, the growth hit its peak and had come to a head. Of course, they knew because he had announced it at once.


Kin Name: The Sun Also Rises
Drabble: He remembered how it was when there were only five of them, busy about this little plot, carrying the metaphorical and literal weight of their little tribe - who had even thought about it as a tribe then? - on their shoulders. The wafting smell of dried meat, the salting, the curing.

He remembered also when the meat gave way to little babes of different but familiar hues, curled up together to the sunny side of the plot, never alone as they busied back and forth, tending to everything. Then the babes grew, some of them having wee ones of their own.

He remembered welcoming more of them, one by one, to their tribe: every kin, every pet, every plant, every piece of livestock. All a part of the swamp. All a part of Rise and Shine. All a part of this controlled sprawl of activity that somehow grew out of their little efforts to make their stay worthwhile.

He can barely remember, however, everyone becoming family. As far as he was concerned, looking out to the front, and looking back where his true love lay snoozing in the sun, they had always been family to The Sun Also Rises.

Kin Name: Heart-Shaped Phlox
Drabble: Heart-Shaped Phlox was mildly surprised that someone would hit on her at this point of her life, but he did, and she was struck speechless for a moment.

"I'm not the right girl for you, I haven't been the right girl for anyone for a while, really," she decided on, kindly but wanly smiling. "Oh, but it doesn't mean I don't care about you. Please don't cry."

Aaand he was crying. Oh, this was awkward. She should have known meeting up for brunch regularly would lead to this, but this spot had such nice berries to bring back to her wayward daughter, and it would be so awkward to say no and show up.

Besides, it wasn't like she didn't care for him. Heart-Shaped Phlox did realise, however, that it wasn't exactly the type he was looking for, and she felt a little guilty.

Like a mother, she told him, "cheer up. You'll find someone better. I do love you, just not that way."

Aaand he was crying harder. He was such a nice boy that she felt really guilty breaking his heart now.

At the back of her mind, however, she was also wondering whether this was why she always went for the weird ones.

Kin Name: Break You Down
Drabble: "Who," he said delicately, "what are you doing here, my love?"

There was an edge of agitation in his voice, but just a slight one - at least he had made significant progress on this piece before the appearance of his boy. Still ever so precious after so many moons, so much further than he had anticipated.

"You're just like an owlcat aren't you, getting where you don't belong. I can't pay attention to you when I'm working, you know, I'm distracted, Who."

He had the faint impression, as he looked down, that Who Watches was watching him aggressively pump the blood out of this particular rodent below his hoof.

"I'm almost done, have a little patience. Be a little patient, be a good boy. There's a good boy. Aren't you a good boy?"

He said as he urged the blood into the grooved channels. This one was meant to look like a swirl of waves, but the last swirl was having trouble staining. It was probably because he was distracted. Who was a good boy, but he came at the wrong time today.

"It's just too bad," Break You Down sighed, and gently headed off to slide against his shoulder.

"Come, my pet," he rubbed the blood off his hooves, onto the grass, and led him away into the night.

Kin Name: Pull Through
Drabble: Pull Through called, every morning, a throaty call from the top of a rock. They gathered, voraciously pecking at nothing until he extravagantly tossed the feed from a turtle shell he held in his mouth.

Pull Through wasn't the only one who handled the chickens, but he definitely acted like it, and no one else was so invested that they'd bother to contest his hold over them. After all, no one else wanted to do the sort of unnecessary work he did, from cleaning to learning every possible bird call he could to herd them there and about. He said he loved them all, so, so very much, and the chicken loved him just as much as they would love their most frequent, generous feeder.

It was a surprise then, that he was seen looking so troubled in the middle of his herd. Upon further examination, he was staring at a white chicken, roosting on a rock.

And upon inquiry, he said, so forlorn in his tone: "she's so beautiful. I think she's my favourite chicken. I didn't think I could have a favourite chicken. Do you think I'm betraying the other chickens?"

It didn't matter, for she looked over and flapped clumsily but meaningfully towards him. Such is the origin of Camellia the chicken, Pull Through's prized fowl.  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:26 pm
Kin Name: Swamp Witch

Did she want to be in love? No. Not particularly. Sure, the bucks came and went, and threw themselves at her hooves. But they weren’t the kind of spirit Swamp Witch could spend the rest of her days with.

But then, there was Weighs Hearts. What a curious fellow he had been. Detached. Removed. Elegant and intelligent in ways to compliment her and oppose her in equal turn. He was… different, to say the very least. Even now, in the midst of her day to day work, Swamp Witch thought of him.

What a foolish sentiment, love.

With a snarl, Swamp Witch went back to grinding her roots. From the corner of the cavern, her serpent raised its head, something like curiosity in its eyes. Swamp Witch sighed, stilling her hoof.

“It’s nothing, darling. Go back to sleep.” And really, it was. Nothing. There was no sense in idiotic feelings like fondness. Love. No matter how someone struck her, intrigued her and infuriated her in equal measure. Swamp Witch drove her hoof into the roots again and again, letting the sound fill the cave.

No. She did not want to be in love.

Kin Name: Keepsake

Day after day, the puppies grew bigger. They weren’t actually puppies, of course—they would not grow claws instead of hooves, would not actually howl at the moon. But in Heritage’s absence, they seemed more wolflike to her than ever. So curious, so wild. They had fervor unlike any she possessed, wildness in their soul that did not come from her. Some part of them looked like her, and true, some of them had her own docile words and gentle nature. For the whole, however, her little darlings were wild and free, more wolf than kin and more Heritage than her.

Motherfather, how she loved them for it.

They pushed her to run further, run farther. Their excitement for the world drew her from her wallowing, had her on her hooves once more. What blessings they were. Heritage might have been lost to her, but true to his name, he lived on through them. These beautiful little darlings, these wondrous little wolves.

Perhaps they would not know her sorrow, her loss. Their futures were untold, full of promise and excitement. In their smiles and their eyes was his voice, his love.

They were so beautiful and perfect. Every day, the more they grew, the more she knew Heritage would have loved them.  

So Long Gay Bowser

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:54 pm
Kin Name: Heritage
Drabble: He wakes from a dream. Alone. Cold reality sets in, cruel in its haste, and he wonders what, when—if—he will ever stop thinking of her. He shouldn’t; he’s the one who left. Betrayal had blazed bright and hot like a sun within his head until he could not breathe, let alone think. And he’d had to run, run until he reached the ends of the earth.

The brine from the sea is harsh on his fur. There is no companionship. He has his wolves, yes, but he is alone and wilting. More than that, he is dying because he cannot care to catch the food that he needs. He has but dreams and inflict upon him the loss, over and over and he has broken. He wonders if his wolves could survive without him, thinks they would surely do better without his weight dragging them down.

He whimpers as the sun blazes down. He’s so tired but every time he closes his eyes there is her. White as the snow and soft as rose petals. He can still feel her curled up beside him and smells the scent of her hair. He closes his eyes and burrows himself between his two wolves. She is lost, gone, and he has left. She is not a wolf; she is not for him. It’s best this way. He’s a wolf. Alone; a lone wolf. [231]

Kin Name: Heritage
Drabble: He’s cautious. Every step is that of walking across an iced over pond in the coming of spring. He is waiting to fall through, crash into the frozen slush of winter. He deserves no less after all the damage he and she and they have caused. Too many misunderstandings and mistakes and lost time to ever be seamless but he stays. He tries. And, he hopes, one day there will be happiness.

Keepsake trips over him as he trips over her to admonish any guilt. She is too kind in her forgiveness and too guilty in her version of events. He is too accepting of fault and too lost in this world of fatherhood. He wouldn’t leave if anyone gave him the option; it’s taken him far too long to accept that he loves Keepsake regardless of what or who she is. He need not love only wolves, like he once was.

And so he continues to lavish her and their children in presents. He questions, pushes her to take the lead and tell him what it is she wants and needs. He wishes only to please her and be worthy of her love. He wasn’t before. He isn’t sure he ever will be. But he loves her; forever. And he’ll continue to do the best he can by her. By them. [222]

Kin Name: Heritage
Drabble: Children. He presses his cheek a little firmer to her distended belly and his heart flips in somersaults. He loves them already; loves them like he loves the first five he has grown to known. And yet it is wholly different from how he loves Keepsake.

He is awed by this relationship—this romance—that has bloomed and wilted then rekindled and strengthened. He loves her more than he could love himself and yet it is this love that has let him accept himself. He was a wolf as he is a wolf but he is also kin. It is this body that allows him to love her and it is she that makes life worth it.

He would be remiss if his children weren’t his first priority but he admits only to her that he could not be himself without Keepsake. She is his heart. She gives him strength and confidence where he feels weak and unsure. His children leave him proud but always sure he is failing a little bit.

He doesn’t know how to explain it. He cannot compare them. He would not be able to live without them but he would become different if he had only his children. Hopefully he shall never know life again with Keepsake. He needs her like he needs to breathe. [218]

Kin Name: Mistress of All Evil
Drabble: Love. The word means nothing to her. She has obsessed and coveted but this idea of ******** that. She cares nothing for those around her and the one time she tried, bent herself into shapes unnatural and foreign, she’d been burned. She was no one’s true love; she was no one’s love at all. She cared for herself because no one would look out for her if she didn’t do it first.

It was a sickness, really, if one ever took the time to think about it. Of course, they didn’t. It was all pheromones and nature’s trick to prod kin to reproduce. She nearly vomited at the thought of any buck approaching her. She’d kill him, undoubtedly. One less fool to frolic about.

She preferred being alone. She came when she wished and went if she wanted. She indulged in mushrooms and liquids fermented until she knew not which was up and which was down. And she didn’t care when she grew wilder in looks, hair tangled and unkempt and like a briar bush come to life. She was thorns and pricks and fierce. She was a predator.

She huffs as the winter begins to wane; oh, how she enjoys when kin might hide before the spring comes and the itch to procreate rears its hideous soppy smile. She levels a withering glare at the bucks, young and foolish and only good to eat, come towards her on wobbly legs and sick on love. She hopes they’re ready to die today because she’ll mate over her dead body. [259]

Kin Name: Mistress of All Evil
Drabble: She’s laughing—Motherfather, what is this? There’s a fuzziness in her chest and laughter bubbling in her mouth. It’s almost like a trip but better because she isn’t high or drunk. Lucidity is a new sensation; an old enemy that is suddenly not fit to be killed and buried.

Maleficent is smiling, all crooked and smug. She reeks of sarcasm and anger. A mirror of sorts that Mistress finds she can revel in. She likes this lady; the strangeness and ambiance of trouble suit her and make her feel a bit more free. There are too many do-gooders and sappy fools in this world for her tastes.

It’s new, not wishing to kill a kin who crosses her path. Refreshing, she supposes. She wonders if this is what it’s like to have a friend. She hasn’t ever had one of those and she thinks she might let this doe keep coming around. She could due to laugh and the thought of kin fleeing as they walk together—she smirks.

Yes, they can be friends. Untethered but alike in spirit. They can be company. Even the stupid crow that caws and shrieks and flies like a loon over her head isn’t terrible. She wonders what it would be like to have a pet but that is for another day. Right now she cares only to laugh. [223]

Kin Name: Mistress of All Evil
Drabble: Mistress sneers. The dragon has eaten her mushrooms and she is not pleased. She likes even less how Maleficent is snickering at her annoyance. There are time she thinks she has lost her mind to take these two into her fold or allow herself to be taken into theirs. It’s hard to tell anymore, if it ever was easy, how they became a unit.

Mistress is the eldest in mind; she’s all cynicism and bite. She is ornery and malcontent, mischief pressured into a body of something that looks romantic and sweet.

Maleficent is the mother—it scares the s**t out of all of them, really. And yet it is she who takes on the role of guidance and advice and making sure the three of them live.

Malevolent is the youth, a child of fire and spontaneity. A dragon that is looking for fun and trouble. She keeps them on their toes.

She growls, “It’ll serve you right if you end up higher than a sparrow on a gale and give birth to a litter of chickens.” Of course then they’d have a flock of pets instead of dinner. Which is the only reason she makes sure the dragon doesn’t wander out into the night. Besides, it’s far more fun to prod the dummy into making a fool of herself. [220]  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:07 pm
Kin Name: Lightning Strike
Drabble: She wonders about her sister. It has been too long since she last saw her and she misses her. There’s always been a strangeness, her sister all fur and anger but she left bare and adrift. She knows not what she feels quite yet, if at all. Everything has always felt a little wrong.

She is a wolf but she looks nothing like one. She is a kin but she feels nothing like one. She is somewhere between the lines of wolf and kin and kinwolf. She doesn’t fit and never quite has. It’s why she doesn’t look further, for others like her. Instead she stays with her pets.

The wolves are her family and kin and loves. They are like children and siblings. She indulges them in hunt and play and can never feel wrong or out of place with them. They accept who she is, no matter her looks. Even the wolf pelt, heavy upon her back, does not deter them. They know it is worn in remembrance, in revelation of her soul.

Mourning Bay and Storm’s End make her happy. In a way that no one else can. She’d never tell her sister that but she has always felt like a mongrel. She lets the melancholy go and begins to play chase with her pets. [218]

Kin Name: Lightning Strike
Drabble: Intrigue pierces through her skin as she comes face to face with a wolf. One in the body of a kin.

She looks up from underneath her pelt and feels her heart pause, breath cease. It is not her sister; it is a male. And she—she wishes she could be like him. Knows that he would be perfect for her sister and yet wants him for herself, for a moment. First.

There is a war erupting within her soul and heart and mind. How dare the Motherfather cast her in this body when she is a wolf? Why does he get to look like that when she cannot? Is she less wolf, more wolf, no wolf at all? Who the hell is she? A whimper of confusion and frustration wails into a howl.

And he bolts.

He’s beautiful; a wolf but not an alpha. She frowns; he would be perfect for her sister but she wants wolves that take from her. She wants and she knows that she should get her sister, find that scent that lives next to her.

She follows.

Perhaps they can share. She will always be second to her sister; he can be third to them. Even if some days she thinks her sister would kill her for the slightest infraction. She is a true wolf; one filled with fangs and venom and destruction and rage. And Lightning Strike wants more than that in a lifetime. [240]

Kin Name: Lightning Strike
Drabble: There is so much sadness here. The guilt is palatable and she cannot help the want to apologize. Intruding on this bond that is trying to wind so tightly together is the last thing she wants to do. And yet she cannot bring herself to leave because there is so much love, imperfect and terrifying. She wants that; she wants more than the world of now gives her.

She watches this family of kin and wolf. A perfect ebb of hooves and flow of fur. She feels naked and less than who she should be within them. She has only her pelt to mark her as wolf and without it…

Ashborn is so like her sister with her rage and it scares her in a way that she cannot be with her sister. That rage is volatile and she fears it will be their deaths. This rage is ice and fear. It breaks her heart in a way that nothing else quite has. Except herself.

She understands. How do you love who you are if you aren’t sure who that is? It’s looking into the eyes of this wolf child—bereft and trying so hard to protect herself and her mother—that she knows she has to find out who she is first. And then, maybe she could talk with these two lovers. But not yet. Not until she knows who she is and can love that, too. [236]

Kin Name: Ashborn
Drabble: Mother insists there was no one. Too hard. She knows there was someone and, as a babe, she felt that idyll love settle over her like a sky full of stars. She knew there was a father, a lover that had been her mother’s.

She doesn’t know him. He is gone and yet she feels as if he will return. She waits at bedtime until her eyes cannot stay open; she wakes before dawn to see if he has come. He never has.

In front of her siblings, she says nothing. She asks no questions. But when she has a moment alone with her mother, he is all she wants to know about. Mother says nothing but the longing is there and so he must return to them. She thinks she might be able to find him.

Ashborn nearly dies. She is lost and afraid and she prays to the Motherfather that her mother will come. Keepsake does and Ashborn lives. And yet she is not whole. A piece of her falls to the ground and does not return with her body.

She falls asleep first, rises last. There is no one. Just memories that her mother cannot let go of. And she hates them. Hates him. She will protect her mother and her siblings and should he ever return she’ll tear out his heart. He deserves no less and neither does the Motherfather for letting her mother dwell in such sorrow.

There is no waiting. He comes too late. [250]

Kin Name: Ashborn
Drabble: She hates him. She is vehement in her disapproval and cruel in her rejection. The fact he makes her so angry, glazes her view in red rage—it means something that is beyond her.

Mother and her siblings welcome him back with open hearts. She refuses; there is nothing to love about him. He may have mated with her mother but he left. He left and he deserves nothing from them, from her. May he rot for all the sorrow he might feel at what he has done, what he has missed.

She bites when her family pushes. She snarls like a feral animal at What You Lost and were it not for What You Had—there is guilt that she may have hurt her sister. And yet she is not sorry, cannot be sorry for defending them from this absent father returned.

It is only in quiet dreams that she might test the truth. She wants to love him; she’d gone looking for him once. She is too hurt and too angry and too righteous to accept him. And so the passion of loving a father festers and twists into something more acceptable to her.

There is no redeemable trait in him. He is nothing and he can do nothing that she cannot. One day he will leave—again. And then she’ll pick up their broken hearts without saying she told them so. He isn’t needed here. She hates him. [238]

Kin Name: Ashborn
Drabble: It takes a smile.

It lights up her mother’s whole face in a way she has never seen and she is stunned. Anger and jealousy simmer beneath the surface because she has been there. She has always put her mother first but she has never made her mother smile like that. She feels betrayed.

She hates him; she wishes he never returned. The traitors who were once her siblings seem to have embraced forgiveness and she storms like a tornado. How dare they forget the past and what he has done—he hurt their mother, left her bereft and grieving and pregnant. He is trash.

But he makes her mother smile.

She can’t make her mother smile like that. She clenches her teeth. She wants to cry because how can he replace her so easily? She doesn’t understand. She’s tried to fill the holes in her mother since she was a child and failed. He waltzes in like a breeze and…

It takes time. Nights and days where she watches and waits and wilts. She wants to run forever and never come back. She wants to be without them all because she is clearly nothing. She became nothing as soon as he returned; no one listens to her or cares for her feelings anymore. She wonders if they ever did.

It takes a smile.

The hole he left in her—something is blooming in fragments and pieces. He’s better than her. He suits them. He should be here.

“So should you,” Heritage whispers to her one night as she closes her eyes. “Don’t ever forget that we love you.” [267]  



Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:36 pm
Kin Name: Buried Alive

They were always together - Buried Alive and Take Root.

It was easy for kin to presume they were lovers. They finished each others sentences, slept side by side, cared for their joint family.

When they were younger they had considered it. Their past was a long one, both of them from the first group that had dared step out from the underground and into the light. They’d come to the Swamp together, though they had parted then as all of them had. They had gone their separate ways, found mates, had children, and then they had met once more.

Since then they had never left each others sides.

They were comfortable.

Their friendship went even further back, to the deep depths. To the damp caves, seeking out warm bodies in the dark. They’d been foals looked over by the same den mother. Almost siblings in a way. Always family. It had a different time. When they’d known very little, full of dreams, whispering quietly about forbidden places. And how far it would take them! They'd sacrificed seeing their home and family ever again for a chance at a bigger world.

Now they were older, Buried Alive could feel his bones creaking in the morning. When he rose it took a little longer for everything to start working smoothly but he was content. He couldn’t see his family, not the normal way. His eyes had been shut off from the world but he could still sense them - their heat, their smell, their sounds. That was enough.

And Take Root beside him, huffing softly as she woke.

They’d built a life together, with the children and grandchildren that had stayed with them. They loved each other keenly, close as family, much more than friends. They were soul mates. But they’d never been lovers and now Buried Alive couldn’t even imagine her in that way. They were too close. They didn’t need to merge their bodies, they didn’t need to mate. They were beyond such needs.

If either of them felt the urge, they went elsewhere but neither of them had for a very long time. Perhaps they were too old, he thought. Though no, that wasn't the case.

He stepped further into the clearing, seeking a patch of light and allowing the filtered sun to warm his back. Take Root soon joined him, her side casually pressed against his. She yawned and he caught it, mouth opening wide.

As the family slowly roused, she described the day to him. A simple yet magical thing, a common practise that filled him with adoration and gratitude. Her eyes were weak too but they saw the world more than he and so she spoke of trees, the day, the sky; the birds up above, the funny way that Plague had curled up to sleep; Locust with her daily stretches, Writhe tucking her head away from the light.

Simple things.

Their bond was something special. Their love an enduring force. From the caves to the swamp and one day to the MotherFather. They’d do it together.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:31 pm
Kin Name: Chosen One

The day began as it always did - the still small tribe rising, beginning their daily tasks. There was a lot to do - there was always so much to do. Chosen One’s purpose was clear but his task was monumental. The MotherFather had given him the greatest of challenges, and he could only aim to succeed or else the Swamp would be doomed. It would devour itself in death and despair unless he cleansed it.

And so he was tireless, up before the rest - except for Reaper. Sometimes he asked her if she even slept at all, ever the tireless Guardian. At least he could sleep easy, knowing she was his guard. Though anyone foolish enough to try for Chosen One’s life in the middle of his family would be a fool indeed - a very dead fool.

They would move again today, spread the word. There were many kin waiting to be punished but their time would come. The tribe needed to strengthen. No Mercy was a great force but he couldn’t strike down everyone. They would need to work harder, always growing, always expanding.

Chosen One would be tireless.

And it was love that drove him.

Love for the Motherfather.

(It wasn’t love to have a convenient purpose for violence.)

He had been chosen for this task since he was in the sac, dreaming. He had only realized it as No Mercy raged, as the world around him showed itself to be the cesspool that it was. This was now his divine right, to cleanse the world. To remake it. And would he then rule over the reborn, The Pure.

Of course, he would be there to lead them.

Chosen One accepted the breakfast that had been gathered for him by Thrall - his son so eager and soft, his dainty looks the perfect way to win over reluctant kin. But there would need to be more. The children he had were suited to their tasks, Conqueror especially so, but there wasn’t enough.

With these thoughts in mind, he took time out of his day to visit Spellbound.

The healer was mixing herbs, focused and intent. He watched her for a time, drank in the sight of her. So frail and weak but those green eyes held so much strength, especially when they looked to him and flinched, her whole body rippling, threatening to fall apart. And the hardness when she finally recovered and stared at him, the hatred, the unwanted feelings.

He adored it.

Chosen One sometimes thought he loved Spellbound.

(He didn’t - he only enjoyed owning her.)

“We’re moving camp,” he told her, cheerful. “I’ll get the others to help you with your things.”

“I’ll be fine,” she said.

Their first clutch had nearly killed her but surely with enough help she’d be fine with another.

He left her with the help she’d tried to refuse and set out to scout their new location. His guardians by his side to keep him safe, as if anyone could ever stop him. The MotherFather would strike them down, finish the rotting that was already in their hearts. They would perish along with so many others.

And he would rejoice to see them go.

They were impure, a blight. He would see this world cleansed.

His love would save the Swamp.

(But really, he only loved himself.)



Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:18 am
Kin Name: Watch Me

Not a day went past when Watch Me wasn’t in love with someone or something. His life was one of passion. Loud, boisterous passion that encompassed all things. He loved himself, of course. That was very important. ‘How could you love anyone else without first loving yourself?’ He would declare, while preening and prancing, seeking attention and praise.

He loved Acha. Each and every one was perfect in his eyes. From their dainty legs to the lines of their bodies, their sleek horns, the little tuft of their skinny tails. Their eyes, their noses. From the most drab brown to the most brilliant colours. He adored them. They were his kin, more so than his bulkier Kiokote body. And oh, how he adored them!

Then there was his family. All the mates he had taken, the children that ran through the Swamp with his blood, some who stayed and some who went. Watch Me raved about them. Adored them, loudly and for all the world to hear. ‘Have you seen my daughter?’ He crowed, ‘aren’t they lovely?’

Then there was The Royal Rainbow Troupe. A tribe born from his passion for Acha, for song and dance, for bringing merriment to the Swamp. It grew bigger every day, members coming and going, new lives brought into the world. Every day he woke up surrounded by his troupe was a good day for Watch Me.

Kin Name: The Killing Moon

The Swamp was their hunting ground.

The Killing Moon had changed from the fine prince he had been before, bound by family, constrained by social norms. He’d shed it all, he’d changed, and his body and soul had changed too. He was closer to the earth, to the heartbeat of the world, with the whispers of the Motherfather always in his ear. He felt the tug of her will in his chest.

But when that was not guiding him, he was running free.

And through every iteration of himself he was never alone.

The family he adored was far away now, replaced by many paws. They ran with him through the long days and nights, constant shadows. The eaglehound, the wolves, the spectres. There was a jellyfish somewhere too; drifting in and out like a dream.

But the pack remained always, and he ran with them. Sometimes with hooves and sometimes like them. He loved them, ruled them, huddled with them in the cold nights. When he missed the family he’d left behind, the shop, even the daily duties of dealing with customers, they helped console him.

When he missed his children, as terrible a father as he had turned out to be, his pack was there for him instead. The Killing Moon would travel back when the longing had grown too strong but for many moons he would simply run and hunt and howl and they would be there with him.

Kin Name: Dead Rite

Dead Rite was alone.

Entirely by choice, of course. If he’d wanted he could have been with anyone he liked. It was easy to make friends, you just had to be charming. And he did like other kin. He didn't hate anyone. If he happened to cross someone’s path then of course he’d stop for a chat, pass the time of day.

The thing was, he didn’t want anything more than that.

He’d discovered, through one or two unfortunate encounters. That kin were really, well, touchy feely. He hated that. It made his skin crawl. Who knew where they’d been? Why did they want to stick their nose into things? Or touch his sides or anywhere at all?

It was all well and good to play games and have a laugh but he really didn’t want them close. And so he’d never known love, of any kind. And there really wasn’t any family he could rely on. He had siblings somewhere, sure. He’d probably cuddled them back in the day when they were days old and stupid but that hadn’t lasted long at all.

No, this was fine.

If he was alone, he was safe.

No weird intimacy, no touching, no funny feelings.

Yes, this was fine.  
PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:57 pm
Kin Name: Be Mine

Be Mine could feel them watching her.

Even as the seasons turned and her one and only clutch had left their foalhood behind, they still watched her. Sometimes she felt as though she must be some fragile egg, ready teeter from the nest and break.

Though surely she had recovered now, enough that Heavy Burden didn’t need to look so worried.

All Hope would stare and stare, her gaze sinking straight down into Be Mine’s heart, running along each slowly mended tear. Be Mine knew she was the reason her daughter had sworn off love and feelings. There had been so much pain in the past, that it had almost swallowed her whole.

Love not just lost but torn asunder, innocence ripped to shreds.

She couldn’t regret it, any of it. Perhaps it had been foolish to fall in love so completely (and with such a buck!) but Be Mine would endure that pain over and over again for her precious children. She’d lost love and yet gained so much more and it was them, her darlings, that had repaired her heart in the end.

She was ready to move on.

“Please,” she told them one night, beneath the feather tree, a smile on her face, “I am alright now. You can live your own lives.”

Kin Name: Once Forgotten

Once Forgotten put the last finishing touch to the clearing and stood back to carefully admire his handiwork. It had taken him all day to prepare, his chest swelling with pride and a hoof stamping the ground with excitement.

The flowers had been difficult to collect (he could only carry so many!) but they now filled the area they’d marked out as their home; a well-lived in space with its own firepit where a overturned turtle shell held a boiling dinner.

Five children had been raised here, all gone now, off on their own adventures. Que Queue was rarely here either, busy with the day to day life of a Legendary. But she’d promised to be home tonight and so Once Forgotten had spared no energy in his effort to make this the most wonderful and magical of nights.

He’d missed her. He wanted to romance her.

So there was the flowers of all kinds; some on the ground, some in the trees, some scattered into petals along the path he believed she would come. The dinner was her favourite treat sourced from Rise & Shine (hopefully edible this time...), and their bed had new fronds carefully laid out for extra comfort.

Once Forgotten would woo her again tonight and show her how much he appreciated her.  


Invisible Dabbler


Kawaii Shoujo

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:24 pm
Kin Name: Midnight Beauty
Drabble: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I saw him as my knight in shining armor. I thought he was the one for me. I thought we were perfect together, and he didn't want anyone else but me. How could I have been so naive?

Well, who am I kidding... Just because he saved me from a monster in a forest and he was by my side for weeks? He's just a flirty...maybe kind (?), guy. I guess I was just interesting for the moment... but honestly, my friends were right. I'm not the only one.

That's why my love confession wasn't received well. That's why I was rejected and made to feel horrible about myself. In the back of my mind, though, I can't help but still be surprised: How could he do that to me?

If he doesn't want to be with me, why should I want to be with him? Ever? I'm thinking "ever," because why on Earth would I want someone who didn't want to be with me over other girls/boys/I have no idea at a point in time when I wanted to be with him? That hurts! He didn't set me apart like I did to him... Do I want to be with someone who didn't value me the way I valued him? No! Because who's to say that he will value me as such in the future? Maybe if he ever shows his face to me again, saying he's interested, it's for a shallow reason or a reason I can't accept...because it's not love. So, never. Why would I? I need to have self-respect. Self-love > Love for him.  
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