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Questionable Pants

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:13 am

Slate Fogg

Gaianame: Evilweirdo
Character Name: Slate Fogg
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Human
Side: Good
Class: Street Mage
Weapons: Daggers (temporary magical manifestations in the form of a dagger in his possession).


Salvage Artes- Magic, while powerful, has its drawbacks when being used in such as place as Murk. Spellcasting is difficult when the enemy is close, so the Murk Coalition (see bio) taught Slate how to "salvage" the energy from spells that are cut short, using it to perform other artes (underlined in the descriptions below). He can cancel his spells to immediately perform a different, weaker arte. The more time he had spent charging the intended spell, the more powerful the salvage arte is. However, a full spell is always more powerful than the salvage arte.

Fire Ball- A spell that fires a series of semi-homing fireballs at the target. He can cancel the arte to cast Flare Raid, a series of flaming dagger throws. Enemies caught off guard by this are juggled around in the air by the blows.
Wind Blade- A spell that conjures blades of wind to converge on the target area. He can cancel the arte to use Ill Wind, a whirlwind conjured by a knife thrown into the ground or other surface. Foes caught in the ill winds are launched into the air.
Grave- A spell that raises spikes out of the earth under the target. He can cancel it to use Stand Alone, which raises a shattering pillar of stone around him, deterring nearby foes and temporarily increasing his defenses.
Lightning Blast- A spell that conjures a globular matrix of electricity to surround a small area around the target, then implode as it is struck by lightning. He can cancel it to use Merciless Thunder, jumping up into the air to rain down electrically-charged daggers.
Freeze Lancer- A spell that conjures a glyph in front of Slate, sending out a continuous stream of ice daggers for a few seconds after casting. He can cancel it to use Sigil Spear, throwing a frozen dagger through the glyph and shattering it into a burst of close-range ice daggers.
Splash- A spell that attacks the target with a rising blast of water. He can cancel it to use Squall Shot, throwing a dagger over the target that rains watery copies of itself down at random.
Soul Reaper- A spell that sends out dark fangs to transfer vitality and energy from the target to Slate. He can cancel it to use Magnum Reversal, a dagger throw that transfers his negative conditions to the target, gaining more force and size with the amount of conditions transferred in this way.
Vengeant Fangs- A spell that conjures a set of dark fangs to chomp down on the target area, possibly poisoning those caught in the attack. He can cancel it to use Severed Fate, throwing three daggers into the air that, after a moment, descend and briefly trap the target in a glyph of energy.
Inspect Eye- A spell that brings about a moment of clarity, allowing Slate to quickly observe the strengths and weaknesses of the target. If cancelled, Slate uses Red-Handed, allowing for improved evasion of the next attack that comes his way, then a counterattack with a stream of daggers from a glyph; Slate usually retreats as this happens.

Mystic Arte:
Dead Man Walking- A dark void forms, drawing foes in. He throws several daggers and fires multiple blasts of elemental energies that arc into the void, causing it to writhe and finally implode on the enclosed targets.

User Image
His clothes and hair are usually at least a bit disheveled, and he has the build of someone who has had to run a lot from a young age.

Personality: Hardboiled, sarcastic, strangely philosophical, tenacious, intuitive, cunning, observant, easily-bored, slightly hopeful. Though he can seem gruff or reserved, he means well, and does his best to enforce justice.

Born to two natives of Null, Slate was forced to live with "scum and villainy" at a young age. His parents, unable to pay for "protection" from a local gang (the Black Wings), were taken captive, and Slate (then 10 years old) with them. They were used as hostages for the robbery of the largest shop in town, then cast aside when the heist went wrong. A rival gang appeared with the same goal in mind, and a gang war ensued. A third party appeared at that point, overwhelming the gangs with advanced tactics and powerful magics. Spotted in a struggle with one of the gang members, Slate was rescued by a member of the third party. He would be one of the few survivors of what would go down in Null history as "the Weapon Shop Massacre".

Slate's rescuer was Melrose, one of the founders of the third party: a group of crime-fighters known as the Murk Coalition. The Coalition, as it was known by its members, sought to reduce and, if possible, end crime in Null; it was a sort of police force. Melrose guided Slate in lieu of his presumably-deceased family, teaching him how to survive in the meaner parts of Null. He taught him magic and other means of defending himself, elevating him to full Coalition membership after five years. Slate worked with the Coalition, investigating crimes as a detective. The Coalition even provided for his education in a "nicer" part of town. He did well for a time, working in the shadows against the gangs of Null, making life a little better for what people he could. Best of all, it was exciting, and he wasn't just a victim of Null anymore.

However, ten years ago (when Slate was 25 years old), the Coalition was betrayed by one of its own. Its headquarters and members were revealed to its most powerful foes, the gangs. Said gangs were now united, it seemed, under the Black Wings, and they united to bring down the Coalition. Slate managed to fight his way out and escape (as Melrose had taught him, survival meant more than struggling for sentimental victories), but not before seeing someone familiar: Melrose, his mentor for the past 15 years, now leading Black Wing thugs into battle against his own Coalition. He would have shouted in dismay, had that not been something that would have ensured his demise. Instead, he escaped by stowing away on an outgoing caravan to Floris. Bored but alive, he has lived on the outskirts of Floris ever since, trying to stave off boredom by solving petty crimes and investigating rumors.

This peace would not last. He has had to fend off several thugs and two-bit assassins while traveling for investigations, each claiming that, as "the last of the Murk Coalition," he held the key to some great secret of the Lunarians. He had no idea what they were talking about, but this was concerning nonetheless. He wondered about the true motives of the Murk Coalition and the gangs which destroyed it. What secrets did they hold, and what did they seek? Did he truly hold the key to an ancient secret? Why couldn't they just get this secret from Melrose, one of the Coalition's founders? Time would tell.

Victory - "Try listening next time." "Survival's what I do." "Next time, come up with something interesting." "Yep, I'm alive."
Low health - "That's nothing, keep it coming."
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "They never learn." "Agh, not this again."
Dying - "I needed a rest anyway." "I can't catch a break."
Strong enemy - "Come at me. I've seen worse."
Weak enemy - "You asked for it, kid." "Really?... Really."
Killing an enemy - "You bore me." "Take that as a lesson."
Fleeing - "Survival over sentiments." "I happen to like living." "Death sounds boring anyway." "I'll be back with a vengeance."

Fave Food Type: Sandwiches
Other Notes: He supposedly holds the key to a Lunarian secret, but he has no idea what it could possibly be.

Normal Theme- Jazzhands
Serious Theme- Surrounded
Battle Theme- Eon (Instrumental)
Voice- PENDING  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:44 am

Character Name: Vash the Stampede
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 131
Race: Independent Plant
Occupation: Wandering outlaw, pacifistic gunman.
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Protagonist
Alignment: Neutral Good
Main or Minor?: Main
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Canon: Trigun (anime)
Canon Point: Before his final confrontation with Knives.
Means of Arrival: He somehow wandered across space and time, arriving in Aselia. In crossing to the new world, he lost Wolfwood's Punisher. He now seeks to get it back and find his way back to Gunsmoke for his final battle.

Class: Pacifist Gunman
Fighting Style: Vash is a master gunman, though he does not fire shots that would kill the target, and never shoots to kill (he has reluctantly learned to fight alongside people who do, however). He often uses misdirection and apparent luck to cause the opponent to effectively defeat themselves.
Weapon(s): .45 Long Colt revolver (Angel Arm catalyst), cybernetic arm with built-in machine gun (with enough punch to shoot holes in some metal surfaces), hidden knives in the toes of his boots. He has also used the Punisher, a large cross-shaped weapon, though he has lost it. It is apparently very heavy (physically and metaphorically), but it mysteriously floated away when Vash arrived on Aselia.
Plant abilities- He has superhuman agility and reflexes, enough to dodge bullets at close range while pretending to dance. He has also been known to subtly deflect or redirect projectiles by throwing rocks at them. He is also quite strong and in control of his muscles. Finally, he has improved eyesight, intelligence (he needs it to outwit his often-formidable assailants), and a telepathic connection with his brother. Fortunately, the latter doesn't function on Aselia, so it seems that Knives is not on the planet. However, this telepathy may prove receptive to other telepathic signals. This has yet to be seen.
Angel Arm- Vash's revolver, constructed by Knives, is a catalyst for the Angel Arm ability. Upon activation (willing or unwilling), Vash's revolver fuses with his arm, transforming it into an arm cannon capable of leveling cities with one blast or even blasting a hole in a moon. However, it usually only destroys inorganic material, and some items on someone's person may be saved (weapons, jewelry, glasses etc.). Vash avoids using it, as he does not want to destroy cities ever again.

Vash is very kind and, as a pacifist (he refuses to kill anyone, and hates causing pain), claims that "this world is made of love and peace." Though he is a wanderer, he often befriends the locals, especially children, since he acts somewhat childlike himself. Vash often exaggerates his foolish characteristics, such as his lecherous behavior, bizarre quips and jokes, and near-obsession with donuts. This, along with his constant kindness, are employed to prevent people from feeling threatened by him. It also hides his identity and his inner pain. Due to his extended lifespan and reputation as a "Humanoid Typhoon," he has lost many friends, faced many betrayals, and seen massive amounts of carnage and destruction caused to get at him. Because of this, he is actually very lonely and tormented, though he makes sure to keep people at ease with his kind-yet-bizarre behavior. He is still hopeful, however, especially about humanity. He never kills anyone intentionally, even if not doing so poses great danger to himself. He keeps the scars he has gained as a result of his pacifism, despite his ability to heal them. They serve as reminders of the price he pays for his mercy.

Fave Food Type: Donuts
Vash and his brother, Knives, are Plants, humanoid beings that are generally used as an energy source. However, they are independent, allowing them to consciously use their own power and survive in normal environments. They were found above a human SEEDS spaceship (full of people seeking a new planet) as infants, and were raised by Rem Saverem, their parental figure. Over a year, they grew into children. The beginnings of Vash's morals, his respect for life, and hope for the future came from Rem. Knives disagreed with them, believing that there was nothing wrong with killing one side of a conflict. For example, he once saved a butterfly from a spiderweb by killing the spider, despite Vash's attempts to keep both alive. After a series of violent events on the ship, and the discovery of Plants being used as power, Knives decided for certain that he hated humans. He attempted to crash the SEEDS ships into the planet Gunsmoke, killing the humans but sparing the Plants. However, after putting Vash and Knives into an escape pod, Rem stayed behind as the ships started to come down, sending out a directive to activate the thrusters on the ships, allowing them to safely enter the atmosphere. However, she apparently died in the process.
When they arrived on Gunsmoke, Vash was distraught and infuriated with his brother. He had no choice, however, but to stay with him. He would wander the planet with Knives, searching through crash sites. Knives salvaged some ships, creating two revolvers that would allow them to use their plant abilities. He planned to use their Angel Arms (see Attacks section) to eradicate humanity. Vash knew this and became morally conflicted. He shot Knives in the leg, but went into a panic upon seeing his pain. He took both revolvers (including his signature silver one) and fled, spending two years wandering the planet until he collapsed from exhaustion. He was rescued by the survivors of the only remaining functioning SEEDS ship, becoming friends with the humans and receiving his signature red coat. A few months later, he left, seeking the last surviving relative of Rem: Revenant Buskus, who studied Plants.
He sought Buskus in the city of July, but only found Knives standing over his corpse. A firefight ensued, in which Vash lost his left arm to a gunshot. Knives took his revolver back and activated Vash's in an attempt to destroy the City. Vash aimed it at him, wounding him with the blast, but the city was still reduced to rubble. The survivors (Vash's Angel Arm didn't usually work on inorganic material) fought among themselves, turning July into a hellish place. This is how Vash got his reputation as the Humanoid Typhoon, Vash the Stampede, with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head.
Vash spent the next 23 years in hiding, receiving a cybernetic arm to replace his lost one. Two insurance agents, Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, were assigned to follow him in order to prevent further damages. This dismays Vash, but he took a liking to them. He wandered between cities, sometimes alone, doing his best to solve people's problems. Trouble followed him, but he resolved it whenever he could. He sometimes worked together with a strange, profit-seeking, gun-toting priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. However, things become more serious when Vash encountered Legato Bluesummers, a servant of Knives dedicated to causing Vash suffering. Legato and his gang, the Gung-Ho Guns, went after Vash, seeking to cause him harm and eliminate those he cared for. Each defeated member was killed by Legato or themselves to scar Vash's conscience. One of them killed Wolfwood, which Vash deeply regretted. When Vash finally confronted Legato, the latter forced Vash to either fatally shoot him or see Milly and Meryl die. Vash chose to shoot Legato, bringing him the "ultimate suffering" that Legato had aimed for: Vash had chosen to kill someone, even if it was on pain of someone else's death.
Vash spent weeks in anguish, refusing to face Knives because of the death that it would inevitably end with. When Meryl protected him from a frustrated gunman, however, he saw Rem in her actions. He gained morale once more, departing with Wolfwood's cross-shaped Punisher gun in tow. He crossed the desert to confront Knives.

Other Notes: N/A

SECTION 5: QUOTES (Optional, does not affect the review of your profile and can be filled in later.)
Victory - "Dangerous toys are fun, but you could get hurt!~" "Would you mind lowering your weapon like a good boy/girl?"
Low health - "I can't..."
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "I guess I can't bluff against you now." "Hey, buddy!~ Let's you and me not fight, okay?"
Downed - "Rem... I..." "I'm sorry."
Revived - "HEEEEEEEY, whatever happened to 'thou shalt not kill'?!"
Strong enemy - "Why did it have to come to this?" "This is a real drag..." "Hey, they don't even HAVE double-dollars here! Why don't you collect that bounty somewhere else?"
Weak enemy - "(bluffing) My name is... VASH THE STAMPEDE!! Ladies and gentlemen, forgive the lack of warning, but I'm afraid it's time for my daily massacre!" "I'm a quick draw! You really don't want a piece of this!"
Incapacitating/defeating an enemy - "Repeat after me! This world is made... Of love and peace! Love and peace!" "(hiding and throwing voice) Haha, I'm like a sitting duck over here! I'm defenseless!~" "Stop it! I'm not going to kill you, no matter what!"  

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Questionable Pants

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Evilweirdo 0

Questionable Pants

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:51 pm

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Name: Quote (AKA Mr. Traveler)
Canon: Cave Story
Reason and Means of Arrival: After the events of Cave Story's true ending, he appeared alongside Curly Brace and Balrog, falling out of the sky above the Otherworldly Gate and becoming separated from Curly and Balrog.
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Protagonist
Main or Minor?: Minor

Race: Armed Recon Robot

Personality: He is usually silent, but is capable of speech. Unlike most robots other than his partner, Curly Brace, he is sentient and has emotions. He is dedicated to his goals, and will do everything he can to help his friends and allies. His actions are not limited by his programming, and he can go above and beyond to do the right thing.


Ten years before the events of Cave Story began, Quote and his partner, Curly Brace, were sent from the Surface of the planet to the Island, a floating island. They sought to destroy the evil Demon Crown, which granted great power to its wearer. They, like countless other robots from the Surface, were defeated by Miakid, the wearer of the Crown. However, they did wound him. Ten years later, the now-amnesiac Quote awoke in a small cave. He wandered into a village populated by Mimiga, a race of rabbit-people. Allying himself with Mimiga (such as King and Sue) and some humans (Jenka [a witch and the mother of Misery], Professor Booster), he fought against the newest crown-wearer, "the Doctor" (Dr. Fuyuhiko Date), who sought to use special red flowers to enslave the Mimiga, turning them into an army of warlike beasts that would conquer the Surface for him. Along the way, Quote encountered Curly, who also had amnesia. They worked together on various occasions until Curly gave Quote her air tank in order to save him from drowning in a room full of water. Quote treated her, but she floated away in a current after Quote battled a large, hostile fish (Ironhead). However, he later encountered her in a Mimiga plantation (she had been rescued by a member of the mysterious Cthulhu race), though once again afflicted with amnesia and unable to remember her own name. After Quote restored her memories with a Ma Pignon mushroom, she revealed their history and Quote's name, but was unable to accompany him on his journey to fight the Doctor. Defeating the cursed slaves of the Crown (The fairylike but harsh Misery and the rectangular "huzzah"-saying being known as Balrog) and the Doctor, Quote achieved victory, but at the cost of the lives of some of his friends. However, he also destroyed the core of the Island, causing it to begin falling from the sky. Trapped in a building during their escape, Quote found a hole leading to a blood-stained sanctuary, the Sacred Grounds. Curly was there, but could not move on her own, so Quote tied her to his back and they fought their way through the grounds. They arrived at a seal chamber where Jenka had imprisoned her brother, Ballos. Ballos was the once-benevolent but now insane creator of the Demon Crown (which he had been forced to create by Misery, resulting in her enslavement and that of Balrog). Though Ballos wielded mysterious and powerful abilities, Quote and Curly defeated him. In a final effort to destroy the pair, the walls attempted to crush them. Balrog arrived, free of the Crown's power, and rescued them. Since the Island had stopped falling, the trio decided to live together in a nice place. Quote and Curly flew off on Balrog's back, seeking such a place.

He uses various weapons and items.
Spur: The Spur is the upgraded form of the first weapon he obtained on his journey, the Polar Star. Its standard attack uses rapid-fire energy bullets, which he can potentially keep going indefinitely. However, he can charge it to fire powerful, piercing lasers. The Spur is unaffected by energy charge.
Whimsical Star: When the Spur is fully charged or when a lot of energy is collected, Quote can deploy three stars to spin around him, dealing light damage to nearby enemies and acting as shields. They become larger or smaller depending on the energy charge.
Super Missile Launcher: A powerful missile launcher. Heavy-hitting, but has limited ammunition. Fires more or fewer missiles with energy charge.
Fireball: A gun that fires bouncing fireballs. They're fairly slow and prone to gravity, but are very useful on slopes or when bouncing would be useful. Energy charge affects the number of fireballs that can be deployed at once.
Bubbler/Bubbline: This gun deploys bubbles, which deal damage on contact and can block melee access to Quote. They can act as shields for a short time, but then turn into bolts that rush forward. He can also command all existing bubbles to turn into bolts.
Blade: A sword that once belonged to a Mimiga named King. Quote uses it as a throwing weapon, and it returns to him after thrown. It has a short range, but is powerful. With a high energy charge, the spirit of King appears when the sword is used, performing a dashing multi-slash in an area.
Booster V 2.0: This jetpack allows him to maneuver through the air for brief periods of time. He generally uses it in short bursts, allowing him to move further distances. He can also use it to dodge attacks.
Iron Bond: Like in the Sacred Grounds, Quote can tie Curly to his back. They can fire in separate directions or combine their fire into a deadly barrage.

Quote can survive great falls and jump great distances (relative to the human norm). He has an air tank that allows him to survive underwater indefinitely. In addition, he has a map system that maps places that he has explored.
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