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Merry Krampus

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:04 am
Group 2 - E: I'm something else: I'm a Creepypasta.

He supposed it was a relief that what they found were such relics. By the qualifications of cryptozoology, something as ancient in the fashion and social strata as Cybergoths might have qualified as a Lingerling not unlike the theory behind the Loch Ness Monster. Crypt Keeper stood his ground when they approached and assessed him, along with the other phonies.

His personal heritage always meant he was at least a little different from the others; his mother was a monster outright and his father hunted them - that was all he knew.

"Nothing you've ever seen," Crypt assured with a steady gaze at the leader, "We're creatures from an abandoned amusement park, come to see what trespasses were made on our haunted land." He was laying it on pretty thick, he had to admit, but he wasn't sure what they would best respond to when they were so showy themselves. "We see you're engaging in harmless celebration, so we will allow you to continue and retreat back to our own spooky amusement."

He hoped it was a good enough response, as well as a distraction so that the other stray phonies around him could get the point: that they needed to seek out the green smoke and head back to camp.  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:16 am
D: I'm a phony.

" I have been on...a few," said Footnote as he trudged on beside his friend. "Mostly small stuff like gremlins and imps. This is the furthest I have been out of Phonyland center yet,"

As the duo trotted down what semblance of the path there was, Footnote was surprised to come across a group of Cybergoths. Turning to Hybrid, the colt whispered. "Have you seen humans like this before? Or...do you think they aren't humans?"

Then the apparent leader of the cybergoth approached them though, Footnote cleared his throat. "I do not know what a prep is but I am a Phony,"



Fea Line

Spoopy Kitten

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:16 am
A: Investigate the mineshaft

It seemed that the group began moving as a whole towards teh shadow and Fright Night nodded softly. Sticking together, the idea was good and one he approved of. He smiled at Banshee excitedly, nodding at her to continue the adventure with him and not get left behind or separated from the others.

And then it appeared! The shadow again! Albeit....differently.....this time? He chased after the group until the cornered it but his excitement fled him in mere seconds as they discovered it was only a gorilla. "THAT's not the shadow ve vere chasing earlier!" he exclaimed in disappointment...

...and then his voice caught again. There! Another shadow! As they fled after it, flashlights caught a glimpse of ruby red, eyes he speculated whether real or fake he wasn't sure. If it truly was part moth then those creatures had some amazing defenses in place simply in markings alone. The thought excited him even more! As they drew near to the creek and all paused he took note of the other cairn marked with yet another arrow. And even better still....a mine shaft.

"Aahh if I vere a monster... I'd hide there too! If not for safety then to lure my foes to their doom!" he laughed heartily and set off to explore the mine shaft.  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:22 am
Group 2: C: Labels aren't important to me.

"A few! That's pretty impressive, even if it is just gremlins and imps! Definitely a few more than I've ever done!" The alicorn grinned at her small companion, she liked the fact he seemed so brave, even if she still didn't really believe in stuff like gremlins or imps.

"I've been out of Phonyland a bit... though it ain't ever been fer stuff like this... I usually jus' go out t'collect color samples..."

Before she could really explain much further, the group encountered the Cybergoths. A full pack of them too! Footnote's questions didn't go ignored as he quietly inquired about this variety of human.

In an equally quiet tone, the brightly colored mare assured "They're definitely human, just a weird off-brand of them... basically harmless..."

One of the other Phonies made a pretty dramatic speech (at least in Hybrid's opinion) about labels, and where as the alicorn generally didn't like the dramatics, the sentiment about labels hit home for her.

So where as little Footnote replied sincerely, Hybrid commented "...Who the buck cares? Labels ain't important to me!" The alicorn gave the leader of the Cybergoths a sure and steady look, not really intimidated by their status.

If they start chasing us Indiana Jones Native style, feel free to have Footnote hitch a ride on Hybrid's back xD


Rainbow Senshi


Offensive Hero

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:32 am
D: I'm a phony.

Pushing through the woods to the music was both an awful decision and a wonderful one. Rising Sign's eyes widened almost comically at what she saw as they pushed through the bushes. Strange, colorful...things were swinging their arms and moving their hips in such an odd way that it could only be described as some sort of ritualistic dance. Perhaps they weren't aliens, but she had never seen anything like them before!

The question caught her by surprise, as did Draft Punk's answer - she had stayed close to his flank just in case more bats came by - but as he spoke she moved around to voice her own opinion.

"I don't know what...preps and goths are but...but I'm not," she said indignantly. She would probably fall under a strange category herself based on school stereotypes - egg head maybe - but she was still a bit too young to understand that.

"I'm a Phony," she said with a little nod, peering into the pack of the strange creatures.  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:52 am
A: Investigate the mineshaft
So close so close so close! The mothpone must be a good flyer, because Night Scout remembered that at least one of their number could also fly... Cryptid magicks. It had to be. And clever, too, with that gorilla decoy.

Night Scout kicked a rock with a huff, though. Even with a glimpse, this was a dead end. Now what to do? There was another one of those rock piles, with an arrow. But he hadn't been following those before, so why start now? And he could hear something else. Something interesting. But a distraction! But interesting. Hmmm. Maybe...the mothpone was in there? It didn't make a lot of sense, but maybe if there wasn't a cryptid... There might be ghosts!



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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:03 am
Hi i think i messed up in round 5 and am D/Qd round 6 all to the end?

Scaramouche Fandango

. Round 5: Let's Split Up, Gang! .

Sides heaving, you regroup. The storm of bats was bat news indeed; you weren't really prepared for something like bat, and in the aftermath of the chiropteran onslaught, your party has become discombobulated. Nobody's hurt, so you can be thankful for bat at least- but in the chaos, you realize you're not quite sure where you're bat anymore- and more importantly, there's some faces missing.

This... is bat. Bad. Your group looks substantially smaller, and Skirmish isn't there anymore. Uh-oh. She must have wound up with the rest of the group as you separated in the shuffle. A few phonies try calling for their friends, but all you hear is the wind getting louder and the night noises. Sound doesn't seem to carry well out here. But you came out here to hunt cryptids, and by gosh that's what you're gonna do. So as you dust yourself off and pick yourself up, you prepare to soldier on with what's left of your group.

If you chose A or D, you're in Group 1

If you chose B or C, you're in Group 2

Group 1: At first, the charging phonies moved individually, but you ended up in a stampede. Oh, the perils of herd mentality! Nervously, you shuffle together as a group, quietly taking a headcount and thinking about what to do next. You tell yourself it's all ok- it's still Phonyland, these woods shouldn't be that dangerous- but strange things have happened here, and you find yourself aware of just how little you know. Unless you're Fire Flight, whose night just got so much more complicated.

And then somebody spots it. You're not quite sure who points it out first, but it's... strange. It's a cairn- a small pile of rocks that doesn't for an instant look like it's there naturally. The stones are smooth, but far enough from the water that they aren't some kind of deposit- and an arrow chalked on one proves it. Somebody put this here. But why?

As you ponder it, something rustles in the trees. Perhaps it's the wind- but then you spot... something out of the corner of your eye. A dark shadow flits above your heads- or maybe at your eye level- you're not sure where the shape ended and the darkness began. You're not even sure what you really saw, other than a quick glint of light and the impression of movement. One thing's certain- it's heading in the opposite direction of the arrow on the stone.

You know you should all stick together at this point- but where should you go?

We should...
A: Follow the arrow!
B: Follow the shadowy shape.
C: Move out in a spiral and see what lies in both directions.
D: Stay put and see if the shadow comes back.

Group 2: You hold your position as some of your group flees- while you call to stop them, they don't hear you. When things quiet down, you pick yourselves up and take a headcount. Unconsciously, you huddle closer together, trying to tamp down the uneasiness you feel. After all, the woods are just trees- and the trees are just wood- but you are afraid. The unknown is scary, and this is definitely the unknown.

Taking stock, you consider what you don't have. You don't have a path. You don't have a guide. You don't hear your missing friends.

But you do hear a noise- a strange, new noise. Crashing noises in the underbrush- and a strange glow in the distance. It's faint and winks in and out, but it's there. There's also a strange... hum? Something mechanical?

What's that doing out here in the woods?

You need to make a decision, before the bats come back.

We should...
A: Head towards the noises.
B: Head in the exact opposite direction of those noises.
C: Try to figure out where the others went.
D: Try to find the campsite again.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:20 am
B) Go north in the direction of the arrow

Oh boy, an abandoned mine. Heavenly Body peered warily at the mine along the ravine. It didn't seem particularly safe. Mines weren't exactly known for being a great location for people who were often stumbling over their own hooves. That might of been too much adventure for the mare. But! There was another one of those arrows by it. Maybe they led to the much safer tourist friendly entrance of the mine where the carousel wouldn't have to worry about accidentally knock out a very important support beam. Even if it didn't lead to someplace terribly spooky or exciting, it would still be an adventure for a homebody like her!  


Lonely Prophet

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Enigmatic Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:30 am
E: I'm something else: I'm a Designer.

"Hooked," she repeated, pleasantly even. "Nice to meet one Phony with their screws in the right place." She smiled towards him, definitely one of confidence, looking back as they were on the approach, and --

Oh jeez. Oh jeez oh wow, look at these -- these relics of fashion history! Catwalk was both in awe and horror to see the creatures that were once whispered of but rarely seen, let alone witnessed in their natural habitat. She watched them grunt and posture in their primitive way, and when they finally decided to communication - and on a 'normal' speech, no less, a common tongue! - she felt every instinct in her well for attention: pity, disgust, intrigue, and the need to design. She cast a brief glance to Hooked with a can you believe this? expression before smoothing her face into neutrality.

The rest of the answers given were a little lackluster, but she brushed it off, giving her own to the fray. "I'm a designer. If any of you have a stitch loose or need a belt a few inches higher or lower, I can help in exchange for any information you might have about a 'cryptid' out here, one with fiery eyes and wings of night. Yourselves not included, that is."

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:08 am
E: I'm something else: I'm a [ Gardener ].

Nightvine watched them, the others didn't seem too fazed, but he didn't quite know what to think of these... humans? They were black with random hanging glowing objects. Maybe it grew on them. Maybe they were some kind of phosphorescent subspecies of human. Their small eyes, however, made them think they may still be transitioning to a nocturnal life. As far as he knew, humans were diurnal.

"Ummm," Nightvine stared. "I-I'm a gardener. I collect plants that grow at night and bring them home. I don't even know what a prep is."

How long had they been living out here? What supplied their seemingly endless supply of many-eyed leather boots? Did they raise their own cattle out here? Were they some group of night riding cowboys? That'd be interesting. It would explain the long pants.  


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Astraea Pandora

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:12 am
A: Investigate the mineshaft

"That's...actually a pretty good idea." Lab commented on the idea of pitching Swamp Net's net over the creature should they get close enough to do so. Then she had a private giggle over Swamp Net's net. Net-Net. Maybe she'd call him that from now on.

The gorilla had been a surprise. Labyrinth might have shrieked, just a little. Those things were HUGE after all and they could so some serious damage. Wasn't one of the administrators in the group? She could have swore she saw Mr. My-Wings-Don't-Molt admins. They could at least call someone about the primate.

But almost as soon as she was annoyed about the wild animal loose in the forest, the shadow zipped by again and she was back on her hoofs. The group was pretty fast but the shadow faster and they found themselves at a curious crossroads. Labyrinth looked around and sighed. The mine shaft was open and it had strange noises echoing from it's depths. Exploring unknown places like this was her THING.

BUT the appearance of yet ANOTHER cairn also peaked her interest. Had someone been out here and seriously left trail markers for others? It wasn't like this deep in the woods was a popular hiking destination and yet here they were.

UGH! She wanted to go both ways! Why couldn't she just create a magical clone and explore both paths?! She stopped and thought about it for a moment...nah she prolly wasn't adept enough to create a semi sentient magical clone of herself. Lab rapidly clomped her hooves into the ground in a small tantrum fit, it was so hard to choose!

"At least in the books if you make the wrong choice you can just flip back a page and pick the better path. Stupid real life making choices have real meaning and consequence." she whined quietly. After a giant huffing sigh, she dusted herself off and turned toward the mine shaft.

Huni Pi
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:03 pm
Group 2 - A: I'm a prep.

Diamond looked around as the other Phonies piped up with their various responses. She was usually more prudent than this, but, somehow, she couldn't bring herself to take these antiquated creatures too seriously as a threat.

"Okay, I'll bite," she said, "I'm a prep. What's it to you?"  

Jun D

Shoujo Shounen


Super Wife

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:12 pm
E: I'm something else: I'm a Cryptid Hunter!

Mission accomplished! A camp!

Well, Boysie DID find a camp. Just not their camp. It counted, there were people and off to the side Boysie could see other phonies, which had been one of her goals in going back to camp. What a craaazy forest, so easy to get all turned around. Or, perhaps, she had just got turned around and ended up following the noises after all. What a good thing that turned out to be, otherwise she would have never seen this curious relic of the early 2000s, and not at all be reminded of the childish aspirations of her mysterious human owner's attempts at fashion during a very confusing and tumultuous time of her life. Ha. Hahaha. Haaaaaaaaa.


"Ooooh, well I'm not a 'prep', but I'm not any of that other stuff either. How long have you been here? Do you even get wifi this far into the forest? What do you eat- or do you forage for food? Ah! That wasn't the point!" Boysenberry tossed her mane with a flourish, a few twigs falling out, tupperware held aloft with magic.

"I am a cryptid hunter! We are chasing something mysterious in this forest. Rumored to be dark and creepy." She puffed her chest out, head held aloft.

"So that makes us, like, cousins to pastel-goths," Boysie gestured towards her pretty purple body, "Anywhoodledoo, have you seen anything mysterious and dark and creepy and a potential pasta pal? Because that would be super helpful!"
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:05 pm
A: Investigate the mineshaft

Muck had given a startled yelp at the gorilla's appearance and somehow managed not to skid on anything or accidentally trod on anyone. He did his best to keep up with the group however until they came upon the creek bed.

"I know! I'd love to also look at where the arrow is pointing, but given everything that's happened so far, I'd like to stick with you. If you're alright with that?" he asked Lab.

Astraea Pandora

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Tristam Lockhart

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:06 pm
Group 2: C: Labels aren't important to me

Bokeh stared at the people with big wide eyes for all of two seconds before bringing his camera up and taking lots of pictures. He paused between big flashes and stared at the Cybergoths. "Um.....I don't know what any of those words mean...so..um..none of those?.....I am just me. Is that okay?"  
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