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Merry Krampus

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:31 pm
Group 2 - A: Head towards the noises

Logic dictated, as Crypt Keeper gained his bearings, that they should all take their guide's key piece of advice; head towards the green smoke if you get lost. It seemed curiosity was getting the better of many other lingerlings around him, what few were left in their small ragtag group. Crypt listened to the sound, the strange hum, he squinted at the faint lights, and he sighed at so many phonies hurrying right towards whatever mysterious thing was lurking out there.

If he was going to be stranded in the woods then it certainly wasn't going to be by himself. It would be safer in a group, no matter what happened, so Crypt Keeper hurried to catch up with the collection of phonies straying deeper into the woods.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:00 pm
Group 2: A) Head towards the noises

Hooked peeked one eye towards the swarm just in case they decided to double back. When they didn’t, he stood back up and shook his hook to signal to Night Vine that a couple of them were there as well. Although that was quickly shortening as he noticed some Phonies checking the...dude, were those lights?

The noises gave him a small thrill of excitement. It was followed by fear, sure, since their herd was now essentially halved, but still! He didn’t want to get stuck doing nothing on a monster hunt either!

“Uh...” He crept after Catwalk and wiggles his fishing rod some more, smiling a bit. “Hooked!” he offered. It was both his name and an offer to help catch whatever was out there.

quick phone post!


Anxious Spirit

Jun D

Shoujo Shounen

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:42 pm
Group 2 - A: Head towards the noises

Heading toward the crashing, humming sounds and strange glow seemed like a terrible, no-good idea if you were trying not to die, lost in the woods. Naturally, that's what everyone was doing. Diamond squinted in the direction they came from, peering for the green smoke. That seemed like the best way to not die.

But going off on your own when you were lost in the woods also seemed like a terrible, no-good idea if you were trying not to die - and Fireflight was heading towards the noises. Fireflight was the kind of Phony you wanted to be with if you were stuck in a horror story. He could survive anything. He was like a cockroach, in that sense. And also others.

Forsaking the green smoke, Diamond headed towards the noises.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:45 pm
A: Head towards the noises.

Well, nuts. Were it not for the fact that they started out with a small army of horses Riot would have thought this was playing uncomfortably like a horror movie. A bad one.

Shaking herself out, she noticed the flashlight on her helmet had gone out. Probably looked dumb bumping her head up against a tree to switch it back on but hey, it worked.

And of course, this group was splitting as well. That was probably a bad bad idea. But hey, Riot was known for bad ideas.

"Hey B, you should probably stick around here." She nudged her friend toward the rest of the group. "You're the final girl after all. Gotta make the rational decisions here. I'm gonna check on where all that noise came from. After all, I'm a jock. Gotta live my bliss and get picked off by some weirdo in a costume hiding behind some trees. Don't worry, I'll come back for you." Now whether Boysenberry would listen, that was another matter.

But that was fine, she joined up with the group approaching the sounds, ready to rumble if some actor in a whacky costume tried to throw down.



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Colorful Contributor

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:58 pm
2A) Head towards the noises.

Getting upright again after the bat attack, Friend-Ship surveyed the aftermath. With the group split, and phonies setting out in all directions, and so much yelling, the scene was best described as a chaotic panic. He did his best to take it in and weigh his options, but there was just too much going on. Some folks were looking fro the other part of the group, some were chasing down the source of the light and noise nearby, and he remembered the green beacon of the campfire somewhere behind (?) him. He almost tried to find it and go back - he was so overwhelmed with this adventure already, he just wanted to go somewhere safe and hide - but there was nobody left at camp, was there? He'd have to be there alone, and goodness only knows what might happen then. He wasn't going to walk through the woods alone, green beacon or no green beacon.

Breathing a little heavily, his eyes getting a little misty, he followed the larger group of phonies towards the light and machine noises. Maybe it was someone driving on a dirt road nearby, or something, and they'd... help somehow, he didn't know. At least the light of headlights would be reassuring.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:14 pm
Group 2 - A: Head towards the noises.

Okay, Caramel Crisp was starting to freak out a little but she was not going to give up. They had come out here to see what this creature was right? Some noises and lights... That was nothing. Just some pranksters trying to freak them out. See? Logical explanation. So she stood on shaky legs and followed the other phonies toward where the noises and lights were coming from.  

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:00 pm
Group 2. C.) Try to figure out where the others went

WHELP! Golden Doubloon watched as the team diminished in a flash. They were speeding off in all directions like a school of fish right after a barracuda took a chomp out of them. Not good.

Golden Doubloon shuddered at the odd sound and kept her eyes on the flickering light that made it's way through the woods. She didn't know what it could be. But now was the time to try and figure out where the rest of the crew disappeared to. Safety in numbers! In need of a better view, Golden used her wings to flutter high up and look down to see if she could find anyone. It was easy to see that some people were sticking close and looking around for others, while some were off to follow whatever that weird humming sound was. Hrm...who else could she find? They couldn't have just vanished in thin air!  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:03 pm
Group 1: B.) Follow the shadowy shape.

Spider Eyes felt comforted by the larger phony's calm words, but when he spoke it still came out squeaky. "I-I'm Spider Eyes… Kinda a bug… ish…" He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, then shook himself noes to tail as if he was shaking off his panic. By the time the sleeping bag came down he was a lot calmer, and held his head up like nothing just happened.

Ok, so… the group was now split up, and this wasn't the direction he'd thought he was going. Although, he hadn't really thought about any particular direction except away… Now what? Spider looked around at the others, and then noticed the rocks. As he kind of squinted suspiciously at them, he listened to what the older phonies were saying about it and figured they were right. Surely it was a hiking thing…

But the shadow that suddenly flitted above their heads was certainly NOT a hiking thing! Spider felt his heart start to pound again, but this time in excitement. Was that the thing? Was that a flying spider thing? He HAD to find out! But… he could try to follow, and get lost, or lose it, or he could sit tight and hope it came back around instead of just passing through… Phonies were already beginning to split up yet again, so he had to make a decision fast.

"Uh… hm…" Spider kinda of pranced in place for a second, then sprinted after the others following the shadow. "Wait for me I have little legs!"


Astraea Pandora

Huni Pi



Super Wife

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:22 pm
Group 2- D: Try to find the campsite again.

"Are you sure, Riot?" Splitting up really didn't seem like the best idea, but Boysie was not the jock of the gang, which made her a little fuzzy about the codes and bylaws about when and where Young Mystery-Hunting Adults Should Split Up, Gang. Everyone was already splitting off around them, wandering in circles or heading towards the weird mechanical sounds.

"You be careful! You can't have pasta in an infirmary! I know. I've tried." The tupperware was shaken for emphasis, "See ya later!" And without the barest hesitation, Boysie turned on her hoof and started bouncing off, neither towards or away from the noise.

After all, somephony should try to be at the camp in case anyone makes it back there. Maybe get a little fire started, see if Skirmish is there, or if those camera traps had a way to watch the monitors remotely. If nothing else, there's always roasting marshmallows!

Maybe Riot wasn't so off about calling Boysenberry Pie final girl material.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:31 am
. Round 6: Weird Creatures In The Woods Stranger Things Get... Stranger.

Group 1
Eventually, the group moves after the shadow, and you move with it- sticking together really is safer. As you chase the shadow, loud crashes come through the woods from the west. Something big and hairy swings across your path. It's blurry- really blurry. Weirdly out-of-focus, the creature seems to slide from one side of your vision to the other. It's kind of baffling. You'd heard that the creature in the woods had wings- this is almost humanoid.


Are there TWO cryptids in the woods? Phonyland's a magical place- while it's not probable, it's definitely possible that there's something else. Legends dance through your head- Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Samsquanch, the Yeti, Harry and the Hendersons... there's so many things this could be. Only way to find out is to catch it.

You chase the creature until it's cornered. It's not easy- it's much better at moving through the forest than you are- but eventually, you catch up to it and get a better look at it. It's extremely bulky, with a pronounced crest on the top of its head, huge canines, big beautiful eyes, and... wait, this isn't a monster. It's not Bigfoot at all! It's just an escaped gorilla from some zoo! How disappointing. The gorilla stares at you confused for a moment, then bounds up into a tree. You hear rustling, then nothing. Sounds like it knows it's safe from you up there. If you squint, you can see it curled around a few branches.

Which leaves you further from the campsite, with little to show for it. You'd be frustrated, except...

There! There's that shadow again! Someone swings a flashlight beam towards it; you get an impression of rubies, but not anything more. It launches upwards, bounding off through the canopy. It can definitely fly, whatever it is, and your hope that this is the mysterious thing you've been after- the rumored Mothphone- is renewed.

Obviously, the plan is to go after it- that's what you're here for- but the creature doesn't want to be caught. It zigzags away, and while you do your best to follow, you end up losing it near a dark ravine. In the flashlight beams, you're able to tell it's a dried-up creekbed.

However, just because it's dried-up doesn't mean it's abandoned. You also see wooden pilings shoring up what looks to be some kind of earthworks. A mineshaft, maybe? If you listen closely, you think you can hear something echoing in there, some low noises. There's also another one of those cairns by it, with the arrow pointing north.

What's the plan now?

We should...
A: Investigate the mineshaft
B: Go north, in the direction of the arrow.
C: Go south, away from the arrow- you're pretty sure you'll just go back to where you were if you follow the arrow.
D: N-noises? Zoinks. Let's get out of here and keep going away from the creek bed.

Group 2
Your group heads towards the noise, steeling yourself for whatever you find. The thudding becomes louder and turns into... is that music? Sort of? There's no words or actual instruments, but it seems like it's... a primitive form of dubstep, perhaps? The mechanical noise is the pulsing of a cobbled-together generator powering a small sound system and some brightly-colored lights that strobe to the beat. It's kind of neat, this little setup- a rave party in the woods- but when you see the guests, you're stunned. Could THIS be the cryptid you seek?

As you look around, you realize that no, probably not. For starters, there's not just one of these creatures. You didn't know they still existed, much less existed in a group like this! Seeing one in the wild is unheard of, but there's at least ten of them, possibly more. There's potentially a breeding population in the Phonyland woods. You have to find a biologist, a conservationist, somebody who can do something about this. These rare, beautiful creatures need to be preserved and studied.

Cybergoths. A living, breathing population of cybergoths. Supposedly extinct for over a decade, a small relict population has managed to survive. You stare at these creatures- they're more colorful than even a herd of phonies- as they fling their arms about in what is probably some kind of mating ritual. Or perhaps ritual combat? You're not entirely sure.

Just then, one of them spots you. It looks like this one's the leader, and they point to you and hisses. The music stops and the cybergoths quickly huddle, peeking up over each other to stare at you. They confer quickly in worried whispers, but you can make out a few words.

"...kawaii-core?" "...........pastelgoth....... .....preps?" "no..... ... ...........furries?" "nobody makes quadsuits that small... ............ not enough wolves anyways.... ..... ........jocks?"
After this brief conference, the lead cybergoth comes over to your group cautiously.

"It's been a long time since we've seen outsiders. Before we let you step any further, we must know: What are you? Are you preps? Goths? Something else? You better not be preps!"

A: I'm a prep.
B: Why does it matter? I'm here to rave.
C: Labels aren't important to me.
D: I'm a phony.
E: I'm something else: I'm a [tell us what that something else is here].

Please bold your choice at the top of your post and don't forget the RP!

Clipped the quotes when I edited the title!

Scaramouche Fandango

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Dapper Spirit

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:21 am
Group 1 - B Go North, in the direction of the arrow

Torchwood has been pleasantly surprised that no one had taken him up on the offer to walk in the path of arrow, what a brave bunch he was with. He was especially proud of Spider, bucking up like that. So he continued on with the majority of the group and followed the shadow. It was seconds of excitement followed by confusion and disappointment in finding a Gorilla. This again was quickly replaced by excitement in seeing the flash of rubies in the dark. What was that?

It went swiftly before disappearing. Then Torchwood noticed another cairn. "Well that's either perfectly normal or really weird. Do you think aliens made it instead of hikers? Maybe it's a sign from the alien!"  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:25 am
A: Investigate the mineshaft

The gasp was audible from her lips, drifting into a faint whisper of an exhale once the hairy creature was identified. A gorilla, here, of all places? Her nose wiggled at the absurdity of it all, only to be followed with a short and crisp laugh. A gorilla! In the woods! That really just happened! All this chase for a gorilla? That wasn't a cryptid! She was about to turn around, about to call it all quits when a shadow flitted by. Her hooves found her flashlight and instantly it was on and aimed towards where the creature had vanished. Could it be? Was it...?

Her eyes trailed after the zigzagging figure, wings beating to try and chase after. It was no use; the creature was gone just as quickly as it arrived, leaving in its trail a dried creekbed. It wasn't much, but the mineshaft she spotted was promising. If she was something trying to flee from a group of curious phonies, that'd be somewhere she'd head off to, herself. Taking one last glance towards the creek she settled on investigating the mineshaft, flashlight in hand.


Shy Wife


Springtime Spirit

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:56 am
A: Investigate the mineshaft

Torte flew after Kiwi Kiss, grinning. "God, I was about to think there wasn't a monster after all with that gorilla stuff. Hope someone called animal control on it, though," she said. The mineshaft made sense. Torte could hear the noises, and where else would a giant mothphone hide if not in the spooky cavernous mineshaft!

She held her coffee out to Kiwi. "Seems like it might be a long night, need some?"
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:29 am
"Right? I thought the same!" Kiwi cast a glance at Torte, shining her flashlight into the mineshaft as Torte joined her.

The smell of coffee was enough to make the flutter's wings buzz as she gratefully accepted the drink, taking a few small sips before passing it back. "Oh thank you, I think that's enough to get me through the rest of the night."

Now if only coffee was enough to lure whatever was making that sound out for them to see!



Shy Wife


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:56 am
Group 2: C: Labels aren't important to me.

Was that.....music? It wasn't the same samples he was use to dipping nor beats he'd heard before. Despite that he could catch himself bouncing his rear a bit as he walked to the tune. The lights were familiar, rave lights; good thing he'd brought his glow sticks. But the people current in the rave made him fall silent. Draft was in awe as he stepped forward and beheld a vision he never thought he'd see.


A mythical club goer that were rarely seen, some DJs even thinking they were extinct. He couldn't help but notice their traditional garb and headwear, showing status and belonging among a group of non conformist. They rarely traveled in such a large group, it was majestic. The spotted the herd of phonies, trying to figure out their label. Suddenly their leader stepped forward, demanding their label. Draft felt the need to step up and speak. Summoning his feelings and channeling the only person who defied all labels and definitions, his father TACO, Draft began to speak.

"Dude, labels are so confining when you try to force us to adhere to a group standard of conformity. I only have three 'labels'," he made hoof quotes in the air, "I hold, they are personal defining labels that are all my own. The first being a husband, for without my love there is no beat or music in my life. It is a black void of sadness where my heart can't even beat. Second is a father, to all my wonderful children so they find their path without the pressure of society that could squeeze their individuality out. All my children follow the beat of their own heart, even my little Shrill X with her radio show full of sass and dubstep. My granddaughter Banshee, oh the wailing that child can do and fill the air with mourning for the dead. Finally my label is that of a DJ, but I have no defined music. My music is that which fills the air and moves bodies. For my label is who I am, and there is only one of me. Draft Punk is my label, for it is my true definition."

His speech finished he continued bouncing a little to the music, his glow stick swinging from his neck.  
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