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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:15 am
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The forest was full of all manner of life this morning, birds singing their happy tunes. Even the trees themselves seemed to be enjoying the day, a light breeze rustling their leaves and making them seem even more alive than usual. It was the perfect type of day to go out and explore this area of the forest that she and several other wolves had begun to hang around. All of them seemed to be seeking the same thing: a place to call home. Nothing had been set in stone, but Rain Song was beginning to enjoy the quite little life they were starting to build.

The khaki colored shewolf was curled up with her nose tucked under her tail, just listening to the sounds around her. There was movement close by and she remembered falling asleep surrounded by some of the other lady wolves. Wolves she, sadly, had been too shy to actually get to know. But the longer she hung around, the more she was beginning to relax around them.

And now, she thought that just maybe, she was ready to try this socializing thing. It had worked fairly well in meeting Sparrow. So maybe, she could build up the courage to speak with them?

Shifting slowly and stretching a little, Rain Song sat up, taking in everything around her. She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly before grasping at the tiny bit of courage she felt. Getting to her feet she approached the few females she had been wanting to get acquainted with.

"H-Hello." She said shyly. "I... wanted to... introduce myself." Finally. Though it wouldn't have surprised her if they knew her name already. She just hadn't been able to bring herself to do it herself yet.

I hope this is an okay start

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for you ladies ;u;
PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:15 pm
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Minnow was still getting used to things around the pack. She had, upon joining, asked Willow Bark for the names of everyone within the pack. She had been excited, after all! So many new wolves, and they were all part of her pack! It was a lot to deal with, but it made her happy. She hadn't quite found the time to meet every individual wolf as of yet, but it had been at the very top of her list.

      Settled neatly near the center of the pack, talking to a few of the other caretakers. She had accepted the role of caretaker eagerly upon her arrival. She had wanted to meet others who shared her role, and today seemed the perfect day to do so. Her tail wagged behind her as she chattered, freezing only when a new face popped up and spoke. Minnow snapped her head to look at the newcomer, ears alert. Rain Song, right? She remembered Willow Bark saying that was her name! Instantly, she beamed, tail resuming its wag.

      "Hello! Come sit with us," she chirped out in greeting, squirming to make room for the female.

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Shy Wife

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:42 am
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Magpie had been settled in between Minnow and Hidden Away, enjoying getting to connect with the lady she certainly hoped her brother finally settled down with, when a vaguely familiar shewolf approached the crew of them. Minnow, ever the effervescent one, was the first to respond to the tan wolf, immediately offering up a bright smile and inviting her to join them - the rest of the caretakers (if Maggie was remembering correctly, this female - Rain Song, was it? - was also a caretaker like the rest of them - oh, the coincidence!).

Not waiting for Rain Song to make a move before speaking, Magpie introduced herself. "Hi, there! I'm Magpie, but most call me Maggie." She smiled a big smile, glancing over at the eternally quiet Hidden Away to ensure that she would be just as welcoming to this new wolf.

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Hidden Away had a really rough go of life. After escaping her mate, she had spent many moons alone and struggling to survive on her own in the rugged wilderness. It was by pure chance - and maybe a bit of fate - that she stumbled upon the kind group of wolves that called themselves The Swiftfell, and easily fell into a role as caretaker with them. Despite her own grievances with life, she was still a rather soft and nurturing wolf, so the role suited her rather well. Although, still new to this group of wolves, she had earned a bit of a reputation for being quiet. Normally, she was a very open wolf, but her previous mate had really taken it out of her. Slowly, she was recovering, and learning to trust others again with her voice.

When she noticed Magpie glancing over at her, she saw it was her turn to smile and welcome this newcomer - she wasn't sure she recognized the shewolf - and introduce herself. When she finally spoke, it was soft, but well-meaning: "I'm Hidden Away, and I'm... still quite new here. I'm glad you're joining us." Her tail thumped a bit, eagerly, as this newcomer seemed nervous, much like herself. That was always an endearing quality.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:47 pm
Rain Song was rather taken aback by the friendly responses and, in some cases, almost eager introductions. She wagged her tail a little, for a brief moment feeling a sense of panic and not quite sure how to respond next. But all these lady wolves - caretakers, all of them she was pretty sure? - had introduced themselves and invited her to join them. The khaki female had nodded to each wolf in turn as they were introduced.

So... her introduction was next.

"M-My name is Rain Song." She managed to get out in a voice just slightly above a whisper. "Thank you... for inviting me to join you."

Moving delicately, Rain Song sat down in the space that had been made available for her, eyes downcast as she peeked at each female in turn. Minnow, she recognized by sight but not name. And Magpie - or Maggie - she remembered from when she first joined this pack. But Hidden Away was new to her.

"It is... very nice to... meet you all." She smiled, glancing at Hidden Away. "I'm still fairly new myself. I just... haven't gotten around to meeting very many wolves yet... " Really, she'd only met Sparrow officially. These fellow caretakers would be her newest members to become officially acquainted with!


Ruler of Everything


Hilarious Werewolf

[IC] The Forest

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