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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:14 pm
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The soft sounds of paws traveling lightly along the forest ground were barely audible. Their sound was accented by an equally soft flap of wings as one raven glided lazily on the wind thermals above his bonded wolf. The fiery shewolf glanced up every so often, making sure she was still heading in the correct direction. Today she was sticking closer to her pack's territory, having felt a little guilty with all her more recent trips to the Redwood. Plus, Red Leaves and Ash Heart were just getting to that awkward stage of almost out of puphood and entering the adult world.

So, Kindle had opted to scout out closer terrain. Besides, she hadn't play around in the Kells forest for a while.

Wind Dancer's sudden caw of delight alerted the shewolf that something had caught his keen gaze. He danced higher into the sky before flying off ahead to check on the movement he'd noticed. Deer? Or a wolf perhaps?

Eager to follow her companion, Kindle took off like a shot in the direction Wind Dancer had flown. She had barely got her paws moving swiftly when a small critter shot out in front of her. Instantly the fiery wolf went on the chase, blue eyes honing in only on the rabbit she was determined to catch.

Through the brush, under a log, and around in a circle they went before she lunged and caught it. Success! She was so proud of herself that couldn't help from doing a little dance in place.

"Wind Dancer! Come and see what I caught us!" She called, placing the rabbit gingerly at her paws and awaiting the raven.

Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:01 pm
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Breath of the Wild was not the most social of wolves. Truly, he peaked when standing next to his bright and brilliant sister, who really shined in social situations. She was an unabashed flirt, sure, but she could really work a group of wolves. Breath, on the other hand, always felt a bit awkward and bumbling. He wished his sister were with him now, but he was positive she'd run off with a new wolf - as she seemed to do every so often. It was never assured that she'd be back, so he decided to start out on his own. If she was going to end up pack-bound, he might as well start making a life for himself, by himself.

That sentiment, however, started feeling a bit ambitious as he heard the sounds of another wolf hunting nearby. He'd been wandering the forest for a few days now - he'd even stumbled across a waylaid pack already, but they didn't seem all that interesting, so he'd promptly moved on - and so far, other than that, hadn't had to do much talking. Breath's ears perked as he heard the bright and clear voice of a female wolf, and without thinking, his paws started him in the direction of the sound.

Looking down, Breath of the Wild sighed inwardly. His brain and his paws didn't always align in their purpose, and it could be quite exhausting. However, as he approached the noise and caught a light glimpse of a very striking (and pretty, did I mention pretty?) female, he forgave his paws. Well, that was, until he'd have to actually talk to her.

"Er, hello...?" The brightly-patterned wolf called out, not wanting to startle the shewolf by waltzing straight up to her. "I mean no harm, and I certainly don't want your kill, but uh... wanted to say hi?" His face was warm, all too aware of how uncomfortable he sounded, but that was normal for him. Hopefully the wolf didn't mind. Too much.


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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:46 pm
Perhaps another wolf might have been slightly offended at having a strange wolf approach them right after a successful kill. And maybe another wolf would have been properly cautious around said newcomer. Alas, Kindle had never been such a wolf. Her bright blue eyes immediately honed in on the wolf as he spoke, delight setting her features afire like the fiery coloration of her fur.

"OH HI! I love to say hi. How are you? Do you live around here? Or are you just wandering through? I have to admit I don't travel this area as much as I should, which is why I am here now. Trying to give this forest some of my time." She seemed to take a break, remembering belatedly she was supposed to give others a chance to speak.

Wind Dancer laughed from the trees, having followed the wolf back towards his bonded. The raven always felt sorry for new wolves that had not met his Kindle. "Greetings, stranger. We are not the harmful type." The raven added, landing gently along the shewolf's back for the moment.

"Oh no, no! We won't harm you. We're just having a bit of fun out here." Kindle added, wagging her tail.

Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:32 pm
Breath of the Wild was surprised when the wolf - a pretty shewolf paired with a striking raven - started chatting. That was the best way to describe it, chatting - she immediately dove into talking (warmly) to him and explaining her own being there. He smiled in response, nodding to the raven in the tree when he also spoke up. Good, they wouldn't cause any trouble. As quiet and awkward as he was, Breath could be quite ruthless. He honestly preferred life that way - a little challenge was thrilling and kept him on his toes. But running into a friendly pair wasn't the worst way to go.

"It's lovely to meet you both," he started with a tail flick. "I'm Breath of the Wild. And no, I don't live around here - I'm actually uh, a rogue, so no pack or territory for me. Although it sounds lovely, I just... don't get along well with most wolves. Long-term, at least." Breath flashed another knowing smile - his acerbic attitude and actions only came out when he was either on a mission (such as protecting his sister or stealing food - although, he wouldn't steal food from someone as nice as this wolf) or when he began to feel more comfortable. The wolf didn't intend to turn anyone off from him, but once he knew them well enough he felt free to be his true self. If only he could find a group of wolves - a pack, really - that worked the same way.

"Are you two from the area?" He inquired, cocking his head a bit inquisitively. Not good at making small talk, he still made an effort to try. Hopefully it would get him some interesting, and perhaps useful, information about the area.


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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:18 pm
He was a rogue?! Was that like a wanderer too? Like Ghostwise and Visage has been? Kindle gave the other wolf a renewed look of interest. She loved meeting new wolves! Especially those that traveled as they tended to have good stories to tell or interesting news to pass on.

"Oh I'm so sorry. Maybe you just haven't found the right pack yet? Or the right group of wolves? I myself wasn't sure about a pack at first, either. I have a tendency to enjoy traveling and moving around. So being bound to one place was frightening. But then I found my pack and my alpha lets me be a scout which is perfect because I don't have to stay in the pack lands all the time.. !" The fiery she-wolf finally took a breath.

"Kindle, my darling, remember our discussions?" Wind Dancer sighed, giving Breath of the Wild an apologetic look. "Forgive her, she has the ability to talk your ears off." He chuckled.

"Oh! I did it again, didn't I? I'm so sorry. It really is nice to meet you, Breath of the Wild!" She wagged her tail, ears lowered a little in embarrassment. "And no, we aren't from around here. Not exactly. Our pack is migrates, but we're not located near here now."

Kindle tilted her head thoughtfully, a cute furrowing of brows accompanying it. "I thiiiink there is a pack or two near here, though?" She started, a little more slowly. "Like I said, I am a scout for my pack. And I've been picking up strong wolf scents from a couple areas in this forest area. One group smells fresh, like they recently came to the area? Or, well, at least the scent markers I discovered are much fresher."

The she-wolf looked around, glancing towards the north. "I think it was that direction." She indicated with her nose.

Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:05 pm
Breath, eager to hear more about the wolf before him, flicked his ears when the bird spoke. He smiled slightly in response, glancing back at the she-wolf. "It's truly okay - welcome, really. I haven't spoken to anyone in some time. Such is the life or a lone wolf," he finished with a half-hearted shrug. It certainly wasn't the most exciting life to lead, which was why he was passively searching for a pack. The right pack.

When she mentioned her pack, his interest piqued, but then she explained that they were migratory and his interest became less so. Even though he'd like the freedom to explore if he so desired, he had a longing for a home. And though for some, "home" was merely those you surrounded yourself with, but he wanted something more... stable.

"Your pack sounds very interesting! And uh, scouting does sound fun. I'm glad you get all that freedom," he flashed a smile. "Another pack, you say? That... could be what I'm searching for." Then she indicated a direction in which to travel, and his grin got wider. "I really appreciate that. You're quite kind." As he was normally not the most friendly of wolves, it was refreshing to run into someone so forthright with their niceness. Although that wasn't exactly the kind of vibe he wanted to hang around day after day, it was sweet.

"And you don't think it's far? I'd rather avoid hunting in pack territory if I can, although I'm presuming their scents will mark up all the trees in the forest around them..." Breath of the Wild realized that he was pontificating aloud what could be thought in his head, and immediately apologized. "I'm sorry, I have a tendency to think out loud. I really appreciate you helping me... Kindle?" His brain wasn't sure that was her name, but it seemed to think that was what the bird had called her, so it must be something close.


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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:03 pm
Oh how sad! He hadn't had anyone to talk with? And he was a lone wolf? Kindle never could understand how others were able to choose that life - though, she didn't actually know if Breath of the Wild had chosen said life - and still remain light hearted and sane. She would probably have gone crazy and started talking to the rocks. And trees. Maybe even have given them names...

"Dawnstar is certainly an interesting pack! Just the right fit for me, I guess. I mean, I haven't left and don't foresee myself leaving. They are my big, silly family! But I do enjoy the migration. And the freedom to scout and move around, but always have a home to return to." The shewolf babbled on happily, ears falling slightly in a bashful manner at being called 'kind'. She did enjoy such compliments!

But she enjoyed sharing information and helping others (almost as much as she enjoyed talking) even more.

"You're quite welcome! And yes." The fiery wolf paused again, sniffing the air and letting her blue eyes gaze around. "Not far, but you're still a safe distance from where I believe their territory is being set up? Definitely newer. It was not always there before. I am sorry I don't know much more than that." She didn't seem to mind his asking questions about another pack. Everyone found their place, just like she had.

"Oh, please don't apologize!" This time, Kindle couldn't help laughing sweetly. "I am usually the one that is babbling and apologizing. So don't feel bad. And I'm always happy to help."

Her blue eyes widened as she had the beginning of an idea form. "Say, would you like for Wind Dancer to guide you to the general area we noticed these new scents growing? He wouldn't mind and can catch up to me easily with those graceful wings of his!"

Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:51 am
Breath nodded along, taking in everything that this shewolf was saying but realizing most of it didn't apply to him. He was just being nice in return listening to her babble. That wasn't a bad this, per se, as she seemed to be such a pure heart, but it definitely wasn't his shtick.

"Well I'm certainly glad you found such a loving family," he commented, feeling awkward, as if he had to respond to each of her sentiments. He shifted his weight in his paws, cocking his body one way in response to his mental discomfort.

Her laugh was sweet, tinkling, and he found that he quite enjoyed it. She would really make a lovely mate for a more tolerant wolf - he hoped she had one around back in Dawnstar's territory. She really did seem like she deserved the world.

At her suggestion, Breath of the Wild's ears perked up. "That... that would be great, actually," he responded, noting that Wind Dancer seemed a lot less chatty but still entertaining, which he could appreciate. He glanced back at the bird who remained, for the most part, quite quiet. "That is, if you don't mind?" Breath quirked a brow, careful to be respectful of his potential escort. You definitely didn't want to irk someone who was, in essence, responsible for getting you to a destination. Particularly if you didn't know where that destination was.


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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:18 pm
Thankfully for those wolves that she met who just weren't fully ready to handle her babble and extra amounts of energy, Kindle was quite used to this. She never grew offended by any actions of another. Well, at least, she'd never had anyone grow angry and try to attack. She might have a thing or two to say in regards to that sort of behavior!

The fiery wolf just laughed again, shaking her head. "I am quite glad myself! I didn't have a family before so it was a nice find." Some part of her subconscious noted that Breath looked uncomfortable with her continuous babble of packs. But he was quite interested in the possibility of the one she couldn't confirm.

"It would certainly save you some hunting! And we never mind helping others. I'm happy to have information to pass along to a new friend." As she spoke, the crow in question fluttered down to land on the ground between the two wolves. Kindle's gaze fell on him and her babble seemed to come to a halt, like she remembered that other wolves needed a few moments to process everything.

A light chuckle from Wind Dancer before he turned his gaze to Breath. "I do not mind at all. I recall the general area we noticed the scent markings. I shall guide you to this location, but from there, I'm afraid I cannot accompany you." He bowed his head a little, flapping up to perch on Kindle's back.

The she-wolf nuzzled her companion, giving his tail a light tug. "He is a great navigator and true to his word. He will get you to where you wish to be. Best wishes to you, friend. If you happen to think of us, we'd love to know if you do find a pack there!"

Ruler of Everything
If you'd like to make your post the last one for this RP, I am a-okay with that! :3
PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:56 am
Even with his visible, yet mild discomfort, Kindle continued on. She was a delightful wolf, really, he just wasn't up to any kind of chatter right now. However, he did genuinely appreciate her offer to have Wind Dancer escort him towards the pack he had decided to pursue. That was kind of her, and kind of Wind Dancer, to do something like this for someone who was a virtual stranger.

"That is really nice of you - both of you. Thank you, really. I can take care of myself but getting me to the start of the scent would be... extraordinary." Breath of the Wild smiled, but it came out lopsided. He glanced down at the bird, nodding his head in a quiet respect.

"Kindle, it really was quite lovely to meet you. Wind Dancer, I'm on your tail." He nodded at the she-wolf and immediately moved to follow her Wind Dancer on to wherever he took him. It was a risk, trusting someone else like this, but he could tell that both her and Kindle were kind, gentle-hearted souls. And he was grateful to have met them. Little did he know Wind Dancer was leading him straight into the rest of his life.

Annnnnd fin! Thanks so much for the RP~ <33 (Sorry I was disastrously slow >> )

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[IC] The Forest

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