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Shia bean


PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 2:09 pm
As the crickets grew quiet, the fire flies doused their flames, and the first ray of sunlight struck out across a deep blue sky. It was followed by another... and then another.... beams of bright light reaching out from behind the mountain peaks, shedding the night of its dark hood and bringing a slow dawn to this very new day.

In the same slow-to-rise fashion, a single bird broke out in song followed by the flutter of many wings... then, a lone howl pierced through the spotty silence, bringing the waking world of Kells to life.

This morning, very few adults seemed to be awake. New parents worn down by their litters took the opportunities where they could to rest... deeply. And the River Run, the social grounds for most creatures, was devoid of their activity.

But the clever youngsters amongst them, if quiet enough, could easily slip away from their den sites and into the shallow waters that serpentined throughout the glades...

And who knows what sort of mischief the new generation of wolves in Kells might find?

This ORP is open to all PUP owners! If you do not own a puppy at this time, never fear! More ORP opportunities will present themselves very soon... <3
PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 10:50 am
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Ghost Whisper, a name earned from her quiet stealth, evident even from birth, found herself wandering by the light of the dawn, searching for something, anything to occupy her before she had to return to her mother. She had a penchant for getting into trouble – she was quite feisty and mischievous – and sought to utilize those personality traits for entertainment on this brisk morning.

Far away, she thought she spotted another pup – someone her size that may be able to play with her. Though she didn’t like play just for play’s sake – she always looked at the little battles she had with her siblings as training for something greater. Within her was the blood of a warrior – she didn’t know her father was the beta of a great pack, but she felt within her heart the constant desire to duel, to use her little nubs she called claws to combat with others.

Drawing closer to the other pup, Ghost slowed down, cautious. Her mother had always taught her that a lone wolf was a dead wolf – it was her mantra in life, really – so she was slow in approaching the other in case they contained some sort of threat. She then slowed to a halt before plopping her rump down in the grass, deciding to wait to see what the other creature did before getting any nearer.

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Shia bean


PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 1:43 pm
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...Yucca was carrying sticks for her moth house....

Stepping through a large bush, cleared by another beast at another time, she let fall the bundle from her tiny mouth in a clattering of earthly noise. Critical eyes swept over the bounty in its entirety, a gleam of excitement flashing over the gaze, before work would resume in the quiet of a breaking dawn.

Deft paws moved twigs indiscriminately to make a second pile, sorting as quickly as she could without creating too much noise. She then managed to break several in half, too much gusto and not enough deftness, before accidentally swatting at the remaining few. They slid under a spiny portion of plant growth, completely out of sight and likely gone forever....

...Which was not a part of the plan. The focus Yucca had alighted upon this task turned to follow the sticks, silently watching until they disappeared. The breath that normally filled her chest retained itself just behind her snout, stifling a whine, a whimper, a grunt... and a frown would have found her if it could, but the expression that replaced determination with frustration would do a close enough job of it. What felt like hours of collecting disrupted in a matter of seconds.

Looking back to what remained, seven sticks scattered across the ground and Yucca, taking a beat to find her breath again, nosed at them idly. It took a few minutes, but with a forced huff pressing past her lips she reactively fell into a full-body shake down and the thoughts of lack subsided. The work was hard... but someone had to do it! And the young, puppy mind that she wielded would not allow for her to stay in too dark a space for long... Turning tail, the pup marched back the way she had entered, filled with a stronger sense of determination than before!

The ground seemed like a suitable option for the home, mostly because that was where she lived, and with that logic she had dug out a paw-sized hole to accommodate her new friend. It was back in the bush, tucked someways out of sight but not completely hidden by the foliage. And the moth in question was set out beside the hole, flattened out on the ground all large and dusty. Remarkably still for having been so active only a few hours ago.

Yucca couldn't figure out how to get it to wake up from its nap, and that was a little annoy since she was working so hard on making it a place to stay. A beautiful little home, nestled near the water so it could drink. Hidden, so that it might stay safe while she was not around to protect it...

Lost to thought, she looked up at the last moment to meet with the eyes of a stranger and gasped. For a SPLIT second she hoped it was one of her siblings, clever enough to sneak away from their mother in the same fashion she had... to help her...

only it wasn't.

And instinct told her to be afraid.


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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 2:44 pm
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Ominous Wind wove through the thicket as silently as her puppy paws could manage, her expression surprisingly solemn for a wolf her age. She was on a mission to find food for herself and her sister before the rest of the forest awoke - without parents to provide, it wasn't often she didn't look deathly serious. She'd had some luck earlier with an abandoned carcass that hadn't been picked completely clean quite yet, but something to take back to their make-shift den never hurt. She lifted her head, squinting into the morning light as she padded along. She'd have to find her sister soon - any time away from her made Omi anxious, but especially when there were soon to be so many other wolves around. She'd never quite managed to charm others the way her sister did - and without that, there wasn't much else for her to defend herself with.

She nearly jumped out of her fur when her paw hit water, and with a yap of surprise she quickly backed into a bush. She'd been so lost in her thoughts that she'd wandered right into a stream - and away from her usual path. Not only that, but she smelled... Other pups? She peered out hesitantly. She'd never actually seen others her age, not counting her sister - but there was tension in the air. She dipped her head back into the bush, hoping the others somehow hadn't heard her.

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 4:55 am
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Sky Eye was used to moving around before dawn, used to watching the sun rise red, red, red over the horizon. It was easier to do what he needed to do before other wolves were awake and moving. And Sky was hungry. His hunting couldn't really be considered successful over the last few days. All he'd managed was some lizards, caught while they were sunning themselves close to where Sky had chosen to set himself down for the day.

He had to get faster, quickly, though. He wanted to catch things. Rabbits or quail. He knew he couldn't take down anything bigger, not alone, not now. He wasn't going to stop trying, of course. Sky needed to eat, and if he was alone, then he needed to be able to hunt something bigger than lizards.

Critters here were always up early, trying to beat out the predators for water and fresh things to eat. Sky Eye was going to try and take advantage of that.
Sky always tried to stay away from the other wolves, knowing he was left behind, but not knowing why. Would the wolves try to drive him off? Try to take him away? He didn't know. He wasn't sure he wanted to know.
But before he could find something to try and hunt, he caught scent of others. A tang of fear in the air, a small sound. Other puppies?

Sky sank down into shadows, another dark spot among the rest, and settled in to watch a bit. He didn't know how to act around other puppies.  
PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 9:11 am
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This wasn't the first time Trickster had sneaked away from his mother and sister for a bit of mischievous fun. It was always better to do it in the early hours when they were still sleeping. His lithe white form raced past bushes as the early morning sunrise spilled its hues of orange and reds across the land, painting him in an array of glowing warm colors. His dual colored eyes noted every detail as he ran, picking up on the signs of tacks. Small tracks. Tracks about his size.

A grin spread across his muzzle. His tongue lolled to the side as he raced harder, nose catching the scent of not one, not two but several new pups in the area. This morning was going to be fun.

Breaking through the brush into a clearing, Trickster skidded to a halt, right past a few more timid or careful pups, not even seeing the ones that had decided to remain hidden, and out into the full on open. Mud now splattered across his paws and half way up his legs, he plopped his rear down into it, coating his white tail too. Laughing, he glanced around the clearing and at any of the other pups he could easily see. Head tilted to the side trying to spot and sniff out the ones that were still hiding.


Was anyone gonna start the first round of tag?

"Hey!" he yapped loudly to all of them, practically wiggling from his sat position.  

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 2:55 pm
So focused on the pale pup carrying sticks, Ghost Whisper didn't notice the other wolf around her until one shouted "hey!" loudly. She decided to ignore that call, flicking her ears but not turning, not taking her eyes off the original pup she had honed in on. When she hesitantly said hello, Ghost smiled softly and padded forward. "Hi, I'm Ghost," she said, not willing to give away her full name. She liked her nickname instead, even though her full name felt perfectly suitable for who she was as a wolf. Noticing that the other pup seemed to be building something, she cocked her head, curious. "What's that you're doing?" she inquired, pointing her nose in the direction of what almost seemed to be a small shelter set-up.

Shia bean
PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 10:31 pm
Yucca, on the other hand, had no such resolve.

There were shuffles and scuttles from sources unseen, and the area itself had become ripe with the scent of... others...

None registered as familiar to her and yet all were very similar in nature... Like her siblings, only not.

Every little distraction vied for her attention, and she did her best to oblige.

Her gaze darted just beyond... Ghost, was it? Spotting the small white male with his bi-colored eyes, squirming after his vocal entry. Then her ears shot around towards the waters edge, where she SWORE she heard something cry out. And maybe rustling? A quick tilt of her nose, a gesture she learned from her mother, let Yucca tentatively scent the air... one part hoping her parents might break through the underbrush and rescue her from this predicament.

One part devilishly curious as to what might happen next if they didn't. Where were these strange puppies coming from?!

"Oh, hi, um..." Looking between the two pups ahead of her, she would try to address them both. "I'm uh... making a little den. For my friend. He's right over there but I think he's sleeping so you can't meet him right now." Suddenly a little more aware of herself, the situation, and her possessiveness of said moth companion, Yucca stumbled to redirect the conversation.

"But I'm Yucca! What are you guys doing here? Are you guys... family or something?"

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 6:30 am
Sky Eye watched the other pup with two different color eyes, like he himself had, curiously. Sky hadn't met many other wolves. Well, he hadn't seen many other wolves. The act of meeting others was not something he was really into. But those were adults. These were other puppies. It might be safe for him to interact with them. They wouldn't have the strength to try and take him away. And Sky would be willing to bet that he was faster than all the others. Making an escape would be easy.

Sky slunk out of the shadows, shaking some leaves from his fur and regarded the white pup with the bi-color eyes from a few feet away, safe enough distance in case something happened. After a moment, Sky shifted on his feet a little, ears flicking back in confusion. He was supposed to say something, right? What had the pup said?

"Hey?" Sky Eye offered after another moment, not sure if that was the right way to talk to someone else.  
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 1:01 pm
Soon enough, the scent of even more young wolves filled Ghost Whisper's nostrils, and she drank it in. She glanced to the side, seeing a mostly black pup with bicolored eyes. When she looked even further, she spotted a mostly white pup also with bicolored eyes. Ghost blinked - hard - then took a look at them again. Yup, she wasn't seeing double; both of the pups were like polar opposites in their looks. But they were, indeed, there and very real.

The white one seemed more exuberant, with the black one seeming to skulk in the shadows. Ghost glanced over to Yucca, unsure what to do. "They're not my family, as far as I know all my siblings are still wasting the day away sleeping," she said with a bit of a huff. She had more drive and ambition than most of her siblings - she always wanted to be out doing something, making something of her days, while they seemed content snoring away. She just didn't get it.

The black pup edged forward and said a soft hello, so Ghost grew the nerve to walk over to him. She stared at his golden and red eyes in quiet wonderment. "I love your eyes," she said with a soft smile. "Crazy how they look like that, huh?" She blinked her own emerald blue eyes perfectly, staring at the other pup from behind a mask of white, awaiting any sort of response.

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PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 8:27 pm
"...oh..." Yeah, my siblings are probably doing the same and...!

The approach of yet another puppy was not exactly a surprise, and yet it startled Yucca all the same. Stimulated by several emotions she couldn't quite pin, her small form bristled and instinct pulled her a step back; away from the gathering. Her original task escaped her and left only the present moment, with all the excitement and fear it held, to tend to.

And the first thing to work it's way up was a bit of annoyance. She knew he was there all along... she wasn't scared.

Golden eyes darted from one wolf to another and then back again... only stopping on the newcomer because Ghost seemed interested in him.

"Yeah," She breathed hard from her nose, something akin to an awkward laugh. "...crazy..." Shrugging up her shoulders. They... were pretty flipping crazy, actually, and it didn't take long for Yucca to fall into a stare.  
[IC] The River Run

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