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The offspring of the ancient beast-girl Scylla have appeared, as though fathered by the sea itself! Scylla herself is said to take six men off any ship that passes her - to allow her children to take size more each would ruin any attempt of trade in her region!

The objective is to kill the 2 children of Scylla, Prescyllith and Aquanua. It is recommended that only well-equipped and -trained crews go. No number limits exists, but do be aware that these monsters - whilst separate - are liable to end up grouping together and slaying an entire galleons crew if possible.

The beasts will attack crew on sight, and may otherwise assault enemy ships with whirlpools. Maintain a high alert as you attack.

Recommended Tactics

Long range bombardment
Entrapment and execution via net and bombing
Entering the creature and slaying from the inside outside

Recommended bounty hunters
A good crew of 7+ men, with 1 ship OR
Multiple well-trained crews and reinforced ships

Additional info
Fellow pirates have warned of the beasts screaming for its sibling. Though its' mother will not appear, it will quickly draw one sibling to the other making for a more dangerous foe. Silencing it will be difficult without preparation - nets and harpoons maybe?

Rewarded upon completion: 1000 Gold Doubloons, split between the crew
If the beast(s) is brought home: The above plus one of the following: Scylla Ornament for the bow of your ship, Ornamental Scyllan Jaw Cutlass, Ornamental Sycllan Scale-adorned Flintlocks (1 pair, 2 separate firearms), any clothing set constructed from the creature you like, any item or decoration for an island or building constructed from the create you like.