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The final chapter in the Persona 4, FES, and Golden - RP Guild Trilogy! No prior knowledge necessary! 

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*~::Hihi's Hardcore Christmas Omake::~* [Dec. 15 - Day 2]

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:19 pm
* ~ Hihi's Hardcore Christmas Omake Contest ~ *
(Persona 4:FES - The Golden Presents...The 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!)

User Image

"Welcome back, everyone...to the 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!...hosted by us, the new Phantom Thieves. Today is my day, and for that, I'd like to host an..."User Image

User Image"...Holiday Omake Contest!"

User Image"Saji-kun! It's Shouei's turn to introduce himself..."

User Image"*flushes* Sorry, I got excited. ^ ^;"

"Today, we'd like to hear your stories about the Holidays, whether it's a large party together with your family..."User Image

User Image"Or just shooting the s**t at the Big Bang Burger with your friends."

"Christmas is a time for coming together, for taking stock in the people who care about you...and there are plenty of stories about family, friends..."User Image

"And love connections beneath the falling snow! Like a single, young burger shop heiress sheltering beneath the canopy of her chain restaurant together with a secret admirer and part-time employee..."User Image

User Image"Y-yeah, like...hey, goddamn it! Don't ******** with me about that!"

User Image"*laughs* Or spending your first Christmas in ages with a long, lost friend."

User Image"And reconnecting with somebody that you l..."

User Image"Don't just call out someone's secrets and ignore me like that, damn it!"

"*ignores, then glances at the others and smiles* This Christmas in particular is a special one as well, since it's the first one since the five of us came together with our new powers..."User Image

"And the first one since we all became friends."User Image

User Image"For that reason, if you want to include a little history about one of us, or a moment from the now, then, or soon-to-be about the five of us...we'd be happy to consider it a little more fondly."

User Image"Because I missed you, Tama-chan."

"...I've always wanted to find a purpose like the one we have now."User Image

"And for the first time, I feel like I can spend a Christmas with a group of friends who actually understand me...and care about me, for me..."User Image

User Image"I'm not feeling very ******** appreciated right now... *grumbles*"

User Image"*pats shoulder* Don't be a wet blanket, Chell."

User Image"You're our precious friend, after all."

"...Maybe someone will write a story about you and Okumura-san, too?"User Image

User Image"You think...?"

User Image"Weeeell..."

User Image"Perhaps?"

User Image"...I thought so. v.v"

"We still love you, buddy! -hugs- ^ ^"User Image

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shohei Hihi's Hardcore Christmas Omake Contest - A Writing Competition (Rules below...)

1. You may contribute 1 submission, one Christmas and/or Future-themed omake/short story, per main-character pair for this contest, but each must have its own theme.

2. Contributions must be some sort of a Christmas story...romance, action, etc., featuring characters in this Guild. NEW!!!: These stories are not required to have, but are encouraged to include, characters relating to the Persona 5 and Tokyo section of the Guild's Christmas Celebrations. Using characters from this section of the guild or stories may or may not earn you brownie points that will be considered during voting!

3. You may make your contributions at any time, and may use any characters and/or storylines from the Guild that you wish.

4. Style, length, plot, etc. are entirely up to you. The only guidelines you must follow are those listed above.

5. Bonus points for writing about characters/pairs who are not your own! (Double arbitrary bonus for writing about an Arena Emperor favorite!)

6. If you submit multiple entries, all votes towards your stories will be added together at the end of the vote. But voters may only vote for any ONE of a person's entries.

7. More details may be added later.

[quote][b]Submission By:[/b] [Gaia Name]
[b]Submission Title:[/b] [Name of Writing Piece]
[b]Characters:[/b] [What characters are featured in the story?]

[b]Text:[/b] [Write your story/submission here]
PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:49 am
Submission By: Sreze
Submission Title: Christmas for Two
Characters: Arimina and Satomi

Text: As Satomi was closing up the bar for the night, a call came from upstairs, Arimina's voice ringing out through the silence. Snow was falling outside, and it sent a slight, chill, breeze through the cracks in the door as the buxom bartender locked up for the night. Smiling softly, the blue-eyed beauty made her way upstairs, following the call of her lover.

Hearing Satomi reach the door to the apartment above the bar, Arimina called out again, from the dining area,

"In here, dearest, I have a surprise for you!~"

Arimina's call was followed by a giggle, to which Satomi smirked worriedly. As Satomi rounded the corner into the dining room, she stopped and stared, mouth slightly agape. Arimina had redecorated while she had been downstairs serving at the bar. The room was covered in christmas ornaments, tinsel, and candles, which were all lit, filling the room with a warm, golden glow, with Arimina standing, in her human form, in the middle of the room, wearing a sultry, skin tight China-dress.

"What's all this? What is that delicious smell?!"

Satomi's nose twitched cutely as the most scrumptious scent leaked in from the kitchen, as well as coming from the large spread on the dining table in front of her, as Arimina smiled smugly,

"Hm hm! Iiii made dinner! Well, I helped, Russia here did most of it... But I helped!"

Arimina was many things, but a chef she was not, so unfortunately she had had to leave most of the cooking to her NanoMaid, Russia, though a few band-aids were wrapped around her delicate fingers, showing that she really had attempted to be of use. Russia stood to the side, sporting a very forced expressionless face.

"Now, I know you love rice, and that's good and all," Arimina spoke, a happy smile on her face, "but rice is not very romantic! So we made other things, to go with it! I hope you like them!"

There were all kinds of dishes, some light, some heavy, some creamy. Salads sat on the table next to a large ornate pot filled with a warm, steaming, stew, while some kind of chicken stir-fry gave off a very oriental scent. And, of course, there was wine. A few bottles of white, resting in a large bucket of ice, as well as two or three bottles of red, in a small triangle shape at the centre of the table.

"It's my attempt at a Christmas dinner, even though Christmas day is still a few days away, I imagine we'll be too busy downstairs to have a proper celebration. There's a warm bath ready for you, and I picked out a wonderful gown for you to put on afterwards. We're putting the finishing touches on everything right now, so take as long as you like!"

Arimina turned away, waving a hand at Satomi as she did, before calling over her shoulder,

"Oh, and don't worry about us being interupted. Mono has gone to visit Toboe, the twins are sleeping and will be out until morning, Anila and Airi have gone to stay at my place, and Russia here will power down after doing her duty as Maître D'."

With that, Arimina left the room, followed by Russia who gave a short bow, leaving Satomi no choice, as if she would refuse, but to go and enjoy the bath that was prepared for her. And enjoy it she did, especially the part were Arimina brought her a lovely glass of wine and, sitting on the edge of the tub, gave her a wonderful shoulder massage, the wolf-girl's fingers trailing lovingly across her skin the whole time.

Timing it perfectly, just as the water in the bath had started to cool, Arimina held out a hand to Satomi,

"Come, let's have dinner."

Leading the freshly bathed, freshly dressed Satomi back into the dining room, Arimina sat the blue-eyed woman at the table, sitting herself opposite, and motioned for Russia to begin serving. Dish after dish of delicious food was placed in front of the two women, as the wine flowed freely, and they ate their fill, chatting animatedly all the while, Arimina slowly turning the conversation in a sensual direction, and though Satomi noticed this, she allowed it, while making a mental note to tease the wolf-girl later.

Eventually the candles burnt low, and though there was still wine and food aplenty, neither women really desired more to eat or drink. So, with a smile, Arimina stood, moving around the table to assist Satomi in standing herself.

"And now, dearest, to bed we go, where we can do... pretty much anything you want~"




PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:59 pm
Submission By: BlueEmber239
Submission Title: Bittersweet Cocoa
Characters: Hitomi & Tora

Text: It had been a day or two since her butt had been cleanly handed to her by that b*****d and his girlfriend. Since then things have been… quiet. She had been holed in her room like a rat in its nest; and really, it wasn’t far from becoming one if she kept leaving empty cans, mostly finished cups of instant ramen, and crumpled up tissues to pile up.

Her room had always been a bit messy, but this was different. It was disgusting. She knew that, but she didn’t want to clean. She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t even want to talk to anyone… Especially not after how well her last conversation went – it wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate D-Rap saving her, but she didn’t need some lecture about choosing her own battles…

Yogami probably wanted say something similar, not that she gave him the chance.

Wanting nothing more than to sleep off the whole thing like it was a nightmare, Hitomi would toss and turn in her bed. That was until her soft glare fell on three colorfully striped (but poorly wrapped) boxes topped with stick-on bows.

The largest gift was for Kise. She planned on confessing to her after she handed it over, but neither of those things would happen now. How could she bear to face her after she lost so terribly? She thought maybe, just maybe she was strong enough to stand by her side, but she wasn’t. There was someone who could beat her by barely lifting his finger.

The other two were for Kuzaku and Tora, and both would probably notice how pathetic she was being if she delivered them. So they wouldn’t get theirs either.

Hitomi’s lips would purse when she thought of her perky redheaded friend.

She probably went overboard decorating again this year. Going so far as to wear those unbearably itchy sweaters that made her look… Goofy, while humming carols as carefree as could be. Would she be upset if she didn’t see her this holiday season? Not even getting so much as a card after finally reconnecting with her?

Knowing that she couldn’t stand the thought of ruining her favorite time of the year, Hitomi would rise out of her warm covers with a heavy sigh. There would be a quick trip to her closet for clean clothes before she ventured outside to lightly snow dusted Inaba.

The beauty of the town that looked to be topped with powdered sugar would be lost on her, however, as she immediately lifted her coat’s collar to cover her nose the best it could before starting her trek down the sidewalk; eyes downcast.

It wasn’t too long before she reached her lavishly decorated destination, but she hesitated when she reached the door. Under normal circumstances she would walk right in or give a big knock, but all she could muster was meekly pressing the doorbell.

As expected, the door would open almost immediately after, revealing a reindeer sweater wearing Tora. She had a big smile to boot, one that would only grow wider when she saw who her guest was; however, there was also confusion in her eyes.

“Hi, Hi-chan! What brings the visit?”

It was hard to look at her, at that smile. So much so she had to bring her gaze all the way down to her feet as she reached into her coat’s pocket.

“…Just thought I’d drop this off,” She would hold out a rectangle shaped gift. “I know it’s a bit early. Just take it.”

Tora would blink, but she would cautiously accept it with both hands.

“See ya later…” Turning on her heel, Hitomi started walking away. Although she knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

“Hi-chan, wait!”

Not even bothering to grab anything warmer to wear, she would race after the blue haired girl and stop her by grabbing her by the shoulder.

“…Why don’t you come inside? I was about to make Cocoa!”

“…Nah, I gotta get home. Haven’t done anything for winter break homework yet, so I thought I might as well—“

She wouldn’t even be able to finish before she was turned around to came face to face with a sight she never thought she’d see: Tora’s angry face. She wouldn’t see it for long though, because before she knew it, she would be brought into a vice grip-like hug.

“H-hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing!? L-let go!”

“No! You’re acting weird! Not replying to my texts, suddenly coming over her and dropping off a gift super early, and saying you would do homework early... You? Something is definitely wrong!”

That last bit hurt a little, but it was true.

“That doesn’t mean you can just hug me out of nowhere! Now get off!” She actually clung to her tighter… She had to say it, didn’t she? “AAAH!! C-can you lay off a bit!? I-- I haven’t taken a shower in a while…”

To her surprise, and horror, Tora would giggle before taking a step back; but only for the compromise of keeping a hold on both of her hands.

“Yeah… I can tell: you stink a little.”


“Why don’t you come in? You can take a shower and we can have cocoa afterwards… I’m sure something of mine can fit you.”

The offer was only the tiniest bit strange, but it didn’t feel like she had the right to refuse at this point. Instead she would avert her gaze before giving a meek nod.

Once she was lead inside by the hands, Hitomi would head to the bathroom to take a quick shower. It was nice, what wasn’t so nice was the clothes that were left out for her while her other clothes were being washed: a baggy T-shirt, sweat pants, and itchy sweater… The first two were fine, but was the sweater really necessary!? That said, she would still put it on and join the other in the living room.

“Here’s your cocoa~” She would extend a piping hot mug in her direction.

“…Thanks.” Hitomi would sheepishly accept the drink before taking a seat next to her; albeit at a distance. Not that it mattered since the red head would scoot closer to her…

Trying not to ignore it, she would take a sip of her cocoa, only to end up burning her tongue… Really that should have been the cherry on top of the whole situation: she was frustrated, worried, itchy, and now numb on the tongue. It couldn’t have been any worse, yet she didn’t feel that way.

Right now she just felt warm.

"Hey, can I open my gift now? Since you gave it to me early and all..."

She wanted to say no - she wanted to stay clear of her when she saw it... It'd be less embarrassing, and huggy, that way. Really though, it was going to end that way no matter what she did now that she was in her house, wasn't it?

"Fine... But don't blame me if you get coal from Santa."

With a small giggle, Tora would immediately rip the warping paper off. A gasp would escape as her eyes practically glittered with excitement. "It's a model of a Chevrolet Impala! Where did you find this!? They only make these overseas!"

"Nowhere special," Hitomi would look at the fully decorated Christmas tree, almost like it was more interesting, "I just found it onli--"

She would be brought into a big hug.

"Not this again! You could at least give a little warning!!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Hi-chan! This is my favorite car!!"

"Alright, alright! It's really no big deal though!"

Or that's how she was trying to play it off, anyway... Truth is she knew it was her favorite car, and that its toy model couldn't be found in Japan. It actually took a bit of time on American websites to track it down, but she didn't need to know that. She was just content with her time and effort not going to waste.

"I love it!" Tora would rub her cheek against Hitomi's while using her free hand to rub the box against her other. "It means so much!"

Despite the skinship which she would begrudgingly endure, a smile would appear on her face.
PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:21 pm
Submission By: BlueEmber239
Submission Title: Pure White
Characters: Yuuki & Kiri
Text: It was the day after the mountain retreat and Yuuki was back in Inaba! Although it didn't seem all too different: the town must have had a visit from Jack Frost while she was gone, as it was covered from doorstep to grass in snow. It was pretty, but she wished it was easier to walk through…

Trekking through the densely packed snowflakes, she would make her way to the address she had on her phone. It took a little longer than it should have, but eventually she reached the apartment room of the boy she hoped to see.

Hesitant, she would ring the bell.

Not even a second after the door would swing wide open; scaring her practically half to death. She knew he was expecting her since she had to ask for his address, but she didn’t think he’d be so excited...

“Aka-chan! I uh… You alright? We could have met at Junes or something if it was closer for you...”

A small smile would play on her lips as she handed the bag over wordlessly. Only after he took it would she write down her reply. No, it’s fine. I would have felt bad making you walk in this weather: I’m used to it because of the trip.

She would flip the page.

Anyways, those are your souvenirs! I hope you like them, even if they're not much…

“I bet whatever you got me is cool! D-do you mind if I open it here?”

Yuuki would quirk her head slightly. Right now? She could tell he was thrilled about his gifts, but that made the thought that they really weren’t anything spectacular that much more disheartening… That didn’t mean she could say no, not when he had such an eager puppy-like expression.

She would finally give her consent with a nod and a somewhat squiggly smile. It seemed he either didn’t notice her nervousness or was too excited, because the boy would dig right into his gift and retrieve both the items inside. One was a jar of hot springs solution, and the other was a small snowman keychain.

It really isn’t anything special… Sorry. Yuuki would give a soft bow before continuing to write, But they did say the solution would give you the same experience we had at the resort! Although I’m not sure if you’ll like the keychain… Is it too cute?

“Nope! I really love both of these! Really! I’m into cute things too, so it’s perfect!!”


“Really!” He would actually take a step closer, but froze when he realized how close he was getting. It took him only a moment to retreat and avert his eyes. “So… How was the trip? Did you have fun skiing?”

His eyes would cautiously look over to gauge her expression. To his horror, he would see a crestfallen one…

I found out I’m not all that good at skiing… It’s only really bad when you go face first in snow though! It’s really cold.

Kiri’s eyes widened. Cold? His eyes would shoot down to the snow, then to Yuuki. He realized the error of his ways, but wouldn’t it have been odd to just invite her in? Too early, even? He needed an excuse. His eyes would quickly search for something. The hot spring solution was the first thing he saw…

“W-why don’t you come inside! We can warm up together with your gift!”

She would stare at him blankly for a moment as her brain seemed to process what he just said. Once it finally clicked, her face went beat red.

I think that would be something better enjoyed by yourself. She scribbled down before hiding her face behind the notepad.

He seemed to be confused as he blinked innocently, but when it finally clicked for him, his face would become similar in color to a boiled octopus's.

“S-sorry! That’s not what I— It was, but I wasn’t trying to…! I got a better idea: how about I help you ski!? So you can have a better time next year!”

Dumbfound, Yuuki went into deep thought about the offer before jotting down her reply. I don’t own any skis… I only rented mine. Unless you have some?

“I uh… I don’t. I do have a snowboard though!”

I’m a slow learner, but if you’re okay with that…

“That’s fine! Why don’t you come in while I change… I’ll be quick!”

Deciding to take his kind offer, she would cautiously enter and stay by the doorway while he changed. That didn’t stop her from looking around from where she was though. It seemed pretty basic as far as furniture went, like he had just moved in. That said, it still had that feeling: it was a guy’s room… She would stiffen up at the thought.

Once he was bundled up in a thick coat, a scarf, and a beanie, they would be off with a single snowboard to the Samegawa flood plain - it was the best place to go since it had makeshift slopes, and it also helped that the river was frozen; even if it was something they would probably need to be careful to avoid.

“Right! So this right here,” He would pat on the snowboard, “Is actually a bit small for me… But for you it should be juust right. Best way to tell is to see if it reaches up to your chin or nose.”

Without another word he would hold the board alongside the girl, and sure enough it was the right size! Immediately she felt reassured by how knowledgeable he seemed; although, she had to wonder if he became that way after purchasing a snowboard that was too small, or if he had another reason for owning one like that.

“Next we need to check to see which is your lead foot… Um, c-can you put your feet together?”

Not hesitating, Yuuki would do as he asked. That sense of trust felt betrayed though when he suddenly shoved her from behind… She would turn after catching herself, looking at him with doe eyes.

“S-sorry!” With a look of terror, he would bow so deeply he almost looked like a living right angle. “That’s the best way to check: which ever foot you caught yourself with is your lead foot! Please forgive me!!”

She would gently tap his shoulder so he could see her writing, Don’t worry. I was just a little surprised! So it looks like my lead foot is my right.

He would blink at the message, but would look at her as his whole body rose. “It’ll be kinda hard for you to talk once it’s time to practice, huh? How about we make some signals? If you’re getting ready, you can nod twice. If you’re good, once. If you’re not confident, you can shake your head. How does that sound?”

Shock, that was her expression. No one had ever been so considerate of her condition before… That wasn’t to say other people weren’t kind, but usually it didn’t feel like it was in the forefront of their minds; for better or for worse.

Snapping out of her daze, the girl would nod.

“Right! Well, let’s go ahead and start here then: this incline is a bit milder than the rest, so it should be perfect for starting out.” Kiri would pause as he made his was way to the bottom of the slope,
“Right! When you’re ready come down!”

With a nod, Yuuki would shift her weight forward and would start going down. She was wobbly, but she was actually doing it! The more she gained speed though, the more a certain question came to mind. How did she stop…?

Get out of the way!!

Heading straight for the boy like he had a target on his front, she would shake her head feverishly. Yet he didn’t move, he actually opened his arms wide instead! For a moment it felt like he could stop her, but then they hit each other head first, making a painful sound that could only be compared to two coconuts colliding…

Yuuki would be the first to open her eyes, only to see Kiri’s face within inches of hers. He would open his next, and his would grow to the size of dinner plates.



Suddenly they would both giggle, enjoying the awkward moment the only way they knew how - their red hot cheeks clashed with the snow and their pure white hair.


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