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The final chapter in the Persona 4, FES, and Golden - RP Guild Trilogy! No prior knowledge necessary! 

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*~::Tamao's Christmas Gift Exchange::~* [Dec. 14 - Day 1]

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Arena Emperor

Fashionable Genius

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:16 pm
* ~ Tamao Uehara's Fashionable Christmas Gift Giveaway ~ *
(Persona 4:FES - The Golden Presents...The 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!)

User Image

User Image"Ladies and Gentlemen..."

"Boys and Girls!"User Image

User Image"And assholes of all ages!"

"The Phantom Thieves, Illa Phasmas, are proud to be the ones to bring to you..."User Image

User Image"This year's GUILDMAS2017!!!, Christmas and New Year's Celebration...the 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!"

User Image"Though it seems like only yesterday that Christmas 2016 was upon us, quicker than our Hex could steal your heart it's back again."

User Image"He says 'your', but he really means 'his'."

"*thwaps* Have some tact."User Image

User Image"Ow! s**t..."

"And just like every year, the 12 Day celebration begins today, under the direction of one of the many groups which keep this place going...and this year, that honor belongs to..."User Image

User Image"Us, Illa Phasmas, the second Phantom Thieves of Tokyo. Though we may be new, and Ozaru and I the newest of all, we hope that we can bring you all some measure of holiday cheer..."

User Image"And to do that, Tama-chan..."

User Image"*quiet* Only you call me that..."

User Image"...Would like to start with the customary GUILDMAS2017!!! gift exchange!"

"There's no better way to tell somebody you love 'em than to shower them with gifts, after all..."User Image

User Image"Or kick the s**t out of anybody who treats 'em bad!"

"I think that's just you..."User Image

"Respectful, non-violent gifts, if possible...though given the circumstances..."User Image

User Image"Whatever gifts you choose, the important thing is that they are from the heart."

User Image"And that's why..."

"That's why..."User Image

User Image"That's why we're ******** giving this gift to all of you, after all! Because we..."

"Because we want to thank you, for being you. For being here, with all of us."User Image

User Image"To tell you that we love you."

User Image"To show you that we love you."

User Image"And in the spirit of the first day of 12...to welcome you."

"To the 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!! Gift Exchange!"User Image

User Image"Anybody who gives a girl a pair of underwear is getting wrecked..."

User Image"*glance* Even if they're really nice...?"

User Image"Well, if they're nice...*blush* Wait, you weren't thinking of...?!"

"Merry Christmas, everyone...now let's get on with the celebration, yeah?"User Image

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* ~::Tamao's Spirit of Guildmas Gift Giveaway Format::~ *

This year we will be getting into the holiday spirit by doing what we do best on Christmas; sharing the wealth with all of our most important Confidants

So give to those who love you. Get into the spirit of the season. And have a very Merry Christmas, one and all!

[quote][b]Gaia Name:[/b]
[b]Gift Name:[/b]
[b]Gift Type:[/b]

Example Gift:

Gaia Name: Yuri Ivanov (Recipient of this Gift)
Gift Name: Serpent Ticket (Clever name for the gift)
Gift Type: Character (What sort of gift it actually is.)
Description: One free invitation to create a new member of the Orochi Organization whenever you want it. (This is exactly what the gift is.)
Other: Gift dependent upon the existence of the Orochi Group at any given time. (Any conditions, other stuff you want to say about it.)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:14 pm
Gaia Name: Great Ryoman!
Gift Name: Enlarge Person(a)
Gift Type: Skill
Description: By casting this spell, the user AND persona of the user grows 1.5x in size and when using Physical attacks (or Physical magic), double attack damage against all foes (if reduced to 25% health or lower, the concentration needed to maintain the spell will disperse and reduce to normal size).
Effect: Grow 1.5x in size (user and persona), double Phys attacks. Lose bonus if reduced below 25% health.
Other: Give to Shouei Hihi.

Gaia Name: Rednal
Gift Name: Seeming
Gift Type: Yid-Fun
Description: A simple illusion spell which allows Yid's corporeal body in Rednal's house (and allies within his house that she chooses) to seem, or appear, as any figure, person, or identity of a similar size and physical structure. (In short, four limbs, a head, and roughly close to the same overall size. If questions arise, just ask Arena Emperor.)
Other: As if she needed more mind-f***ery...here you are!

Gaia Name: Necromonium
Gift Name: Divine Intervention
Gift Type: ???
Description: Choose a member of the Universal Pantheon and beseech them with an honest prayer for help. Roll a 1-100 dice as you do. If your roll is anywhere between 1-10, the God of your choosing will...in some very significant fashion chosen by the god in question...intercede on your behalf in whatever endeavor you are currently striving. How they do so is up to them. You may only attempt this once per-day, and if it succeeds, then you cannot use it again for 7 days.
Other: When your character chooses the god to whom they will pray, that God will be the one to whom they beseech from that point forward...choose wisely!

Gaia Name: Yokoalchemist
Gift Name: Ashari Flame Hands
Gift Type: Effect
Description: Gain the power to instantly ignite one's own hands in a burning, blue flame, adding a fire elemental damage to all physical attacks. Does no damage to the user or their weapons. Lasts as long as the user wills it.
Other: May optionally make eyes go white-blue and smolder with blue-fire energy as well, but this has no further benefits or negatives apart from looking really cool and intimidating.

Gaia Name: Zorc James
Gift Name: Craven Edge
Gift Type: Cursed Broadsword
Description: A cursed broadsword which whispers to its wielder of an intense, insatiable hunger for the blood of the wielder's foes; each successful strike wielding this weapon has a 50% chance of adding 50% of the wielder's base attack power onto their current physical attack. Stacks up to 3x base attack power and the boost remains until you sleep...however, if you reach 3x attack power, you will have to roll a 1-20 every post until you take a long sleep for a certain side effect. Attempting to use any other weapon while in possession of Craven Edge is impossible, as it maintains a level of mental dominance over the wielder...
Other: "I hunger...alwaaaaysss..."

Gaia Name: Sreze
Gift Name: Hellish Rebuke
Gift Type: Skill
Description: When stricken by a powerful attack which does at least 25% of the the recipient's health in damage, once per-combat, the damaged party's eyes may flash with a fiendish flame and offer a retaliatory rebuke to the attacker...summoning a hellish flame upon them which deals one strike of Severe Fire Damage. This reaction is instant, and can be used in an immediate retort post outside of post order.

Gaia Name: Zeo Zaggart
Gift Name: Consensual Healing
Gift Type: Restoration Magic
Description: Given the frequency of Zeo's insane and damaging stunts, a new function was installed during a recent tune-up through which a small amount of Dia magic can be channeled through his palms and used to restore allies via physical contact. Not a heavy healing ability, but one that will keep you alive or bring you back from the brink. As the skill requires physical contact, and it is Zeo, however, consent must be given before the...healing touch can be applied.

Gaia Name: Hibarii chan
Gift Name: Wild Hex (Druidcraft)
Gift Type: Spell
Description: Call upon a set of black magic vines to rise out of the earth and grasp at the limbs or body of an enemy to bind them in place or at the least, hinder their movement to a degree in the midst of combat. Can hold an enemy of a lower level for a turn as if they were paralyzed, but may require certain magical checks to maintain effects against increasingly-powerful enemies.
Effects: Grasp and hold enemies of lower levels for 1 turn as if paralyzed. If ineffective, slow enemies a bit. For higher-level foes, roll 1-20 to increase odds of effectiveness.
Other: Give to Tamao Uehara.

Gaia Name: BlueEmber229
Gift Name: Hat of Disguise
Gift Type: Accessory
Description: A large, lavish hat with a huge, purple feather that sticks out six inches high above the hat itself. Once per-day, disguise oneself with this hat to look like any other person. Be aware, however, that neither your voice nor size will change...making for some imperfections in any attempted deception if you are not careful.

Gaia Name: All Newcomers to the Guild
Gift Name: Casting Call
Gift Type: Class Upgrade
Description: The Shadow Operatives are boosting their operations throughout the Supernatural Hotbed! Upon joining and creating an original character aiming to become a persona-user, newcomers will receive an invitation to one of the four major persona teams...SEES, Okina, I. Team, or the Phantom Thieves
Other: Valid through March 2018, Requires 1 Month of Consistent Activity at LEAST before I. Team invitation becomes Valid, any I. Team invite must be played out in the RP.

Arena Emperor

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:44 am
Gaia Name: Sreze
Gift Name: Iceberg: The Book of Cracked Ships
Gift Type: Book.....?
Description: As you browse through the bookstore, something catches your eye - a hardback tome with plain, simple font that sticks out by virtue of not being as flashy as everything else. Curious about something so out of place, you flip it open to a random page. "'Dobby has always wanted clothes...' the house elf said, resting a hand on the Sorting Hat's wide brim. 'But never like this.'" You slam the book shut and seriously consider burning it before you look any further and have to think about what it might have been saying. ...Then you glance at it again. You've never been one to stop just because something was a terrible idea. Carefully, you open to a different page, where you see a... magic circle? There seems to be some text, and as you read it, you see that it might just allow you to summon something...
Other: Allows you to perform a ritual and summon... something... to be made by Rednal when you do it. It's probably a cute girl. But maybe not? Either way, you're pretty sure it will only work once, and will need to be done in-character. (Final result subject to Arena's approval.)

Gaia Name: Great Ryoman!
Gift Name: Pistol and Rapier
Gift Type: Weapon Set
Description: A pistol and a rapier, both of which appear to be somewhat well-used. When equipped together (they count as one weapon), they increase the user's physical damage by 25%. They also grant the user one Low, one Medium, and one High physical skill. Once chosen, these skills cannot be changed. Also, for some reason, they have a 50% critical rate on rodents...?
Other: Why do I have the urge to kill rats and hunt witches...?

Gaia Name: Zorc James
Gift Name: Zombie Suika
Gift Type: Living(?) Plushie
Description: A small plushie of a certain drunk oni... except this time, she's a zombie! If given alcohol during battle, Zombie Suika will fly over to an enemy. Each turn, for three turns, she will attempt to infect a random foe with the [Virus] condition (50% odds). Virus drastically lowers a foe's defense and evasion for three turns, and can spread to the target's allies (at 20% odds each turn someone has it). Virus can be cured by abilities that cure any ailment, and anyone cured this way is immune to Virus for the rest of the battle. (Anyone NOT cured by magic can be affected again...) Zombie Suika can only be unleashed once every five posts - the rest of the time, she's busy drinking.
Other: This was a terrible idea and we're not sorry.

Gaia Name: Arena Emperor
Gift Name: The Tagger
Gift Type: Can of Spray Paint (?)
Description: This can of spray paint was given to Usaji by Shiori, with the express hope that it would help his artistic dreams come true. However, just as the Metaverse changes people, it can also change things - and the powerful wish has granted this bottle a most unusual power. Five times in each dungeon, The Tagger can be used to create one of three signs. However, no room or hallway can have more than one sign painted in any given visit to the Metaverse. As such, it's rare for it to be used more than once per-fight.

* The [Blast] sign can be imbued with any offensive spell known. If it's painted in the same room as a battle takes place, enemies have a 50% chance each turn of stumbling over it in the midst of battle. When they do, the Blast sign detonates, dealing one rank less damage than usual. Up to three allies besides Saji (whose identities are chosen when the sign is laid down) gain bonus damage on their next attacks equal to the power of the detonation. (For example, if 'Agidyne' was tagged, it would explode as an 'Agilao', and three allies could add an Agilao effect to their next attacks). Saji's buffs and powers can enhance the power of an imbued spell - allies' powers, regardless of effect, cannot improve the damage. (Charges, Boosts, Amps, etc. do not affect a bonus attack gained this way).

* The [Shield] sign has a simple shape, and can be painted as a reaction to an enemy's attack after that attack is made. It can nullify damage to one ally or halve damage to all allies.

* The [Scaramouche] sign looks oddly familiar... and it can be set down and triggered much like the Blast sign. However, instead of doing some damage and providing a bonus to allies, the Scaramouche sign deals High Thundering (Physical) and Lightning (Elec) damage to all enemies, with a 50% chance of inflicting Fear on the foe who tripped it.

Perhaps this is the power to seize the things he wants in this world...?
Other: For Usaji. You need to pick it up in-character.

Gaia Name: Necromonium
Gift Name: Skinner Slots
Gift Type: What is this even-
Description: A strangely addicting slot machine...? It seems to be set up in such a way that multiple people can use it if they know where it is, and only one effect can be active on a character at any given time. Pulling it again gets rid of the old effect and replaces it with the new one. On each day that you interact with someone else's character(s), you can earn one Friend Point. You can save up to 15 Friend Points. Spending three Friend Points will allow you to pull the lever on the Skinner Slots... and get a terrible fabulous prize! RNG 1-10.
1. The character loses all but 1 resistance they have for their next fight. If they have no good resistances, they gain a Weakness.
2. The character starts their next fight with a Rakukaja effect and a Sukunda effect.
3. The character can equip an extra weapon during their next battle. Extra weapon not included in this roll.
4. Nothing! Don't be a salty b*tch.
5. The character's next attack will be a critical hit, but they also start the fight at 75% health.
6. The character is immediately attacked by an NPC played by Rednal.
7. RNG to get 1 of 6 Charmer Plushies (Aussa, Dharc, Eria, Hiita, Lyna, Wynn)! Can you get them all? Is there a prize for doing so? 8D We'll find out!
8. The character loses access to one of the following item slots for their next battle: Weapon, Armor, or Accessory.
9. If Heroic, the Blessing of the Fluffy Fox Goddess allows the character to start their next fight with a Heat Riser effect. If Villainous, the Curse of the Fluffy Fox Goddess forces them to start with a Debilitate effect. If Neutral, the Church of the Fluffy Fox Goddess shows up and tries to recruit them...?
10. The character's next attack will be a critical hit, but the next unique attack directed against them, and which actually hurts them, will also be a critical hit! (If you get your crit, you can't get rid of the drawback by rolling again, but you do get the new effect.)
Other: Why.

Gaia Name: BlueEmber239
Gift Name: Magic Maid Uniform
Gift Type: What do you think it is?
Description: A functional, attractive maid uniform... with almost suspiciously accurate sizing. There's probably no reason to be suspicious about the 'Made by Yidhra' text sewn on an inside hem. Anyway, if Yuuki puts on this maid uniform and interacts with someone, Aoi can take lots of photographs! Waitwaitwait, that's not all, stop looking at me like that! Wearing the outfit also amuses the goddess of the Ak'Thias household, who provides a spell of protection. When used as a reaction, this cuts the damage of any one attack in half - but the maid uniform gets torn as it takes the blow (even if it's far away), so it has to be sewn up again before it can take another hit. Fortunately, that's easy to do. It's probably better to not ask too many questions.
Other: For Yuuki

Gaia Name: Hibarii Chan
Gift Name: Kickboxing Dental Drills
Gift Type: Evidence that every day we stray further from the light
Description: A set of drills that can be attached to the elbows or knees and used in a kickboxing fighting style to deal High Phys Damage. However, unlike most combat drills, these are... specially designed to attack an opponent's teeth? o_O Who MAKES this stuff? Anyway, attacks with this weapon have a 1/4 chance of Silencing an opponent as you drill away their teeth and make it harder to cast properly. The odds go up to 1/3 if you're using a Power Charge-type effect. Abilities that improve the accuracy of ailment effects don't apply to this weapon.
Other: Give to whoever!

Gaia Name: Yoko
Gift Name: Flaming Breath
Gift Type: Really bad breath
Description: Once per-battle, the character with this ability can exhale a stream of flames across the battlefield, dealing High Fire Damage to All Enemies. Given the wide range, this spell cannot be outright avoided, but it can be defended against.
Other: Give to whoever!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:11 pm
Gaia Name: Necro
Gift Name: Animal Parade
Gift Type:
Description: A gift of insight and wisdom from the Divine Goddess of Fluff and Cuteness, the Flufflord Faris, which allows one who truly believes to...one time only...peer into the veil of her world and marvel at the myriad of familiar beasts that run free within her realm...

And then, quite at random, by the will of the animals themselves it seems...one is chosen.

To step through the veil.

And aid you in combat for the duration of that battle.
Other: RNG from a list of up to 50 animals provided by myself/Arena.

Gaia Name: Stick
Gift Name: A Wonderful Life
Gift Type:
Description: A small marking in the shape of a leaf, appearing exactly where the recipient desires, marking the bearer as a friend of Fluff, and allowing them to, once a day, visit Lady Faris' home in the Forgotten Glade, to spend as much time as they wish, performing whatever (peaceful) activities they desire. On request to Faris, they may be allowed to bring someone else with them.

Gaia Name: Ryo
Gift Name: Tree of Tranquility (aka "The Sun Tree)
Gift Type:
Description: There is a tree...somewhere in the town of Inaba, that few people know of. It is said that this tree was once gifted to the God of Universe 10 by the Goddess of Fluff and Cuteness, aka Faris the Flufflord! Speaking with this tree will make you unnaturally calm and chill...instinctively making you feel as though it is your bro. Remove any mental afflictions and restore some like, health points, man, when you chat with the Sun Tree.

Gaia Name: Blue
Gift Name: Back to Nature
Gift Type:
Description: A blessing granted by the Divine Flufflord of Cuteness via Universe 9: for the duration of one fight, the more 'au naturale' you are (that is, less clothed), the more your physical strength will increase.
Other: HOWEVER: if you do not have a tail, or fur of some kind, to cover at least your shame...the final effect is halved. Because as weird as clothes are, nudity isn't cute.

Gaia Name: Zorc
Gift Name: Suddenly, Wolves!
Gift Type:
Description: By invoking the name of the Divine Goddess of Fluff and Cuteness of the 9th Universe, one time (if you truly believe in the cuteness of fluff), a wolf buddy will appear in a gust of wind and snow at your side.
Other: This wolf can be used for (1 Combat Engagement), or remain as a non-combat companion until that combat use is expended.

Gaia Name: Rednal
Gift Name: Story of Seasons
Gift Type:
Description: A gift from the free, natural world of the Flufflord Faris, Divine Goddess of the Cute and the 9th Superior Universe that is better than the 4th. Four small items, each of one use. Each representing one of the four seasons.

Spring: A flower, which when chewed, can allow the user to leap up to 20 feet in the air one time.

Summer: A saltwater taffy which, when tasted, allows the user to shoot a jet of salty brine from their mouth one time for Medium Water damage.

Fall: An orange leaf which, when thrown at the ground, reduces into a black, slick oil which can trip up a careless foe.

Winter: A snowglobe featuring Faris surrounded by a pack of white wolves, all very fluffy. Smashing this snowglobe may grant you a snowy mist that surrounds you and damages anybody who comes close with Low Ice Damage for up to 3 turns...though destroying this gift may not earn the favor of the Fluffy Lady...


Gaia Name: Hiba
Gift Name: Magical Melody
Gift Type:
Description: A blessing granted by the Divine Flufflord of Cuteness via Universe 9: once every 3 days, pray to the Divine Flufflord herself and if you truly believe, receive the blessing of a thousand beautiful, fluffy birds singing their ethereal song from beyond the pale. This musical accompaniment will inspire you and soothe others, slightly improving your affinity with them in any interactions for the 10 minute duration of this effect.
Other: Warning: Effect is minor, so use with caution. Bitter hate would still be reduced to hate. Hate to strong dislike. Dislike to distaste. Distaste to meh. Meh to faint appreciation, and so on.

Gaia Name: Yoko
Gift Name: Snow: It's Cute Because It's Fluff!
Gift Type:
Description: By invoking the name of the Divine Goddess of Fluff and Cuteness of the 9th Universe, one time (if you truly believe in the righteousness of fluffy cuteness) you may summon a small, localized blizzard in your current location forum. This will freeze over any standing bodies of water, slightly obscure vision, and create a 3-inch layer of snow upon the ground.

Gaia Name: Arena
Gift Name: Harvest Moon
Gift Type:
Description: A small plot of land just outside Faris' Forgotten Glade, nestled inside a clearing, with a small, cosy, log house waiting for you. One character of your choice can retire here, whenever they wish, to spend as long as they wish outside the bounds of time, farming. They can bring whoever they want, to a group size of 6, including themselves, and the log house will provide every comfort desired upon entry (it's bigger on the inside, if you want it to be). Any tools must be brought with you, though seeds and animals can be requested from one of Lady Faris' aides.
Other: Things may have started off rocky, a few misunderstandings piling up, but all that is in the past. You, Ryo, and everyone here, I am hugely grateful to, for allowing me to call you friends.


Zorc James

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:02 pm
Gaia Name: Rednal
Gift Name: The Power of Beliefs and Feelings (and Fluff)
Gift Type: A Bible (?)
Description: A thick binding book that looks old and worn, almost diminishing the slight pink tint it owns to a muddy brown. By first glance, one could mistake it for being a bible of some sorts to a religion, but one opening will show that most of the pages are either too illegible to read or blank. But opening to a certain page, however, will reveal the book's purpose and produce a small fluffy pink fox sprite with two tails. It can be referred to at any name of the owner of the bible's choice, and rarely has the need to eat, but it also is very protective of the owner despite it's near nonexistant combat abilities. But just by feeling it's tail fur will easily make one forget about their current problems and on the fur's softness. It makes one wonder how the book was able to hold such a cute thing in the first place, and why.
Other:the Fox's only combat attack is agi at 1/4th the power.

Gaia Name:Necromonium
Gift Name: Mask of Mysterious Y
Gift Type: Mask (?)
Description: A black feathered mask, fashioned to resemble a bird of some kind. Although it can only cover half of the wearer's face, it instantly masks who the wearer is, even from their most trusted of family members. It is said to have been worn by someone who traveled worlds, but is such a thing truly possible? Either way, on the inside of the mask holds the letter 'Y', but what it means is a mystery to even you. Also, for a bizarre reason, when it is on one's face, knowledge flows in at the level beyond a doctorate of mathematics, but why is yet another mystery... Does this mask have seven mysteries? Even the mask does not even know.

Gaia Name: Arena Emperor
Gift Name: The One who Rules Over All
Gift Type: Crown (?)
Description: An intricately designed crown, fashioned with velvet and diamond inlay and trimming. The amount of design put into it could easily describe how much wealth the creator had to make such an extravagant item. But, when warn the crown begins speaking to the user in stages, from praising them on their decisions, their intellect and other aspects they hold within, and then when acclimated will begin suggesting adding more to it and making it more golden. However, it is not without benefit as it's brilliance and decadence blinds all those who view it, making them have a harder time targeting you, as well as giving yourself a golden sheen that seems to shine and heal you if you take a moment to touch one.

Gaia Name: Sreze
Gift Name: Seven's Luck
Gift Type: Necklace (?)
Description: An ornate necklace, this one has what looks like a small miniature sword at the end of it, as well as embedded stones in the chain of unknown. It feels cool to the touch, and if placed around the neck, it feels as if it was missing until now. When examining the blade further, it looks as if it were hand crafted by a master blacksmith, and then shrunken down, but could have also been designed by a prodigal artisan. The necklace does, however, hold a secret. If one were to blow on one's hand and throw them as if they held dice, you can have something mysterious happen. But the chances of something happening are as good as one in seven.
Other:(Roll 2 1-7, if the numbers are the same, an effect happens:
Double 1: Your HP is reduced to 1
Double 2: Attack and Defense is reduced by 50% for the next 3 turns
Double 3: Your Next attack deals 1/3 less damage
Double 4: Reroll again
Double 5: Your next attack deal 20% more damage
Double 6: When you reach 25% or lower HP for the first time, Restore back to 75%
Double 7: Your next attack is Charged on top of all other multipliers

Gaia Name:BlueEmber229
Gift Name: Box of Soulful Memories
Gift Type: Box (?)
Description: A wooden box that is intricately designed and worn from what appears to be decades of age, what is inside seems to be new and yet of random assortment. A twig? a jade stone? a block of colby cheese? a heart? The things inside may seem without thought and some with evil thought, but it also seems to bring thoughts of nostalgia with a peek. Though, just to suggest, don't open it with people around....
Other:Do not forget, when you hear the wolf's call, it calls for you as well.

Gaia Name:Yokoalchemist
Gift Name:The Flight of Lightning
Gift Type: Bird (?)
Description: As it's first appearance shows itself as a black and white bird, a closer inspection would show that it actually is a competently intelligent being. However, the true secrets lie when few eyes lie upon it, in which it can transform into it's other form, a gorgeous young man with a penchant for electrical mysticism and desire for blood. If taken proper care of, the bird may give one of it's own feather's as a sign of respect, or it's own way of companionship, It can also help in combat with it's zio-based claw attacks and wing strikes. Also, if you ask of it's name, all it replies with is "Impundulu", and yet you feel there is no actual name this bird has.
Other:People might mistake you for a witch doctor if you hang around with it alot.

Gaia Name: Hibarii chan
Gift Name: First Signs of Winter
Gift Type: Cloak (?)
Description: A white fur cloak that can easily wrap one around one's body to keep oneself warm in the cold nature. A specialty about this one, however, is that with just a flap of the cloak, it can summon a snowfall to come down, as bizarre as it is, and fall in the area you are in. Good when you want to have a romantic snowy cuddles since the cloak can fit for two, or if one wants to wish for a snowy holidays in the near vicinity.
Other:Doesn't increase the snowfall if it is already snowing. Can cause snow even if it isn't the snowing season, but you are still stuck with a fur cloak until it happens.
PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:39 pm
Gaia Name: Zorc
Gift Name: Voldo's Moves
Gift Type: Ability? Talent? Who can say...
Description: Break it down and get giggy with it! O-or... Or not. Sorry. Basically one of your characters gain all the odd, disgusting, flexible, and somehow elegant movements of Voldo from the Soul Caliber series. It's a neat trick to show your friends! Or you might creep them out... Imagine rolling a persuasion check while doing that. You know what, do that: just break it down while in a conversation and see what happens. Or perhaps even in combat...?
Other: Small chance to cause Confusion to a single enemy in combat per turn.

Gaia Name: Sreze
Gift Name: The king's game has begun, and you're the king!
Gift Type: Command (?)
Description: You may command any one of BlueEmber239's characters to do any one thing in the RP of your choosing. The selected character will magically be compelled to follow the king's orders, and even with a fiery will, they cannot disobey. However, with great power comes great responsibility. There might be consequences after the order; especially if it's a certain heterochromia girl with a thirsty fist...
Other:Your character doesn't have to give the command in-RP, but if you can work that in the RP in a good way, you'll get bonus points.

Gaia Name: Rednal
Gift Name: Nice camera
Gift Type: Magical camera
Description: A mystical camera that looks no different than any other decent quality camera that a young photographer could obtain. The special part about it though is that it can take pictures from the past! Just go to the area, select the specific time and date you wish to look back to, and you can take a picture! Incredibly handy for investigations, blackmail, and taking lecherous photos... Right, this is something that needs to be destroyed.
Other: Can only take pictures, meaning no sound or video can be recorded with the same effect. Magic may jam the power, making certain photos (to Arena's discretion) blurry or even blank.

Gaia Name: Arena Emperor
Gift Name: Demon Queen of Spider's Gem
Gift Type: Small gem
Description: A gem no bigger than your standard sized D&D gold coin shaped in the form of curled up spider: black, shiny, and somehow menacing to look at... Inside is an evil power that you can feel crawling up your arm if held directly. Perhaps it can prove useful? Mayhaps it even feels nostalgic if you are one of this Goddess's children? Although if you're a do-gooder, it'd probably feel best to destroy it.
Other: Either cast an illusion of spiders crawling all over an enemy, guaranteeing escape; but at the cost of accepting its power and slowly turning into a drow. Crush it and destroy its power. Or perhaps keep it, wear it as a ring or a nifty belt buckle... Or if you study it, maybe you can make it into a powerful weapon!



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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:42 pm
Gaia Name: Zorc James
Gift Name: Mawe-inspiring
Gift Type: Hat/Skill..?
Description: A fancy hat that is to be worn on the head, that forms into a giant Faux-Maw of jagged teeth, making one appear like some sort of monster...If approached from behind, or seen from the back. This Maw discourages back-attacks, and may reduce a foe's attack power upon first seeing it for two turns. The Hat has no actual offensive abilities, however.
Other: Said teeth may also run along the inside of the cap, prompting it to dig into the user's skull...In which removal may be painful...And bloody.

Gaia Name: Rednal
Gift Name: ShrEoud of Modesty
Gift Type: Cloak
Description: A black shroud, that is to be draped over the body, allowing one to feel sneakier...Warmer...Also keeping with the public decency rules. Wearing this will allow you the first move of [Non-Plot-related] battles, and also contribute in the shock factor when discarded...Permitting a 1-10 stun chance on those who are attracted to the female form.
Other:Given to Kimiko. [May count as a garment that is stripped for her ability when discarded in battle.]

Gaia Name: Sreze
Gift Name: Tamamo-no-Robes
Gift Type: Outer Clothing
Description: Elaborate robes, supposedly worn by a certain Fox-y Shrine Maiden. [More literal on the Fox part than the Maiden]. These garments allow the wearer to feel a bit of latent energy....And also, perfect for one's bushy tail to move freely, without exposing one's self. Said attire raises magical defense when worn.
Other: May be discarded in the heat of battle to change to your inner-armor.... But, might need to be stitched back together by someone adept with a needle.

Gaia Name: Arena Emperor
Gift Name: BigBangBurger Coupon/Inside Man
Gift Type: Special order
Description: Want to attempt the Big Bang Burger Challenge, but without losing tons of money? Artist lifestyle making it hard to afford food? Well, with your connections at BigBang Burger, rest assured you'll never go hungry...So long as you can endure colossal amounts of meat and such. Also, interaction reasons with Chell.
Other: "I've got your back. None of that starvin' artist s**t with me, man. No objections, just Shut the hell up, and accept my goodwill."

Gaia Name: Great!Ryoman
Gift Name: Contact
Gift Type: A friend
Description: Memories from an alternate world....A time of great despair, and turmoil. Thanks to bonds formed across time, even when one's fate leads them elsewhere, they'll always have at least one person in their corner.
Other: "I still don't get all the s**t that's got you away...but, I'll always be your friend, Shouei. Hit me up sometime, and we should go Karaoke, or something. My Treat."
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